Hour 2: Jon Gruden, ESPN NFL Analyst

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Wednesday, September 13th

ESPN NFL Analyst Jon Gruden breaks down all the action from the 1st week of football. Plus CFB Analyst Kirk Herbstreit joins the show to do the same for the college ranks.


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America it's time for some straight talk if you love your phone look at Jim put down what you don't love that expensive wireless plan doing so what if I told you and give them phone network and number two for a lot less well this is me telling you it's time to switch the straight talk guys bring hero phony get unlimited plan starting at just 45 bucks a month and America's largest most dependable Ford GL TE networks straight talk wireless only at Wal-Mart. Seedings may very please refer always to the latest terms and conditions of service history talk dot com. Every land grab my in my Jon Gruden and a little classic rock general how I John. They'd give Mardi gathered here are CNET video. That video Panama that there's a great. Great. Much. Bet that that's something else this generation misses out on great music videos. You view and actually showed music videos and how great their lives are on the helmet for whoever chose that song for John that they couldn't say good morning John gruden and that's. Let's dive right into some of this conversation here you got a very interesting game coming up. This coming Monday with the lions and the giants but I wanna start by going back to the game you had the other night with New Orleans and Minnesota and let's pick it up with a Adrian Peterson. When the saints first signed him it seemed like an odd fit Mike and I talked about it at the time. And watching that game and I fully believe both he and Sean Payton when they say that there was no real sideline blowup between them. But that doesn't change the fact that he does feel a little bit like a square peg in around the whole watt role. Do you envision Adrian Peterson playing in that New Orleans offense as the season goes on. I think he's going to be a closer I think he's going to be daddy lean on late in games I think they're gonna lean on. Unknown insured yardage. Perhaps goal line and I think they're gonna lean on him on some early bounce first they're now shut you know wonders Marie. There are slamming up and they're set up some play action passes court. It up you watched again in the streets or medicine are starting left tackle that significant they lose their starting right tackle. Back so under their center he's missed just about in prior pre season and the vikings are pretty good so you know when it without him all teary eyes here. Other a lot been written yet in the eighth he Greek New. Orleans but he could have used to share the load. With two other pretty good backs. All along those lines before you know when you're talking about signing him how much putting on the coaching camper or how much to Sean Payton. Need to have a discussion with him a guy that used to being V man to now be part of a scheme what does that discussion life. Sure Sean had an extensive expert discussions with him that's how it goes burnish freeagent theater. I'm sure he told him it. Ball distribution and is part of the program here immediately. We have a great quarterback this over 5000 yards five times. And we're not gonna hand the ball off every play we're gonna keep calm breeze at the forefront. Of the quarterback position so I'm sure they were. Pretty obvious and they laid thing down I don't think they count on lose both are starting off at tackle or the first game of the year but it. That's football. Micah Micah Jon Gruden and on the other side. What a performance from Sam Bradford who has. BM and I hate to say it is sort of a dink and dunk kind of quarterback with extremely short passes the numbers. Would back that up when he was pulling it down the field on Monday what did you see. That was different in this scheme from Minnesota and what do you think that suggests that their season may look like with Bradford getting off of that art. You know I got excited study in Bradford prior to the game much like he played incredible what Paul last year on nova. Sports statistical world has a lot of his passes going ten yards or less put. Bradford got pummeled last year he really did they replace all five starting linemen hurt her recent co will dawn TJ Clemens has gone Alex Boone got cut. Brandon Costco dog. They couldn't pass protect and this man got punished. A year ago and still threw twenty touchdowns five interceptions almost 4000 yards and broken NFL record for completion percentage. Any as offensive coordinator resign and week's seventh and he just got their week before this either so. Bradford can play when was the last time he was enough screen here situation. No he was drafted by the rams that was a bad team. You're the young quarterback anymore at the Philadelphia played enough. No huddle never seen before loss snapped and he gets traded. The week before the seat I think what you're seeing megawatt storage sure it is Sam Bradford finally. In a destination where they've got a pretty good offensive line. An incredibly talented young backed some emerging receivers or want relevant defense. So what let's go to our for a moment because I highlighted that offensive line yesterday and you just mentioned began five new starters first I'd like to know if you've ever seen that in your career coaching were the one connection you're coming in with five brand new starters. On the old line they were dead last last year rushing I love the outside zone scheme with the speed at Galvin cooks all. First from that standpoint it just meshing five new guys together from following through the previous year. No I've never seen that and we never did that and preachy. On an unbelievable. And when you look at the viking player there for pre season games. These five starters that you saw play on Monday night. Heads you roll wraps together there were bits and pieces where they put it at one of the timer through court time but. They hadn't played one collective snapped together until Monday night. Credit Tony's Ronald O line coach Riley reached he'd moved over from right tackle to left tackle Horry played Detroit last year it. Mike rumors and and not enough to give them an incredible amount accredit the rookie senator that group. Mike and Mike and John grew up I didn't just lose the phone data we just lose John. Doctor Arnold I think you'd like Jon Gruden is whether that thought that the phone died producer. A brief second as a go ahead to your game this coming week will be the lions in the giants and I won a lump both the giants and the Seahawks into this question John and I asked him to several people yesterday. Are there offensive lines look draws awful in week one. The giants who we sort of knew that was gonna be a problem coming into the season it manifested itself in every way that it possibly could. Sunday night against the cowboys and similarly I thought for our Seattle in Green Bay. Is that something that can get better as the season goes on without changing personnel what what do you at that looks missive between the giants has. That's who you have this coming Monday what can they do to make that offensive line more effective. As they go through their season good right now looks like an Achilles heel they couldn't overcome. Consulate complex question and I know I I've always thought that up tempo. No huddle operation that they like to use with Eli Manning to stop on offense the quad. I mean put yourself in her flowers use your left tackle. You go to the line of scrimmage you'd never know who to watch you don't know what the play is because Eli Manning is gone through all these. Dummies snap counts in code words to try to decipher what plated yet to and then opened six seconds before the ball is snapped. He that you get to play and really got to get a call me you know watching it. One play after another part. And remember there's a lot of why you play right now it's not very here that I traced that back to training camp watched the Bengals player watched. You sit Seattle some of these teams have a lot of new players alliance revenue left tackle they've got a new right tackle that got a lot of youth. Parts got a diamond. We don't practiced hard we don't put the path I'm very often. Good luck. And it became new players to Shawn Watson all signs point toward him being very likely getting the start. Tomorrow. How do you go about that with a rookie quarterback he goes in for the second half of the game last week short week of preparation and then you may be going where they rookie quarterback. Aria might have to talk commander starting after watching their offense and one late last week I mean make it up or leopard stretch twist Campbell. Pets war. You might not want to assure on the film from last week that that was or horrific start put. Matt Cincinnati need to just union are coming off a bad crooks former Schmidt got a pretty good shot. I just think you got to really. Simplify the game plan. Have a pretty solid protection plan puts them boot legs and so the no huddle things then work your shot is completely comparable because this is a cup order Poland against the angles on a short we spoke team's not doing good a buck so. Take us back to your experience with him at that the quarterback camp and everything else and all of your. Preparation for him leading up to the draft. You know for those who don't remember and it just feels like so long ago already you know your thoughts on him your expectations for him coming in because. One of the many things that we I remember ever once saying was he's the most ready because of the experience he had in college he is the most ready to start playing immediately. Well he does have a lot of plane experienced Mike Brady hasn't been in and out of our hole. He hasn't really run a reverse speed meaning they don't change personnel off turn. Other they don't have a lot of sophisticated snap counts and all the polls so I'm sure. Bill O'Brien who comes from new England and real. Incredibly sophisticated world of offenses. Trying to. Make that transition teach him what he wants them to do that the saint. He's gonna have to perhaps do some things that the Sean has already comparable throwing. And I wouldn't be surprised essentially no huddle offense. Third and John because there's only sixteen games are going to be a lot of over action at each and every weekend to go back the Thursday game which seemed like about a year ago. Should there be some are all in New England are losing at home a place are so used to winning and and being beaten the way they did in the fourth quarter and kind of lasting effects from that in your mind. Certainly cannot think. Bill Belichick said the couple years ago when I agree either the first groups or teams of the regular season are an extension of the pre season. When you played Michael my coach several years ago our players actually. At two A day practices. Pad them crack employed at quite a bit in the free speech. We've looked at a lot of these teams many of these fighters didn't play more than 35 to forty snaps. The entire preceding it so. They really don't know what's coming out of the bag these coaches they really don't know what's gonna show up. And a lot of these teams have no continuity in the one point one of those speech there's a lot of new employer's plan key roles that. Really haven't done that as patriots so it's going to be I think a little bit of time before we see exactly where they go. Mike in my Jon Gruden with a again lions giants. Is the Monday night game this week lions are really got interesting game this past week against Arizona where they turn Carson Palmer over repeatedly and then. Matt Stafford did what Matt Stafford does which is throw about two touchdowns in the fourth quarter to win the game as you look at over the tape of that game what he's seeing from Detroit. When hang in there it's accredited coach Caldwell let him play real well the first quarter they fell behind skirts and boost both. You said it Matt Stafford he doesn't get enough credit for his scrambling ability. His ability to push the ball down the field palm. All kinds of different platforms people. Under need to speak I get a read send got to make some typical throats. He does it without me running game I have not seen alliance have a good running game and a long time but. They leaned on their quarterback in their defense is better than people click help clients they can rush the passer. And they have a very opportunistic. Secondary satellites. Google over quarter and a lot of free safety position and they've added each day atx Oakland raider naked quandary gigs backed Clinton nickel corner and would there is sorted out so formidable outfit I can't wait to see the lions secondary. Go up against a giant cited as so quote dealt backup poised. At the line in the giants in New Jersey will see if O'Dell is there were no Johnny company well for Monday Night Football thank you John taught you next week thanks dark. Aren't just have a jogger mothers everywhere and they on the shell Pennzoil performance line. Get instant gold status or shall join the fuel rewards program now. As fuel rewards dot com slash gold I share that feeling with John regardless of what team you root for I wanna see O'Dell Beckham gap on the field is the most exciting player in the National Football League and it would be nice to see him. And the nationally televised spot and just in general I think they will how different. Will their offensive line look how different what their whole offense look. Because he's on the field. Well I mean again it depends on the play call you either you can hit him deep on plays where that where you got to block a little longer or you can hit him what do slant and he goes eighty yards where you get rid of the ball quick I get what John's point was. About the old lie in their scheme. Where Eli is trying to get a read on the defense of what he has before it calls the play and that as you said you've got six seconds to determine where you're gonna blocker to blocker. The other side of that process pro football. I mean you can't do that and can't play mean that today there are a lot of every team to another doughnut guys not not every team is doing that. But that I would say the other side if your offer delighted struggling and that's a reason they knew damn well better change it. That as a coach you better get out of that and say you know what I'd like running this but of I don't have the personnel that can do it. Then I can't do it. You know that's a decision that Beckett who has to make it has to decide. But you know there are absolutely had to they're not the only team more old Wyman has to make a quick few second decision on. One blocking or what what the scheme is a what I have to do you gotta do that that's your job. You know you have to decipher we got the block it you gotta block com or not that's part of being a pro is knowing what your responsibility is. At the responsibility is to march in that case for linemen. Then it is I said it's incumbent on the coach do to get them out of that. Their play defense that's better than people think if you watch the lions play defense this past week they had a defensive touchdown they should've had two holding not had a ball right right candidate would have run back. Retire I would have been another defense of touched on what they intercept Carson Palmer three times a three us so that they their defense is pretty good. And and Matt Stafford. If you watched that game and you emerge from it fix still thinking Matthew Stafford is not worthy of every penny they pay him that I don't know what you watch. Outer I don't even know what you're talking about. That guy is a whole offense. And they don't have Calvin Johnson anymore they don't even try to pretend they're going to run the ball he just stands back there and flings it and in the fourth quarter when they Wear teams down a little bit. He just he's just phenomenal and I know that he makes some mistakes and and people always say at other hours coming from behind because there always losing note that. I get it but at the end of the day they win it because he makes big plays late in games every scene to duck leader they're never out of it that's subject to recognize in your face in them even if you Italy I'm you know that their their captain comebacks. Are we still have a lot on this on this game that didn't count we've got people defending ally as we got people defending Bolick. Goalie cameras being questioned this morning the which is not necessarily the way meant that the sound but you know what I'm pointing out a represented by a progressive insurance. Before anything else Herbie neck. There are micro here support for a bike in my podcast comes from our friends at rocket mortgage by Quicken Loans chances are your confidence when it comes to your work your hobbies your life. Rocket mortgage is simple. Allowing you to fully understand all the details and be confident. Your getting the right mortgage for you to get started. Order rocket mortgage dot com slash Mike's. Equal housing lender license and all fifty states and MLS consumer access dot org number 3030. Ports fans anywhere can earn a nationally recognized degrees from Penn State. All mind whether you're starting or finishing your degree study where and when it's convenient for you. Cheers from more than 125. Programs to become a top prospect in your field and advance your career. Learn more at world campus info dot com. And state world campus a world of possibilities. On mind visit world campus info dot com today let's world campus info dot com. All right so much good college football stuff going on the jump right into it here. With Kirk herb street is regular weekly visit with us college game day will be in blue oval for number three climbs in and fourteen Louisville another great performance. Or two or great starts of the season by the margin to micros is breaking it down for you on ESPN 2 good morning Kirk herb street and current. You're going to do well Greta wanna start with the game you guys had on Saturday night which was fascinating Ohio State and Oklahoma and I was extraordinarily surprised. At halftime I was positive Ohio State was gonna win that game because Oklahoma so thoroughly dominated the first half. And just couldn't couldn't nothing on this on the scoreboard reflected and then the second half happened in baker mayfield happened. How would you describe that performance by the quarterback by the team and when what do you think that sets up for Oklahoma potentially for the rest of this year. Well first I think you have to recognize the job that there's Lincoln Riley and and Mike Stoops if the defense to the preparation that Oklahoma had. I don't know what was the loss to Ohio State a year ago. The other ones and straight. There was a lot of buildup during the week about that they can be cruel referring to. I've state beating him in Norman and therapeutic guys that want to pick from April closely the last three years with. Not like Wile who is frequently feel that's kind of who he is he he. He's incredibly. Competitive kind of it should be guy. It's how we get it to how it plays the game in Scotland and a fairly surprised by his performance. But I was really surprised by the youth the round. And the way they pour it was such maturity. Error or like a father is so well compared that was there anything that surprised them. And so it really paid off they probably could've won by even a larger margin if you think about the first happened. You know going port report found a couple times and that type of thing that they they dominate the game they deserve all the credit. Like Riley is that both head coach and play caller. I had it he wouldn't go and Mike Stoops you know but that's the guy that. Maybe ten years ago was known as one of the Dean Foods because it's not at all. And for whatever reason oklahomans to kind of gotten away. Problem being that dominating defense in recent years. There it's the best they have looked at the Tuesday at the corner spot. And here's what they've kind of aggressive attitude. For four quarters that the book in years and now the question for me but Oklahoma's. Clearly by the emotions after the game they're they wanted to win increase public. And they maintain. That energy. In the past Oklahoma was a peaks and valleys peaks and the valley carpet type of team. They need to be consistent I can't believe there he's been beating Ohio State it needs to be one hurdle. Of twelve or thirteen or fourteen games. Policy how they react. To winning a game like that and if they play with that kind of energy. The rest of the year and it's going to be hard for anybody to beat that team. Stay with that game and the other side with a Ohio State and marijuana act like I'm just saying it now I've been saying it for the last couple years I JT Baer has not. Done a lot to impress me as a passer he never really has ever Ohio State has never been at a position where they have to pass themselves back into gamespot. If that's the case Serbia unfortunately they have a whole lot of other options but that does seem to be an Achilles heel for this team how do you see that go forward. Whether talked about today today's fit him into and played one of the younger guys that can be at this point I wouldn't go there power than Meyer. You know if you go back the fourteen when he was a freshman and replace Braxton Miller did ten days when Braxton Miller went down with an injury like okay oh got to go if you. You forget you number sixteen years starting and they'd be ready for the first game. And it by the end of the year he ended up finishing fifth and croak race figured he was running and throwing in the difference was what was around you know period he Kelly that the younger player who's still very dominant player in the back. You have DeVon Smith who has a you know picking the players who could get but he did a garbage can get political figure behind defense is that we're loading up against that quality. Are you Michael public places saints. Was another guy that could get a quick slant and go eighty yards so. They had been ability within their acting game to make these princes have to respect that aspect of their game. They've not had that in 1516. And out two games in the seventeenth. They don't have that and so. Until they prove not just the gatekeeper control. But they have receivers that can make you pay per crowding the line. Until they prove that. They're gonna say the same style of defense we can and week out now some teams won't be gifted enough athletically hold up. But when they faced with equal or better talent. They're going to be they're going to be a quandary until they prove that they can do that and to me I I'd expect them against army this week UNLV Rutgers team lesser talent they're gonna go back in the Urban Meyer football rule this pleased. Pound the rock. You're critical. Step up play action off of that to avoid what might you alluded to when their obvious situations. Have to come when. What Penn State comes to pound. They're going to find out how much it actually includes. I can Mike and Herbie college game day this week another monster game again as I mentioned Louisville and Clemson. So here's Lamar Jackson's chance with a huge spotlight against the huge opponent give us your sense of of what we expect there are and an objection with that. As I mentioned with the performances that he's had so far has put himself right in the middle of another Heisman conversation. We're. And you this year excuse how big game ended last year and in the implications of that game and their game will build up very similar to the way it is now. And that game came down in the final drive and remember that one of the Louisville receivers on fourth down play with. But minutes going McCain they're driving your credit reds got. He kept the ball news sideline and they're cutting back inside. The fight for per start to get inside make it five yard line to cut outside and up a yard short goes out of bounds. And so to me the couple's fuels quite like that. The next quarter like where we're in the fifth quarter because that game was so good last year. And yet so many good pieces back we'll Mark Jackson won the Heisman. He's got some playmakers around them that they can really make big plays. And then the Clinton defense. You're there are athletic and as strong as it's gonna be sent to create in college football and Brett venables. I would argue the last three years probably been the script he took coordinator in the game. Included C Brett venables defense against the Mark Jackson and that's what everybody. It's going to be watching to see it going this stadium to see. And all when it happened I got excited to go to Louisville game so that was the same week it was a lot Florida State and Florida State went up to. Up to Louisville. With a very athletic defense and they got they look like much that raiders running around trying to stop well Mark Jackson. He's the most electrifying quarterback with the ball and Michael Vick when he was at Virginia Tech and could you do not corral him if you do not have leverage on the football. You've got to make people miss and make them look silly Coke and to get a pretty good job over a year ago and home but at the different game on the road so how are. How to defense plays and probably prevent him from making a big play they can do that. That probably dictate the flow of the game. A game that was going on the same time as your I was there in south that is Georgia came up there and brought a nice contingent of fans with them and I think. As I talked about after that came their speed on defense really showed and certainly the rushing attack. On offense to get the one point win over and ordered him and other or some some issues with Brian Kelly in dealing with a reporter after that game putt putt on the field. Well how do you assess both these teams as Georgia goes on obviously to play. That SEC schedule so obviously Tennessee and Florida Auburn on the schedule Notre Dame. Still obviously with Stanford and USC in Miami on their schedule on where these teams are. And you know it's it's still early in the season they're kind of the kind of we know we're we are with with all these schemes. From Georgia to go on the road. And win back on again you talk about 88 goose. Some morale would be but they are young quarterback like that can go on the road and Hogan numbers went off the charts but he didn't lose the game in that environment. You can rally around that and I really like BK skill at quarterback it's it's it's. You know you can you can throw it. I think he keep plays alive with his legs when he needs to go. Our I'd like if you would Georgia in the course they have the tree back in the backfield it's gonna get a lot tougher for them. You know what speaking at a conference play and you've went down with some of their schedule who they have the place still but with an athletic defense. And we the FCC east being why it's open. Georgia with their quarterback. Right now as you're definitely right in the Mexican you have to say to me that the favorite with a reported that look so far offensively. With Notre Dame. You know. Let's see how they respond to that their defense was so bad a year ago the fact that they're playing and running the ball in and play a little bit of an attitude. I think my cocoa deserve a lot of credit coming over from wait to get them cook to be planned what would a little bit of champions to a I'd like Brenda when bush I'd love to see a little bit more big play ability that backfield you know Josh Adams physical guy but. If they could find somebody compliment him and that back field. Because it looks like what you're saying about Ohio State. I'm really feel like with when bush if they can run the ball. They're gonna get into their redundant and it's gonna make it easier to throw. So I won't see how they respond after the year they had last year at 18 with the other respond to a home walks by a. He is serving and again his top four after a week to number one Alabama number two Oklahoma number three Clemson. And number four USC we'll see if there's a shake up there with clumps of middle of all this weekend in college game day will be there Herbie every week with us here on Mike and Mike thank you heard quicker every. Art art that we Kirk herb street every Wednesday right here on Mike and Mike I'm really looking forward to that if you remember that game my younger. He mentioned to Louisville game pleasure the chairman of the Florida State came on believe so Wallace and I had picked Florida State to win the national models that weren't really badly according there. And then and then they came against Clemson which. A college football is so good that it's kind of hard to say it was the best game of the year but it boils right there it was don't look like there without question so we'll see what he can do it and let the zone everybody knows there's only been one guy ever to win the Heisman twice in his life but. Jackson has a really good chance at that. Right now do you know the favorite as you see I got this and to me yesterday you know are today I read carefully by just who is the favorite is baker may take a mayfield after that performance of the of the other night and Lamar Jackson a second. We shall see all right a lot left to do here including getting to the bottom of this winning streak and go licks are something that made him very very angry and I'll share why Mac. Guys don't really talk about any her friend despite that in 91%. Of mental care users recommend and here's what they said the blocks yeah. Frustration I think it's offensive and it's comfortable. So zest regulates the stuff. Plus if I don't then it's hard I think is quite masculine. You men under arms and I'm the worst thing at the gym it's kind of like liver damage to our best guess from dove men plus care any per Sprint Cup on swept. Not on skin. All right so busy this morning I am and a lot of things to get to including you know what I was in college you were busy playing football right. And I was starting journalism and one of the things that we did then I don't know if they do it in journalism it's class schools anymore because things are so different probably do. As he did you actually learn headline writing which which I have taken that the stuff that I learned from that I try to turn into what we call teasing. On the radio and and now on television but I've got a great one for you coming up off the top of the hour we'll tell you a story of a coach who married his player. Coach married his players poke out an active player. And no one has a problem OK details coming up off the top of the hour that's the headline. Back in the day you would have you know you have read the story issue up now you'd click on the story. You know after either of those I'm gonna tell you the story but there was something that you saw on television last night Mike and your reaction to this really fascinating I'll ink. Uga blog Aybar went all the talk of the NFL and the heart association they don't get along and the looming. TBA in in after the 2000 when he sees in what may happen there. Last year was it was argued last night was the thirty for thirty years the scab. And with the 87 strike and had replacement players now the focus a lot last night and other Washington Redskins. Hooted at any players cross the picket line of games that were played and it culminated in. Damage in the last replacement game I'm playing the cowboys who at that point had 21 players crossing the picket line and the Redskins still won the game. When all replacement players over the cowboys who had the likes of Randy white's in the Danny white's in the tornado or sets. Back in the lineup. But as I watch it again it's certainly brought back a lot of memories how we basically telegraph to the strike. And it gave goes and again they highlighted on a Jack Kent Cooke from a the Washington Redskins and Tex Schramm from the cowboys have holiday were. Planning to get these replacement players not stand still here but but be proactive get a replacement players out there. Sword really heavily skewed eye on those teams but still it brought back a lot of memories because I remember those if you watch it the signs they were aware and that the San which side they were where I was weren't one of those I was march and I was. Yeah Alan person and thrown stuff at the bosses of replacement players that were going on you saw in Kansas City there were players right in the backseat to pick up with gone to got. It got ugly out there and and week. Didn't win that really get close to winning that they got replacement players and they showed in the Washington game after the first replacement game. Fans came out of that stadium saying stay out Sar with a chance stay on strike. You know army were and then. Players you know Randy White from the cowboys you know he breaks ranks or almost immediately and and is playing you have guys and then Tex Schramm. Held in new duties over some of the players like Tony Dorsett like basically your retirement fund that was in the contract. Held it over Tony Dorsett toward it or so it was on camera then saying let's and I love my teammates and all but but I'm not that's six billion dollars I'm not lose and it. He goes in you have you know as I said Randy White sand. You know let's 31000 dollars a game Lawrence Taylor at 60000 dollars a game. I made 3400. Dollars a game that's what ticked me off. Is these big money guys they've been getting big money checks it wasn't their first time they are getting big checks. Then we're getting big checks re in the most of us were making next to nothing compared of late. And we were out there are striking and they were crossed the malign him as soon as they did it was over we were dog so much at a point where. We thought well we won we had our player reps. Call Gene Upshaw unsafe world gone back to work. The NFL the owners gave us a deadline I think it was by Wednesday or Monday or Wednesday they give us a deadline and we miss that deadline but we'll figure. Third of that were back journalist flight. They didn't one more stab at S after already beating us they said the you guys missed a deadline you're locked out. We try to go back to work there were locked out too hazardous said deadline to that was the fourth game other replacement players and that we went back. Tales completely between our legs. I don't think it was set up great to begin with but then to have your big money guys just break ranks and not give a damn about an and that's why am I try to tweeted about it. That's why it's going to be tough for players. Because you have basically 17100 players throwing 2000 yet practice players you're asking them their solidarity. You're asking them to miss paychecks as opposed to 32 billionaires. Who have deep pockets and it's good to be at the very difficult task and we were dig our heels and an 87 about free agency. We even took free agency up the table during that strike. And they still the league so they knew they had a center they could just completely play hardball Weathers but what aggravated me the most. Was the fact that that it wasn't the guy who's bacon too grand a gamer three grand dame saying. Dot you know I mean I'm. Are gonna go back I mean it's not a lot but that this is what I'm live and on. The guys are making 30060010. I can't miss that paycheck. So here goes Lawrence Taylor goes Joseph Montana here goes Randy White. Here goes Ghassan Al cross and a lot of worlds there there are similar words on the what the hell's going on that you know what are we doing out here and it just completely fell apart I know what's. Hard to have that solidarity but guess who did it. The baseball players did it and look at their deal and look at the football players deal is not that complicated you know Mike you weren't here the day. The jets Saturday it was in our studio explaining a lot of this stuff and what actually happened. In this collective bargaining right negotiate or efficient and why everything you just described is the reason the players have the deal they have right now we can talk about that further as we go but up next. To great headline. Coach marry his his player. To true story he tells next. Guys don't really talk about any per for an despite that and 91% of dove men plus care users recommend and here's what they said the blocks yeah. Frustration I think it's offensive and it's comfortable. So zest regulates the slow. Plus if I don't then it's hard I think is quite masculine. You man's arms and I'm the worst thing at the gym. He's Tyler Hoover Dam from our best guess from dove men plus care any per Sprint Cup on swept not on skin.