Hour 2: Head Injuries Across Sports

Golic & Wingo
Wednesday, May 16th

The guys talk about if head injuries should be treated the same across all sports and then talk Celtics/Cavs with Jackie MacMullan and more.


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LeBron James notched his third career forty point triple double in the post season to pass the bill go Oscar Robertson. For the most in NBA history UWU song come out exactly like we thought he would just like in game two against the pacers when they lost game one. Or 41 in the first quarters ridiculous that a seven point lead at halftime with two major kind of a little bit questionable what what may happen in the second half because they had double digit lead in point 27. All right at halftime amended we talk so much in the third quarter talked a lot about Golden State in the third quarter wrote how important they are in all sports coming out. Oval locker room out of a break. As a fourteen point difference in the third quarter Celtics from fire rouge here was absolutely. On fire this he Celtics were in the second half and Cleveland. LeBron was not the same no doubt about it as a shot he took in the John the head area in the second quarter and we won't get to that. But he was not the same so they really relied on others and the others could not create. Enough space or not shots and defensively they're not known as the great defensive team but there seem to be a real lack of want to move to offer to whatever was twenty uncontested shots. For the Celtics in the second half dead that's incredible event that can happen look we we said someone else has to step up. Besides LeBron and Kevin Love did he had 28 points fifteen rebounds and rebounds he played well but again. He was 22 points and he was minus ten when he was on the floor while brown was 42 he was minus nine when he was on the floor I'm not saying. They're the reasons that they were that minus nine minus and just say when they were on the floor as well as they were playing they were still down nineteen. When they had what 64 of the 94 point rice. For the Cleveland Cavaliers and and again both Ty Lue and our analyst housing bill of say that it just didn't seem to be a lot of K let's let's try and do everything we can't keep this thing going. Not in that second half by the Cleveland Cavaliers. Wobble board game 2 of the Eastern Conference finals we had a draft lottery and barring a trade. The Phoenix Suns will pick in the NBA draft for the first time in franchise history. And they become the fourth straight team to win the lottery after entering what. The best odds might be out and it was really kind of Sacramento who bucked the odds a little bit bad a five point 3% chance. Of picking number two and that's exactly where they ended up though they they really kind of bucked the system a little bit here. And you look at the top three players from downgrade to look at Don sits from our Yugoslavia Marvin Bagley junior the third. So is that going to be the order were already have mock drafts out the say that's. Who'll be 123 sort of assigned Sacramento on the Atlanta Hawks. Our number did you really Yugoslavia. For us slow this year as bloggers know more dead doesn't exactly I'm Slovenia so using our know. You are a little more now couple spots for the unions will be again Yugoslavia is no more or 200 day. IE there in my ear I was. I was just killer now. That's what are people Dubai merely Gus is fine infamous well there were America's that a worry about the you know cliff does. And a cliff does he's a cliff is the ultimate pay what you just stated as a coach with the suns though. I had coached Lucas and for a bit so because there are thought thoughts could they go that route instead of Dayton from Arizona. In and taken doctors I don't know what do we do this is the first of many mock drafts and obviously there's a you know the BB. Look you're feeling out period of of seeing these players one. Doctor is what 68. Point Carson City point six reporter the dude is on Rio anyway and really don't have a highlight real Lanka's nobody sees them play Real Madrid you know you're not the not a whole lot of while watching their I think part of my Real Madrid channel might be is they they talk about order a special player he is and and possibly can be at this level well it's Anderson because lobby like all we are no Darko Milicic again which didn't work out editor's desk was it was a sad is that heroic antenna so I and then of course they could go the big guy ever is on tomorrow. So up there is accurate managements or do we talked about earlier bolster what happens to. Yeah well it's been a rough week for mariners second baseman Robinson Cano who was placed on the DL with a broken hand on Monday. But that's not the entire story now he did that before being suspended eighty games on Tuesday for violating the joint. Drug agreement between the players in Major League Baseball. So basically what happened here is he tested earlier for a direct okay. Oracle water or something that's close to flush your system out and used as can be used as a masking agent. Four PDs. They tested positive for it and he was appealing this. And the league basically showed him and has represented users team. Information it said you know we kinda. Got a and his crew here this is what they do yeah. He's still admits I've never taken a PD said that bought. Whatever info they reported part of him he has decided to drop his appeal and take the eight game suspension which will cost from about half the salary which. Means is gonna cost of about twelve militants or militant collar. Salary mobile focus but he really is try to emphasize that he did not test positive for Pete he's it was a direct. For the possibility of there's been no. Obviously guy voted into the hall of Famer right who was tested positive for or broad and it's been so that is associated VD which he believes total she's got what five years off that a zeal 120 Melanie and a deliberate he's gonna get every time we had a lot to think people talk about does that work that you know if if you do think he is guilty. Because you started seeing did you see Justin Verlander via this week and here comes the excuse in misery to the water everybody has. You say okay they don't believe him. But that people sit there say you know is it worth it to do. Okay you're given up particularly have a hall of fame career but that's a rarity of all fame career considered. Did to the thousands of people are playing the game right right as you can pull off a monster deal. If you're using and then get busted okay I'll give up a little bit of money but I'm gonna get the rest of that money you know at some point somehow some way so that's why people take that risk. And again just so people understand while he was pop for a masking agent the way it works in the agreement between the players association and Major League Baseball. Major League Baseball says. We did this. And now we're going to prove that you did this to mask a stored and they they prove it restaurant performance enhancer Grammy writers are is a specific performance and answer. So what they do is they go through the process and say we found this. And now we have evidence to show you directly wreck that you did this to cover up this and that's when you drop these people. Finally the irony is the Mariners can now move indeed Gordon to second base yes or was preview was suspended eight games for peace Delphi and though was six of one half dozen of the other basically I know all this indictment is a good to be even a blip on the radar mail this to be a blip on the radar I mean. It's it's not right well you look at in terms of I think how certain baseball writers will look at him yes and how certain here's a look at him at the end of the day. Robs a coastal and give them the ball you have money and a and I think that he'll be remembered as a pretty damn good player yeah. And I he absolutely will and and just think of players that have views are suspected of using and where they are whether you're still kind of looked as ostracized or. Or not you know if people for giving your view move dialogue you brought it up rods limit his best life or you can make up you know we're in order for us and fox and other things I mean people are digging what he's doing right now are you know you may never be I still think eventually get into the hall of fame as a big there will be a role wreck but will be our writers and voters but will be in in time. When these guys. Are you know like the Roger Clemens and Barry Bonds are world that they're gonna run on time get ballot it's interesting because at some point then you're just saying entire Arab baseball didn't exist right you know at some point you have to acknowledge these things one on. But when they were winning on when they went on these for the best players in there right okay. Roger what is golden window on ESPN radio ESPN news presented by progress of some insurance with insurance for cars home boat motorcycles RB in commercial via a commercial vehicles. At 1800 progressive and progressive.com. So there's a lot to get into. About what happened in game 2 of the Eastern Conference finals we've talked about how great the Celtics have been and they were terrific in that game. They were younger faster stronger tougher there's no question about that. We talked a little bit about the lack of desire and some of the stats not second Specter might that show that may be the cavs weren't living their best life for giving their best effort. In that second half when they were down 59 to 39 but then there was something that happened to LeBron James right. Before the end of the first half ride a little over three rings are drawn half yet he was out on the baseline. I was trying to drive toward the basket. When I believe it was Jason Jason Taylor came in became a try to hit the ball right with both his hands reaching in for the ball caught him flush on the chicken little with it with Tatum shoulder caught LeBron flush on the Cheney kind of turned to said the deftly caught him flush on what you do and what have we always say about a a boxer you wanna get him. Square agenda for a KO. Right and whenever a football player is hit right under that there were the face mask and on the chin strap. A lot of times at least to a concussion yup well we're not doctors we wanna we don't pretend like we are. But what happened next is LeBron was down on the floor for a long time on one knee. I many I think he missed made one and missed 121 of may want to free throw right right and then slowly walked into the locker room. And then in the second half when he did come back in and play are you can't get yourself in the first idea the first half he was sitting over on the table game or about a minute or sort of go I think in the first half but is it but in most of the first step before he got popped on the chin. He was being extremely Greg are absolutely he was being extremely aggressive and going to the rim he was diagnosed as having eight net string right. Is what it was a next string. So. But he wasn't the same players. It wasn't allowing the same way. Let's say that any jury can make you play different to there's no doubt about it let a let's just go first whatever was a neck strain were to make you be less. Aggressive like rob a little at a pot of very very easily could this is this is the fear we have is playing. I doctor while watching Greg yet. We're all gonna play doctor while watching yes and this is what tie Lou had to say about LeBron in relation to the injury especially between the first step in the second. It was tough collision. Not this is you know sideways and because he came back but when he came back don't they get the same punch that he had before we left it off on attacking the basket. And what that force of how we talked about a shootaround so I was CI assumes. So again could that be because of a strained neck or an injury if a player gets injured and and they have to play another half could they not be as good or aggressive as they were because a set injured absolutely yes absolutely. But we're you know you do look a little bit deeper into this and you start looking for a little things. When I hear strain knack. I don't recall. One time him reaching up and kind of holding is now holding is now acting kind of moving his head around like. You know my back hurts he looked like oh god did that eight Egypt he didn't look like you're caught the the the shoulder in the jaw as your mantra was down on the need for a little bit. He just was kind of staring off a bit and then. After he made the second free throw Boston brought the ball and instead and they followed him right away. They file with the Boston player right away so play were shop and he drew walked directly into a locker room said he needed going they're basically you know collect himself a bit yeah. It just protect suburban as he left the game in the second quarter with 348 to go right he Rihanna to game with just under two minutes to go in the second quarter were essentially. You miss less than two minutes of game action so you know in this day and age of head injuries which is certainly brought up a lot in him football know what no doubt about it but but all sports are more cognizant of head injury especially the youth level we've seen other rule changes at the youth level. To deal with with head injuries. But here I mean let's let's just flat out beyond that I mean what what if this were Tom Berry. Curtis or Tom worried nor in the concussion prone I mean there's no way you were to come back out on the field correct I mean we've seen it. In the league where players have get their heads slam the comeback and and now the league is at a point were OK or not scooter Oliver's anymore right you look wobbly at all you brought down on me you looked dazed. You're gonna go to your protocol but most of the time if you had that look you're done for that game. Well the two it is where they really stood a mess it up if for. Technical purposes a lash in the NFL the Thursday ninety with Russell Wilson where he got popped in the jaw right now I don't think he had a concussion on that one but I'm I'm speculating here. But he went into the medical tent by himself by itself and before they can even get the tent up completely he ran back on the field right right and then there was the Tom savage issue last year for the Houston Texans where it was direct him with the name of the cinema Israel after JR he went straight out kinda zone yeah that's I think whoever. And so he he never should have gone back and I came right that that was the direct look at what what what concussion also. The rule now is basically if you have that look about you that that you know that that with him whatever that it's called for your basically you're done for the game if you're messing response is a journal look wobbly and all you're not going back in the game now. Did LeBron wobble noted while but he stayed down and I prolonged sun went down on his knee kind of I remembered can't you win over the sideline and one 11 me although big compared to seven that play a game against the saints who knows. To catch his breath yeah they got back on the web ideas and stuff as I rest are quite a bit because I was we was running at his side there's no question. But LeBron was specifically asked about the injury after the game and this is what he says. How do you feel about the collision with Jason Taylor the first then do you think it affected your game and then second capital after the close. From a prologue and you go rent the locker room which I do and okay recalibrate and on the telephone tough blow. Box incidental you know shorter in the right square module also. Just want to go back to the back and make sure everything was fine. You know but I don't think that there's a Good Morning America. Well I think you and I have the same question you just as an amateur we know with the with concussion protocol is right in the NFL now blatant it's obvious and sometimes it's followed sometimes it isn't. Most of the time minutes we wanna be clear about that we had as we said a couple of glaring examples. Where wasn't last in the NFL. Do we know if there's a concussion protocol plays Brett in the NBA yet there is and it in the first step is if they think the guy has a concussion. They bring him off the floor to make quiet. Distraction free environment to conduct at the edited it. What law now that nobody said that they conducted that now I don't know if they. You went to locker room and he walks to locker room it's it's not like. They let him to a locker room when they follow him that follow the Boston player after he made that for his throat so they could stop play he walked directly. To the locker room. And there was no word at all and less maybe they'll just said we're not gonna go to this road right but there was no word that there was taken concussion test. I in the locker and listen I certainly won't put this all on. The medical team because. What do players do. You know he could've said my neck hurts go to British had players all hot trying to item we sit there and try and say we need to protect players from themselves at times so. Unless you have that look off. Oh my god that was his head a player may trying to there was something else and try get away well what are we always say about the NFL and what vehicles tried to do we wanna take the player out exactly I wanna make sure that the coaches and players are adamant that it's a completely medical so we don't know we don't know what the medical team saw when they saw the play we don't know what was said in the locker room they came back and set an extreme that we. That's something we don't know yeah but what we do know is it gets treated different in football right you know it it just dies and is that right. Is that right is that fair she read to really should be treated less than football well over to other modern culture on the field we're not talking about. I understand he repetitive hits in practice and they're trying to change in practice habits and stuff like that we're talking about a concussion. On the field during a game and what the protocol is and why is it seemed like it may be different in football that any other sports. Well it's it's it's different what this couple reasons first of all we always say people say four balls a contact sport know football's a collision sport. EBay basketball is a contact sport there's contact football is a collision sport basically that's the entire premise of the game. One wall man the offensive line lining up against another Waldman the defense applied who collide with each other which allow everything else that happened. And then once someone has the ball you have to collide with them to bring them down so it is a collision sport it's not a contact sport it's obviously. The most popular sport. For example. Recently the Pro Bowl last year got a higher rating than game 1 of the Eastern Conference finals and we don't know approval and we love having it. It's just not the same level of competition right as a chance to get to the ultimate stage in another sport. So there is a higher level of popularity with the bald on the risen about your sport. In America and that's why our eyes are tuned there. And now with all the things coming out about CT and things that we're learning and trying to figure out. The NFL wants to make sure they protect. Their investment they protect their players better as they go forward so obviously we are much more in tune with wreck wreck with him football but the question then becomes. As we see look LeBron is 68260. Pounds. That's a big dude OK and we're seeing bigger and bigger guys play I mean. Jordan that is what Jordan 6566. Right 6666230. To forty and he was a big news a big guarded time. LeBron is thirty pounds heavier and two inches tall we're seeing the evolution of basketball where players are bigger. Faster and stronger all the way around does the NBA start need to become more aware of possible things like this happening densely up. I mean what were gonna were I don't know if this one is over for it already gets put the decider of the next strain is gonna be the official thing that's taken or there'll be more questions as I have no idea. But we're gonna get these told for good tweets in Bryant's fourth quarter shrinkage had nothing to do with the injury stop with this is LeBron when he turns up. And he's often not always disappears and is not aggressive I think that that's ridiculous to check who's hitting. Big shot at the end game Whittle back the number of this stuff he's got this particular back to the raptors series to go back to the raptor Chris how did he do in the fourth quarter that serene get out of here with that just get out of here that that that's you know that is. That's confirmation bias and this is what I think price that I saw something and confronts what I Doherty am I saying that everything that happened second half and and him ego less aggressive was because of absolutely not no I'm not saying that but I mean that that's all umpire told to do better yeah that is old. Old and tired and bottom line is the Boston Celtics are better team right now we've we've said exponentially about a thousand times Heredia exactly right so you can hear what you wanna hear. All we're saying is we set the entire first hour and mobility and later on the show that the Celtics are the younger faster stronger better team. That does not in anyway take away from. What did or didn't happen with LeBron right and it's something I think the NBA has been little more concerned about going full I'm sure and there will be question I'm sure that the staff the medical staff for Klebold will be questioned Okafor with this and they'll look into and see if everything was done. Properly and what they looked out when they wanted to locker room. And and we'll find out what I I think we all know it just gets treat a little bit differently in one sport as opposed to some of the other sports it is completely different and completely looked at differently in the NFL for a couple of reasons one because they're more eyeballs on. Too because it makes more money. Three because it's more popular the more more popular are more eyes on you the more because the topic of conversation. And it's the nature inherent of the sport football and what they're trying to deal with. In a collision sport which is football. Compared to a contact sport in basketball so. If you're trying to figure out exactly how the Celtics are up 2 nothing in the Eastern Conference finals without their two best players who that we thought would be the cornerstones of his team. Rearrest someone much smarter than us so Smart in fact they're asked to give a commencement address this weekend while. 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It's a Trex dot com and that's TR EX dot. As we continue here and go doing go on ESPN radio and ESPN news ledger where this we are presented by progressive insurance cellphone guests join us on the shell Pennzoil performance line. And I think that before the season started mine before the season started global but yet we we could see this at the self news in the Eastern Conference finals. And then they play game London and Los Gordon Hayward right when his ankle was going the wrong way up and then they play the rest of the season and high rear Ringo worn down and he's no longer available. Adding to that point allow dual bought. Maybe they won't be what their future looks bright but not right now not right now yet here they are two games away from the NBA finals. So for more on what the Celtics have done and how they've been able to do it. We're delighted to bring in Jacqui McMullen from around the horn former calls for the Boston Globe a bestselling author of the New York Times and was he commencement speaker at Emanuel college while that resonate shames us why don't ever wanted to say that again. As a Jackie joined us now are courtesy of the shell Pennzoil performance like get the feeling of being rewarded with the gold status shall. The fuel rewards program download the fuel warts that join and start saving five cents a gallon today. Jacqui good morning thanks for being with us if you could. Sum up exactly how the Celtics are doing what they're doing without some of their best players. It's kind of remarkable and in. It's especially after Irving went down because the one. Biggest wallet this team in scoring. He really struggled scored time do you even saw that last night they had the long lulls where guys couldn't hit shots they only shot 42%. When the game. So it's very simple to me anyway they are designed to be 83 and eighteen. Defense simply does not they just held the Cleveland Cavaliers to 37 points in the second half. Plunging. Had six turnovers. Which was one more than the entire Celtics knew. So it really close from their defense of rotation. Interesting because they switch their only role that we played he never switched to a post right. It made an article could have long athletic wing and they get into your passing lanes and they disrupt you and they make you want to count ball. If you wanna talk about why the Celtics are even here now which is it's hard it. All about the decent because offensively we can come and go at any time which is why by the latest series is not over. Contrary to what everybody else saint. Jerry do you look at and you're this this team you're getting good play from a lot of players all five in double figures last night including one off events of six total. In your mind which player or two has surprised you the most given the injuries they've had and book who what where this team still list. Well I really. I look at Terry root beer and and then when we try to we went down at how well they just can't match that score he's and in some of the intensity that they get out of it until. The backcourt he's the one to me. That I just didn't know he can play at this level now he still has strategically did not shoot the ball well last night and we know that it member's home vs the road. Very different than he struggled a little more on the road. Be able to still. Any part of that action without would I react to me is the most important thing that's happened and you know hit a stretch there he didn't have any turnovers in the fourth quarter of any quit asking. Held a two way play the Terry Revere is given to me I expect it you know these young guys everybody but while they're young with. These guys are gonna be all tax in case became Gillibrand are starting now and they're gonna need it young kids who knows where they're in debt that is to say that they are surprised and no not to me that I see how talented they are so review of the one that I've seen it taken that it stepped up. Jackie McMullen weather's around the horn and of course a former columnist for the Boston Globe you mentioned. Those three young guys brown is 21 Tatum missed when he wrote jurist 24 when we've talked so much this season. About the process in Philadelphia iron and how the sixers have these young stars they can build around. But in all likelihood. The court is deeper with the Boston Celtics and their just are there may be a few years older but almost as young. As the sixers so as as we should try and plot the course going forward. We we see Kyra coming back and we see Gordon Hayward joining the squad. For the next perceive able fusion do we look at the Celtics as a team to beat in the Eastern Conference. Oh absolutely I think so and and it'll be executed see what happens with Philly and Boston both because I don't think either one of them are done shaping that team which is probably a scary thought for anybody else to eat. But just like all these other teams when you start to get good at public school has some choice systemic and by the way it's immediate what do they do that market Smart you saw last night at the heart and soul of the in the heart beating each if they get it immediately jumped up against gay harassment case. When he when he kicked in a touchy pol. On corporate and he's going to be an unrestricted free agent had a decision to make on hand and I would tapped in around a little bit because they are now well mark to market get. Twelve million on the celtics'. But he could get fourteen million outs which he would stay in everybody it probably won't know man he's gone for the money that you should you know maybe markets are Smart wants to be a starter somewhere. Think about it too when Gordon Hayward comes back is starting line as kingdom. You know just coming up event I don't think he minds like hundred minutes. But these are kind of the decision they have on course to me every time you have a break you know he had the beginnings of a great team you have. Personnel decisions and make. And that's to Boston to. Our were Jack McMullen of around the horn here on the shell Pennzoil performance line. You said something out or ask you about it because I know they say a series doesn't start until. The home team loses and Boston wins their two home you said you don't think you think the series is far from over. What do mussina would make you think. That this series is far from all right I'm from clear Obama cavalier fan and I don't think he's targeting Jack I don't like doing asking comeback in this. It to Atlanta so I can you paint well. It's it's not so much what's going on with Cleveland but just haven't watched the Celtics team earlier that they have here his. Where they cannot score it's not because they don't execute properly they moved the ball and they take open shot. And they don't go ahead and they have had long stretches in remember that you guys called forgotten aghast at Milwaukee Q how they looked you know it will stop and he wants them you know in game three days they get on the road like like a lot of young team and that they did have stretches where they cannot score and this is where. Honestly carrier being in court here it would solve so many problems quite like seeing them have those lapses and it's not. Not really a mental lapse it's simply a matter of making or missing shots I used side even in a microcosm of last night interrogator had a had a very corn starch. Al Horford didn't do what I'm not simply to the end of the game when JR it cheap shot. Don't eat it had stretches where they really really can struggle to score now at Cleveland. And then and it's so hard to bet against LeBron James. If LeBron James and get that team together and they can win the game. Game three at home with the crowd behind them. Limited series again and I just it's not that I don't believe what the topic is done and their culture that you will and although Barbara thank you. If there are times when they can look really really bad because they struggle to score. But they'll always as you said keeping visitor makes to the other team doesn't score well Jacqui McMullen with a deck you look you've been doing this a long time and I. I think we need to put in some sort of perspective. What it's like to be a Boston sports fan these days because you are right to sell health and that kid and it just went all the time I have this self as a sort of a micro right now the macro going back to 2001 you have eight super balls for the patriots. Five championships you have three Red Sox World Series my god you know that's ridiculous and you've had success with or without with the Bruins and obviously the Celtics have won a title there. That they don't know that this is not the way it's been for ever since this run right. They do not understand. I tried to explain what it was like when I was a kid to go to the patriot games with my dad. And then sitting there in those medals of miserable metal sheets with people comment on the path the words ornament and drinking and thrown stepped to the point in my trying to find it says you know nobody even safety seeking there anymore. And it going you know my dad in New York City native. Ever since you know I can remember we bet a dollar on you know the Yankees and the Red Sox and you know. I just. Boy I had no money let them see you can't help out so easy you know my kids who are in their twenties have no concept. That this is it's you know it's championship seeing them that were obviously particularly with the patriots but I thought it was interesting when that when the patriots won that. And then it was like to think of this that roared they had one and then also the 2011 there there's skate around. She device with a Stanley Cup so just didn't make it and you know as a journalist. It's pretty fun to be in the city that that keeps. Rolling out these compelling story lines related. Look just enjoy because of eventually you decide will turn this is the golden age of bosses force there's no doubt about it hey Jack and we appreciate you get over this morning thanks a lot thanks Jacqui aren't they got a Jackie McMullen. Robert Horn are great for kids growing up there remember our Grover Cleveland where there wasn't a whole lot of NASCAR and after one of the patriots who walls as a kid do this in my lifetime all these champ beaten well. You don't understand it's incredible four per for generations of Boston sports fans this was the absolute. Opposite of what the norm was and now they are all in on everything. You were all in on a set our favorite segments we are researcher Brett fact fiction read a knowledge he is back or. I'm a one trick pony who literally quiz show for two birdies in action it's pretty much is so we're used me for being bitter when Doug Coe says not only to receive your money on car insurance but we do more do you 24/7 access on line over the phone or even be overworked removal route Momo loan or do multi talented. Eric are soon there's terror. And Geico expect great savings and a whole lot more. It's the game show's sake is that captivating the nation the origin is Latin community has been through corrupted over time like this show making everyone that hears it. Martyr in the eighteen hundreds English authors were likely to partake in opium to an activity is now with your host researcher Brett thing against that came from breast cancer it's. Greta Maliki. Fear of the categories were sent there me. Since straightforward. Part of Roger Riddell all Mae is small business month and thank Q and don't want to say basically get all the hard work. I are pretty doing out there and Dell is offering out to 40% off select PCs with the eighth Jan. Intel Core processors what you do is call 877 by Dell to speak with a small business technology advisor today that 877. By. Dell right here it is caught doing a broad broad apology brought by discover card you'll match all the cash back new card members earn at the end of the first year learn more discover dot com's last match limitations apply again researcher Brett. Or come up with a phrase we decide what the meaning is. Officials dating I'm 15124. Write your 12124. Juniors four break just SATA the want to replace one for four OK are you ready by the way you called dressed up today. Yeah you know you got when you when fame gets the dog job right our idol pleaded no we dealt with the first one top first won the bee's knees. The bees and he's it's quality. Is it. The wife of Milla tell just HE Hilton she's an author named Carol Holton Sharon children's story about his work in 1924. Entitled the bee's knees. Which was a reference to bees carrying pollen on their legs. Ironically it was her story the colored most americans' knowledge of these for decades in the prisons to the test time. Or all. Did because they originally have no meaning at all it was just a rhyme that people decided to say. And it didn't pick up any positive meeting until it was appropriate about flapper culture in the 1920s. I am absolutely positively going number two. Yeah I look that's you that's that's what I associated with the 1920s in the fibers I'm also going number two. Lists fibers are correct yeah. The. I often brought that second phrase nose to the grindstone off a pass. In medieval grist mills Miller would grind flower between two grind so to the stones were too far apart the flower wouldn't be ground finally enough. If there were too close together the flour were burned. Nasser Miller's would get their noses close enough to the grindstone to smell the flowers as it was grinding so they would know if it was close to burn it's a great defense is great if you made that one up and kudos to you war war war. Blacks admits in the Middle Ages used a grindstone to sharpen blades and when they were really focus they would get very close to the grindstone. There is an implication that having your nose to the grindstone can Wear you out and that's because of your nose actually touches the stone it'll really mess of while two quality depth one of those you've made up I'm going with one wine a goal of one. It sounds great and just because I need to catch you I'll differ and I'll go to. Blacksmith number two of golf. And sang. Knowledge I just didn't hang catch up with you when you mess on devil's advocate. Hall that's it's de Niro movie. No has added about it is the real she's you know hundred. From the Latin do you have belie. Out of congress. This is an unofficial wish they got an end up. Yeah I believe it out of a caucus. This was an unofficial position appointed in the fifteen hundreds by Pope sixth as the fifth. When it's this the fifth yes sure when someone was nominated for beatification and canonization. Devil's advocate was passed with stating the arguments against that candidate. Or are more. From the book the shepherd of Hermanson in early Christian document published around 150 AD. The 22 angels over looked the man in the story one of righteousness in one of inequity. Later adaptations of the story referred to those angels as the guardian Angel and the devil's advocate the first version of the neutral and double on your shall. All I can think of and that is the animal house policy and our question us because I thought about what are your I'm gold one I'm going to tumble one. The Pope. Yeah. Guys out there did borrow two out of three lest you all you are we got we got about a minute and a half hour there we I don't prayers slush fund. Slot on grew. Or in the British navy slosh was another word for the left over that from the meat cooked on the ship. The sailors kept the fat and barrels and they would sell it when they got to port giving them extra money to spend. But not necessarily in an affair and audio version or. Austin slugs were used interchangeably in the eighteen hundreds and the phrase slush fund that was first used to denote dirty money. When the New York Times accused John Wanamaker funneling money illegally to Benjamin Harrison's presidential campaign. Which defeated the incumbent Grover Cleveland and 1888 the spike Lieberman in the popular. The summoned question was 400000 dollars the equivalent of ten million today and Wanamaker was an appointed postmaster general. I love the first definition absolutely love it but it's number two. I'm going number one just to be well very well. With that. Yeah I don't pay. There you go. That we update those stats for me please. Does slush fund dissent tasks I loved one the fact. I think you went through that much detail to make that or not now is what makes it great right arm eighteen for 28 your fourteen for 28. Junior we gave the collar really wasn't here. And just senator maids once before by the way just said he should never play again goes just always be one for four coming up we're gonna former NBA talent of it evaluated in her tell us who really won the NBA lottery we all know I want Ramallah to.