Hour 1: The Pacers Roll The Cavs

Golic & Wingo
Monday, April 16th

Adnan Virk filling in for the Trey. The guys talk about the opening round games of the NBA Playoffs, the birth of a terrible nickname and more.


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Hey what's up everybody I'm Carl tartan Jackie's kneel an amicable loser and we are the host of a new show called culture kings on how stuff works. We cover a whole range of topics on the show a lot of things we talk about the most is sports because we. Judge he's a sports thing you have. The cubs are the best team of all times as ridiculous and your gym and Iran as the greatest player of all time nonsense. My favorite adult whereas LeBron James he's the king of the world and will give Internet carjackings download it every bit of broadcast apple podcast or anyway. Until Wednesday. Its cast. Basic conclusion. We need for really killing me I'm full blown of course well. After the long. It's now on big goal of people is playing with so much confidence today no one really deep ball. Let me night Zach you're. It has the look like it's. Tonight for the pacers on the road in game one. Survivor an excellent news good choice here by clip has beyoncé crushing it at Coachella. As always a pleasure to have you on goal and winged on he's been radio ESPN news about amber in four tray tonight. Michael Jeter on site at mr. Bolick has always are present in my progress mr. resolve our phone guess in the shell puzzled for a signed. You both Leo great to see you are no use came back from the Disney cruise. Three kids under ten right let's just say this is heaven for kids that of Oliver about for parents. Well dread is I how this might there's something about our tolerance one can have for one's own children crying or being sad. But anybody else's kids just got meg so we just put a sock and our guard to reduced hundreds of kids on this cruise right out like a true Disney does a write me and they totally get the fact that everyone's there are on big case they got a tonic kids in the so. The hot Delhi's unbelievable itself fan friendly all lake any puff away on that ice cream and candy do you meets all they wanted to slides Michael JD been having a good job and why we still rely on it. The all you can you guys could ever ever we want no one crews are getting what we were kids and that was my biggest take away it's the one thing that stays in my mind I was pretty young at that point probably got young enough to fully appreciate. Being on a hotel on the water when I remembered on every floor the general hallway I could go and give free ice cream whenever I want at least spring amid the time because triples and Ahmad as let's say is finalized until today that commissioners I can affect anybody know how well the greatness of the Crusoe guys is this yea it's the Foley got no why file like I had no it was happening the entire world when I mean I literally it's Tuesday more delegates who now. You know we'll tell us that we are we're in Africa Edward in the Wi-Fi spot you kind of lose touch him meant there was a lot you mentioned. A lot on the day in the sports field it out you mentioned beyoncé and expect Coachella holy smokes a mean. Ridiculous what she did the ACMs were last night's a lot of lot of our country music that I know I love so much we got to see our party Gary's performance side saw those awards Ross I put. Beyoncé is use is there anybody. Beyoncé is it what are the power of a hurry especially on Twitter I it. I asked this question how many athletes would you have to tidy gathered to even come close to the worldwide popularity or actually even also her I think there's no way there's one and a singular Ethel how many Gilchrist John for an all those in LeBron James how do we have to collect up together to equal that kind of power because people that will never see a second of that performance and get a heard about it in some way shape or form whether it was through Twitter word of mouth that's how powerful was the crew from Destiny's Child continues to get shine because beyond they decide to shine light on them this late in the parliament. Roll winners because of a just and we make sure to be as nice as possible we're talking about it because the last group of fans on earth no more powerful organization exists no mafia no world government on the day. Don't go against that and oh by the way there was some really good basketball I don't. Well I let's find a way that the FBI about exactly what did you music Gupta is a little later on the seriously let's do little. Time. Okay. Off the top what do you like it or not it's just got good goalie can we go. Indeed there was play get to his MBA class kick off this past weekend and the pacers beat the cavaliers 98 to eighties now. LeBron James streak of 21 consecutive first round wins which is the longest streak by any player. Under the current playoff formats since 19841. Time James is teams trailed. Any first round series at any point and I was stunned by this because entering yesterday. LeBron James is twelve and all in the first game of the post season at 48 and seven all time in the first round so. Let's I. I guess how I feel more than a few tweets yesterday mikes and what did you not watch the pacers deceive you know it's a talent that there were like well I watched the cavs 39 times in the nationally televised. I don't appreciate a good Indiana is encrypted baker Oleg deep ball and company because they released on Tolbert label on the. Road comedy. National TV appearances pacers left. The B 11. So I mean I know all you fans are gonna be you know hampered it and sort it all the face of everybody of why don't you recognize this could. Seat yeah hundred and unfortunately I don't sit by. Love the way the pacers are quite old people. You know we don't all get an apology or did that trade again Paul George kind of answered who won that trade at least had some to say about a put all the people. Was fantastic the pacers were fantastic all that's said. You're waiting for and wait for biggest lead 23 points and what was it going in the fourth quarter. It was an eight point. Pacer leaders thought. Oh no. Here it goes it's going to happen. To the pacers are gonna have this lead the entire game and they're gonna give it up at the end they don't they go wire to wire. The bronze got no help out their bought LeBron was only good inside was and in many jumpers and all all for four from three point Lang got that a free throw line an awful lot you know help anywhere he's gonna have to take complete charge of these this series in these games and he played 44 minutes in the last games we may sleep for the. It's two days GAAP appreciative of the long lay off not play again till Wednesday. With this team with the way it's a lot more clogged up when the guys outside are knocking down their shots there's a great stats some of the folks over at second spectrum that we can get you kinda. It illustrates just how poorly his teammates were doing off LeBron passes they're not going to shoot that adding in some of you are eight Indiana Pacers fan start right now getting audio system remain ever going to be this good again out of me or to cause us any spin rate all the people is money. Long reality blown the. Did the Lola people us spread LA the ring and out might be that dagger was who've and it's still play it puts Indiana Hulk why 78. As serves he was fabulous yesterday's Oliva 32 points overall I really. And he used part of this motivation by the fact that. Click the management said that they didn't think Indiana got enough back that Paul George dealer you know players use their motivation they can't you do you you figure you know you shouldn't need motivation but it doesn't mean you can't help a little bit at camp put little. A little you know you some on your shoulder or low crawl on your head there of what's going on six and nine from three point land but he was just. He was doing everything he was. He was very special this team plays very hard as well they're part of that blue collar. We're gonna fight should type of a team and they showed it but I gotta would you like I mean. I don't think. Now we'll see how consists include them can be shooting but. Enjoy this or not I I don't think for pacers I don't think the cavs are going to be shooting does poorly again offered nothing Victor old people lot of lip licking during the game last night do for chat. Repeal of aka the wall that off the top. Also the rockets beat the timberwolves 1040101 is James Harden scored 44 point the second most in a playoff opener in rockets history chemo lodged on scored. 45 in 1995 at the jazz topsy and rockets have their hands full number eight timberwolves and and I were Houston majors. Ten of 373 pointers Harden shot seven for twelve month reporters but Trevor Ariza PJ Tucker Eric Gordon and Paul. But there's just three of 22 from downtown to Minnesota. Coming out the number one seed of the pin and almost pulled up hard with spectacular. Hard for a spectacular unfortunately not many others were for them I mean as far as the rest. Shooting threes in this one not good but he was as we said fantastic and his. Ten isolation play if you were six for six on those including five from three point land you know you're he loves that step back three. And Tom Thibodeau we had on the showed in a last week talking about his club which is owned four against the rockets talk about how they had to play. And he called out you know Karl liked it sounds a little bit saying he's got to be a little more active the cell importers got to do a little more go to his. Side of it of projected towns is it really hit the ball into more whole lot inside of the 74 get the ball and didn't go to the post all lots all. We'll see if I how much that changes in the next. Game yet we hear this all time a big menu after reward them with touches and it seemed like for whatever reason this offense went away from that it's large stretches so positive for many it's a Carl Anthony towns. Probably not going to be due for another eight point Downey yen. What in a negative for them. It would count all the time on rule player now person Derrick Rose with sixteen points last night or not it that's found money that you can't count on coming up every night went out what else kill them as well they do force eleven turn overs on the ensuing possession they got one point on that one point oh you're forced to reveal got to try to make him pay and the other end jagged points. All it. This story elastic baseball portola Cologne who turns 45 next cool. A perfect game in the eighth inning against the World Series champion Houston Astros a leadoff walk to Carlos Correia and it Josh Redick double into the bid by Cologne who would become. The oldest pitcher to throw a no hitter and quite possibly all of this actresses on this the status to throw a no hitter as well I'm gonna say that's kind of the division I Nolan Ryan threw up his record. A seven no hitters through one in 1991 of the age of 44 years and ninety days or by the way through and a year earlier. As well. Bartolo Cologne for it and I his first seventeen batters he faced. He went to her own to count on ten and struck out six in that span and the eighth inning 83 pitches 59 for strikes and in this. That and magic gave up a walk and then the double and a believer in the game with a 11 tie but book how impressive that is and needed net sort of played at all. Just a low and everything is nor honestly that's the only place I felt cheated and all that it is exclusive soy and somehow Sina and I are. I remember the shot of him putting one over the fence last year or a couple of years ago that stay with me until the end of times so we saw all those shots is really big this weekend. Watching a listener guard throw those pitches and it's all just how much mastery you have on that right I wonder if for Bartolo go alone having your own gravity affects the movement of your position at the same way as it does for him on the mound he is. An impressive ambassador for the nation at large men everywhere we salute him. It was amazing to see Cologne almost pulls up bodily still got the no decision yet as arranges Tupelo operas or break game against the defending champion Houston Astros. Also hockey news the Blue Jackets overcoming a two goal deficit to beat the capitals 54 overtime. Ticket 20 series lead Columbus is the fifth team in NHL history. To overcome a multi goal deficit to win the first two games of playoff series and the first since the kings the 2014 Stanley Cup final. The capsule once again playoff foibles on auto and all dropping the first two their cocked and Ovechkin scored twice you know on now territories onto power players at the first for him prior to the series the caps have lost one playoff game. After having a two goal lead not a go back to back games so. Most multiple goal games in cap history Ovechkin has six now but again not enough by the Blue Jackets get the win. Caps a year is sort of become a slander or slogan a way trust the process used to be for the 76ers where you say it it's always in jest. You wonder if there ever gonna be able to turn that around and they don't you'll look back on and is that it. It feels bad to say but don't waste of an unbelievable career but Alec Alexander Ovechkin. Yes and also taking a quick look for the other games as well the wild beat the jets six to two rejects the lead that series 21 penguins destroy the flyers 52 when there's been a close game and that's your lot says surpassing two games of fires that bag golds and not yet they have a flyers get a big guy winning game two but they're down the series 21 given up for the golden knights in Vegas. They beat the kings three to two they lead that series three Nachman two goals scored nineteen seconds apart only to Riyadh Don. By the penguins to a two roles. Five seconds apart urged in their game but the golden knights just continue to be an incredible sword for the NHL yeah greatest expansion team of all time I guess is that all it's all. And also it is Marathon Monday in Boston the 122. Running of the Boston Marathon. Takes place today five years and it day after the bombings that killed three spectators. And injured more than 260. People and our own field Yates was bullet to run in the Boston Marathon reports he suffered an injury and so field. We'll be apartment with his fiancee by Tim obviously our thoughts impressed all those of him absolutely. Right and and and as far as the day unfortunately it's not going to be very nice dates are what high thirties there in his reign going to be rained the entire. Looks like gay they're gonna get up maybe into the low forties put certainly their there's so much more meaning to this and and what's going on in you start to hear some of the stories again and updates of where people are so awesome incredible stories but. You know again trainee for this year write about feel in my arm my wife Brenda your mother and the New York City Marathon for getting. The race the training that goes on is unbelievable so all the training that he did. And now you know yesterday and not not run of birdies as we mention this. The end table runner itself Woolsey always and I know I'll never run in one marathon in my life such as won't happen I'll support anybody that wants surrounded by tough. Special day in Boston and it's a shame the weather's not cooperating. It is why I UI and I reached out to field last item when he told me that bad news he Xavier he's gonna still be supporting his fiancee she went out there to do it and in a moment that I told had to make you realize your sound the warning said as she was getting ready for a last night fiancee asked him. If they could if she asked Steele if you wouldn't mind if they watched Tommy Boy so that she could get her mind right that was a motivation that was her motivation she wanted to channel her Renner Chris Farley to go out there I said deal that's true love vices you know you need to hold on for dear life because you'll do no better a winner in the best actor winner in a file endorses Chris Farley as I. I'm. The over under on fifteen minutes of the first and pop up. Surprise we took is an early enough gas. Soul killing abuse at a my breasts of insurance on an amber temperature that's Michael junior's well our guest list for today did McManaman at 730 Tim Kirk and 810. Body marks a thirty Damien Woody at nine awful gas stores that sell pens of the points line. If you missed any of those guess you can list all four hours on demand in the ESPN app cool going to his president by progress of home insurance. Catcher quote at progressive.com. Today back to LeBron and the Natalie years. I feel like it's overstepping like if I say game to lawless and is a must win because if they lost that game I still believe. In LeBron James and his talent to be all the rallies team to win 45 possible games. But there's no doubt India now has their attention as everyone's attention. Because the wave of which that they beat Cleveland and the fact that the brawl was so good once again twentieth we're triple double. But the other spore players or other four starters combined for 25 points this good story this series can the rest of the supporting cast. Man up and meet some of LeBron because it did not seem that way at all in game one. LeBron was trying to dish the ball out obviously in the shooting didn't go well but also he didn't shoot well outside of you know it in close that's where he was doing all his damage so I've you know if you can hit his outside shot obviously. They're gonna let the good the friends shoot him religious collapse on him. If you're gonna shoot this poorly at 28%. I'll start 23% from three point land 38%. On the field that's not gonna get it done Indiana's is gonna say prove it you know that you can hit those shots honest. Pamela just collapse on LeBron put him on the line that's fine it's not the greatest free throw shooter in the world. And and we'll take our chances that way but. I'm with you I don't think. Cleveland continues to shoot that poorly. But you know you got to tip your cap to the pacers are what they were able to do especially defensively again they're there that hard core blue collar team all the people was fantastic. They now get the shine on the stage in. We know we're gonna hear from their fans they we told you about this okay fine we're seeing it now nobody gets here during the regular season malicious search them out. There's a lot going on organ to get searched our whole Lotta just wasn't going to happen but. Enjoy it now you know enjoy the first when you're up one all you win on the road to big win for you and Cleveland got some work to do note out about it. Were guys that I'm Lance Stephenson because this is big business and one of the more interesting characters in the NBA I like your description a month first Alaska I have I I said Lance Lance Stephenson is to me one of the more frustrating players I've ever wants to be very blob like in his movements he just sort of you know meanders on about the court but. He's a guy that certainly with LeBron James has been a source of constant frustration over the years. He is that god please wait two more on defense and pick up hoops is setting screens is cherry picking he does all of those little things to aggravate you but it works and it's worked for him for a long time. Yeah I believe description had a personal losses. He has he's blocking is if it's flies still moves into gaps are yet there is something just weird about his wheels and he's a bottom half has. Here's the LA Hoya threw luckily we had none of that I think the way to describe him like you're an eyeball to bed head of players against we played against and teammate. He's a guy you can't say I've played against him and he like Murphy's team I mean that's it. Question drivel like that is your like are you playing good just say in spite of that why you you're let me put this where you're you're the way he can aggravate you you're happy he's on your team not aggravating you if you feel like the be doing that to literal people in practice to a different reason that there'll be both probably so good just is no blowing in his in practice anymore Ozzie Guillen wants an amazing appears it's TVs on the team behavior that he's team you hate him a little yes yes I think that's probably good anti missile brought that on similar position does this stop reminding us of his past playoff success. Mean I'm down 01 of the first round. Down 31 finals so I'm the last guy as well you know goodness what is. So obviously his comfort zone to be an overall hybrid Stephen A Smith by the way spoke with overall apathy by the caps and also what whatsoever and he did he seem. Odd bit apathetic himself but just did seem that any cheated the level of Burgundy need to act did seem to be there and I think it's because Indiana surprised that. They were pressuring the basketball that all over everybody they seemed quicker and more aggressive at every single position on a flaw. And they had a cat and the only people that it's clearly on a mission to show the world and indeed he's a robbins' dog in this game and that's exactly what he did this happen no. I I agree that I I think cream or maybe it was a little surprise I think there may euros a little bit apathy now in this on because they've been so successful on the first front in the first game as we've talked about. LeBron passed with this cell. The big now going to be the big question coming round game two are they gonna wake up you know you gonna see more energy out of them you can see more aggressiveness out of and we know. They cut their rates down while Lott after that trade or not you're obviously not the oldest team in the league anymore they got a lot of youth so. And I got to believe that anybody is gonna look at for the cavs gonna look at that box court's okay. We're not shooting that bad again or at least we're not shooting that bad four times out of seven teams possibly at least we don't think we're going to I would imagine. We would see a much more aggressive cavalier basketball we're just. More aggressive LeBron jump shot LeBron can make a huge difference on a zone of all the sudden he gets that big look from his eyes outside of basically the pain and area but let alone from three point range he can do all that damage on his own while the rest this team comes up to speed. And that's been they've been the whole season it's been LeBron dragging the rest this group along regardless who's around. 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Well Roger is fels is in a rare position he's used to nothing but winning moments in the post season when he moments brought you by looking to instance we've spoken LQ dot com. And win at business as we mentioned he gave. He's best report to triple double the rest is team did not follow suit they go down and Tim Dwight Lewis's LeBron is being asked to do way too much. He might have more responsibility when than any athlete in any team sport. That's playing right now. Because everything is dependent upon how much offense LeBron James can creep. And he's gonna find out quickly how hard it is without having a second superstar squirt playing off the board Kyra Irving which allowed him to take some quarters off offense look that's not the case and if his role players are gonna shoot the basketball like this they have no shot in this series they might get swept if this keeps up. That's unbelievable isn't it like it's wet it is unbelievable but it's true I mean you you can't keep shooting at the percentages they shoot at and and legs is right I mean when you're retiree. You know best handle on the Damon scored the way he scored you know as your teammate Regan actually take a breath and even. Western Greek couldn't take much your breath he took a couple of minutes off studied at the get back out on the floor played 44 minutes last night. And I don't know you'll find that one consist I think I think everybody expected to be Kevin Love three who's that consistent second banana at him. That's gonna be able would be there at night in and night out game any game out there have that right now you can hope and he's dish and all of a meager animal chance. You know an NN I yesterday nobody else stepped up. And legends right of nobody else upside there's no way you'll be able to carry this team through this hole where I get to Syria the said the. Showed off second spectrum did this they said over the last four post seasons no once created more shots for his teammates and LeBron James in nineteen shots that he said his teammates up for last night off LeBron James passes his teammates went five of nineteen on those shots. That they were set up that is not a sustainable rate your point he's not gonna have one guy if you carry a load especially as a ball handler and as a creator of offense so he's got to have guys that are would carry it around and we saw he had to play 82 games in his career for the first time this season. And while some of that I think is about him wanting to prove to people are I'd fit into this just because you set I can't a lot of it was I have to because we bowl on hockey line change this team by during the course of the season I'm the one consistent thing that we have a lot of that's been by designers or he's gonna have to do the policies until. Yeah definite concern right now for Cleveland but because of the past. I guess is history of success option LeBron can lean on it's not like it's panic time just yet although game two if you lose accuse a different story. Also of note is what Paul George alchemist he thundered in yesterday's sell. Of all the games look forward to this is an interest in match because you start to wonder. Hey you're the thunder that team they can challenge Houston and gold stay on the Western Conference and if he shoots like that thirteen of twenty a game high 36 points or maybe deserves his own nickname government clearly Peter had. Erica as right playoff. This yeah. It is very uncomfortable when Carmelo and Russell it was a Russell are down a couple of big asked about asked him admitted there were really kind of way what what what's this going. We'll keep you talk about when we'll put up he finally you know just get a chance to see him in the go like that that's his name Toyota as a human. The owner Roman La Rosa incidents that could very hopeful. Listen as a guy as a guy goes around calling himself the captain I'm not gonna. I'm totally not super boy nick he's been somebody gave addictive to me now many people use that nobody gave them that we. Have we found out and we found on the origin of this the league did he nicknamed himself is anyone actually called Paul George play happy except for himself his itself that's a violation that's well. And now we sell what we heard the birth of it right there are off he is these guys don't win at Stephenson of nicknames is living proof that just because you can doesn't mean you shouldn't because that just lazy it is a liberation and a reference to a time of year and a guy's name that is not original is not a nickname you know once again it has come from him take a listen I made clear view. Okay yeah yeah none of them have. And a player of beer. Long laugh or regret playoff people don't listen everybody talked about the side that won in this trade you know with all the people. Our goal and the pacers obviously George. Going to Oklahoma City Roy boy he did forgetting all have been the nickname sup 36 points eighty points between the Big Three Ross had 29. And Carmelo Anthony added fifteen self. You know it's it's a big win for them over. And and now Paul George set I think the last minute this game get hip contusion that her little earlier in the season Donovan Mitchell the rookie phenom for you to all be battling out bent Simmons. For rookie of the year he ended up our hardest hole. Out of just totally on the fourth quarter went back game Quin Snyder saw he was so little good came pull them out again X ray that we've been MRI and an all that was negative B he hit. As big as he says and I was just being big baby about it he said he just stub my tell that. Rare admission I'm the the by the oil went along with old people and that trade's dollar lesson it's one thing for people as always what's overturned old it was a guy a suburb of Tom Green like junior and he's obviously was a great analyst for the cities and he told all the deep was a guy mostly blind he's capable bigger better things and once he's given that states he really has embraced him in the end he was used given time and room to shine now were all seeing that play out in a big stage door we've made to appoint a national TV audience really didn't get as much of a chance to see so. I think much like last year's initial post season series for John us and that Milwaukee Bucks team was really a coming out party on the big stage for him Revver or took notice of a guy. We know the burden do it in the post season electoral depots getting that chance now at least one game in has taken advantage do you feel like my there that team out of the last societal lock it's a war is if go to make a run because of that trio of stars why I. I think people thought it was them or you talk run you know when what Donovan Mitchell is dude you have go verify argued you know in life and defensive player of the year. That that they will could be that team come out who was yet. I'm just happy we have other teams coming out you know we're talking about the 76ers in the east Toronto we talked about Toronto before they just can't get over that playoff hole so really it's more talk about the 76ers. And they put on a you know a huge of a huge win. In game one of their series I would Miami preserve those that thought Miami or give the 76ers. A little bit of trouble there and beat already ruled out reviews through the concussion protocol. But so we've ruled out for game two but it and certainly need him in game one and they get had been used talks. Possibly may be Minnesota did you start they get up and I'm going up against you know Houston and be in that eight he was going to be a tall task for themselves. Maybe so a year or two away for this year and I think the talk had been. About Utah because of Mitchell and really about Oklahoma city of those three got together and played well all we've been putting Oklahoma City. The backbone of every narrative got challenge this week ads in the first round unbeatable Shaq all the slander on the Boston Celtics is a two seed Czech. And then in the Western Conference it'd be all jazz leading up to this Oklahoma City reminded you were still here by the way we're talking about all these teams. Are used to getting pushed by other timberwolves and all this and by the way. He states that gold states that Mac uniform now network but to say literally floats the slice of the spurs look why letter which has been a long ongoing saga we don't need him to read jury regurgitate that necessarily a sudden back. While is that there. Oil is in my back and that's the bottom line and they're not there shelled a team without going anywhere without a mob a single state looked good 113 92 win over the spurs in game one of the first game on the Saturday games and speaking of Golden State just to circle back to back an active this can't be real product. Our researcher breath product has with Kevin Durant has the worst self appointed him Garnett a few years back. We were all trying to figure out. How to nicknamed Kevin Durant and he wanted to be called the servant. Can't be anyone want a dollar that cliff that's not true at all I wanna you know wanna himself he said call me the servant who did he. You don't really figured I heard you remember this to a bigger dirty. I was only there about serving god love her eighteenth 2004 tenths okay idea says he's full story I will read this as he strives to his first league MVP award. Kevin Durant is ready for new nickname just call him the servants from now on star forward told grant loans Bill Simmons. I just server body my teammates washes the game the fans. When asked why he chose the servant as is new moniker he likes KV comparing it to the simplicity of ai the nephew of former all star guard Allen Iverson. But for now of the serpent is what fits best. I think it's kind of weird to make your own nickname turned it said but I liked that one better I'd. That is the heavyweight champion of bad self I don't I don't want a little bit more call on the slim Marie burnout he's a great why he didn't like tigers tried to distance himself from that I'm not here to be a guy. I guess death what odd man yeah. Is also our luck that nickname especially. Due arrested trash. Her impossibly bad admit horrible for you does shuttle around with thirteen I imagine he consulted a few other people. That means he needs better friends if that got to daylight white companies that come up with really borderline ad campaigns it's end up being pseudo racist an awful the fact that they got to daylight indicated you've got a bunch of people who somehow let this happen what two really bad friends what Kevin Durant come to the sunlight with the survey does and it means I'm gonna do terrible also. To get girl lay a journey has a great Mickey PG thirteen hours in this and his Jersey number incredible scene is all right and finally got a Soledad are reticent about battery is in the building this morning through the first hour to seriously listen this one more time when it comes to playoff V I am a clear view. Okay yeah. That's an uncomfortable after his unbelievable. All right that diaper held up. The next we'll get to the game of the weekend in the NBA playoffs eight games in this one. Took the cake I've amber temperature right along with Mike junior told window on ESPN radio and ESPN news. Low scoring amazing hotel deals and you've got to get there I hotel tonight app. Forget scrolling through a never ending list of hotels. Hotels and anxious he was select list of incredible deals in hotels you actually wanna stay at ten and even though the names hotel tonight. You can book a 200 days in advance in top destinations. In the to a week in advance everywhere else. Wanna get those deals yeah. Eight you download the hotel tonight app and. Now. We are sick or Chela. Was while now. She's Norma gay mayor because it was in I mean you saw this scale of the performance that went on and it was truly terrifying if you get up. This she. Ambition. Meets the actual level of success and Selig beyoncé sets the bar high universally beloved in this only clips is that it's queen bees were really is amazing we're just literally. All right wild at the box itself this game will play by play for your this is Terry rosier Boston in the closing seconds of regulation. Here on the right side now emotions yards away from volunteers which is the right can't snap the that's good look at a three. And snowy road. Well the Milwaukee. People are. Thanks in ninety point on sports on and then how Webber Chris Middleton of the box at the buzzer. Goddess looking to get it and here's bill that he takes that it's not added. Did it now looks a bit now be at that about 48. My game. I made a couple of ball and how about that. What do shot what what what they game that was a back and forth game. Follows or twelve lead changes and that when both teams at one point had double digit leads the Celtics have at least a two of the biggest was twelve. From Milwaukee it was ten who is also tied fifteen times. It was a game of the day and that last shot by erosion which we're all thought was the game winner here half a second you figured to get off a tough shot and that one. Menu up FairPlay so in the absolute dust. On that morning got sparks eight clearly looking pretty. It was ridiculous it was what the most unnecessary cross overall time there about eight feet of space between the drove him but how. A nod for be true buzzer beater we know that's down due for a point of contention. On the showed the nature of the buzzer beater we got one that actually went very quickly to the reviewed I thought at first glance. Did not make the figure what I didn't think it was up off first glance but about as close to be true buzzer beaters you're gonna get yes of the cellist who won a winning in overtime the without Tyree Irving. Well documented the Brad Stevens says. There are going the next level we're gonna right now. He's been unbelievable and being a facilitator force all year he has his moments because of the way that we're being defended where he gets to be. You know more of the featured score. With where we are now he's going to be more the featured score and facilitate and guardian honest and do everything upright runner film session tomorrow so. That's that's his job. Here is asked to do a bunch when he's when he's garden honest and you ceded that athlete feel like while. That's something to be asked of this deal took eight shots in the game score 24 point. Who's thirteen of fourteen from the threw for a free throw line he got the allied gets the ball gets father gets on the line does a great job of that. But man he's got to play both shocked by it's he's got to be absolutely worn out played 44 minutes again went over number 44 minutes. In this game I think it was only that was only Jalen brown who played more than he did at 45 and a half minutes. He was a star rouge here was actually drew rein in buckets in this one. But again Milwaukee came back there and a leader of their own this sort of goes overtime and opted to Kubel files out. On a missed free to look at that what goes for the rebound question and one ref calls jump ball the other one comes and calls over the back and that's his sixth ball. I didn't figure was I thought it was going to be a jump ball as well I did. A you do certainly came from all of the back but I can see much contact at all to the camera on the side and had his hand on the ball but doesn't matter you got call from follows on the game. The way they've been calling it it seemed a bit suspect especially in that instance and never really a the can't you can't call that that situation it just seemed like you had been calling it that way but. That you give a lot of credit to everyone involved in this especially Horford who looked like that was an instance where especially seeing them posted up on the block that was like a dad going out playing pickup hoop against this on Sunday should be better than and a point is that better athlete is getting that age. But can't quite get past all the experience that Al or were Albert brings you because he's got all the tricks. Then Marcus Moore off the bench unit dose for 21 off the bench he actually takes a Mo shots of anybody on the team in that game invader twenty. For the game so they got an all right place just five players yet 19242023215. Players. With all just about one point one just one point short I mean that's. That's distributing the scorn pretty darn well and it's amazing to think Mike junior like this is what half. Happens and it's he looks at their wounded animal rights regularly thinks chemistry is an important basketball this is what happens and there was is our core and they were Boston's out first give leaders on. Okay Carey brings out no chance like now it. The bulls fought here is that they would a rail let's success of the nordic playing with house money. And this Milwaukee's a good team it's gonna be a great series for you win a game like that all the civil war pat on the step and Boston becomes a team that you can. Rally rattle more and it's been interesting and it's been the story the entire season but the play of the young guys on this squad who have had to grow up as Bret Stephens said a little bit faster than most people anticipated and a lot of this in four is marginal talk about a lot of the rest these guys Jason Toews nineteen point one a long way there were stretches were he was dominant to be looking in that game during the course a last night so those guys going up with. I'm with you'd imagine Gordon Hayward in the realm of the carrier ring industry injury seems disingenuous at this point in the season you'll learn how to wood just over the course of the year you lost Kyra re right before the post season that was a huge blow to how your team operates to go to overcome that's pretty strong I mean how I was story. Through this game says America we get six more of these yes and then and then after merger makes a shot unlike all male what a game afforded game two and a half sentimental that it hits that it's not like. Are you kidding me. But if I guess I'm back and forth game that you look at at the minutes in this to talk about guys who need rest paid him 44 minutes pork for 44 brown 45. Rose you're forty and Marcus Moore 35. The next closest was somebody with sixty minutes I mean today. They've literally did this what five guys you know playing most of the time and for Milwaukee it was a much more they had six guys. Well over 32 minutes so it was obvious some guys are gonna get some well deserved raft that arrest after this overtime game. I certainly was impressive game at a very entertaining game of the eight fastball game's greats they may class back. And that was straight talk brought to buy straight top wireless nation like covers America's largest and most dependable Ford GL TE networks an ember can portray. It is cola and we go when he has been rated ESPN news might you're gonna have to offer low over the next hour but I wanted to this view now in a minute Paterno did you see it. I've not seen return area I know I may I mean massive let down I sought on HBO on TV I saw your review of the other day I see at the. All right a quick look because it seems to this is one of those were a lot of people think too soon right right when this is what ends up happening I'd like to exec thought it really kind of showed. Of the mental deterioration of joke about that time he just comes across this to honoring old man who was confused but what was happening all around and didn't realize how serious the situation wise it was under a football game the coach Wessels of the courts figure this stuff out yes and that's he's out here let's go. And instead everything collapses on was crazy thing about Mike is how close everything was from the time that the story broke title popping fired up after having sit in the winds record the previous week it's amazing thing alliance idea clearly wish. Completely change at all that amber I've heard attacks on her diagnosis is just fantastic and correct at a big role do you ask yourself to put up big name Albertine I don't really really is completely on the other side the funny side were we we. Are reviewed its last week Mike can we saw blockers yeah I think it's really pretty. Yeah John Dean has got the juice and added I as a guy who embraces his role I think the rock doesn't Hollywood it's amazing me living you can make hard. I got her the ball game has pushed to the original female director needed to be you know writing beautifully is now I I enjoy. But women are way more because of interest in way to consume beer and I'm moving up. I see that a trailer paternalism they feel blockers in theaters coming up next couple conversation whereas Dez Bryant get a lamp plus new rules in college football bowl the wing always been right. It's. I don't. It is still does. I think it's the other big old are you drinking of the many other ball goes there. So. An emotional roller coaster surprising. What's not surprising how much you could say if by switching to Geico. Fifteen minutes could save you 15% more.