Hour 1: Field Yates, ESPN NFL Insider

Golic & Wingo
Wednesday, September 13th

ESPN NFL Insider Field Yates tells us who to pickup off the waiver wire this week in fantasy football. Also what players to hold onto, and which ones to send packing.


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Did you hear the 91% of guys these dove men plus carried deeper and recommend it. Government cluster user rob said that it's like the Hoover Dam for his arm hurts well that it can hold back that much sweat rob they must be good. Pick up some new dove men plus scary good first burn for yourself at your local retailer. Definition hasn't beat. Great as winning streak that any of us have ever seen. She's going to have wrist surgery this week. He is expected to miss two to three months. The DNA of this office. It's totally changes. You get through snow buying this stuff I assume it's a question. I go to work every day and a coach Mike for folks that. Is that is that good enough to. Might get money. Here they are back it better than ever get my presented by progressive insurance are guess on the shell Pennzoil performance like all right here's the deal. Roughly three weeks ago the Cleveland Indians were thirteen games over 500 and had a run differential. Of plus a 118. Any roughly three weeks that have been sued. The Indians are twenty games over 500. Where they run differential of plus a 102 it is one of the greatest stretches of baseball league game has ever seen him. And goalie is basking. In the glow he's trying to change record books I don't know what's going out there's a lot going on sequestered himself put a room whether Campbell and an alleged to have you have cooked up over their. But there's a lock cooked up here but the bottom line is the Indians are when he wins they tied the O two days with their twenty straight wins next on the list. Opt for the arm is gonna be 1935. Chicago Cubs. Who have won 2111. That they have won it 21 games in a role. I don't ask or any under there right now I'm not acknowledging the 1916. New York Giants weren't six game winning streak yet that that's that's what I'm talking about Billick I don't know what happened but for the moment I've gotten here he and and Campbell have blocked themselves and like a little room and he is trying do just miss. In 1916 giant and I just say. After my argument. You agree with me okay. So I look forward to that tech I think that right now the indians' biggest problem is not the 1960. Giants as the 2016 cubs who beat them in seven games. In the World Series that's the one you need to get over the last time the Indians lost a game which was August 23. McGregor in Mayweather had not fought yet. Not a single college football game had been played. Hi Larry Irving was still on the cavaliers. Who. That that feels like four teams ago you know I'd would like you know or if I were bare and those close to the team. There have got to be some incredible. Superstitions would be the wrong thing but guys doing the exact same thing. I mean I don't know baseball lends itself because of the of the number of games to superstitions through doing the exact this has to be. Ridiculous what's going on right now of some of the players what their dual settling gives a good here Terry Francona talking about just that it just on the hot off hot again. It starts of course with the Indians who beat the tigers do nothing. There win streak is now twenty games and counting I really impressive seventh game of baseball history in four team in the mater air to win at least twenty games in a row Jordan in the 1960 giant while discredit very soon. IQ 35 clubs at 2002 aides as well. And here's the deal so court who were picked last night is another shot out this time twos that they shut out. The the Detroit Tigers two times two games and wrote a seven shot out during this point games streak it's been an amazing. And here's here's what you do if you start looking at they have set what seventeen games left now are wondering about a 37 game. Winning streak. Because they only faced one the pitcher who has an ERA below four. That's it and that personal has only had four starts so. Not BCA great pitchers they're not in which Heather knock and went 37 at a rope but that's always the fun stuff to bring up. But there aren't a terror right now and they are one away. From the legitimate record of the 1935. Chicago Cubs boy there's a lot of buildup to this discrediting of the sick and trying to play you'll say. A win streak you'll agree with me I'm looking forward to tell you shocked at. After this the Dodgers beat the giants 53 cell hallelujah. The Dodgers finally won a game they have the best record in baseball they have the longest losing streak. Of the season they came to an end last night Kershaw pitched well members last outing got drugged and just over three innings so he pitched well here six innings gave up just. Warner while striking out six the Dodgers also clinch a playoff spot for the fifth straight season extend it longest streak. In franchise history there was Kershaw or did it so that eleven game losing streak is snapped the longest losing streak. Franchise that's and to franchise record sixteen game losing streak in 1944. Type jobs jobs and is usually something we associate with the jets now we can attach it instead. To the Arizona Cardinals downed goes David Johnson. As he's gonna go on IR what the wrist and so the cardinals resigning Chris Giles I remember this guy came in the league you do the league ten years read that four to forty. In the Columbine was fast for security and Tennessee 09. Rush for over 2000 yards you know had a at that the league in all a by storm of what he was doing and then. He went to the jets for a year remember well gallery out. Now he doesn't and then he went to Arizona worry where it was due later in the season he broke his through July up sort of went on ire comes back the next year and then there's the emergence. David Johnson who is going to have the surgery and may will be maybe back it put him on RB come back they're looking may be between Thanksgiving. And Christmas for him to come back we'll hear Chris Johnson who was basically the last caught. This year and the last cuts that went on he was basically the last player cut. Before the cardinal started the season and finally. Donations announced they will retire Kobe Bryant's Jersey. Twice one time which just to say that or retire both that his jerseys and number eight that he wore for ten years and an average 24 mini war for ten years. They'll do both of those on December 18 he'll reveal a player were to jerseys retired he he made the switch following the 20052006. Season and basically. The numbers are are almost identical ten years and won ten years in the other ten all star selections and number 248 at number eight. Seven all all NBA's number point 44. All would number a British farce points and assists their almost right onto one another with each Jersey so bolsters he's going to the rafters. And that is I don't talking about what is brought you by Dave and busters watch the games and play the games at your football headquarters Dave and buster's right. You've got my attention and I am dying to hear it how are you going to discount. The longest win streak in baseball history which belongs to the 1916. New York giant yes you it really does that it would apologies to these guys and their families with apologies to the likes of Chinese Zimmerman tiny Stanford where we hold on a second they had to lining to high eighties. Two guys your name was Henry. But they were tiny. Chinese Zimmerman tiny staff they had a guy named hi Amy Zimmerman piety and Heidi Stafford. And also all Ralph. Our Stroud who was sailor shroud dead sailors Stroud got ya George Kelly who is high pockets Kelly. Hi pockets Cali that I'm sort of like going to come a good guy and a mobster movie out now it does William. Perez out of harm's Sayer right but pull pair. And Harry. Is that Sally SA LLE. Slim slim Shelley. So they had a Chinese are manhunt east efforts Taylor stratified pockets Kelly Paul carton slim Sally Barry go is that why you're discounting the discussing an all female I'm saying to win apologies to them and their families of why I'm about to do they are on record. Longest. Winning streak and in modern era yeah 1960 New York Giants 46 and wrote down your questions short. So when you think 26 NA winning streak what do you think in those 26 games what do they do. They won 26 here in a row like course. You're sort of parliamentary rejoice when ever doubt employee. This team. They won twelve in a row. They try later pool and then they won fourteen in a row and. I don't wanna treat the other statewide is six game unbeaten. Streak. Not entry. So not only should they not had these two point six game win streak as they record. They are winning streak shouldn't even a topic to be in the Eric Roberts that's what the trick. A fourteen game winning streak. And if you wanna say 26 game unbeaten streak OK a violent act but it is not repaid. It is not 8186. Game winning streak while I'm. Percent right I am and now that you've told me what this is they put it up on my screen called on September 18 they'd be tied the second game of a double header. The game was called after the top of the ninth inning at with a score of one to one presumably due to darkness. So so which is funny that a factor that is presuming that brought it they just turn the lights are members. So but it OK here's the point down. I've a couple of questions one wouldn't that make it a 27 game unbeaten streak right that high winning would win big games are that would include that yes Soviet obliterated actually isn't dominating critics here when history no it's not well. James tie fourteen games it is not 826. Game winning streak. And not at all they call the game that ninety whatever reason that account or they'll go home and how the Elias Sports Bureau disagree with the they say it is the longest winning streak is the record for most consecutive wins because a tie game breaks neither winning streak or lose overall a very raw. Well if you try. There's another snow wind and it's not a loss so you go to unbeaten you don't say win. It is not a winning streak they tied that broke the twelve game where. Streak. They tied and then they had another fourteen in game win. Street. So overall I think 27 game unbeaten. Street are breaking news that during that Britain but here is the one thing I would ask did they make up they did it did it that it ended in NATO I think they they left it that way about. They're going to believe the ballot cards osu we got to get Steve heard on from the Elias Sports Bureau and I think we've got to go between got to guard totally gonna leave her I'm going to get colds hammer but because this is good to be solved your bigger than Steve docking at our Greg you know Steve obviously nobody hears from allies were judges and I was in all the Monday night game and everything else we've known Steve for years. And he's the man behind the curtain realized worst I don't wanna hear that I would likely. Have this guy was they wanted it's got to do something it's got to mean something. They didn't win 26. Consecutive game I actually Greeley do you think there it is 827. Game unbeaten arterial. But it is not a 26 game win streak and within 27 game unbeaten streak they had a twelve game winning streak. A fourteen game winning streak how it might change my perspective if that game mandated it. If if it there was a tie there that they then finished later in this undated something like that. But that game and as they tied. So it is not a window it's not it is not aware not aware not all lost so if if that if that came in the middle of a 26. Games that they had lost I would called a 27 game. Winless streak right not a 27 game losing streak hope to I actually think you're right I am not that's not actually. I am right well a lot of says you know alliances walk alliance commit right now I've. Wrong I pray all I did girl walk away from the true win streak. In 1935 Chicago then this is actually worth talk you're darn right it is I will send a note to Steve he does that mean and out the other day about something entirely different have a number I got you know I'll call him a pattern of have a solid well let me see if his numbers shows up and a signature line. Let's see here yes I have is now writes David should you better come correct my friend don't give me this. Attire isn't aware and it is that a lot it's just the feel good to know Powell. Not aware and not a loss I've been in value disparaging Steve heard who did nothing here Melissa this is he part of that statement that was written or not. I don't know that. I mean he he owns Elias sports guys are supposed Netanyahu said that 88 alliance he's specifically personally wrote that did not know it is from him. That notice this vote is is specifically from Spiegel Z while ridiculously it is the longest winning streak it is the record for most consecutive wins. Because a tie game break neither winning streak or losing streak because it always gets three played in less this season and first. So now we have to get to the bottom of was in 1916. Got what day it came on September 18 that would have been the very end of the season. Once they have completed that game of the season didn't end and does that factor and they completed that game and they want it. Then it would be a 27 game win streak that's correct. You're right Mike I have to say I hate to say that it. Steve. I quite honestly don't think you're up to the test I running a lineup and are you an added or IIIII. I question your credential the giants apparently had three toughness that the they had the year. Okay this actually is and I. I'd note far more dissing that I expected a hobby. I would give that to some dumb jock here like you are but I mean I think that in this particular case you might have a reasonable point and and and the Pickler has your hammer. It would get bring got to bring out the ceremonial college hammer once again in conjunction with our understanding of the meaning of the charm aka the rays and asks. We have developed goal ex hammer. Which is the principle by which in any dispute between two people see Kurt Thomas Steve goal like come on Mike. At the end of the day the written the bigger stronger one wins Steve. It's all I have to say they bing does hammer. So we will get Steve on the phone I've got to sell here so we'll call C there will get to the bottom of this. Because actually think it is worth pursuing callers like in my represented by progressive insurance and Steve Martin will join us later we help on the shelf until performance like. Every can find a place for him because Bordeaux were packed oh no listen I'll block anybody to get Steve not prudent drawn birdie on perm. Know her talk all we got we got hurt and Herbie field field gates. Brought billions. Off the bench press Steelcase what is. And I wonder why I actually ya. Steve come does he look a lot else to go on her face the music of the truth. That truth that dispels. His statement that hilarious part of this is that you are friends whose fever reducer remember who is not you know see if there and you like these are plenty of friends I don't like he's okay. Airport of my friends that I can't stand the project. Garlic is losing friendships over the 1916. New York Giants. But once you're behind and street just budget. Such a legends as a hi Amy Zimmerman Jamie Stafford sailor Stroud hard pockets Kelly told Barrett. And slim Sally so let it be written so let it be done OK let's get back to this win streak oh let's go at the Mike had just brought you by dove men plus care. Did you know that 91% of guys that used a man plus carry papers read recommended to have your heading to the gym right now when I picked some up on the way here's Tim courage and on this win streak. He says it may be the greatest of all time. They've outscored their opponents by a 102 were exactly it was pretty sure 20/20. Games only six teams. Have a better run differential for this season. Then the Indians have. For the last twenty games is an unbelievable the last team. To have a run differential like this over. Any twenty game period was the 1939. Yankees one of the greatest teams. Of all time and that team that holds the greatest run differential per season plus. For a lab and that's the company that the Indians are in right now and is just breathtaking to watch. This almost by definition has to be the greatest winning streak that any of us have ever seen. Let me add another number to that during this streak. They have allowed 32 total runs twenty games and they've hit. 39. Home or my goodness I mean if it is it is it really is are all all kidding aside were having fun with this even though. The giants record will be discounted. It really is an incredible streak that's going on you know here's what. The the coach who pays also won twenty straight game and that the American League record and now the Indians have tied it in and and they can break it every afternoon game today. And I think I'd be interested in his. Hey what was their run differential do you happen to have that the demos pointing at you saying you haven't OK I don't fear. Only 676. Is evident to those not as good as a 102 obviously but my question is does that matter the objective is to win a game so obviously the the TV dominance. What would that make he win streak which is separate to win streak based on run differential they won their games more mentally more more dominate that I wore dominated late. Very big deal anyway just said it is almost by definition the best when streak we've seen all we all saw 2000 until now we did that I was sitting right here in tooth out while that different building but we were doing the same thing. In 2002 so what makes this state that is that restored about half for a more per game and that streak weigh less run differential. Indians had a better Vieira once succeeded through 65. In that one but yeah I mean vote if not only look at how you're beating teams but if you are destroying teams and and that would be run differential. That has to go to the equation you know you're winning three to reward of eleven nother you know there something to. Just winning and they're sucked into just destroy your team there was another few argue that they that I would say it is the best winning streak. That I've seen it it is it is the that's the most dominant. Stretch of baseball NL I've seen one of the one thing they're doing well third jumping on teams in the south a lot to do it they've outscored their opponents sixty fortitude well. In the first three innings during the streak. So they're just jumping onto a forgive me if you said this already and I've looked at some of the stats on this evident has looked as much as I normally would. How much have they trailed in the east when he games I don't have that four innings for portal in four innings. That's unbelievable they trailed for four innings into August 20 Kirk perhaps that's really. That is really remarkable for the Indians or red hot you brought up the issue of I superstitions without without that that's sport lends itself more to do that and I would imagine in this man guys are doing a lot of the same stuff here's Terry Francona. I got one really good body or my best friends please you notoriously. Bad luck they're what kind of brief first almost like a gray cloud. He knows who use. And I hope that's you talk about superstitions. I will not talk to him. Good deals on text only then well we are you Knowles and there cost me one job being a new one here on. App. I am is so funny I I'm not a guy of all of superstitions and doing that what you're mocking me for that I worked atlas and may be one of the reasons is a as as far as a win streak its concern I mean I did a lot of this the same things went when I got ready but I didn't have to register which is kind of my routine which I guess would be the same thing. But I would never had a long winning streak I have to imagine if I'm in you know fund that the seven patriots. And I am winning you know on tour no I'm six in all I'm nine you know on twelve and all whatever. You know that at some point I may start doing the exact same things. We did that in my family and all we were was friends. The one near the jets made it to the AFC Jendrzejczyk we'd in the same restaurant every single letter are the same food because it was working at. And ended on and then AJ do we happen and that was the end of that OK so we will get Steve heard of Hawthorne. Which I'm really looking forward to a because he has the best voice of anyone you'll ever hear B because I'd like Dick I'd like actually. I'm a mediate this I won't I won't be Harold Henderson all screaming aside and having fun aside I think it is a point. I I and yet I think you'll have a legitimate point I do believe that there should be three different I had the delineation. There should be winning streaks right. There should be. Unbeaten streak like why and and they guess there's only two and then eventually Lewis had. So so that they should do it they should separate the win streak from the unbeaten streak right I understand they have an unbeaten streak. But I do believe that the winning streak is interrupted by iPod I actually agree with you I'm looking forward to talking to Steve. About that is we go feel gates is gonna jump in here huge fancy decisions being made today. 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I so feel gates is here and the most important thing ordered with field here is go through the waiver wire stuff for the your fantasy teams and get a bunch of a football conversation going bit. Feel your allegedly Smart guy so what I would like I usually when you come you one of those people look comes off mark I mean I can do that's out but I doubt I will say I can't verified by. For the purposes of television where you really don't need to be a whole lot deeper than you portrayed in world good here. I think Bolick is right on something and I never would have thought that it dispute between Mike goalie and the Elias Sports Bureau I would side with goal. But I curious as as briefly as you can sum up your belief. On the win streak of the 1960 New York giant say they hold it there in the record books as the longest win streak at 2126. Games and the 3521. In the mid to two when I say. The cubs is the true record because in that 26 game win streak where he elected to every single game. Win okay. The giants in that wind streak they won twelve games. They hide your. And then they won fourteen games. So it is the it is not a 26 game win streak to 27. Game. Unbeaten streak completely agree she showed why don't realize is more zeroed does not. They're Lafayette high does not Andy winning streak or a losing streak that's there. I heard and I am not wrong it's within their purview I guess to make that call but I actually think I disagree with it I think it's safe. Back to assume that nobody from that 1916 team is still alive but anybody who might be a die hard member of the 1916. Team fan club I apologize but he does is they win streak with an asterisk or not a win streak you know it is to separate when streaks and it's exactly I think that if they eat it in my book in the non alliance sport your book but the field Yates in cycle previous sports if Indians win the next two games. Given the record. I really want to know I agree and you're right that the these players not around but we have apologies the families out. Tiny Zimmerman tiny Stafford sailors for our high pockets Kelly poll brought. Eric pockets and slim Sal I've pockets Kelly aipac I pockets and wow sounds good character on again I usually with that a joke is on that team. Give it to the movie Johnny dangerously the Michael Keaton classic a high pockets Kelly I think it was actually a character that OPEC. So feel gates is here he's brought to you by draft kings play free one week fantasy football this Sunday draft kings. To use the code Mike only a draft kings. Dot com so we've got waiver wire action right now when I saw some interesting performances from names people may not have known. I fell in love with this to recall and in Chicago fare work. Port the world this could perk up aren't you all come from my new alleged bumper cut out who worked cup. And all these guys who put up huge numbers this past weekend so give us all the insight that we need well to start. You what to say this it in week one there are players who identified on waiver wires because of injuries. Like who was going to replace David Johnson in Arizona who is now on the injured reserve list. And Bruce Syrian said last night and we will to get him back by Christmas as in week sixteen of the NFL season. There are other players you see in week one like to reach Collin Horry Cooper Companies say. It ports on the radar as much because we didn't know what kind of ability they had because it other rookies they're guys that. Entering their second seasons are to break out that you named a couple of the most notable players they would probably added overnight on espn.com. To recall my being the most popular name he had twelve targets for the players and that got a back that could be dynamic with payment jordin Howard consecutive hits in the draft for GM Brian paceman technique Holliday also a name of note no golf day it was one of those guys that blows up OTA's and mini camp. You see yourself like what is this work like some guy is running around in helmets and eight practice Jersey with no pads is or anything. India to preceded touchdowns in week one. And then the regular season he had two more week one touchdowns and Kenny holiday third round pick out of northern Illinois. Another keeper for the Detroit Lions gonna throw the ball all the time because of the early returns are any indication they can't run it again this year. Holiday Cooper cop. To read Colin. If I killer still available on the front of leaf which surprising to me over the past two years he has been a top ten fantasy quarterback and it is not in the same way that someone like Drew Brees gets it done reason probably challenge for 5000 passing yards again this year but if a player has 500 rushing yards as a quarterback which is what Tyrod Taylor's a pretty steady bet for that equates to 12150. Passing yards for other players joked he isn't have to throw for three pot of 4005000. Yards to still be topped a quarterback you and the year. Where was. Kareem hunt and all in all of the pre draft stuff for fantasy draft if for that third rounder out of Toledo just absolutely exploded onto the scene Thursday night by the time this after the Spencer ware drew which I think took place in the third week of the pre season it was Spencer where Julian element in consecutive nights in the third pre season game. Korean hunts. Skyrocketed to rounds I'd say about running back fifteen. In terms of average draft position but people who. Really believed in Korea months where will it take him in the second round thriller Matthew Berry our colleague here ESPN's certainly was he says he calls cream on his Ryder night. Basically if cream hunt became a home run Matthew Berry was going to be looking. Very intelligent if if cream hunt busted in did not meet expectations it was going to be you know some guys I you know and I misplayed by hand here. But so far the early returns suggest that Matthew Berry. Maybe he would have been in sight as to whether or not 826 game winning streak to tie in between. Would count as an undefeated streak or whatever we are classified yes but Kareem hunt did skyrocket quite a bit and if week one proves to be a would you do. The Chinese are regularity. He is the ultimate keeper here. I'm looking at them by Michael Mike and feel gates here we're looking primarily at this moment at the fantasy angle of different things. I'm looking at the the the New York Giants for example yeah. They're going to get O'Dell Beckham back at some point they can't run the football at all yet would this suggest to me that Eli Manning his stock all the sudden rises. As a fantasy quarterback as bad as an offense looked the other day because he's just going to fling it all season long. I think there's a chance that Eli and Matt Stafford. Amongst appeared Carson Palmer will be as with no David Johnson are so packed reliant that. It doesn't matter how to get stung by as it gets done for fantasy purposes. Than the points count all the same. In my concern over the giant is a Santa Maria L says the offensive line as a Battie kicker or running game going you become more predictable and the cowboys defense is not about to play record replicates and it's it was an OK defense last year earnings per plate pace is but. Talent lies isn't stack up to others in the NFL and they made that giants' offense look pedestrian. But maybe it'll Beckham junior is the in the strongest or the drinking everything changes once he's back in the line up which we presume could happen as soon as this. Money Niagara Iranians PO and they played a lions. We'll Aso. I don't know but I have a firm grip on what exactly it is giants' offense looks like what exactly you lies fortunes are the this year until we at least see one game with total Beckham's. It for an it in a fancy word everybody's gonna take this guy with one of the top picks is there any trepidation for lay beyond bell and the holdout Pelham backward only thirteen touches in the first game on I'm when he gets. Allen is a bit disconcerting if for no other reason that you mean out of one your week in week one because of lay beyond Dell and you always feel competent to that you're going to win. Especially right out of the gate with the you know consensus top two player in Tennessee football drafts and Mike Tomlin has put a decent chunk of his. Average performance I think it was ten carries 32 yards from may be unveiled. On penalties in her felonies and got themselves and a bad running situations. I'd say that you know one thing housing courage by from the browns fan was that defense and coordinator when they get hired I was one of a fast and aggressive and levee fly around the ball. With Gregg Williams that actually is often the case. The browns offensive coordinator and it looks good defensively. On Sunday it looked okay offensively to I'm not I'm not concern the millenium bellowed I would say this week to rankings are not secretary of sector lineup already. The chance to do so as soon as actually on Tuesdays as of this year. And lay beyond belt and number one running back anything too hard about William anywhere else to more quickly Fauria here field before that you go. We talked about people had about people to drop or other there. Highly tattered or reasonably touted players that you think people might want to reconsider. In other couple so Eli made if you could turn a huge upgrade your quarterback Eli Manning would have been one you see yourself are a little bit nervous they are Eddie lacy was a player that I'm a bit nervous about right now at the Seattle Seahawks as well. Generally speaking no I don't to cut bait too frequently after week one. Screws you know things can change so dramatically guys were awesome week one can become just sort of ho hum these guys that were ho hum in week one can bounced back and look like superstar. And then finally and we're waiting for some sort of announcement of a decision for tomorrow night but all signs seem to be pointing to two shot a lot of becoming the starting quarterback of the Texans. Now with bill O'Brien I guess you never know what in theory for the final fifteen games of the season is he a player that did that that that that fantasy players want. I say this he's entry only because any time you're the quarterback that is functionally athletic and mobile like he is he got the upside of rushing out just talking about how Tyrod Taylor. On average can push for forty rushing yards a game someone that neighborhood and that can be or even if it's 35 that's still good enough over the course of the season to make a major difference suburban Shawn Watson. In two quarterback leagues yes of course he should be added because. You start. Basically every quarterback depending on the size of your league but I'd say it's still more wait and see right now I do believe in the player and a long term. And he's gonna have a bright future in the NFL more likely than not this one person's rightly so it's new for the draft that he becomes a true hate in the NFL. I think that's the case and as you said probably could be as soon as tomorrow night. He is field gates and once again he is on the side of cola camera in this dispute and try and go look at the Elias Sports Bureau one where I never thought I'd fall on this side but I agree with cola to feel thank you very much feel as though we don't forget. Feel gates Sundays on operation football and Andrew Hawkins 1 to 7 eastern all afternoon long. On ESPN radio and the ESPN app coming up next this weekend one of the most significant sporting events of the entire year will you be and. Sports fans anywhere internationally recognized degree from Penn State all mind whether you're starting or finishing your degree study where and when it's convenient for you. Cheers from more than 125. Programs to become a top prospect in your field and advance your career learn more at world campus info dot com. And state world campus a world of possibilities. On mind. Visit world campus info dot com today let's world campus info dot com. Ayatollah may be wrong you know normally iiroc he'll stand I stand by we we have received new information. And and again this is the beauty of doing this stuff alive again. The 1960 New York Giants have the record for the longest win streak in baseball history 26 consecutive games the current Cleveland Indians are twenty and counting. Goal lacklustre discount the 1960 John Eckstein giant. Because there was a game in the middle of that streak in which they tied yes however. However and to the point that the Elias Sports Bureau made. In the final standings that season that game does not appear there are no ties. In the final standings so it it is as though it never happened so into baseball and everyone knows there isn't a game you'll always get it out to say while that become now it's official. Put in the books the legendary cal Ripken gave it becomes an official game when it gets through five innings. Because of it's rained out after three and a half for whatever it is though a valid reason you play it and it's entirely and and and and the stats don't count over a guy hits four home runs before the fifth inning and the game giving gets rained out it's as though. I was born here I look at plays how many innings at this game go 919. Innings but they did yeah I'll just say now what doesn't count that doesn't count at all. A nine inning game doesn't count that's particular list. They ignore it at the five ending a jacket that I understand that. This game when nine innings they couldn't finish it they called it a tie you can't then tell me oh by the way it didn't happen. It happened they didn't win that. And they didn't lose so they did get a loss but they didn't get a win but it is not they can't continue the wind streak. I I think that this is it does however change the dynamic at least a little I think it is an interesting. Point that is being made here and we can continue to look into it. As we go get what got we've heard on this this certainly does change the dynamic for me a little baton and we'll see what he says huge hour coming which Jon Gruden and Kirk herb street but right now big question for yet. I'm really fascinated and now. Yeah. Do if you didn't even know you needed or even lock and yeah. About it hikes. And they involve the fight this weekend one of the biggest sporting events of the year is coming up this weekend. And I am I don't know if you're planning on watching it. Our nerd out party by Dell need help finding the right dealt receives an Intel Core processors for your business call. 877 by Delhi can talk to Dell's small business tech advisor not the fight after nearly two years of negotiations is on kanell Alvarez and triple G facing off. For the WBA WBZ NI BF middleweight titles. Alvarez attempting to win a share of the middleweight title for the second time in his career though he says he will not accept. The WC BC belt if he wins the triple. Since he won the title in 2010. Is eighteen straight the second most in history behind Bernard Hopkins. Streak of one not the Alvarez fighting for the eighth time around to Mexican Independence Day which is September 16. He six and one of those fights he's knocked out all six of his opponents in the flight he won his only loss was to Floyd Mayweather or not. And it's the second comic towel in his last twenty fight has been an underdog the only other time was in the Floyd Mayweather fight to those deer nerd out. Surrounding triple Gian canal Alvarez and all of the talk. When they scheduled and snuck in if you will. Mayweather and McGregor. Was they got that thing in ahead of this fight which in everyone's estimation is the more legitimate and an interest in flight oh yeah the boxing fan will further about boxing you know without economy the other was a show the other was. Entertainment the other was. We were hoping to see some kind of spectacle so we have put a poll question up on the Mike in my page on Twitter board to retreat goalie castor retreat that I've already done so and here's the question did the Mayweather McGregor fight help or hurt your chances. Of ordering this weekend's fighting a four options helped hurt did watch either had had planned already to watch. So I'm adjusted to know what your perspective everyone out there are. We talked a lot about it then are you watching this fight I had I had planned to watch it anyway this is boxing got your vote is had planned to fly to Washington anyway I I separated the two. The water and I just who I said I was a watered a shell. I felt Mayweather was gonna win this thing. Handily but you watched it for that one its punch. By McGregor that may follow up with something Wharton what was going to happen this is this some prefer red boxing match. You got a guy it's 41 to 491 and one another one of 37 know they both knock people out. Stand an honoring swing so all I mean I am really looking forward to this boxing match as opposed to. What I bought the other one which was I born a show. I bought entertainment here I'm buying a backs a boxing match yeah and they are more people in the country interested in being entertained yes there are gonna grab Grier boxing match and that's why I'd like deceit. Get a little advanced perspective here cast that vote if you're on Twitter and the like it might page. How did that fight influence this flight gruden and Herbie in the next hour stay there Mike in my. Nintendo. Certified instructor. Now what I love me. 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