Hour 1: Celtics dealt blow in game 1

Golic & Wingo
Wednesday, October 18th

The Celtics suffer a major setup 5 minutes into the NBA season. We get the latest on the Hayward injury, plus visit with Sal Pal at the NFL players/owners meeting.


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Until five minutes into his tenure at a Boston Celtics uniform Gordon Hayward foot was facing the wrong way goal like that. Yeah was very very tough to watch auto it was horrible ought to watch. And obviously for a lot of reasons obviously first record Hitler before. And I always feel bad. I'll look at it from the athlete's side which I do a lot of things and know. The work. That goes into preparing for season is obviously all done in the offseason you are you go through that cycle of what this season and stoop to building your body all the way back up as high you can get it. Before you start tearing it down again and that that's where the blood sweat and tears in his. It's the offseason nobody's watching nobody sees it. And and then you bought there in the expectations obviously for a team are high which will get into. But for the individual you know obviously there's the pain of I mean just watch it snapping your ankle what's beyond I mean it's had to be unbelievably painful. Thing. That he went through but then there's that realization like Mike got everything I did. Five minutes into the first game. I'm done and now we're it would start to go through your mind is that hurt to rehab how long it takes. Uga Paul George. When he broke his tibia took him eight months there was no ankle involves and that a dislocated ankle to go along and there was a dislocated a fractured ankle and tibia. Salt have no idea of the time for him I'm sure we'll get that but that the lonely rehab I always talk about but just in that instant. All that work everything is done I mean it's just. So physically it looks awful but mentally it's just just good at just destroy you in that how quickly you can come back. From that I just felt horrible for him from the overall stamp on when to look at the gruesome injury obviously you feel bad but. Got to me there's just so much more to it now will show it. Here on ESPN two for those of you haven't seen it. I'm grass commuter warn you colts you know it's not pretty no it's not. That I'm I'm guessing that by this point many people who are sports fans have seen because it happened. Not that they're relatively early in the evening last night it was all over the place and there's no other way to describe it for those of you listening on the radio perhaps you're in the car perhaps you hadn't heard about this yet. His foot is just flat facing the wrong way that it is really no other way to describe it and and it'll look on his face it and the look on the faces of the other players around him and everyone recognizes basically immediate Ali what has happened you know exactly what happened. And one of the good the most fall and I'm not blaming any player for the sick today it's a reenact kind of a natural like accurate news justice something that I are all hot list. It says teammates from Boston and cavalier players. Rush to check on him. Russia could turn the other way that initial let me then it's that they all went over by him obviously after things come doll but. You could see it I mean they sought you know as as an athlete Unilever an athlete to know what was going on here not say what. You know when you start arsonists in doubt. Took elect a man I'm retire what he he obviously scream viewer I shouldn't say that wake if there's many women met. A young teenager that take it in a very very tough fashion as well. He was he was strong about it as you sit there I mean I was I was amazed as you look at doubted his ankle going the wrong way that the injuries that recent. Vintage rule that terrible word but I can't think of a better one. Where Muster more accustomed to seeing injuries that look like that in football like DO dealt play. His foot didn't come out of it looking nor that but it's who went into expected out yeah it was the same kind of thing where just fold it in the wrong direction that almost never happens. And basketball the play you're talking about that both Paul George in the eleven wasn't the Olympics but it and one of one of the international competition us. I'm was one Horry hit the stage expansion right codec so that. It eighty something right in this case to come down and have your leg fold up over you would imagine when a game always levers that not all you don't and in his weight came down on a two dislocated breakage and I mean it was. Illicit it was gruesome it actually was and in that one play obviously is I just talked about from the individual side of it. And then from the team side of the direction that it changes absolutely what the expectation is and then just how quickly. You know and and that's what that's the one thing you can predict everything a lot. But you never can never was able to and never will be. Be able to predict injury just what effect that's gonna have that that's the thought that I have as well here is that first and foremost you feel terrible for him it's a terrible injury. An and you just wish him the bad. And then once you get past that you start thinking about the impact on the NBA season. And you think to yourself I mean this was a team our basketball power index our nerds that we affectionately call here the analytic people here. Favored the Celtics to beat out that the cavaliers not in the regular season but to make any NBA finals. I mean it was 88 and I guess you would say championship contender. In the NBA in the Golden State Warriors are so overwhelming a favorite feels funny to call anyone else a legitimate championship contender but it anyone else's I guess they work. And in one end and one blink of an I they're not. Unfortunately paired up he's down it's horrible for him you wish in the best and hope because they're back down and you also say to yourself. Be just scratched the Celtics all the list of teams that you could signal making a really. Significant push there were so many combinations we're looking forward to which saw two of the teams and those combinations of players you sought him out. The second game that was aired last night with Houston with Harden and Paul together you'll see and obviously with Oklahoma City as well. The combinations in this one is done I mean so much so that this is listen this is just the reality of sports it's what especially Vegas does you put out odds. Entering the game the Celtics were third best odds by the warriors and the cavaliers at ten to one to win the title. After the injuries tornado one. I mean that's that's. And and you certainly understand why it it seems harsh to talk about that but that's. It's going to go on and that's what's going to happen now your gonna talk about and that's what is going to happen because a game you're gonna continue to play injuries happen this with just more gruesome. Then we normally see but guys get hurt and missed time. All the time so you just next game and who's the next team that will. Maybe challenge Cleveland if anybody in the east that this is the second time this week we're talking about a major injury register I do you could have just taken out what you just said. And inserted the name Aaron Rodgers right and I was two days ago when our having the same exact conversation. We opened the show on Monday talking about Aaron Rodgers with a broken collarbone is that for the year. And now we're talking about Gordon Hayward with a dislocated ankle and fractured tibia. In one of those where. Again usually as I I I jokingly say you know goal Akira football players returned to you for a medical I didn't need help with this I'll. This one the second is sought and no no it was wondering why I wonder if that's a serious and we weren't waiting for the medical report on this one I don't and it's a shame of it is really really shame five some minutes in. To the start of the CR let's hear from some of those involved in this here's Brad Stevens the coach of the Celtics after the game. You know obviously you knew you or for him. You know he's put in a lot of great work and I thought he had his most comfortable week as far as I feel like he's gonna play really well. You know but now wolf you know hopefully he. You'd a full recovery rate in the and so it's a he has a tough tough deal that. Yeah I guess that's that's part of that the risk of injury though as I really feel I really feel form. Army bet that's it from a personal standpoint is recovery what hardware you don't have to go in there. You know for the ankle for the break in there and tibia how long as I mentioned again Paul George had fractured tibia that was eight months. This is a break there as well as vehicle. A dislocation so don't know I mean I'm not limited over the real long time there's no doubt about that it's gonna be a a rough rough obviously. Our rehab in you know you do all you can do is wish the best Foreman and Ben Ben unfortunately. You'll kind of a lot of everybody's thoughts as you are to do the rollout of the rehab on his own recovery rehab and the season rolls out. There's a lot of tweets. Having the entire sports world and beyond it felt like I was tweeting. Thoughts on Gordon Hayward yesterday a few of them to stick out for me one of them is on the screen right now for those of you watching on ESP into the Utah Jazz quickly and classical and I thought. Sent a nice message to both Gordon Hayward and his wife Robin. You can see again on on your screen and Connor did you see Connor borrowings treated him yeah yeah on our borrowing tweeted a picture of himself they the NFL player. I am called himself. It and it it and in Marshall described as a very similar looking injury he suffered a gruesome looking broken ankle or leg I don't know what it actually turned out to be. But one of those boys what is facing the wrong way many treated. I missed the entire season with this injury I haven't missed a game stands out you know yelled you're gonna get here here here it is on our screen now. First series first game 2010 mr. entire season but haven't missed. The game since that that's one of those. That's I thought that was a great week I car tomorrow. They agree again the picture there if your radio here wanna check that out the picture Garrett is foreigners look going the wrong way car bar or but. Coming back from that and that's right immediately went listen there's the team aspect double talk about. I just always into the individual on the work that went into it's never good to get an injury like that I don't care when it is in the season put just. The thought of my guy right when you start the season it's just starting and all the promises there and boom used daughters carrier ring after the game. A senior housing. You know few injuries in my career you know that if you have seen a few. And proudly. Two. Through the worst forms of I've been in the game clutching. Things that you decision this tonight so. You know as does not precisely. Put you gotta pick yourself up. Does he qualified you know we understand that she. No go relief fund. We don't continue to perform and do your performance and as this weekend. You know I've ice I I did I have not personally been on the field and seen an injury that gruesome I've seen needs get blown out port you know the need looks you know the look of it is there but at TP inside out with its torn by. I've seen a dislocated kneecap. Works movement around I've seen in a dislocated fingers which apart you know basically pop those back in and usually keep going. Probably the worst what I saw dislocation just look awful you know dislocated elbow. You know I've seen that a couple of times and they just they just feel bad until obviously get him back in place but man a dislocation with a break and meet. I haven't been on the field for some than that looked like that we're just like Allman got some figures literally pointing to the wrong way it's just. It's just horrible and he needed to see that the reaction of the other players around there who all eventually they did go over and certainly. You know wish him the best and and and such and players from both team both teams are absolutely right and the other thing might as we listen to carry there. I'm the story of the night was supposed to be carrier Irving's return to Cleveland and I did think that was interesting before the game voter asked me yesterday. What do you expect the greeting to be between the Brian curry before the game. And I said I believe that hold that up but not show love their houses at all is the life of its we will get after the game that had a nice moment after the game Tyree from a game standpoint carrier chance for game winner. Try to take it over LeBron thing it was the only time LeBron actually guarded him. In the game and how remiss that they had a moment that you after the game was ordered a little hugged it out a bit now. And that was that before was just the quick you know business like Depp as before game starts and and then move on they had nice he had nice moments without several of his former teammates is on my mom with Jimmie Kevin Love. And that sort and that that was what last night's story was supposed to be. Going into the game in Cleveland between these two top teams in the Eastern Conference clearly coming out of it that is not the story I have one more. I watch it here that's from our Brian when a horse who was there. This is as an emotional night did you ever see an October game in the NBA opening night carrier Irving coming back to the cavs and then just a few minutes into the game. A horrific injury that rattled every single fan and every single player. On this court tonight Gordon Hayward after suffering the dislocated ankle and fractured tibia was taken. Back into the cavs locker room. The ankle was reset by cavs doctors which is very important. I've been told by sources in giving that the process started his recovery. I had to be a moment book reset medical man I mean you know and I talk a lot about in a locker room. Where where players will sit there or something bad will happen and you say well you know I'm not gonna happen to me. That that's never I said that related usually to injury uses something out of somebody get in trouble a shirt like that not gonna. That's that's a reality check as players sat there and looked at Gordon and and and articulate themselves. That could just as easily. Have been made one missed step one you know plant wrong land on a wrong and that could be me sitting in their. There is say there is a stark realization. When that sitting right in front view of man that quickly it can be done. Grim Akamai can right now at Lowe's broke customers can save other supplies you need most of the brands you trust to help get the job done on time and on budget visit Lowe's for pros dot com. For details of the staff is actually asking a question I think it's a pretty good question. Because you have seen there are injuries in the NFL you're seeing guys taken off you know mobilized on this I get a little doubt that. How hard is it when that gets done everyone's bringing the whole building is silent in your case it's it's it's 80000 people instead of twenty. You know you're having that moment you're walking over and you're controlling the got even on the other team. You know what's a moment or everyone's steps away from the competition of the game right and into reality and and the whistle blows and now you're asked to go right back into the reality I always wonder that. How hard is that well. I you have to reset yet to hit the reset but you know usually before game bears the there is the kind of to your opponent. In all were grown at a sixty minutes you know it's going to be a battle okay. After when somebody gets carted off receive injury like that there's a realization of could happen any warrantless anyone of the 22 that are on the field or flop on my team and the team to play against so there's a moment of hate. Recognition to even the other team of you know this is off. We're we understand where this goes but then you have to hit the reset button you have to go I mean though the worst thing in the world you can do. Is goal less than a 100% when you keep going I'm not I can't sit there sick everybody can get it out of their mind you know and be perfectly right when you go back. But I don't know when when I see you you have to kind of reset to the beginning of the game again you really got to go. Everything out that first play and get right back into it because you play less than that especially you know you'll we saw that the there's a Cali of of what happened there. But in football every play is like that you're taking out people it can end badly for itself not the easiest thing in the world to do but. You know if you if you make it to that level and you're playing along and off. You've basically seen this right yeah web whether it's a stretcher coming out or taking a lot of time before somebody goes off the field. So you've had to restart before you had to go through your mind of man that's horrible for him that could have been me and having to reset so you kind of get used to re setting this is just a little more very. While moment to have to reset from but I think they're pretty much program to do that. I would like in my represented by progressive insurance great guest list today will be trying to get some more. Basketball reaction Torre as well but we do have on the shelf until performance line Sal pal Tony over these NFL meetings have yesterday which are really looking forward here in the inside. Into what went on there you've heard some of the reports gruden and herb street back to back Israel is doing the second hour Chris Singleton is to the Yankees series. I'm ESPN radio and Charles Barkley. On the basketball today so let's do. I will do all those and much more as the morning continue let's do off the top of your will run through some of the other headlines here it does Gordon Hayward again might dislocated the ankle fracturing the tibia. In what turned out to be in the end a tight cavs win an opener over the sell you out Kaz what are one or two were denied denied again Kyra try to put up the shot at the end. How to keep that game alive and ended up missing it put that was the bad news as we talked about what Hayward curry had 22 in this when Jalen brown. Had 25 LeBron James was one assist away from a triple double tornado I'm points sixteen rebounds. Nine assists per. While game to look at obviously the Tyree with Boston and then when you see Derrick Rose Dwyane Wade. And LeBron James all on the court together in the same uniform pretty wild. There as well but as we'll get into the offense with LeBron Dwyane Wade in Derrick Rose on the floor. Is a work in progress they were out or when they were all on the floor together 4130 sit. Out last night for the second straight year the warriors lose their opener at all. Yet they do James Harden big in this one go on forwarding or for twenty 27 in this or Chris Paul. Just four points pretty and eleven assists tweaked his knee a little bit was left out the last under five minutes of the game didn't look like he was overly. Thrilled with that but again when both of them more on the court this is what you're looking for new look for when the chemistry. Will hit with both Obama court the port differential was negative thirteen. In this one. And for Golden State as we mentioned the loss again to remind green just missed a triple double in this 19 point. Follow eleven rebounds thirteen this is what he strained Disney company got to the third quarter. And he is that spark plug that team and there's a noticeable absence when he is out. Well Zeke Elliott has been granted a second tiara temporary restraining order against. The suspension so now it appears he will play this weekend it's becoming very difficult to follow yeah. The legal wranglings of Ezekiel well guys it really is so we're gonna have to get people to help a solid this'll bottom line is you can play until there's the next hearing in the region there is the next hearing because a judge your peers that. Is on vacation self rather vacation mode right now so. He can play in this thing is held up so we'll see how long he can play. The hearing could be within 414 days it could take fourteen days could be less what we knows he will definitely be playing in this week to face the Dodgers are one win away from making the World Series for the first time since 1988. Is their pitching. Continues to dominate the Chicago come absolutely right big win for them in this starts out with the cubs insure predict that home run. And a bigger OK you know that the bats are starting. Early in this one but with Darvish he goes into the seventh inning seven strikeouts gives up just one run. And for the cubs listen their bull pens got a 573 ERA. That as a hitters are all for 116 strikeouts with runners in scoring position Brian result. 22 at bats no RBIs between neutral from sell the bullpen not getting it done their big hitters docket it got to this point there on the verge of getting swept cubs and big talk. Like they were in big trouble last night. Down for nothing and then Aaron judge at a home run and then they broke the gates open and they wind up getting a win at. To even out the ALCS at two games at peace really just amazing what's going on here I mean in the late innings for their first six innings no runs no extra base hits seventh and eighth inning. Six runs. For extra base hits judge or Gregorio said the two better during a judge seems to have figured it out again neither striking out. Or like last night knocked in a laser over the wall and then knocked in one into the wall. For a double. Are really her career very impressive Sanchez has three RBIs as well. All of a Lazard on the left field line all yankees look like you're gonna go down. Period around one in this one whiff. Michael coming up for Houston euros ought to ought to end this thing they had the worst inning you've ever seen it was higher life absolutely horrible they gave up three runs with with with only one ball being put in place the entire inning catcher or are we I've I've never seen so much catcher interference this postseason territorial it was a walk catcher's interference or walk. And then a double up the third base job lined up and they looked like they were their season was over Demi cup only a lot. The Astros bullpen can't get it done. If the Yankees can get into the bullpen they win it's as simple as that if Michael and Verlander can beat them and they beat them now if the Yankees can get into that and they have an excellent chance. His stock I'm happy moment of the week let's give it to judge now once again with no life in the building whatsoever last night Aaron judge goes long. And that got the Yankee comeback started airing judge. Building a finalist more than two finalists but he won't he'll get some votes for MVP this year I know get our MVP moment of the week brought to you by sport clips. Helped fund scholarships for US veterans donate to the helping hero program any sport clips near you his double he was almost on any. He went double over the ball is almost on and it's a double off the wall some fan inexplicably some younger fan richest competent mental wall. And and hit the ball put. What do laser shot that was gone down low for all right it is an extraordinarily busy day obviously with a all of the basketball on the injury that was there and all of the baseball. And tons of football news including the answers to the following questions did everything changed for the NFL yesterday did anything change. Ever or micro or peer support for Mike in my podcast comes from our friends at rocket mortgaged by Quicken Loans chances are your profit of one comes to your work your hobbies your life. Rocket mortgage usually that same level of confidence when it comes to buying a home or refinancing your existing home Walt. With rocket mortgage you can apply simply an understand fully you can mortgage confidently. To get started guru rocket mortgage dot com slash might. Equal housing lender license in all 50 states and am Al has consumer access dot org number 3030. Home isn't just the place yeah it's feeling. That you're safe to enjoy the things that matter most EDT let's take that feeling whether your home your business for online. We help keep you. Security systems home automation alarms and or fail. So you can feel at home wherever you are. Go to HP dot com get that feeling for less than a dollar and. Home Saint Paul. I was I imagine there's just so much going on around the world of sports with Gordon Hayward and all the baseball amendment. Did everything changed for the National Football League yesterday did anything change those are the questions. For ourself hello Antonio who is in New York yesterday were the owners and the players met. And what Jim Trotter called it landmark day for the National Football League so salad good morning we'll give you the floor what can you share with us about. To the best of your understanding what was accomplished. In these meetings and these conversations yesterday. Well Michael I think he had an unprecedented level of critics of these dialogue between the players and owners are social justice which usually let go more than an hour about eleven owners. About a dozen players in the commissioner's office with Roger Goodell in attendance with the Morris Smith. The NFL PA executive director in attendance these countries at least discussions. And talk an open dialogue just don't happen on a regular basis so I think in that sense I think Jim Trotter right. I think this was a watershed moment last yes it could the other itself. But in terms of taking concrete steps. Towards solving this issue. I think they still have a long way to go and a lot of overs. I believe that and so a lot of players that I have talked to. Within the last 3648. Hours you know you gotta go back. So last week when and the commissioner sent that memo to the chief executives and incorporate it into their reaching. And the first paragraph. Of Roger Goodell letters says that current dispute. Over the National Anthem is threatening to or road unifying power barking. And is now dividing us our players. From many fans across the country and you know this capacity admission. That the demonstrations. During the protest is not only hurting the game but it's eroding their business. They wanna extricate themselves from this customers. So all along those lines a lot of people wondering if you coming out of that meeting had just what you said there. Will less and less players are kneeling for the anthem we know Jerry Jones obviously came out said what he said if you Neil. Or disrespect you or anything like that you're not going to play. So did anything concrete come out of that meeting as far as the National Anthem and players having to stand or what. What we're in day two we're still at the Conrad Hotel the owners are still here they have it on their agenda Michael core another day. We're about two to three hours with the discussion. So what was presented yesterday to the players and what the players present it to the owners. And then what Roger Goodell staff present it to the owners yesterday afternoon. Sparks an action items and and were told that included in those action items or expansion of the my caused. My cleats initiative so that players who have an opportunity. The voice whatever concerns they have about social justice on the field community outreach by the National Football League in the NFL PA in unison. So that waiters and the NFL can partner up with police officer who law enforcement in the community in distressed areas of the country. That the NFL's partners and now public service announcement. Those kinds of things. That allow that players currently in the lead partner opt. So that these issues are Bork brought to the forefront within the NFL community and I think yesterday and this is really important. The letter of support. That Roger Goodell and more receiver Doug Baldwin sets chew. So do you Senate Judiciary Committee yesterday that Charles Grassley it to Richard Durbin. Supporting. The sentencing reform and corrections act 2017. Up it was an important step. It showed that the league and the players. Are in lockstep on this issue and want some kind of reform to come out of content now. It it's it's in some ways. It did you know any out ceremonial thing sure but for the players and any owners I think to come together on this. It is without a doubt do you Jim Robert or against watershed. Mike Mike's up melatonin as Willis on the shelf until performance I get instant gold status. At shell joined the fuel rewards program now what fewer rewards dot com. Slash gold Sally saw conflicting statements on whether or not Colin Capp Riddick was invited to be a part. Of yesterday's. Conversation to what what can you tell us what you now. Well what we know is that the players to invite Colin cap that's that's pretty clear here. But you know I don't know how much of that in this. Going forward going to be. A major contributing factor to whether or not they get this huge you resolve because if you. What happened to Colin camper next lawyer and what you should yesterday. And you know warning me and I fell to make sure that they still have all the digital footprint. Of any conversations. Or emails to attack that may have taken place within it within the framework of Colin captain next time you're not side. So that he can prove this case you couldn't collusion. That may be a non starter for the NFL in terms of having can't hear from the involved. No but you know the bottom line is you know what path. They thought the players stand and you know they they think Roger Goodell stepped out in this memo. On October 10 it's right here on reading carpet like our our many of our friends we believe that everyone should stand to the national air. And if you heard my it is it only took one question yesterday and it was for me and I sit did you get a commitment from the corners yesterday. You get there and just. And it only could we did ask for a yesterday. Now and then it's pretty clear that if they had Astro yesterday they wouldn't have gotten. I think that's the bottom line. It is what the visual effect in the players mobile. Endorsed it or had demonstrations during Hamptons is something that the league wants to go away. And if there's no bigger visual than Colony Capital that. Tell tell Johnny who mentioned again there will be a more meetings today as the owners continue to players go back to their teams. The owners continue to talk and sell continue to have the coverage well dumps how we'll check in again thank you very much. Do part of Mike I just want it out also briefly mentioned that I thought it was significant that Jerry Jones was not in the room. If you noticed the list of owners who were in that room and Jerry jones'. The I don't mean it to salvage his fingerprints are on everything in the NFL they are he is he is he is he and craft feel like they are the most powerful people in that sport. And I thought that can ordering where he put himself in this. Discussion in in in this whole debate in this like I last week I thought it was significant that he was not part of that yesterday and and I didn't think the NFL and that. Meeting yesterday which was going to go water I think everybody wanted to be a positive and stay positive meeting. I didn't think the NFL was going we're going to ask the players in the union hey we want you to stand I didn't think that was gonna come up. Regarding her air agree for the 49ers say he's gonna continue to meal for the anthem less and less people. Are kneeling down for the anthem as far as it in the ratings are doubtless in the ratings are down there's no doubt about that through the first six weeks you have all season. Total viewership is down seven and a half percent compared to the first six weeks last year and 18%. From the first sixteen weeks or the first six weeks of the 2015 season. Earlier this month not not too long ago. Jacksonville Jaguars are at their president draft a letter and apologized. To the military in Jacksonville for them kneeling in London. Standing for god save the queen and kneeling in the players that melt. For the National Anthem when they were in London playing Baltimore they wrote a letter to the military apologizing for that he there's no doubt the NFL watched the players to stand. But they weren't going to act they were asked for that outright because I think that would have then turn that meeting contentious. And I don't think they want to that I think they wanted to. Goal for let's say okay. Welcome we do going forward listened and we just had Adam silver on he just sat there and told us that the league and the union and basketball are working in all thirty cities together. To implement things I think that's a positive thing because at the end of all of us no matter where you are the protests and and the disrespect the flag are they aren't they your thought there right this and that. Is the initial message getting lost. That that needs to be the dominant thing or what's the message the players wanna send we know the message they wanna send they're telling you the message but is it getting lost because. Of the controversy what people think when they neo soul. Via may be the important thing is you get to this city's the 32 cities they had the league and the players working together. To work on what the issues the players say that they're protesting for. But I I think in all of that I don't think when they were discussing that in a positive way that the league was gonna say okay. We're going forward with that. About you guys stand now for the National Anthem that I'd I'd I didn't believe they're gonna take it that far because I thought there was going to be. They thought there would be some push back and I don't think they wanted it at that meeting. I think they've they've maybe you want it to happen organically. That the players will stand more they see things going in a positive direction between the league and them. But I it I don't think this Sunday urinate as I just said one player said he's gonna continue to deal. How many more well it's becoming less and less players. That are nearly but I don't know when you're gonna get them all standing again so that's the latest from the National Football League meetings and against Shelby there again. Throughout this day and we will have further coverage of that. No matter how many fantasy football gurus in crystal balls you have there's no guarantee that you're taking on the win this weekend you know it's always a chip shot. Surprising your friends or loved ones with Georgia's bouquets from 1800flowers.com. Right now 1800 flowers is offering you 36 autumn roses for just 36 dollars that's only a dollar per rose to order at 1800flowers.com. Slash Mike that's 1800flowers.com. Slash Mike sorry offerings Friday. I'm Twitter reaction here at artillery man to reach whether at a even without Hayward of Tatum and Brad developed by the second half of the season the Celtics will still be. In the eastern finals. That's possible. That's what Washington is let's see what Toronto is there's a few other places. To look around here but. To me what happened yesterday is you go from the Eastern Conference being a two team conference to being a one team conference. You go from and again the the first and foremost headline here is the injury Hayward it's horrible for him. Terrible. To see any player. Have there season and five minutes into the opening game but if you wanna look at the big picture India's standpoint. When I woke up yesterday I would have told you I could see two different teams coming out of the Easton playing in the finals and now I can only see one up that fair. Oh yes I I agree that it even with Hayward I still thought the cavaliers were going to be the better team bodily I'm with ya on the shot at Boston what would have so now you're just. You hope it heals properly come back to play because I do like. What they were building with a young players are Tatum to him about Jalen brown 1123. Last night you led the team. With 25 point two got to like what you saw there obviously retiree. You're gonna get some score any attempt more 22 points and ten assists. In the game that they they were a couple of of good games that look likely go as early blowout. Com Boston in a swamp they came back take the lead in the third quarter. An enclave and eventually went and even a late game unity so hard to score like crazy. As well about the leading scorer for. Four Golden State last night. Was it was Nick Young YPP was like he's coming off the bench and scored 23 stuff Currie. I had 22 and this woman as. And I just mentioned a little earlier Kevin Durant got the game winner that it goes in their fifth at least he had one little pump fake at the end that costs them. So the ball to get out of his hand at time it was a good calls the right call. I didn't get out of his his hand in time but would have been. The game winner and they lose a by porn one point 21 point one so what you're looking for now is again the the meshing of players how Kyle reed fits in the Boston and what I'll say yeah when that starting lineup. Caveats senator Kevin Love LeBron the normal abroad and Derrick Rose Dwyane Wade dreaded Jae Crowder is like what Powell also created should. Was really really amazing I mean that. That's what Jordan was talking about the other day and again not to belabor this point but it is the overriding. The overwhelming factor basketball that the good news for them as they've become a national sport baseball is as baseball has become increasingly regional lies where people play. Enormous amount of attention to their own teams and not so much you others. Basketball both because of the overwhelming in magnitude are magnetism and star power of their superstars. And the fact that there are only like eight relevant teams has become the ultimate national sport and the cavaliers are all star team. The warriors are also a team you watch him go out there you know every single player on the team you don't know them like AT. Right and encouraging that they will play this year that that you won't know any of the plot appears their teams and that in the pig which I don't think it's a good thing but it's clearly working for them. What does it matter what I think you know we'll see tonight Minnesota is that San Antonio Jimmy Butler fits in with a lot of people have expectations for Minnesota. Parker and choir letter out tonight for San Antonio event Thursday you know getting the former player going back. You have bomb you have New York Ed Oklahoma City right so Carmelo Plato to go there a better but then again the meshing of your VP Westbrook and Paul George and Carmelo I was looking to see went into December 16 is when Oklahoma become the garden I want to see when Carmelo. Would come I was thinking that manages the game it I'm sure they'll be a tough ticket. To get my chemical that Twitter reaction to get through the 1800flowers.com. Twitter feed in fantasy football. You're never guaranteed a win but you know what owes a chip shot surprising loved ones with 36 auto roses for just 36 dollars. From 1800flowers.com. To order go to 1800flowers.com. Slash. ESPN I was gonna get into all the Yankees Astros sound that I have a matter of time for it here right so I'll say that for a few minutes. Guys tell MI or do we have the Ramona shoulder and think that she said about the Golden State I'm. Injuries because I and that that was once think of all the things that came out yesterday in the NBA we do not have a okay. So of all the things that came out of yesterday in the NBA. The worst obviously is the Gordon Hayward injury that nothing even close to that. But the other thing that I saw her that I do not like who we had silver on this week it he was talking about. Com you know changing up the schedule I hopefully less resting and all that kind of stuff which Stephen Jackson yesterday Michael was terrific by the way. And he was talked about how he hates the rest and also we think you'll see less of that. Well we're motor show Burnham were ravaged a technical problems a look at the sound bite ready for you as quickly as we can. Promoted children's that you talk to some people Golden State who said we will be resting like crazy we're gonna go full San Antonio Spurs mode. If anyone has so much as a sore thumb you won't see them anywhere near the court. And I just let that was disheartening but. Even if you're planning to do that why would you say what you say at the state that now getting to the season and that that's why asset and so over you know how how quickly we come down at him but for guys on an injury report. You know Walt what your hands are tied a little bit as I said. You can come out they rule or what somebody says they're going to do and then you find ways around to see you put a month for like you said for a farmer an ankle or whatever and say I'm going to sit him in what is the league going to do about that tours nothing really is nothing they don't declare there's count on the fact that people recognize that this stuff matters. And if they don't get matters there's nothing they can do about it I gruden coming up stay there much at night. Computer at 212 point four. Optimizing algorithm running encryption package help but tonight tonight. I don't feel so good what what is a computer if I didn't hear it feel hot in here I feel a little clip me. I applied down doors something a computer with a virus. Surprising what not surprising. How much you could it by switching to Geico those oysters Rockefeller or a mistake Geico fifteen minutes could save you 15% or more.