Hour 1: The All-NBA Teams: 5/19/17

Golic & Wingo
Friday, May 19th

Greeny and Golic discuss the announcement of the All-NBA teams with the help of Mike Golic Jr and continue to break down the imminent fight between Mayweather and McGregor.


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One an easy way to see if you could save money on car insurance guy Joseph did you dream. Call 180947. Auto go online to Geico does come or stop by the Geico office nearest you three ways you could save 15% or more. Friday has arrived. Big weekend is ahead food should sort itself out we would think over the next couple days. We got baseball we got hockey we got a horse racing the preakness. Is on the schedule as we will go to the second leg of horse racing's Triple Crown to wanna be telling that the horse racing ever since we got that current. You know Triple Crown or lately a Triple Crown at. It just seemed to fall off president I think in an obvious you'll see a pinprick December and have the ability to possibly have that again but knock ally kind of forgot that race who's this weekend which is which is a shame for how much we look forward to each year. To get that next Triple Crown I got the stat pack. Although that's an idea provider yeah I got the preakness that path let you know the demise of all yes it's the preakness. And yes of course I remember this conversation armor actually hilariously going back. As far as it is our member Keith Olbermann talking about this on sports and are in the late nineties. Cautioning. That if the home run record were to be broken which at that time McGwire and so right there were chasing the legendary Maris home run record. Be careful what Jewish Farley very exciting. And then all of a sudden will stop caring about it going forward because it won't be something that's been chased right at that point 35 years this is before we knew. That those home runs are gonna become in ally it's psychologically. In the way they worry that's what's happened now. I will say if we do get there's a second leg here right people will have a close I had I agree it was a big deal of the seventies I still remember Seattle slew and affirmed in back to back years. Waiting around the Triple Crown that was a big deal both I agree I know I agree just been such a long time and then we got you know we got our meal we got our Triple Crown winner we've. We've kind of put that aside I guess until we see what happens in this race deceive going to be going for gas are let's go forward about it how should we top. Let's start with the cavaliers and the Celtics tonight Mike is the cavs look to win their thirteenth. Straight. Post season. Game LeBron James team is never lost a post season series after taking a two zip lead when he. And all the Celtics could be the thirteenth team in NBA history to face multiple. 20 series deficit. And you mentioned about most configure the configure post season wins travelers sitting at twelve right now lakers at thirteen back in in 88 so. And and Michael Jordan to smoke are are I'm Michael Jordan. LeBron James moving up the to pass Michael Jordan for number one. On post season scoring and we have all the thirty plus points in the 25 plus and 50% feel Rami just. He's just going after record for and after record on this as well as another championship. 32 years old it just continues to be a me. Ellis feeling is not even worth having the conversation about what to the Celtics do to play their way back into the series right all the the conversation. Is about the historical play offs of LeBron of these cavaliers look I'd love the Celtics the change that narrative tonight I wouldn't bet on it but I sure would love six hot. Every game goes to overtime included deduction predators last night and it's Anaheim with the wind dies it's absolutely amazing to. One key six overtime games in the post season so far the record is 28. Back in 1993. It's a 47. One goal game of this post season that's one shy. All of the record and for the win last night for the doctor. And Perry who gets that goal Corey Perry's third overtime goal this post season he's the first evidence three. Different series to do this so. Pretty impressive and by the way now. Our national of their their ten game home post season streak is over. And for Anaheim their fifteen day on the road in postseason overtime game that's pretty good job on the road. Meanwhile I'm friends and senators tonight Pittsburgh needs to get its offense going well and where the limit offense died down members should be Crosby. 1436. Remaining in the smaller first period. Game three against the capitals concussion time out for that. They have been ever hear goal every fourteen minutes. Since then. And Crosby is back but since that injury there every year goal every 34. Over 34. Minutes. A gold saw that that's an offense that you are right really needs to improve that's a really interesting note and it's one of those things and of course can merely be a coincidence. I mean it's that it's whose small of a circumstance to say well obviously there's a causality here. Remember we talked to sit Grozny between the two series and he had the incident where I went into the boards my first and that then the game X I think it was. Of that series or whatever was and all the controversy that ensued and maybe he's not playing as well maybe that's led them not playing as well and one more number on on how big this game is as senators I have a 21 lead and in this and senator taken a 31 series lead. Nine times in their franchise history and they have won all nine series. After all the all NBA teams were announced yesterday there was a lot of significance. Two players who did and more significantly didn't make it. Until that third team let's start with a guy who did make it on the first team and that LeBron James yes somebody voted him one vote for the second team the only one to get all first team votes whose James Harden Russell Westbrook. Did not get all first place a vote but. Perjure LeBron James eleven time NBA first team all stars are a selection there all NBA including ten straight that ties Kobe Bryant. And Karl Malone for the most in NBA history it's LeBron James James Harden. Russell Westbrook Anthony Davis and Hawaii Leonard are your first team goes through three teams. And get into the conversation we will little bit later how effective Paul George. It affected him and away where at least regret this point he's not making an extra 75 mil. And I was Connor McGregor has applied for a professional boxing license. And Nevada you may say to yourself wait a minute I thought we had that story already. He had applied forty California right which immediately led me to apply for a boxing license in California dormitory rocks are for the registration fee that's right I'll give you that the cut of my out of my my my purse OK because I'd like to be that tomato can that McGregor warms up again. A before he goes on and faces Mayweather so now like I guess I need another twenty bucks just. Or however much it is to apply for a boxing license in Nevada voted that Don will follow or ever have to he didn't get yet they mean you still need to provide a missing medical documents I want to get said. And we all squared away as we move toward. What will be the biggest selling fighter of all time we've thing that's ever talk about which has brought you by. 38 and Abdi excel your looking good and a reminder winning word today. Last day of the week last instigated and for this week's prize which again is extraordinary you and seven frames. Could be on your way to a game of the NBA finals one of the games of the finals UN seven friends. Budgets for knowing that the word of the day today which is coming up at 845 and 9:45. Eastern and entering. That word that two ways that goal it will give you. When we get there are all brought to you by Dell for small business again make sure your whether it's 845 and or 945 we will give you the word about a way. You're only a little more in California most one dollar registration for. Nevada it's fifty I just asked them he that is well good you go to that I I of course again it's contingent upon. Of McGregor and the contract to write saying I gotta I gotta front of fifty and if you're gonna fight about the fifteenth what sort of the way the producer's role this works right like an item Broadway. They have to put up all the money for the show right and then if the show was a flop. They take all of the loss seat it's a high you're getting a big play potential peace to the upside but you're taking all the risk I would like to think of myself less as a producer on Broadway doubt. And more of Don King and I don't think there's ever been a situation in Don king's life. Where he was involved in something and didn't make money yeah but he also had to put up more than seven people should hear it. So that you know again in for in for a dollar and for at whatever the expression is in fact. Irony Broadway Connor if you are watching this morning in earlier trading as you're ready I'm ready for a way when he uses twenty million dollar when you say ready you just meet your physically breed I'm pretty crazy I am Ivan I'm in the best shape I've ever been and how again that as as I'm 49 years old and and I've I've been on me. So I mean that is relative so everything else let me ask you quite I have I have as much experience in professional boxing is kind of a record if if you hadn't been working out for the last year down as opposed to working out as far as you have yet a year of would have no chance to make a different story out or it would be I want yeah this different to make it to the worked out I mean I'm ready to go you can run better you can stay away from him along yes I can run for the fourth again it was a ten rounds of three minutes and genre and you can run for a minute I could run thirty you know what I act. Here's how incredibly intense workout boxing has. The way I try to warm up to three minutes. Is I would get up before I work out an album all joking aside I have been working with the trainer then I get on the elliptical and I do three minutes where I go my pump my legs as fast as they can't and I tried to shadow box nonstop when three minutes just yesterday. Just doing that for three minutes with no one else stand in front of you know when trying to hit you or anything it's keeping your hands up over your face for three minutes. Is exhausting yeah so the notion of what these guys are doing this is so otherworldly to you if you could do that you could easily jump on that thing I'll keep your hands that now it's hard on his heart I don't know if so I mean and forget about the fact that someone has punching you in the face or you're actually on something and actually hit it not just that you hit error right not dot. And NYU ducking direct. It's exactly just for the warmup at. I'm ducking just to get my heart rate up tour I want to be wanna start over again all kidding aside I'm ready to fight McGregor and he is ready to fight Floyd Mayweather but. The big question. Is is Mayweather ready to fight him and for all this talk that you and I and everyone how's it doing and is optimistic tone. A guy like Dan Rea Philo has been covering boxing for us and and general forever. Is very familiar with this sort of scenario and says don't count your chickens before they're hatched when you go on down the road of getting Floyd Mayweather into the ring. I know Floyd Mayweather. And unless we gonna guarantee limo and figure payday it's the morning and probably not gonna wait subplots so there there's a lot of work that's gone out to get done you know Floyd Mayweather and the Manny Pacquiao fight was delayed for years because. In the original incarnation there was disagreement over what the protests and protocol to decision any walk of life I don't care committed a boxing match. Or you're you're talking to your doctor or your mechanic or whatever the devil's in the details. Completely agree 100% with everything he said that being said he'll get not an object nine figures. I mean you know get that really got what do you want to get into the Pacquiao fight again what Jose realise it did he get Andrei got out of us and I figured I'd get that. He's easy to do you think that would everybody is looking forward you think this fight would sell more than that. I do. From the intrigue along from fraud and it's a credit to him not only Mayweather but to McGregor McGregor is not only a great fighter in MMA. But he's one of the better showman we have seen in a while. I mean he's not just your your typical almond eyed you know and that feuded death. You know and that's it he's good that now I mean he's good at work where he's going to say that about you but he's also. Very show. He does a great job I I think this will be big booby better than that fight app for the intrigue and show alone. I think would be bigger than that fight it can't be worse than that slight wound up being. As a fight. His and I would you. I I'll say this. I did buy that fight I bought Mayweather Pacquiao. That's the last fight that I bought and I I remember saying to myself at that I'm not get fooled again I will not buy another Floyd Mayweather fight no matter what. Because it's just so boring I I admire his technique. He is 888 tactician in the ring he's exceptional in the in the practiced art of the sweet science but it's extraordinarily boring to me. Having said that this is one that I I would block right. And according to ray feel accord including the pay per view Floyd lined up earning. Well over 200 million dollars of that fight but I think we're talking about again what he needs to have that guaranteed right justices like what in the right. But we're what we're talking about his biggest here's what your getting for the fight in the purse before we start adding and what the paper view is. It was three mil for comers going to be weighing more than that on the guarantee and then when you throw the paper view over the top it's absolutely 44. Mayweather it's gonna hit nine figures I don't know if it will for McGregor. But it's gonna be good built the largest thing by far McGregor ever gotten and he's he's playing this extremely well I still have no doubt that this is gonna get yeah I I'd agree with. You believe it will get done because there's just so much money involved. And Mayweather already has so much money but again people who have a lot of money seem to want only one thing and that's more money and I think that he doesn't have another option out there to make this kind of money they're no other fight for him like if you're gonna do one more fight and all the way it's going to. Don't for your record out and what you're gonna get you to it's getting into the record the record of fifty you know I'm going to count we're gonna be it goes in the boxing industries there ought to cheap way to get the fifty you know. But you know doesn't care. Is Mayweather president's going to count it's Kourtney get him to fifty you know what it's going to get them. If not his biggest pay day right there with the other payday so that's that's a Smart Smart this or whatever you think the guy. You know he has a one of the all time great boxers and he's a Smart businessmen and there are going to be people lining up to give money and him with a tongue in cheek I would say there's no way you can talk about nine figures and say too cheap way to do anything yet it's an awfully expensive way to do it and I believe Mayweather. And McGregor will wind up in the rain within twelve months from now may probably and may be even in this calendar year. But within twelve months from now Mike and Mike presented by progressive insurance last year over three million drivers which are progressive call it clicked today find out. If you could say right here we go first team all NBA LeBron JE coli Leonard Anthony Davis James Harden Russell Westbrook before we get to what the hell. Without having you were five. Yes and it does and it does go by position if you look at all three teams there's two forwards two guards and a senator interest thinkers Anthony Davis. And they're there on. The roster. You know you go to espn.com and other roster as a follow Pete and DeMarcus Cousins are listed as powerful Roberts. But he's the senator here so but it does it is five by position as I said to forward cigars in the center. Mel why I don't have a review only. I think the only thing that would have been interesting. Is if Kevin Durant had not been hurt. Because that's one thing I'll say we were talking about this Golden State team as the one of the great put together teams that we have since during a candidate. Now one Golden State warrior on the first thing. And the wonder what I have the best shot is their best player and I think when when their own health it was Kevin Durant. So all of Kevin Durant is helping this holier ward even on that team and who do you have knocked off. I think sort of in Hawaii letter not LeBron James and Roman LeBron James was not making the first team but think and act I think you see that that's where you get into this crazy thing with the position gas because to have taken coli Leonard off yes first team all NBA that you would have been each episode did you not like to read that that's the other thing and it's something that obviously were not going to solve but it's a question out there you just named the best five whether it's four guards and forwards this particular year or do you triangle by position. I understand. History of it. But you're not actually put together a team that has to play anybody right so I think if you're gonna put together the all NBA first team especially when this stuff can matter who we're fighting that's my players and our five best players out there I would add this. If you're going to just put a traditional big up there there's nothing bigger about Anthony Davis and there is about the Greek freak I think I would have put degree creek atom. I think I would apart and ticker Ko Bo I am I saying that right I I never even try and say his name good. I think I would have put him ahead of Anthony Davis but. By position that could've happened well are saying they've listed him as a far but why is he a forward of Anthony Davis isn't a fight I have no idea that's my point right could have made him a center if you want them to be a center is every bit as tall. I mean they they basically put him at that position exclusively because he's that tall. Yeah right I'm wiles and what other ways Anthony Davis a center he's not listed as you pointed out as they send Oregon listed as a four. So whatever I'm it would be everywhere where where public debt that we're splitting hair we we are we are the second team is the Greek freak and Kevin Durant Rudy go bear in the middle step curry and Isiah Thomas the part of that that becomes a joke this is not a knock and go bear. What a very good year and has made himself into a good player but the notion that he's one of the ten best players in the NBA could actually make you laugh that lack quote that that's where you go with because you put a position to incomes of thirteen senators gander Jordan are are you know soul. Are we saying he's one of the fifteen best player all of course the NBA we're not so this is this is again is by position and that's if that center position which is. Now what used to be that really kind of throws things off among green Jimmy Butler DR Andre Jordan John Wall and DeMar DeRozan. Are the third team so. That that those are the teams and it leaves you with one very significant name not mentioned of course and as we were discussing for the longest time that name. As Paul George what exactly does that mean to Paul George like in the short term and the long. In a long it means that as of right now he's not eligible for that new console in the CBA where he can earn up to an extra 75 million dollars in a deal that the long term. Because he could still qualify for that by making one of these teams next year right in the short term. It may mean he gets traded because if the pacers in the absence of being a short he's gonna make that team next year and thus being. A short they at least have that better opportunity of signing him. They may very well London trading in the off season not to take action now and it's exactly right because that that is a chance and it just worries about a time that they the all of the all NBA team is announced next year. The pacers will not be able to trade him as a become a free agent a month and had it is just it is is that this is that if you go to trade Paul there you're going to make that kind of move. This is where I'm seeing all these people talk about the potential resurrection of the Celtics and the lakers. The Celtics have the number one pick in the draft the lakers have the number two pick in the draft the Celtics. Many people believed had the inside track on landing Gordon Hayward. Might get moved because he played for Brett Steven Wright in college. And the lakers everyone thinks is where Paul George wants to go. So if you take the Celtics and look there are a lot closer obviously the ones he already are is there an imperfect team but to make a couple of moves. You you correlate that one seed it into something a with a one pick in the something or whatever it is now you've got the Celtics as a legitimate power house. And out west. You get Paul George he's at number two pick on Alonso you make a couple the right moves along the way it may be just like that the Celtics and the lakers are sort of back in business op possibly I mean back in business when you know next year the year after that the Celtics are kind of in business now I mean that. That LeBron James doesn't allow it what most of what we're the ones. Eat what's in business mean that you have you have the chance to be the best team in the end get out of the east what are the last teams standing with LeBron they are I mean anything I I well I mean there's a bit. It depends. You're just on its on its face value yes the last two teams battling it out but then you dive a little deeper and the last two teams battling an out and is it a battle. I mean do we think it's going to be a battle will fight every night but I don't if one player for Paul George or gold prayer or Jimmy Butler is added. To the Boston Celtics that do we think next year they're gonna act I still think it's gonna be the cyclical thing I mean. That's who we tried to do yesterday were some of awhile ago I was asked Mike Miller here when you're sitting here what team could create. And be in the next year or two before. LeBron gets to walled him before the foursome and Golden State. You know break up you know which eventually they will arm but not for at least a couple of years. What team could get made that could fight them now. Why should hear the guys on the Levitt archer with the concept that you could put together an all star team of the rest of the Eastern Conference. And they still might not be favored enough to beat out the cavaliers I actually think they would if you let them have a whole season together but that's an entirely their guy. Discussion that's as crazy as my idea of how I want the fight to go back there are a variety was actually a very good one. Guys don't really talk about any her friend despite that 91% of dove men plus care users recommend and here's what they said the blocks yeah. Frustration I think it's offensive end it's comfortable. So zest regulates the stuff. Plus if I don't then it's hard I think is quite masculine. You man's arms and I'm the worst thing at the gym. He's talented you're damn harm to its guests from dove men plus care any per Sprint Cup on swept not on skin. I might get my get every Friday at this time we go Mike Mike and Mike Michael junior makes his way into this is his theme music good morning my college and they're good morning. Mike and Mike good morning we've got a little fun working here with this thing and and credit to the guys and eleven charge overcoming a but the concept. As the first second and third NBA old NBA teams were announced yesterday. And the cavaliers are just running sort of ran roughshod through the Eastern Conference playoffs. They came up with a question if you put together an all star team to put together your own squad of everybody else in the east which you favored him. Against the cavaliers and as a testament to just how good LeBron news. And not the other cabs or on the first second or third know all NBA teams. Retiree Irving is deep shows up buried under others see whether receiving votes he's about halfway down on that list and the social bronze on the first team there were no cabs on the second or third teams. The Greek Greek Isiah Thomas Jimmy Butler John Wall and DeMar DeRozan. Are all on the you know for second or third teams combined. But the point is LeBron is the only. By this measure than guys superstar on the team I think Terry Irving yeah I do is why is that you would. But at it yet and still we're favoring damage teams over all of the rest of the best players in the. It's incredible shot at the Chad Pennington too by the way provided the best in now is on the Levitt archery yesterday talking about this subject when they went rapid fire death it was incredible. What do you say apps like I forget what he said but he came on there was very like concrete coherent point better than anyone else may have legs on the head amino pass and other yet NBA guy expert. On our air here Chad Pennington far away it's forgotten what he said but you dislike the way he said whatever he said I remember what he said was profound this is a segment would it probably hit eight people come on talk about this so it's just rattle out of our cost. Flying through all this but I remember being awestruck by Chad Pennington contribution when the conversation and makes sure the three people out here awestruck by terror attack. I print it was a Rhodes scholar in the I mean he knows what's going on and it is this guys is this a feather in the cap. Is it another. Check I'll box. On the bronze all time historical Reza mate Tuesday he's so good he's better than the rest of the conference or does it actually do you think in the minds of more people. Work against him. Where you say to yourself. Yeah he's good but look at the rest of the conference I mean great players in this league now that the unfortunate thing is when you go through. All the teams. You and even the other players receiving votes. Man I I'd I can't figure out real hooker in my head Alexa may be by the numbers. The percentage of Western Conference over Eastern Conference area this monster. Is huge. So while there are a lot of great players in this league. Most of them do reside in the west. Decade. A pretty lopsided ordeal at this point so it's not wrong to point that out. I think we did acknowledge both bought. There's enough skepticism that gets built around when it looks this easy that. All right like everything else that were creating on with this curve the NBA's use of we want a seat against Golden State we wanna see both of these teams that. I heard the point you brought up but it's true mobile finally be at full strength I mean we had staff blast you're dealing with nagging ankle injury through the playoffs the knee injury. From the slip in that game. But just in general they went out at Kevin Durant who would fear Rivera better team than they were last year the cavaliers are healthy and away they war in the first go around against Golden State when they got criticized for going through. A bunch of comparatively on healthy teams in the western conference on the road to the finals so this store has the potential to give us something we haven't had. And you've got LeBron James playing at a level that we claimed to have never seen from him before getting put to the ultimate task. I'm looking at some of the Twitter reaction early to this conversation through the 1800flowers.com. Twitter feed Brandon tweets at us. It seems because we were debating whether you should put a center on the first TV writers get a name. The first team all NBA team. What you just name the five best players yeah so if you wanted to take and the gators off of it. And are Kevin Durant or insert Isiah Thomas who had that kind of agree Craig who had great season. Branded tweeted seems to me that putting the five best players. On that team which just end up being the top five finishers an MVP bode well yeah. That would but I sort of on the part that's why I listen the NBA all star game they did away with that then having to be a senator position right. I mean that they're just it's abide by that of the vote and in the players that got them most. You have really done as we talk about all the time what do position let's MBA is when you guys this the first thing I thought of was Kevin Love because coming off the other night when Kevin Love interest in Thompson played so well. I sat there and I caught myself on the radio the next day saying while the has had to rely on their bigs and it kind of feels disingenuous to call them that because Kevin Love was six of nine from three it doesn't usually operate like a traditional big. Even though the first half had shades of that so that's the way the league's gone in general I don't know why this would falls and. That's what a big is anymore in 2017. To know what to think there's I'm sure Mike to each main. The brooding go bear pardon me was a top five player in the defense aside this season he deserves to be. And the top Coburn agree he did have a great. Yeah yeah yeah I mean I don't know how close you wanna decide as we usually would you rather know you don't dollar already goes through there guard John Wall or Jimmy already go brutal bear. I agree refused not in the top ten via so overall it's I'm not knocking him and he had a fine season and he has made himself into a fine player is at 88. He's a guy who helped a team win a lot of games this year that people didn't think a whole lot of but if you just get a list the ten players like a better way of putting cop you had started with right now there's no way in the world he'd be one of those ten dollar that's another thing in the kind of shows you just in general AD going to setter position but also in defense like you mentioned he was a great defense of dire for the scenes that we don't care about nobody talks about that enough there they don't you're right but let's talk unless the school why Hawaii or Jimmy Butler to a Torre extend out well guys were guys were it fits in with the fact that they're also monsters on offense that we get a look at what a great two way player to a player ever really quickly I did it quick math here. The first three are obviously teams they're fifteen players fiber from the east of the fifteen is an index. Did you forget offer LeBron you're right six OK that I insects and then of the others receiving votes just by then the number that they have there's another fifteen players. Five those are in the east fiery Irving Hassan Whiteside. Uphold or Paul Millsap and Al or throw it it is heavily slanted up. Towards the Western Conference. Right now Mike and Mike Michael junior is here we ask that question. Is there any threat to LeBron on the on the immediately foreseeable horizon in the east beyond his own aging and and and whatever that ultimately. Takes away from him. Well if you listen to Byron Scott yesterday on the job. He was pointing out Gordon Hayward the becomes a free AGE can turn down a player option this summer which you shortly well. Can become a free agent in the back and play for his college coach in Boston that got the number one pick may be better watch out. I'm a take that loan drew. A cross country yeah I'm going to get reunite it would mulled coach. Yeah. Where they have a very good basketball team right now during the Eastern Conference finals. He could be another piece of that proposal they can get them a lot closer to Cleveland could number 23 going nowhere anytime soon but at least they will be able to challenge a little bit more we saw last night that this is not be much of a challenge. In this series but Gordon Hayward is a piece that is. Excellent basketball player. He could be people up to drew we know we can shoot from three point range he defends on on the other end of floor in these portals Kazaa think he would fit perfectly in this system. Indian like us they reunited with would coach Stevens. That would be a pretty good place to end. When Utah was involved in recently in the fans are cheering Hayward right some of the Celtics got upset by that. But Heyward doesn't cost you anything but money if you're Boston right to it doesn't cost you that first pick that you got. So you're the Celtics the one what was it 53 games this year you were the ones he know I take you seriously and that but it is what it is you are the last man standing with LeBron. And you can have right now next year Gordon Hayward right and whatever it is you wanna do with the number one pick in the draft. It's pretty good it is pretty good and the first thing everybody does and and it's just the way it is right now and put. You wanna put faults as the number one pick in your wanna say hey words on that team as a yard yet Isiah Thomas reaching out to him right to average out to Mark Jackson talking about that all if you have those two on the team next year and then the rest of the team basically the same do we think that's competing with Cleveland I still say nobody. You can't not do something because it's not competing with Cleveland next year you have to build your team. Gordon Hayward has a player option of sixteen Millen knew ties that go back there he's gonna he's gonna become a free agent he's gonna make big money some morals may be in Boston he's only 27. Yours all he's got plenty of time you mix him in with a rookie I get it. Now the Celtics are building so all and that's the product and it's unfair but it the first thing people last walk in the computer Cleveland now know they I don't think they still can't. But you got a dual. There's going to be a time when the cavaliers are not going to be the team anymore LeBron is actually going to be too old to play or be the man that he is. Yeah and I mean we didn't think they were going to be able to compete with Cleveland all this year and they challenged them down the stretch of the season capture the one seeds there admittedly ahead of schedule. This is a team that's made there you made their name. I'm kind of rising up above what our expectations for them been so who's to say that would be true we'll report it just becomes interesting. What you face Isiah can't Isiah Thomas and what you'll be forced to pay or not pay him coming up. If he's a guy that you believe you're gonna impact and I know he's a god you really wanna hit short wet into against great. And he and he's he's emblematic of so many great things about that team. And I want. Bill around well are you if you Hayward. And let's say you use that number one pick differently let's you don't draft mark helpful to anybody else but you traded. For another established really good player in the name that everyone will mention will be Butler. In Chicago because they seem to not be able to make up their mind what they wanted to but the estate. For the sake of argument you wanna start all over again without Rondo and wade winds have who knows what he's gonna wind up doing. May be the bulls would give you Butler for that number one pick in the draft they can get their you know next guy to build around in the future. Now you've got Butler you've got Heyward you've got Thomas. That could this be one of the three best players on a championship team I think he could he probably can't be the best I can be one of the three over a pretty nice group. You put that group together with the pieces Horford and everything else they have around that challenges of the Rondo anybody you know and it sounds like. The Eastern Conference also arsenal fall short of that fact. It actually is but you're going into it maybe they were when Butler and Hayward is that basically do the same thing they do similar things but I mean that's kinda what the NBA is now a bunch of guys who all do the same thing. They run they're they're all wings Hayward is bigger writing award is bigger than Butler. Yeah yeah OK were things like 68 Butler 67 tied it somewhat confident not even that much a pure gold 27 yeah. I mean look. It is it a perfect pairing I don't know but that strikes me is a pretty good group are looking at number one pick in the draft that is an ass that you could use it and a lot of different ways. OK Kevin the grand prize of one million dollars what color you know White House. I know vision of this enormous. And 52 oath. Switching to Geico continue bunch of money and car insurance. Judges. That's true given. Do against you are no oil. Geico because saving 15% or more car insurance is always agreed dancer. I love this tweet from Steve. LeBron is good blocked yards got to like when it starts like captain would all due respect abroad is good bought. Would he be an all star first gamer if you are played in the late eighties and early ninety's. Yes. Yes. He will head out as well. I mean I'd I don't I don't care. LeBron James is as good as pretty much anyone that's ever lived OK to let that in that part of the conversation. He would have been as good as anybody any time he played ever. Now you can talk about the level of competition that's out there it's a legitimate thing to have in the discussion but that's only if we're trying to decide. The EP microscopic difference between the bride James and Michael Jordan. I had not whether we're trying to decide if LeBron James is truly great player or be just exists somehow freakish late at a time when all the rest of the basketball players think yeah that's not the kind of resented that we're new. The world has gotten bigger better faster stronger right or athletic guy. You mean to tell me the freak athlete with a high basketball IQ wouldn't have been able to handle the physical eighty's and ninety's NBA pick IU's built like a tractor trailer was someone just compared to. I guess and or power forward from years past him on the ball the three point line. I make do I have to some straight talk brought to a straight talk wireless best quote best networks half the cost. I'm gonna give up on this one because. It is now soul out there are summertime might get better over exactly what Europe was they it was probably. It's within the last ten years. That the topics were taking late in the season right there were trying to lose games. And they they they manipulated their bench in a certain game in a way that clearly meant they were going to lose it. By benching players who were playing well and after the game they all denied. All right side. I mean they didn't really make. They'd only barely had plausible that I ability but only they had the decency to deny it tanking was something that that the people involved in it tried to pretend wasn't happening. This week. The owner of the Dallas Mavericks and NBA owner and member of the NBA board of governors a person who sets the bone and sets the rules for the NBA and probably the one that we hear from the most. Was it was on The Dan Patrick Show that he had it right was on The Dan Patrick Show and said oh yeah we tenth. A sort of urine and the players anymore we checked we were purposely trying to lose games and the world just didn't even blinked oh yeah amicus we already knew that and I get. That that one side of that is yeah we are ready where I don't ya but is not a problem. I mean Joe White need to just stop this do I need to stop Michael junior. To light need to stop saying guys pinky is a bad thing it's something that owners should be fighting against they're the ones who should be worried. About the the program quality and the integrity of the product that's going out on the floor tanking at the same thing that it is in no way different. Then shaving points or anything else you're trying not to win a game that's not what's supposed to be happening here you are now Markey. The defense it was after they were eliminated from post he's in contention so they had been. Aiming to try and make the playoffs like everyone else and once that's out of reach you do what's in the best interest of your team because they're the health and vitality the league but. As we've seen from all the TV money pouring in those cab jumped the health and vitality believes doing all right. Right now so he's got to worry about his team first and foremost and that's the best thing he could do for marks a pretty pragmatic guy socket a fault him. For stating the obvious there its system we know and pointed out probably needs fixing in the long term overthrew the NBA but. We're just in the point now of all that popularity work they're getting some of that light shine on their problems the way the NFL has for a long time now before. Dancer for I think it's cute how you how you say we shouldn't be owners be worried about the product on the court. They're worried about the money they're making and how this. Sport. Baseball. Basketball football are flush. Are flush relic to a re told me before the show the NBA is the only one of the sports in the post season. Where the ratings are going up now I know the ratings stayed flat the regular season which in today's world. Is up. Basketball is in a great. Place right now. So to sail wide like the owners need to worry about the product on the court but it's all just fine they're playing within the rules if you change roles they'll play within those rules but right now. There are all doing just. Fine now it doesn't mean it's great that that's happening. But that's not gonna be their guys we need to change this letter of an effect all the money we're stopping in our pockets are not blah. Talking about money as the fan in you the sports fan and you doesn't find something about this that's on palatable but. Everyone is now just openly acknowledging and I'm not blaming Cuban let me make that clear that's how it shouted at this this system that I'm talking about. Where we continue to win does that not apply to lawyers and it's what it is what what we can't do anything about a big change your bench what happened fans always acknowledged they want you to do to the best interest of the team that are the best at.