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Friday, January 12th

Bruce Haertl and Shane Dennis reveal the top headlines in sports, Josh Robertson to step down as president/gm of the wingnuts, also NBA update as the Raptors kill the Cavaliers, Cavs in meltdown mode? is Lebron a villain? 


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I'll order out and got to Obama. Home Barry Parker doing this is we should talk sports then. Bruce hurdle and shaved down. The Sports Radio yeah yeah. 12:40 AM 975 FM. Arnold says sports daily continuing chain embers with you it's time for. Headlines right now. Covered a lot of ground in the first hour we started off with Wichita State case you missed it. Which does state 95 EC sixty. They moved to Ford though in the American Wichita State's first visit ever to Greenville, North Carolina. And they walk out of there with four players in double figures who shot 59 point 4% from the floor. And left ECU. In a pile role on the way out of town they'll take on that Tulsa tomorrow night in Oklahoma 630 for the opening tip 530 pre game. For Mike Kennedy day Bob hall 103 point seven Klaas kids KEY and other headlines speaking of Wichita State. A Fred van fleet had 22 points. Four rebounds and four assists in just 24 minutes of play off the bench last night. As the Toronto Raptors. Took apart the Cleveland Cavaliers won 33 to 99. And after losing biked 48 points on Monday to the timberwolves the cavs lost by 34 last night. It's the first time in LeBron james' career these lost back to back games by at least 25. And according to alliance Bruce no team has gone on to win an NBA title. After losing consecutive games by 25 points that season and only one. Has reached the finals and how about you Fred van late. Wow hey great game for him maybe as best as a as an NBA player all the way across the board eight of eleven from the floor 63 pointers 22 points in 24 minutes. His plus minus was 28. And I I'd keep track of these guys every time I see a box score. These guys played against each other in college fanned fleet dock of pearl from Utah and cost LCI come from New Mexico State. Those guys off the bench combined for fifty. And they destroyed Cleveland now. That being said I'll ask you question. Them. Do we enjoy the cavaliers in meltdown mode and is LeBron James a Villa. Because what he melted down last night and the cavaliers as the team has melted down each of the last couple games. I don't think LeBron is a villain. I don't know why I still kind of like like I still kind of cheer for LeBron I'm all right with LeBron. But I don't like the cavs very much it's kind of fun to see human turmoil then yeah it doesn't bother me a it doesn't bother me to see them in turmoil it doesn't bother me to see them. Dean dean not so obvious pick. In the Eastern Conference it's not like I am totally on board with the Celtics. Now obviously four for obvious reasons I'm pulling for Toronto. Non. Especially me you know after a night like classic in in fact you look at Fred's numbers this season. Look it is plus minus it's been outstanding. He's he's he's a plus player when he's on the floor for Toronto and you would think that. This would perhaps to usher in even more for him but you know Kabul what Kyle Lowry he's not playing and I yeah I don't know I don't know Shane act. I don't care about Cleveland I've never really cared about Cleveland I didn't care about them any time over the last couple of years either. But I've always kind of pulled through LeBron individually. Non didn't handle the whole. I'm taking my game did South Beach being real well but that's water that's water under the bridge a long long time ago. I'm I'm good with LeBron is and who used for the game and what he is for the game and what he stands for. I don't have a problem that but I don't have a problem with Cleveland sucking. Her. Either he's what does that say about me I don't know. Have eight people I'm kind of display last night on the dance now and you're getting destroyed that you're gonna and I don't see much of it last I was ready response but he basically took over a timeout. And you know frankly it was a it was a route from the beginning I was in Toronto and in the NBA coming up here shortly as an uninteresting little. Toronto three day stretch they beat the cavs last night they get tonight off. They go home tonight the warriors start a road trip there in Milwaukee to play the bucks tonight and the second half of the back to backer. Will be the day after be tomorrow in Toronto. Wow there's another opportunity at the Greek freak and then they get and then they get Toronto maybe the hottest teen niece is exactly so I love it is not keeping track at Toronto be in forget the Fred plays up there. Bear down on him in the next couple games 8691240. Feet I got a dad's locker room hotline hey Mike is whether or stop a second are you might. I don't know I'm dead. In my opinion LeBron makes every day is not a villain he makes every effort not to be development and that is why he only has to Rick. But he was more. Not built and maybe too hard Petit was more so there was more Republicans stormed in my well I don't could hurt giving you would have more than two things yeah. You don't think behind the scenes and he's that kind of guy because. I think he has that reputation now he I mean he's been accused of getting coaches fired and getting people and it sure as I. I don't do you have maybe and I don't know I don't give him a visit to Jordan not I don't care who my sprint or not. Heard out of magic kind of like I wanna be your public brand but he got to come expired. Well I agree with. I would agree with you there Mike but I think there isn't a little bit of a departure as it comes to like killer instinct and I would run over my mom to winning game circus comes with Kia. Burdened by late night guys would do my. Yeah by the way Mike we've we just need to make sure there were. Correct with our math here LeBron won three NBA championships. Short funny I mean I mean I'm just saying needless let's make sure that we can't ms. duke I know and understand what else he is. Different than bird magic in and those guys in that way I do agree with you there but. In in different ways I think LeBron is domineering. But when the cameras in front of his face. He. He cannot flips a script. We agree on that there aren't enough yet let's listen Mike appreciate your your job Mike. Yeah he's sub. He wants to be. Either one. The call somebody a wannabe is kind of a yeah kick and our goal all. Don't roll. I. How many people can we saved Republican and and private persona is or different about now probably a lot. Probably a lot. Probably a lot. From. And certainly however I don't know I don't know if LeBron will. Ever. Totally into the bar wrapped wrestling phrase ever turn heel like. What Mike just said Jordan didn't care what you thought about in Berkshire didn't. Magic was it was kind of the LeBron of back then he'd smile for the cameras and he gets Isiah. The media wanna win and I'm not saying that LeBron. But I think it's fairly clear LeBron does care what people think about. All of those guys played in one place to every single guy that we've talked I don't know whether this has anything to do with it. But in all the bronze moved around Cleveland to Miami back to Cleveland. And I don't know if that changes the currency or not. It shouldn't I mean if you're shouldn't they appear to alpha male that LeBron James is once you were strolling the town it's like okay is as my team. There I don't think there's anything. You're not stepping. Over any boundaries. You know what when he came actually does it take how much more does it take Sheen for pro LeBron. To be one of those guys isn't he one of those guys now. And I don't want a lot of guys. Well one of those magic Jordan. Byrd. Guys that are kind of beyond any kind of reproach that are. Proven champions any bird only what did bird only win three. So and it sounds right but only I mean you know I mean that's an. We can't all be when Russell. Right and when I say only I say that somewhat tongue in cheek but there is a certain. Don't we look at those guys differently. Don't don't don't don't don't when we talk about magic and Jordan and bird in particularly those three guys in particular. Don't we just. Aren't they just kind of on an exalted level yes beyond what statistics. In. Numbers all indicate I'm just talking about. Competitors. Leaders accountability. What they meant to their franchises. Face of the franchise face of the league the whole nine yards. Is LeBron on that level. Yes and raising not yeah I think. Is and to back up thing he has to and when you're talking about. NBA championships. In the mid to late eighties where it was bird magic lead. If the Celtics didn't win at the lakers did. They did you know right so. And then that that torch got passed a little bit in the late nine. Had a two year. Where they took the NBA by storm with a bad boys thing but then not much long after that the torch is passed to the bulls and Michael Jordan right. So those three. Personalities. Ran the NBA. From 1984. To. 1998. Pretty much you know it was up those three guys. Well. I mean. What every think about LeBron. From 2006. Until now. He if he's not about face nice to have and chair sometime a little bit was stepped Korean Kevin Durant among others to a much lesser degree. You you can't you can't denying the right the presence of LeBron James because he he goes to the Miami Heat. And does when multiple championships like he said he was going to. Right and now he's he's back back home in Cleveland and all they've done is go to the final three years era and their. I think LeBron has been hurt. Now bear with me on this because it's distraction but I think he's been hurt a little bit by the fact that he hasn't hat. The types of the immediate rivals. And peers. That bird had with magic and to some degree Jordan and that Jordan had with the memory of bird magic those guys were all. Today they all kind of grew off of each other's legend to some degree Jordan was obviously a little later in the game. But who's a bit but the pawn for. Up until the last couple of years has kind of been an entity unto his own there really hasn't well much of a challenge Steve used to his supremacy in that regard. Well when you talk about. Bird and Jordan of course they didn't overlap all that much. The you know bird was kind of going out on on Jordan's way and but they're both in the east so they played a lot against each other. They've played a horse against each other and egged on the economic team and now on buddy you know. The fact that nobody. No individual guy over the last. And eight years. Has been able to rival. LeBron in the east. Maybe is hurting a little bit because he had to wait for matchups with. Katie and Russ when they're Oklahoma City. Timmy and Manu when they're in San Antonio. Now staff and Cady if Golden State they only they only hook up a few times and then in the finals. But there they are at his Kryptonite now gold and stay out those guys for Golden State and we've seen that there's no love lost with those guys when they get together in the finals so no question even though that they don't play. Against each other all that often it pretty much appointment TV when they do get together because we know Graeme all taking go fault anybody. LeBron. You know world foul somebody hard if necessary especially in the NF finals when those guys get together and you know they've met. But there's a reason why they've met in the finals last three years in an article is on course to do it again. And he has it now but organically. Bird and magic. Had it right from the get go they had it from Salt Lake City on. In 79 at the Huntsman. What do they played in the national championship game a game that by the way I believe I'm right saying this is still the highest rated. National championship game in college basketball history and I'm fairly sure there is not and and Jordan had it. Win with. Jordan had it with that with the with the pistons. Eight and an end to end at the end in Jordan was such a such a general I'm not even a generational he was a millennial. Type of plays here I mean words like I mean you don't see him come along. If ever at all in the NBA but but. Derek processes tended to be more organic gave it they had natural rivalries they had. They had great foils they had each other to play off it looked kind of had to go. An amount and I'm not fashioning an excuse for LeBron I'm just trying to understand. May or pro maybe some light is too why. We may be view him a little bit differently he had to go if released in his own mind he had to go seek it out. In Miami to create. A way to win championships. Then once he got that. It was going home. Indies won one bear so but he's not have the full Eagles. That the other three that those other three that I think that we look at. As. Certainly in our generation the faces. Of the NBA. I think it's yet I think it becoming I think it's becoming KD. And I think you're right and make it will do. We'll kaine talked about it yesterday on his show I think in that torch is really close to being passed it took to from and I'm sure reluctantly. LeBron to Katie. They as you know I talked about yesterday cued the ease in which he can score. If the warriors asked him to take point five shots a game which that I have to. I mean hasn't had to know each of the teams he's played on because he had rust in Oklahoma City is hit Stefan clay and in Golden State. But I think. For all. Appear maybe is is where the cat thank Kevin Durant. Can certainly lay claim when he's healthy. Two best player on the planet and yet and LeBron not getting any younger either and Katie and Katie still only I think 28 so. It's common. I'm sure interest in the bronze gonna do his best to stop father time and it's common. Well what one more headline before I move on to our state farm breaks our local one. Josh Robertson expected this afternoon never press conference and stepped down as the president and GM of the wing nuts. Josh. I think pretty much has. Got worn out and that's understandable pretty much a few. Are in that particular role of any type of Minor League Baseball team and have anything at all to do with the NBC World Series. I'll questionnaires pretty much six months of nonstop. B and run ragged and there's press conference scheduled for today in which Josh Roberts and expect to step away from his. Duties with the wing nuts and Libya and see what direction that franchise takes if any. Boy and a couple of what it what it dead at thinks. And gratitude to people should have for the work that Josh has done I mean. And I missed the I am I'm thankful anyway for at the because he filled such. Now for baseball guys is it feels the tremendous void. In the absence of of of affiliated baseball what is the timetable Shane now only in in a perfect. Oh well turn of affiliated baseball Angela depends on the asking regular builder Bob brand new stadium in there too. But it's kind of a stair step progression. Yeah they would break ground next year on a stadium wing nuts would move over across town. And then within two years after that and affiliated team would be a brand new stadium down the banks and our campus but yet we we've. Nothing's changed as far as that's concerned as far as the plan. But I don't know what we've heard any hard and fast news from the mayor anybody else hopefully. And F bomb here O'Neill serve I haven't heard please somebody let me know but I know that. When you're talking about an affiliated baseball and having a franchise come. Before. The franchise is actually moved that's not. That's not good for note that particular franchise in the city that there and to be a lame duck franchise and so that's though it did probably why we haven't heard any thing. As far as son who's come in here. And to what level will we see affiliated baseball so yeah that's been a pipeline for a long time it's just kind of stagnant there and so we wish Josh Roberts in the best of that's what that at press count two is going to be about today we have every confidence that that. Is the case as there is a press conference I believe scheduled for 2 o'clock this afternoon. No rhyme movements will be. Then we'll be obviously will cover. Locally so whatever whichever direction Josh goes in. Great thanks for war what he's done for baseball feed the city's looks from Wichita shocker she begins. Going here pretty quickly should nation and I'm two individuals four days from now the right and then OK I was gonna say yeah they'll start season full squad practices after that. First game is good month in four days from now. Battle lines day or the best I told my goodness isn't that's. And I tell him they are ready yeah let's go. State Farm Insurance picks of the week we need to call alert 8691240. On the identity dad's locker room hot line. The competition headed down the stretch and it's still hot and heavy fast and furious fill in the blank. It's coming up next to State Farm Insurance picks of the week 8691240. Back a moment.