Hello Newman University Basketball Coach RJ Allen

The Drive
Friday, October 20th

Newman University’s first year basketball coach RJ Allen joins Jeff & Jason to talk about how he got the Newman job, his team’s outlook, and playing for his dad back in the day.


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Bo loses. I liked him before. So he's back. OK and we'll talk. We read it we. Welcome back we now read how many were not quite ready gimme. Just give me a couple more minutes. That is we are ready by hardly ever fill the court everybody knows that I don't know of anyone could have named the artist but everyone knows who Bob Jones. Staple of basketball Arenas worldwide. Thanks to Dan clink scales for providing the music today it's listener appreciation month here on the drive we're joined now by the head coach. At Newman University head basketball coach RJ Allen. Bring us starting his first year RJ what's gone on man. You gotta go and we're doing we're doing very well this is your first year as they as a head coach at the collegiate level. You've been in the system without mark potter what he's 33 years old. 33 notes to graduate of Wichita east high. With with mark potter the last six years at Newman did you think you're gonna get this job how confident were you after. Coach potter decided to retire that you might be the next man up there Newman. Well and had a book or future. I don't know I was never a hundred respect competent obviously. What ball you know when coach announced good news he was going to retire yet one question that he could say you want his job. Should yeah do. Double bogeyed it and go you know we try to do retain their bill that we need to do to. You know put put myself in a situation could have an opportunity there are a lot of from my solid a lot of great candidate and and you know are people going to occupant just let that opportunity to to Google last minute span percent. Well definitely congratulations on that IA you I applaud Newman for. For hiring a guy like the fact of promoting within I think that's great obviously you know the program. You've been their for quite a few years but my eight and one of my questions is. Is when it comes the recruiting part of that are much different is it now as a coach as it was in the system. You know it it's a lot different it's a lot different. You don't. Make in the last call acute. You know you're you're out orders for coach. Potter. You know you're you're you're out scary how it. It and you know urged to bring them to take great coach what do you think about this and ultimately. Has been head coach. Are in the past would make him the last vision now now let me so I you know which in all my shoulders although my shoulders and making sure. Yeah that would. Bringing in the right student at leak ought to Newman and and went into this particular because it's such a great game who. We got to make sure that the Pakistan now at least that that will bring it in her archived that value education. And they have still be able to play at a very high level brought the beat except let. Talk with RJ out on the head basketball coach said Newman University RJ your dad obviously Ron Allen you played for a minute at east high. When did you kind of know that you know I'm gonna. People say this to me to follow in his footsteps about my dad is we kind of work in the same profession to. There are really that you just have been around it so much that it's almost like there's no choice but is that how you felt you'd like Davydenko I'm gonna be a coat. A lot like it a lot like you know being you know being there being a young cute it's got all you know it's just kind of expected could be. Think to give him a coach and what you get done and then you're done playing in now what kind of mind. You know my hat that I it was. Not grow up a look at the youngster which are always in the jets Saturday morning and practices in a Friday night to united games you know that. Just what imbedded in our law now in. You know when the opportunity what I got done playing I'll collegiate league. To give him coach and it was there really wasn't a second thought it would disrupt and that you know are planned on doing it I just needed to figure out how I built my foot in the dole. Personally. Who's that was there a time and I don't know if you ever kind of butted heads with your dad I did he coached me in summer baseball are you still do yeah we we feel that had a little bit but what's their what their like a turning point for you if that happened Morita said man I kind of know what he's talking about now. I I do he was coming from. Can opt under that there were there were partner. Quite cool Gator which start he's. You know you'd be unfortunate they are currently look at mark Dell call. Yeah. There there were there were some very quiet chloride that at some quiet dinner. Gators at the dinner table. Are you a week that we will but it is actually part of the time but you don't know where the relationship just work it was just it was it was natural that work. You know if he's done it or stroke in the years that in and done that's so much success that. You know you you just try to that you just kind of fall in line with the rest I doubt it he treated just like arrest. In you know I don't know if there's anything that you did was different you know did what he had done in the past it just it just worked for them. And we end up given along having a lot of success when I was there. Well yeah you know it's funny because there's not a lot of people. You know even at the high school level likens say that alive played for my dad because a lot of people don't understand that dynamic. Because there's got to be a total 180 compared to the regular kid. Who after a bad game can just go home and not have to see coach. Oh yeah out school. Absolutely. Limited you know. My art outgoing call you know you're not where where I got you got to battle at Uga didn't talk are all very large and sort. You could have done that better IR I he remembered. Being in high school you know mark that you do to creature having him come home after every game at that back. Still watch and VHS is locally. And you know he poppy poppy and the BH and and I use do you watch a game that probably past midnight now remote rule sleep maybe like take it up on the show you did not can you explain to me why you're like you did this. Air air bit at. It's funny because he can stomach that's him on the ride home dads now that jet many putts in the tape out coaches mad at ya think he did play some. Exactly what you're given from both your old. Like you know I took it in sure. You know it was a great shouldn't situation for lead editor did you know a great experience in Intel I would try to so we're. Are down our guests that coach Newman University their basketball program. They opened the season with a exhibition game November 4 against live in the dream. RJ can you talk about just what it was like playing in the city league and utterly 2000 late ninety's kind of narrow. Where he does east teams were loaded the Euro on you guys won the state championship. The first year that I covered us sports for the Wichita eagle. That team was fantastic north was really get at that time obviously SE was still very good the city we've always been go below the like playing in those years for you. You know this but what like you sit there are a second purpose certainly you've always been good and you know go back through to the error. Lou they're early 2000 late ninety's you know where there are so much talent calm throughout the lead. You know you go back with our bradys who went ought to put it that well. And grand in poker would that nor who went on the BB your horizon player. Year or not the mistaken. At Butler and and and decree Lucas and some of those guys that went on the plate bigger crowd about all there was just how the call aboard every night. It was a battle in this and they will. You know you had to come play and you know I've given up that's what makes being a part of that so special is that you know you'd. Had wars in India and you've got Acker guys and we all knew each other yet it was a day is over you buddy who is just you know we all. Kind of grew up coming up together. And then we get so high school ranger were competing against each other. You know now it's you know that that beta on it. You know Selig has been such a competitive league you know early 2000 and due to even go further back to the midnight what it would. Government like many they clearly don't you are in the some of those other. You know beat the Williams Brothers it's just there's been so much how it goes to that lead. A year into your outage it's it's incredible. Well wolf what happened how beleaguered produce ultra decide who Wichita. League that your first exhibition game next Saturday. I'm sure be in Walken alters the head coach B is Pavel a few butterflies in the stomach but what are you expecting from you guys on. I'm on Saturday and and give me a little instead on a couple of players are here looking at to have good years for him. Yeah absolutely. Definitely butter but what probably understate. Fresher look I was trying to ease it in for either. Darden couldn't clear a court Greta. We ya. You know this this team is really yell. It's young group of guys. That are. You know we're in the transition will limit together would try their. You know we're trying to figure this thing out there and move forward but it's a great group got waves that there's been some CD are being practiced. Are you surprised me. I got. The couple here that we have in particular that I think could really have a good year are. 11 is a senior whose name is Kevin Bryant was are these are leading scorer. That is returning. You locate bugle to sound like Christian cute group that we had would us for the last 33 seasons and he's just. These are the workhorse easy he'd go horrible basketball court he give you everything will be. The athletic little book around these kind of bar. Thought our heartbeat of our defense our everything goes you have so. He's won it in particular that I expect to have good senior season and you know he's gonna kinda take on a leadership role this year. Which which would be a big deal for heroin. Our total quote go in the right direction is important that we have a lot of young guys trying to figure it out on that until one wouldn't try to the other right now we're into our day in and develop like Adam I'd love speech. The energy and or do you have them that this group brings to every single day in the jail. Go tell we have very much appreciate your time good luck is the season starts here shortly early November give the best tear down all it's one of my favorite guys to talk to. You've got it brought me I think sergeant appreciate its go now to Brian Jones out of the golf warehouse Bryan are you doing today. I don't much doubt we are actually Jason do it is in with me today the ever met Jason he ever talked with Jason Judah. My first very first time how about that amazing I've set up a love connection here and that's that's very kind of you. I don't know where to go with that soldiers' letters let's let her slide and that's questioner gets them Vaughn Bryant at that time going on out of the golf warehouse this weekend and beyond what are what. I can we in Tice our listeners with this weekend. Well we guide we may debate they hit the next Detroit 5% off all Nike golf baseball softball soccer. All storewide failed when he I first at all. Even our lowest price that that we Mark Bell Atlantic next 25% off that the get a ticket rain that you have it. We got new pilot that an eighteen iron and 818 hybrid in stock. We got demos back targeting her we haven't yet been there. Well ball well whether or negate played Billy beer and eat and you're gonna lead would call that acting make a purchase of one of these new type of side. They all are by L he'll actually play out though in our. I thought that we are at all on our Ballard were were market Ballard up Ballard well. Very popular item. You're number right now that has that it you know there are. That the speaker and our Vegas she's failed go it all on the soccer sided debate about it up period. Ultimately it is we got 300 but. I'll let you can't fail well paper spraying and beat it might eat Lula. They've ballot B name that we got. I might have to bring my son out there for repair than Jews and then I'll I'll be out there maybe this weekend. Being negative need to close this door when he comes and as he got to get the run of the place when he walked them. You're gotta love that Brian there we appreciate it tell us where you located. They word 8851. Thirty coarse streak or just let the let broad were open 10 AM to pick PM Monday through Saturday in mid to stick on Sunday. Very good enjoy your weekend get begin to catch up with you talk to you again soon. We thank you appreciate it goes. Brian Jones a loaded segment right there I was loaded are guys out mode and Art Bell fan that was great which would have time to reflect on that he was great. I can ask them look one more question none at all this wonderful very. You don't just but they're intelligent. No I think that's not do I have done in lightning just loved it he's got to like you've been different I don't go out like well I thought I got up. We'll take a break we'll come back on the other side and jive talk it up. Of course we'll talk more chiefs raiders when he had other things going around the world of sports. It'll turn over to your listeners whatever you would like to discuss this is your time top of the the jive jive talk. Jason did in for Bob today Jason and Jeff the drive a violent.