Has This Point Already Been Made

Just Sayin' with Jeff and Jamin
Saturday, August 19th

Jeff & Jamin discuss the recent Anthem protests of Marshawn Lynch and Michael Bennett and question what good are these doing now.


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Then payment. Game. Good thought that this program mutt Williams games so playing mini me fist games held. Ryan amuse you. But but but get eight. It. In. Aren't due out amuse you Marshawn Lynch I've used you. And I'm not a. Me and. But I wouldn't say I'm. Place from my team so you think yeah if they'd take me he'd have some. Openness to his act Toto I don't I don't I don't dislike. Marshawn Lynch I don't this. I don't isn't despair after parliament is it possible Damon. That he doesn't say any thing because he has nothing to say is that possible yes is that likely yes. I actually think that's kind of likely nothing to say that I get them okay that's self awareness. I don't think he's ever has he ever really been huge. Now if I mean when he was playing for Seattle. Who who was good now on that team. Charger chairman and stand still I mean if you want an if you wanted some kind of a a look of a quote or some kind of and that. The story. On the offensive side of the ball you have Russell Wilson having he and he's been saying now. And Marshawn Lynch. Whose Darwin. The Alec Baldwin did. Lidge has more of a personality. But if it Danny is a a character that makes sense explain well he's. He's unique and different. But he doesn't have to necessarily tell you about a unique in different he has all the time. That's fair. I don't know probably a good guy and I'm not trying to disparage the young man but we put a microphone right in front of us face of you what are you hoping for at this point. There's not really much now happening. Now and I'm. I'm not what you would call amused I guess but I'm also not. Upset about it either the I mean I'm perfectly found parchment are you good lip. Eminem Michael Bennett to even get into that. Our talk and no we're gonna get into are we getting give me don't you don't have a test then we don't have to but it seems like it's it's a topic. And do ignore it also as scenes. Somewhat irresponsible now I don't wanna ignore it I don't wanna. Act like it doesn't exist or anything like that I don't really know what to say he about it though that's that's the thing that kind of cut and we we we. That everything. The Kaplan situation last year didn't that cause us to say everything they need to be said. Probably what what out what new ground is there to break. In terms of anthem protest. I don't know you got to just in Britain putting his arm around Michael bell last night. Standing but still you know offering support. Chris Long did that without believe it's Malcolm Jenkins and the Eagles. So it's rented out a little bit. Yeah but what are we. And I don't mean to say this. To. Minimize. What's going on but we're really doing. What are what are we proving. We try to sell a well. What's the is it what's the pace of all of it though I just don't understand that and personal to every person that's something that only given it's not it's Nat. When you do. When you do a public. Protest when you are an NFL player on TV or wherever in front of 50000 a 100000 and then they immediately ask you about you can explain how you felt Michael Bennet has done that. Pretty thoughtfully. Some point they're gonna stop asking you know I don't understand like. When we go on for well what's the end goal already set it and any doesn't need to say it again yeah what's the end or we go on for. Like I'm not it is probably not against this the world you know having this conversation. Probably is okay a goal I don't know what the seat a problem is there's no conversation be had if you just heard if you just say. Okay. You or it there's only a conversation if people somehow disagree with this the wit doesn't dispute the ability to do it how about that. Because I don't a lot of people disagree with well. OK. So the people you agree why I tiptoeing around. Now it almost isn't it's almost is that an issue that demands that. Yes in a way well it seems like you have something you'd like to say. You're just carefully approaching it so we'll move up now say I'll say it. If somebody doesn't believe that you have the right to stand during National Anthem. Or need alert dirt or whatever or not not stand whatever but the point is if if if you have a right to protest the National Anthem. And somebody disagrees with that writes. Then they are wrong. If somebody agrees with you then your. Then your protest doesn't really breach of them because they agree with use so are you are trying one person is like. Becoming more educated about it. About that right and maybe even though why. If that's the goal and that is actually happening but we can't ever know but. We can only hope. I I guess. I guess. There's so much going on right now I mean good grief there's so much going on. So low there's so much going on only because we know about everything that's going on. Right we're in a time period where nothing. Escapes anybody. Right agreed. I don't know there's a lot going on or just that our awareness. Is. The all time now there's a lot going on. And there really is it's it's it's amplified. Because of political situations it's it's definitely amplify it and I don't wanna delve too far into it we've we've made a point on the show not. Unnecessarily and everyone's talking about it and it seems dumb to sidestep it and I'll point yeah you're right. For me. Without necessarily taking a huge stand. Which I don't really wanna do. But I that we can still discuss it well we I don't think we're both agreed though I mean we don't neither one of us has any beef. With National Anthem protests. In terms of you know I don't have to agree with everything a person sentenced to be okay with their protest I think that's obviously a key point to be made. All right says it's a right that's afforded. In the First Amendment. And that extends to all kinds of people that she did agree or don't agree with. And all kinds of situations. You go down as it if you have for gonna go under the Charlottesville thing we got our it. That right that you know applies all across the board. I get it and that's sometimes a very tough pill to swallow sometimes this is extremely difficult from a net it. A lot of times but. Are you amused and I hope we'll pay go move on early and yet I was growing amusing topic. Now we're not amused by a lot of what is going on but are you amused by the bad boy mowers Gaspar reliable. Yes highly amused what are the gas Burleigh I don't know but I am highly amused by it because I thought it. A couple of years ago maybe. That we had reached I think it was a couple years ago on this show. We we went through the polls right now you're sort of rank them by how ridiculous they are of course. And I thought at that point we had reached. The pinnacle of the ridiculous things did you via but now now just when we think Justin Leonard think. We've reached it they pulled us back in. But the bad boy mowers that really know what. Is heavy very well okay. And a host of related community events celebrated almost every year since 1904. In Tampa Florida. It is held in late January and hosted by. Did this. KR EWE. Of gas Perella and the city of Tampa and it celebrates the apocryphal legend of Jose gas bar. Also known as guests propelled I was targets are breeding but it just keeps getting more interesting. A mythical status priority supposedly operated in south west Florida in nearly eighteen on wow okay. Are the gas per noble. I held in late January. So. Are they get a move that up. Wow they're not now but still own eighteen massive move that up to coincide with the gap gorilla ball don't think that it if I mean really if it. All. I don't even though like how many festivals in towns are gonna get their own goals now I think that spent test that is very good that's gonna do we're really gonna go there route I'd yeah. It's. Do you like that you're now I thought you amused by that have OK I think that's great you like it and tell me. If they had a gas Burleigh pirate festival. At the same time as the bad boy mowers. Gaspar global. That that wouldn't increase tourism exponential hall agreed. Agree totally I would have I would get there I would think about it how would you not think about it. The Barry dollars. Gasper of but I don't know how weak some of these caucuses but I love it but you just made a Saint Petersburg bowl Brett not boring. They did. That's very bore bad boy mowers. And I don't mean any Alamogordo mowers you know bad boy Murray making mowers now gender specific. You get a bad girl mower I don't think. Brad. Bad boy no I've never heard of bad girl mowers are. And number. Bird of bad employment news about Obama are bad now any vertigo have a bull a favorite of the gas Borough prior I'm I'm I'm amused now I'm even more amused Noah Emmerich comes beside a guy that was a that was it as a lot of look at that before this joke that I wanted to be surprised in real time. Night and yet thankful for that because even weirder than you thought it was going to be right it is that you thought it was going to be strange but it. Those are winner before this I mean now this is clearly the win I don't know that we have run out read more about. Jose gets far mechanic he was the last of the Buccaneers who's claim to have Roman plundered. Across the Gulf of Mexico and the lack is that the vote can beat you apps so it's perfect fit that will get a play that Raymond James Stadium. I let the buccaneer I play night then why not dedicated to the last of the Buccaneers. I thought that was. Vinny Testaverde about how to protect it well this is. What was his name Jose Jose guest spot as they guest star the last of the Buccaneers he didn't know when you turned on the radio this morning. He had no idea did you really get a history lesson but she did. You've gotten socio political discussion movie discussion and and the truth and history lesson and we're not even done with one hour in this it's insane Tania this. It is so much that this just off this company's. Getting weirder all the time and I don't think people understand. How weird it is that Jose gas. I think that's. Fantastic that he was brought that we need to take a break I agree I'd I would not thought that either. So I mean are you all for bulls being named in similar rests spirit absolutely. Let's let's drop the generic ones let's get rid of the Belk bowl. Let's find southern waterboarding tyrants what's. Not necessarily or pirates nor local tradition OK let's do that let's do that we're gonna look up the bell bones if we can renaming it. That was our favorite but we shed we will Levin your name for the Belk bowl earlier narrower David will come up with a company and I will opt out method that they had name sakes they let us. This day and Jeff today we'll be back right here Kate FA.