Golic and Wingo Hour 4 05.22.18

Golic & Wingo
Tuesday, May 22nd
Louis Riddick and Ryan Hollins join the show! Plus, the guys preview Warriors/Rockets Game 4.

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Your batters a different look pitchers throw a changeup you're I'd give it didn't look his sunglasses now through but like Canadians and Swedes is really taken a different look thing to a new level. Actually a Major League makeovers starting with a bolder brighter lobby full comfortable spaces so much a settlement or chill are in front of a big flat screen like the wind solar you know. It's a changing linking to looked help you get in the zone and look sharp when you hit that big meeting prepared to win the business with like can't get into into each book now don't you Dhaka. Glad you what is on golden boy go on a Tuesday morning. Funniest in radio and ESPN news we are presented by progress insurers cellphone guests join us on the show opens all forms line bush vertical join us in just a little bit. Run office insider in the NFL find out. What he thinks about players missing routier's which are voluntary necessarily their voluntary what does it mean there's I mean more for one team one person not being there than the other. We'll get to all that gold can we go is presented by body armor it's time to ditch your outdated sports shrink and switch to body armor sports drink. Would natural flavors and sweeteners and no colors from artificial sources body armor is the more natural better sports. Get to watch trying to second I can't believe. The response from the reclining in the snorkeling I guess I can't do because this involves everybody yeah everybody should your recliner seat the entire way and if your city behind that person Julia right to be mad. At that person. We have marker tweets and as a regular business traveler here's the deal on recliner in the seat there aren't rules but there's etiquette. Like give our fair like if you're at the ball cad in coach. And recline your seat all the way into another adult you are a jerk but you pay for the seat torture call. All right but I understand but to me like ball kid I hate Balkan do you like Bono I don't like bulldozers Allegra right so to me if there's no legroom it feels leisure habit of more ability death toll to leave back I don't get I don't understand again. I'm not die on this over anybody border a lot of us are always on clear about that and by the way let me just say we appreciate all of your opinion just redo. And and were happy to have the mall you elsewhere happy to have much of a front office and senator very elusive Redick just ambled in I think he's an ambler. It's an ME ST yeah Campbell is off the solitary or sand or swagger. You just sort of do what you wanna do what we're trying to be quiet and we did well I'll listen I got a little on the dine on hills and stuff on board kid that. Well I like a bowling ball kids the theater yesterday right this gets so it's a ball that was it I was like confused them implement right in front of me and you don't you gentler sermons like I gotta put up more generous for your life your. I hate when the because it's over with human briefcase downright kiss then I don't trust my stuff and I'll do that I see any guys touch in my Sanjaya I'll tell you. Francis. But but seriously so you here with me book that you should be able to to see considerable room. Why can't I mean why keep requires causing a lot of I don't like it you don't want it well I don't know I will say this though I am always aware of who's behind me I always looked at. Until I've been on a few flights now are destroying them backed. Take and not allowing it to send me nuclear quicken someone's goes hand yeah I mean is this like a million turnaround right there. Like it's my C do it's might. Well that that that's or talking on my son's an eventful my sons and anybody does that to be on the no fly list that they should be able to reduce it and les slick look back at the record that's what I do I look back at least that's the thing you good rookie Borg are mostly we're gonna say yes go figure out a way to. A manager not a big no I'm not get your response we're getting is unbelievable. I'm missing a bowl overall. That that these people should ever be on a flight began to pace they're seeing it's their right to do it's course real star of dog real yet it vistas in people have opinion yes they do very strong Wada and the express Monterey and yes Walt what it why you might think it's what are outrageous people get so mad at Twitter. They get so mad that the next day they finds on the heels get mad about the the forgot forgot about a matter on Tuesday yeah yeah that that's the windows or Twitter but we're happy that it's there and your freshman I absolutely and we are happy that our front office inside it was ready is here joining us skip is giving us the straight talk and studio broad US radar wireless best phones vest networks no contracts OK one of the things we were talking about the NFL's try to figure out. Neck is where Indy. They're quote voluntary. OT session and you know there's a lot of big name players that aren't there. So the question then becomes is it a bigger deal for some teams rather than others that some of these players are there for example. Let's start randomly would Julio Julio Jones and several years left on his contract he went through that purge. Where deleted all falcons related material on his answer Graham a Twitter although he said are people were saying at a time it was a teaching tool to help Alabama. Oh that's sounds warm your old but I am not believe in that he sees the contracts and Antonio Brown is getting and Mike Evans is getting in a series like yeah this country guys on a couple of years ago. It was good that time. But it's a little antiquated me so how much of a big deal to use a front office guy. Is it that you know where Julio Jones is paid and other players and other receivers in his position or above them and suddenly he's not there. As a front office person what you're always worried about precedent or you're always will worried about opened up contracts that you just signed in 2015 years at fourteen and quarter a year. But obviously. He's out perform well. He's performed up to expectations without a doubt. Since he signed that contract he leads all wide receivers in the NFL reception yards I think he's fourth in receptions correct. So when he sees people making it's like there's like four guys that we were making sixteen plus years. And then navy's top in the market heats in the long. Wait a minute why is Jarvis and Landry didn't pay more to me why did Sammy Watkins getting more than meet. Meet the one who helped not trying to the money you get now I'm from afar off the side you suspect you don't but Julio we decide to 2015. Right. We understand we don't have to do anything. Plus we have other players were trying to sign him on the and the team were still trying to build. So we hit this are opening up everybody's contract it out performs at the risk you take that's the chance you take when this kind of thing happens I get it. The dude is a bad dude now there's no doubt about that the falcons in the hands on debate it but. It's a business. You just can't do you can't open up everyone's confident we get that is players although. I mean. Julio I get where he's coming from a bomb on the front office sons in looking at the wait your turn you just are because we about the. We need to do. There are different situations the as multiple years left you have guys that are on the franchise tag don't have to July 15 third that is just playing on that and then there's the air and Donald Kennedy owed no background Cologne Mac. Zach Martin's of the world you know let's start or there and allow the best player in the league that looks like. What do you where do you think this goes do you think he is the one player of all that is the most danger of skipping time. He should be if I'm him I am because looked. I don't know the inner workings of what's going on out there now. I don't know what is the hang up here what kind of demands he's making. And where they see his market topping out I just know this. This guy. Is pretty much the perfect player in today's. In any and anything they did an Emmy date may. Since 2015 again you know I've been looking at the stuff because we you know I mean I haven't had definite affection and connection Aaron because of where he's come from and how good years. The easily all divas tackles and sacks tackles for loss forced fumbles since 2015 he'd blow them away it's not even close look from way. He's make it under seven million dollars this year what's your contract with McCarthy's contract talks on seventeen for your defense attack. He's playing on his fifth year option you've known for two years now he wants an extension any continues. You can beat this just look at is in the Graham do you think mean everything cared so he's going to be ready to roll. You have to get this done and if I'm him. My come in there I'm not a mud stepping foot inside that facility to look. I have done everything you've asked me to do off the field. Never an issue there and Donald nothing and when I come on the field I've already proven only training camp or routier's welcomed colonel Rex doubles will be viewed as a player of the year. And I'm a good guy right. Hey this guy. So his own team markets and market figures just came in there and said look. Pay this guy what's the problem what's the problem with a guy like this so why do you think that hasn't gotten done I have no idea is that it does seem puzzling I have no idea unless he's. I I really don't know. I don't and I am woman into the venture a guess on other and say this if I'm in that seat now if on the GM now and almond contract negotiator team president. I literally and going look I don't wanna blow up my salary cap structure overall obviously. We have to get this guy in your Christmas a bad look in at some point he's gonna get ticked off in other guys just are going wait a minute but of people we brought into the team this year. No there were paid and some good money too right where we're make it a run obviously were still trying to take advantage of the affected Jarrett golf is on his rookie copy that right thing. So we bought all these other guys in year. This guy is like the killer he's dug guy. You know you put your visit yeah anyway what does he not done well I am I'm with you it's like what were not on the inside there we don't know what right holding us up but he is somewhat surprising enough that if I'm him I'm not coming close on the slate of that's it so the other side of that now is O'Dell Beckham who has shown up at OTAs and he is this is this a good will move on his part absolutely immediate that's great awareness on his part as to what the questions are about him which is. You know fairly or unfairly people fall on both sides in this one too. Whether or not he is which short whether or not he's a guy you can trust not to break the law and didn't trouble get thrown divot whether or not he's a guy who's gonna do things right away represent himself the right way represent the giants the right way. Beat team player he's aware of that he's aware that the questions are out there. So he's got to come in there and say hey look. Look at where amend my rehab look how good I love you to him upn and time you become a serious about being one degrees why receivers ever play. Now how so seriously you got taken care of me. So yeah it is the ball's definitely indeed Gelman scored mr. Maris court right now. Now it's just the matter up okay. On their side they're gonna say what diseases tool we want to do and then we give as much. Okay there's going to be those questions to validate all you know but he's done what he has to do it's now on the job. It is as lows through our front office insiders with this because look this was sort of feeling out process with the new general manager and a new head coach and of course the tape came up from France and all I can stop button people can say that they were ever gonna trade him but they there was there was a point in time where they were listening to her and I think the branding coach Frey from going under the ram sort of stole that from both teams because that was the all. V the thing that might have actually done this thing done so how would you put. I I guess question is what's more likely who's more likely to show up when the rubber meets the road training camp. Pre season you've earned dollar auto Beckham junior the attorney said 03 seasons now. It until he gets a contract. You know what. I don't know I would think. I would think air would be one who would show up. Maybe before because all obviously O'Dell's come off of injury also so I've upon him I'm definitely not risking anything but if I mean if either one moment show tonight. Until I get my deal I'm not much shown by proven everything I need to prove and it's funny for me because they are I'm sitting on both sides and of course I would want the guys in there. Right I can honestly say this honestly if I'm less need bum out there in the in LA right now. Among men and iron and all he does this offer from market has done at this point there's nothing more he can do. There's nothing to hold that against you think getting here before we know get a deal done and if I modelled looking at how he's taking care of himself right now. What I liken it either so we can help them rehab I still wouldn't put him on the field but what I want the rehab underneath our watch yet. Both these guys we'll be they deserve their money wouldn't I wouldn't hold against either one Obama they sat out there understand where they're at your career with the aides believe they deserve. The neighbor right to feel that. The only leverage of flare has is with holding a service Illumina matters the most so we'll see were these guys goal and then there's other situations of not. Showing up to OT Ares just. Because you're not showing up to OTAs or whatever the reason is and that's Tom Brady a guy who's there are drug out of your house or Brady who's been there all the time. Now all of a sudden he's not we know a little bit what's going on in there but your take on that and is there a long term effect. Well. There there's. There will probably be in an effect in terms of how quickly coming out of the gate in the pre season they're able to. Hit on all cylinders this dusty introducing new players that offense. Because when you studied at all but do you talk to people who will be an in and around that often there's so much nuance involved is just in the passing game. Who better to have been Tom Brady they're to help you understand it experiment with the learn the ins and outs of it at times like this when there's really no pressure. Right this is the time were you really make tremendous growth and was a player idea OTAs work in dot able to. So him not being there and then grow up not being there and help the receivers out. That's huge for on the field performance as far as whether or not they're gonna take care and they'll be ready to roll yet. But see that's the advantage that these guys get is that their best players are there all the time right and their help and all these new got that's why there always humming like a machine coming out of the gate every year. Will now that he's not there. What kind of effect is that gonna happen on the football team on the field as far as the relationship between him and bill or him mister Kraft mr. Preston mister Kraft and bill grotto that. Mean that that's all we disappeared speculated off how mad they hardy at each other but I thought and on the field performance get it could affect. And that's what's different is as Louis reviews here on the home front office and sodomy Tom has been. The champion of the patriot way throughout he's never been the highest paid quarterback in football. He's always been they mean he's always been the guy that showed up for the stuff. Unfailingly. No matter what so he's clearly making a statement with the way he's handling himself what do you think that statement it. I think it's it's that look every the point in my career where. I think I have more awareness now as to where I met my career what my legacy is what I mean this organization and I've ever had. And I think it's time that I kind of maybe. Maybe take back some of the control about what I do with my time and how I prepare. And not necessarily. Step outside of the pitcher waved around a little a little bit more Tom Brady's way and now okay because I inherited a method I burned and I deserve and you might play on the football field is proving. Now. The gut and I think Deborah McCord you said many players have said many times when your best players are the ones with the hardest workers it's. Everyone benefits trickle down accounts Germans. I don't think you are all the subtle but to doesn't go on both its on the line here I'm Microsoft not you know more today the pitcher ways bigger than even taught Tom and yet you will show up. Always. I don't think OK yeah now so when people say is at the end of the pitcher the pitcher plays bigger in tough yeah. If they're always going to be some that stands the stands Patton is continued on even when bill leaves. You beautiful not to. They've had too much success with it you better keep in place. A guy like are reaching cog me you know who said he was gonna retire and then comes back and says you want to bills to release them he gets his wish to bills released in the going to be a market for him. I I think you'll be a late developing market I mean I I will say this you you don't guards are throwing players anymore. And you know that know how the league is changes fourth position value. I think it's one of those were right now look teams are in the mode right now cutting down the unnecessarily adding they have their roster is pretty much set unless someone does blows them all the Fed off their feet from a town perspective they do we have that this guy. The right now look you have to sit and wait and teams are gonna there in this says mode and a look at what they've got. If you wanna bulk form once training camps are drawn around people you know the summer mode after they get through these are teachers. OK so again we're sort of in this. We're sort of the last gasp of the offseason where front office guys as Louis Riddick is through those are in a felon Saturday coaches feel like they have. Control. Embedded a couple of weeks we're getting into the I don't have control these players I don't know what's and we we see it every year yet we see it every year. Somebody shows up somewhere and does something incredibly stupid and as a front office and as a coaching staff. How concerned are you about. June through mid July when you do you're not you can't see the players you can't touch the players you can't be around the players. And you know that you'd rather have him in the building where you can be working on but they're on their own and a lot of them have expendable income well. You know this that there's always a couple guys and your team their monopoly that you have to worry about. Just do now obviously try to do the work would when you're building your team you go try to elected guys obviously you war. We're great football players who also want to have guys were good decision makers and understand look man you're not robots and acquire Boise that we get all that the don't compromise team don't compromise yourself. The sorts of timer Houston back you're going man I just hope some number doesn't pop up on my phone that doesn't have a caller ID on that I know. And they might go who is this next thing you know it's we got a problem. Sir it's it's it's a scary time. And you know that you know which guys you're worried about you do you do you just doing so it's something we checking in on those guys a lot. It's just the way it works is never gonna change you know like a parent distilled everything phone call in and start with solar torture are how do you think the whole. Gambling thing is going to have an effect on the NFL. Great question might immunized. And I don't really know George it's a great question award today I'm I'm really I mean it is it really is because I mean it's such seed loaded question right I mean there's so many different things that can come in the play. As far as you know he'll peaking your interest you know with maybe for the integrity of the game remains intact in the one feels compromise and in everything just remains on the level. I don't really know I'm not. Look I'm really not a big gambler and especially when it comes to sports I can only play fantasy football. In Yemen to me is about. You know maybe when the couple bucks on route known on black and roulette Brian all right or unjustified because. We'll ask him well here because usually I don't know I don't know. You sit there is already legal in Nevada do you think. Players. They'll be more opportunity or there's a risk of them getting compromise I'd I would assume there could be I mean I just I just don't know I don't really I don't really swim in those waters on though I don't know what happens in in the gambling world as a relates to. You know just. How big it is I really don't I mean I know that sounds a little naive but I really do is I'm just not someone who really has been into the hole gambling thing. And how he could really ultimately affect the game sure it could. You hope that it doesn't you'll delete safeguards didn't protects the players and make sure that the game remains you know. On the levels much as possible in so we'll see if you're a league would you triangular cut. Does it way try to get a cut dinner is faced with that we will 1% of what I'm most communal farm. Hit yeah I'm I'm a businessman like another guys in the league guard yeah. Of course but they're always trying to grow the game and that's what the one thing that they're losing theirs like you're out of solar command said we want peace and they talked about. Air quotes integrity feet. Roger Goodell statement made no mention that but they did use the words which key legal action intellectual property. And while I. Time will tell you know they get some Smart people working in offices I'm Phil figured out. This state this protecting game now is protect the players were taken did well when you can protect the game and protect your opinions of the game but listen to a guy like Lewis Redick who knows a thing or two about everything including what to do with a reclining seats especially if your bulkhead does this look back at me and say it's as good and slammed my amazement don't let me about kids don't have me that it exists about it he's just about every I mean at you don't they're no hard and fast rules but understand that there's there's etiquette. There's nuance in this situation. The idea words who wants it one of the day you view it is though the tough guys you get out there Kyle tweeted I don't dollar reclining and part of me really that seats are typical line I've pushed back with my hands are we is okay valuing tough guy that there weren't whether women who love love it but I don't. Low guy and I'm out. Don't sit there and running a guy though it does Iowa bush bag with his hand and his need food. And I don't go to a stronger than moves a five. Thanks Lou we are resistant to where have we gone today. Coming up we'll talk about momentum pressure and most importantly. Thematic alignment and your chance to join us at Pinehurst resort next month. 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It's a changing linking to looked help you get in the zone and look sharp when you hit that big meeting prepared to win business with lucky day ins into each book now don't you Dhaka. Yeah last time is running out Michael for you to join us and what is the greatest extravaganza. In the history of corporate scams what we pulled off here in the goal what do we go off site all hands town hall leadership retreat strategy session golf tournament has been unbelievably what does that name again it is the gore going goal off site all hands town hall leadership retreat strategy session golf tournament it rolls right off but it really does that's jingle right there snappy or anything but. A jingle what it does it gives you the winners a chance to have a three day two night trip. To Pinehurst resort North Carolina. Round trip air for you and your two gas Ralph prepare. Nominations at Pinehurst resort where you are telling your seat hotels meals all kind of swagger from ESPN as well you get treated. Like kings and queens. Which you have as it is until Friday may 25 to enter here's the way you enter Roscoe. It is you followers at Goldman window menu tweet to us at gore can win go with using the hash tag golf would GW contest. Whenever you feel you get one entry yet whenever you feel is going to grab our attention has been listened were putting this on the line you have one shot at this so this is what we're looking for all of winners all the way. Creative out of the box thinking originality. Get yourself noticed your hand if you're to be one of the lucky. More winners. Or winners we are picking you'll get to choose. Or your friends that come with you that it just to you decide that I'm an award it'll tell your battle that is yards exactly right so we are four groups of three. Okay and then with each group or three trailed off with one I walk off with one might walk off with one and Stewart got at this point. Or golf with one Jason Fitch is trying to work as well you know her well if students is on the Bob Dole have different fortunes in there and game. This is June 21 22 and 23. Offering a planners are all part pray tell them what Pinehurst number two is all about it's this good. One of the greatest courses. In the United States a Donald Ross designed that has been brought back to its illustrious beginnings there is no rough. There's just natural vegetation and sand off the fairway. And the greens are beguiling and be doubling their like upside down. Saucers. Or little bowls where you can now eat food off apparently grown and oils at room so what you do is you have to place your shot on the green perfectly otherwise a rolls back to you or rolls off the back of the green. You have to be so precise. You have to be mentally so well and all that I've always people here are going to be if I'm wonderful that we get the play the Credo Credo yeah Doug nine all should par three short. Course how far does this thing the whole range in length from 56 yards. They should charge 247 chargers music blaring on the course it's just a ball it is wonderful to all this is what your chance one tweet one entry. Act go doing go hash tag golf would GW contest you have until Friday. Rule pick for winners if you are selected as a winner you get to pick two friends to join us June 21. 22 and 23 at Pinehurst resort in North Carolina. Why I'll be very you don't wanna miss this this is your chance to get more running out of days Friday is the last day to enter. And we have had some great interest free app and we will continue to do that in all of. Run don't run all right we know you guys are gonna have fun but you gotta put the leader in leadership here to talk about the personal space respects them enough. You personal space yet the personal space is don't get my backswing yes and leave my beer alone don't touch my camp and war. Okay and we'll have a separate leaders throughout our before some each person in the foursome will be the leader for X in my whole get them we're doing the leadership aerial. We're got all covered for so that's gonna be great we get a lot of reactions to that on tour were also getting a ton of auctions. On the idea of whether or not you should be allowed to recline your seat for example. Our Chris writes in nobody is comfortable in coach seat but you paid for the seat and they give you button I'm reclining that's Chris. Eric says paid for putting it back unless the person is tall so. There's a lot of back and forth on this. So who better to bring in our guys have a discussion on the ball and one of the tallest people in the history of the world view and that would bureau Ryan Hollins Ryan NBA analyst former NBA player we're glad you're here with us how well Leila hunt all you have impede your seventh street are right I still weigh in on this livid juiced ball from the sided view taking a seat back to someone putting his seat back on you. This is the ultimate personality test Ellison and. This says a lot about whom you art as an individual. If you don't have the decency. Even at seven feet of looking back behind you and seeing cool. Is behind you a whole thing right I'm gonna come back then and at the same time. When someone cramps in the EU right did you take her or Buick giver oh yeah are you okay this or not. There's a lot of time what are options as someone just slams it back onto your their seat I mean without looking do you say anything do would you do any thing what what's your reactors at the golden rule and there and I I just say hey. I might accidentally do this to somebody else golden rule do want to write his newspaper and I'm not gonna mind this because I'm about that yet come on and it's another person behind me to run needs some space man the immediate the will they we have long legs and then you show up and we Dallas and Dora legs actually are. You have you'll need space when you're on this is the ultimate personality test well okay. Can't this seven foot guy humbly. Except somebody jamming into his knee that's a tough call that it is a and I ticket. Because it's there let's say it's their button it's their right to back up. But there is being a jerk about of their seventh and etiquette about as I said I look back in if I look back and saw you I would not recover rusty I look back and it's a short person. To where it's not going to affect them then I'll I'll go ahead and go back would you ask me though. All fight looked second salt you. You wouldn't do if it's a visual knowing there's really if if why if I'm sitting on the in the plane and I see you walked by and you sit behind me or I always look back before our purple my seat back device so you sit there there's nowhere recline the oppressive. I would not Raquel why I'm not gonna do that to you. I would not do that. You're you're taken the golden rule and I yes I am I you're taking little girl are you are you a line cross or you'll respect or no it could use then I'm respect her because I fly private to a dozen Mel I'll. The house up that was a joke sometimes but I. That was a joke I would always I don't have a hard fast rule about like OK but like. I feel like duke you should be able to reply you see me that put it there but I'm not one that just throws it in reverse is like screw that guy but I feel like that but is there for a reason. But if I see someone like you behind him like yeah I'm not going to add you've been hit. In the knees won't tell you when you were ready absolutely bet on solar thing that I don't like either you wanna bring it all the way back OK I get a put. Look back to it slowly this saga just Winamp slime attack onion Panama you know what else is someone brought up. Is a thing as well is when somebody behind you reaches up and grabs your seat. To get up out of their seat all you're just let it Arnold your head slammed the back is they pulled your seat back. Two while it to use it as a nice to get up our guy our go for even with climate. So you know on the southwest flights there is that seat. With this base in the middle debt debt in. IOC's I'm Alan first just like irrationality always done agreed. I have literally. If I'm not on first of I'm not numero uno. The hardest time getting on in there'll be a little there was I'll never forget the little woman and and then the rest of this a woman with a little briefcase in front of her saying. I got here for Marc are you getting me out I don't he's that's a tough call it but it's like it's almost like the I am not sure why compares to when I walk by in the exit rows filled up and I'm like. Use me ma'am or sir I cannot fit in the regular seats. And it's like somebody please you don't have to get which you have to give them yeah yeah yeah there's another seat right they're like this debt load straight I I. Got a letter the blinders on large object does this you guys didn't they single walk and Don these and then doctor look at doctor look at it I don't see you you don't example Jack Lira and by the way I once sat across from the late great men knew bowl on a plane holocaust that he had six inches on you mean that's he'll colleagues he was an accordion it looked like you for a little light according I was like there is not a seat on a plane big enough not commented I literally cannot bit. In their work I don't know if you can like I outlet and all in the regular seat dad's stuff. Self call man. This is going to the best Grand Prix speed all that because you felt passionate about the subject and it's been going crazy its inaugural Motorola personality it says I don't know who you are you know you guys are great guys I know you're you you're good Ryan colleges would say mobile partly regulator guitar born out of that right now I ordered as our business is more important between the rockets and lawyers are coming up to coaches disagree about pressure. What do you have been receiving style tips from the clothing experts appear normal are you are missing out. You enjoy golf like me you know the name if you don't you should because Peter Millar is all about quality value and style. It is the most comfortable clothing you'll ever aware. 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I go doing go if you ESPN radio ESPN news again will. Means of pressure being played by equipment cliff in the background because there seems to be a little bit of a bit of a debate might between where pressure really lies. In this series in the Western Conference finals between the Golden State Warriors and of course the upstart Houston Rockets its game four tonight. Golden State leads to games to won the game is at oracle so really. Are there to be any chance. Andy chants for the rockets to have a fighting outcome in this series where they can be victorious they got a once bright talented guy. I agree after women I remember that a Golden State obviously in game one soul. Home court correctly now this is Houston Houston as a chance to get it back. Tonight I I deftly they've both teams can feel pressure anyway breeds are gonna ball more pressure it's already a daunting task. Off for Houston when the series if they go down 313 not beating Golden State regulators synar exist so this was. Our our guys rockets that coach Mike and Tony who your sons and sounds like he's always has had a little bit Obama to during. Does something not singing is just an Oreo Democrats Sam Adams we're just say he's just sort of settled sometimes I he's happy this was him talking about where the pressure is. Right now the big wholesale Basil Brush still they got a reply you know we don't live with a little bit. Yeah but are they. Swagger and media writer yeah he had an and he gets that win no mosey and saunter out of eligible exactly right right now. I'm sorry but that's what all so he was basically saying the pressure's squarely. On Golden State and then Steve Kerr responded. We're home. So they when their home court advantage and now pressure on us. Count on them to. Out there you go play both sides see as I really pressure the pressures on costs. Bud Adams do tell us pause there and you must have tweeted about the reclining suggesting not so course obviously bay both say the pressure's on one of the other. And we had Chauncey Billups on Mr. Big shot who knows a thing or two about pressure formal finals MVP played the budget playoff games played forever and knows what it takes to win knows what you have to do inside to come through big moments. And he weighed in on where the pressure actually. Make no mistake about it purses definitely rockets. All our big West Coast you're totally displeased current culture in new media he's coaching MTV. Scrub on the scene that. Dole for the last couple birdies and now he's he's he's duplicate that same message is to try to take pressure off his guys internally. But we all know that it just being built there are pretty war. This is to be over quick. And I think they know that to the bill probably play with their current owners who are. That's a thing about it and that's what I said earlier as coaches we all know that they used the media to. At times to get their point across publicly but also to their team as her health. So even if he's trying to do this you know who on knows that it's not that way. The team yep no nobody is more aware of what's going on that than a team of what's happening around them of the reality of a situation of you know what do we go down 312 this team there's a very very small chance. If any that were going to quit now or have the confidence in each game we go up there that we can win but that is a tall tall order players know that before anybody so. I get that's what a coach is supposed to during trying to sell things in their team the but the players know him and this talk we've had this warning about is the momentum or pressure on him by the momentum thing. You know the especially for in the Cleveland Boston series you know now going back to Boston. You know Cleveland player a couple of occurred a one great game and a good game last night tour they held off Boston got to go back to Boston I don't see momentum. With that the URL which cavalier. Who's going to play well off title abroad that's deal or no idea that's doing him as a given in that you put the pressure the pressure is a real thing that real player players feel. For real especially when he gets down to crunch time you know who wants to be right in the mixer and who kind of wants to be on the outside looking in. And again from a statistical standpoint and historical standpoint this is why all the pressure is actually on the rockets the last game that the warriors lost at home in the playoffs. Was game seven. Of the 2016. NBA finals. When the cavs came back right up three games to one right but that's when that test team had cash LeBron and a diary right and by the boy who wasn't on that warriors team. Kevin Durant and up okay they have not lost. A home playoff game since the rant and curry have been in that lineup in fact the warriors haven't trailed in the fourth quarter of any of their last eleven home playoff games. And are in the sixteen straight home playoff game into sixteen straight don't play games they've won. Gold saves troubled fourth quarter Jones once last year's game one of the conference finals went quite Leonard sprained his ankle. So good luck to you I love the fact that you think the pressure's on them. Trying to end that the pressure is all squarely. On the Houston Rockets and don't forget game for the west Gump trials tonight. 80 eastern on ESP and ray I mean any doctor picking gold statement passing resemblance to an effusive wins I will give them all the praise and I don't know up all the kudos they have earned it. But they're gonna have to earn it and that's where the pressure is on them. Programming note for you tomorrow might. Brad Margie are fine researcher. Remove that. One day because he's not witness on the show tomorrow okay he's gonna be on Thursday a dress very upset about that Bret brought him algae will still be there is so well that's the most important thing. And because Brett Amal OG. Is moving to Thursday sued shots we normally joins us on Thursday gonna join someone's tall boy.