Golic and Wingo Hour 2 05.22.18

Golic & Wingo
Tuesday, May 22nd
Johnny Manziel joins the show! What advice does the former Brown have for #1 pick Baker Mayfield? Plus, which NFL OTA no-show will most likely holdout?

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Your batters a different look pitchers throw a changeup you're I'd give it didn't look his sunglasses now through but like Canadians and Swedes is really taken a different look thing to a new level. Actually a Major League makeovers starting with a bolder brighter lobby full comfortable spaces so much a settlement or chill are in front of a big flat screen like the wind solar you know. It's a changing linking to looked help you get in the zone and look sharp when you hit that big meeting prepared to win the business with like can't get into into each book now don't you Dhaka. Doing O if you wanna Tuesday morning ESPN radio NE SPN news presented by progressive insurance cellphone guest joining us on the show opens on performance on coming up in just will be a Johnny men's old joins us. Talk about his decision to go play for the CFO of Hamilton tiger cats and one is a long term goal is doing heady play in the spring legal right bitten. And showed some flashes but it. It was pretty clear right away that he felt this was the best decision for him what guy I think after he did some pro days as well and then did this spring a league and and I'm sure I was hoping or being offered beyond a roster. I remember we had RG three city and hearing studio when he was trying to get on a roster and eventually do in Baltimore saying that's. You just this was the time we get that ninety man roster to get team and and be able to go through the OTAs and I'm sure that's exactly Regina is trying to do Romo have him in just a minute meanwhile as we wait for Johnny let's get to start with what stress. Credit cavs beat the so this 111102 to even the series two games apiece. LeBron scored 44 his sixth 44 game this point season postseason so we and the LeBron is the reason the cavs are winning because that's just awful calculus argument. I mean I think overall they they were playing better defense and a lot to as we talked about you know the x.s and o.s wise they were never great defenders where you can always make up for and I've always said this. With hustle. With close out to a switches where and how bad you do need to get to the position need to be on the floor covering we're supposed to carver closing out who spoke to close out on you saw that. Is it based on the fact that you have a lead Danube and is going well. Because the that where you really find out is that things are going as well how much you still doing the things you need to do. Or you just got because we've heard time and time again when it's not going well and they're not hitting their shots they don't play as good a defense that it really kind of going to think about it overall kind of pour way to go about your business yet. Here they are you don't win it's going well there all their defense and their hustle seem to go ton that. And it starts with LeBron yeah he's got to continue to bring energy especially early we can afford it yep game four oh win by eight the cavs is what everybody's talking about brought to buy a Lowe's pros in the know start with lows go to Lowe's for pros dot com for details. Like ledger with a score do we go presented by progressive insurance whatever you're looking to ensure go to progressive.com and I'll take care about the we're delighted to be joined now on the phone on the shall pencil performance line. By the newest member of the Hamilton tiger cats in this quarterback Johnny men's Al jolly good morning thanks for US. More guys government at work we're happy to have you Johnny so listen obviously a lot of people followed your career for a lot of years and and remember it's gone it's XNM in the first round pick with the browns and Tony fourteen. Now you decision to go for the next two years and play up in the CFL with the Hamilton tiger gets what made this the right call for you when your mind. I think just give a chance to play you know he he did it by. No orders jumped on somewhere in the absolute delight cunard. I'm not give a chance. Come and important to our little sister learn languages which is fine with me but then the day Robin out of that extra little bit about torture need to get back into the swing of things cents. Or better a lot of options and end you know a lot of people talked to arm. They weren't assuming you don't hesitate in and give back to plain and and Arctic that gave me about the best opportunity to do that. We're of their Johnny U and urine a couple of all pro days and then this bring league as well. Through that time in talking with the NFL teams how close did it ever come to signing with the team met if at all. Well on not really sure it's probably a better question there or should read my agent. You know. Throughout the process here are our I was just glad to be back in the mix are his. Order some of these per days. And did back in the makes a war cannot be an Arab guys. I thought all right so you know it's certainly will go to media got a lot on down there. They're guy. Broke out about Obama ordered already did as far as opiate of a chance. Going to a practice you don't own real routes aren't there and neglect that so. I don't know how close the guy I know aren't marked do. Go to I had known her relationship was around the league and I answered by you know I talked a load. Other guys in the league players and other guys that are armed lecture us and you know relieved that talks about it and this is an important turn out billion in our side there's a new chapter of the insert a chance to get back the ball in the great opportunity. Part of John demands on the shell Pennzoil performance line. Johnny you brought it up yourself reflecting on your time with the browns saying he'd prepare the way that you felt you needed to. As a professional to be a quarterback in this league so. Going through the spring league and heading today Hamilton now it has there been a player or players that you've talked Judy kind of help reshape that processing get a better handle on the way you want to prepare as a quarterback. Yes atlas multiple times in the past that they got really up my order Orson and trying to. You know showed me he showed me the ropes and really got the are on schedule elect was really. Professional while we're just count national talk on I still use them there. There's a great resource. He's always there forever ago cost are well born in. You know if you use use the guys there that pretty much and take it you don't have to come in whenever I do but you know you are really verbal roadside that a lot of the places. A lot of experience somewhat to help you and and I don't I jump all of that opportunity and it was different you know we had a good quarterback remotes on the bureau because we had at Merrill storm really burned and about everything that. I did that Sarah know whenever I was caught you know there's a concussion the learned a lot of these things and who's got a really help me out on our particular blueprint. That I that I got him and I got them. Don't think would all welcome me and try to bring that up yet. I hear that I'm glad you mentioned that his Josh McCown has been such a steady influence on so many people. Allowed feels it why is he still only because of that sort of thing he's he's great at mentoring a lot of people are glad that but he said he's helping you was Johnny men's Els with us now going to be with a Hamilton tiger cats. Listen what is it about the CFL. And the way they play again for people that may not know there's only three downs and a lot of times that upon on the third down they go for it it's a wider field with a bigger and zone. What about the style of play and the way the C Appel is played you like about how it relates to your game. How are modest they're here with chords June Jones and in the way that we're right in the slot and some are disorder and an extra couple days where it. It's very interest in it or it's a quick pace. I lecture receiver on the field it and you're able to get some motion. Into somebody's poised so you know what's it took quick way it's gonna have. Why didn't hold the defense and and being able I kind of process everything really quick you the ball out required so in order to interest and absolutely close. Well obviously three downs. And you have to take some shots ourselves second out what's there which essentially third doubt. Incredible the NFL so I'm still learning the ins and outs of a little bit but I know what we're doing and altered the brilliant and the way. Things are appear more I've seen in the two days armed seem to be you know. Pretty interest payments and it's. Not it marks no deal and everything that's gone on the other more strains. When you're able to short trying to determine the hundreds of Ireland you know. First herbal there's still doing it out but it but it seems in critical. I was gonna say I know it's only been a couple of days but you've been playing on you know it NFL or college that field for so long in this is the cut a different field a different feel. In those couple of days like what stood out fuel almost immediately as the biggest difference in the game in Canada. When I got my passion sometimes. If you have it or trips to the field. In other outside got a turtle or start summer data Utley a lot further broke the field is lighter also when you get permits Norris and certainly the red zone. They're in the zone is is a lot deeper to. Arms and there's more room to do some things and then in the red zone around the court gives you a little bit more creativity and what you do or are injured you more space by. There are right now I've sort of got better handle on the on. You know concepts that we had them opt into it now it's currencies you know how they play. He says it's really see there's no one high Q hi how they played at different coverages and it's been a little bit different. Tara Hamilton tiger cats quarterback Johnny man's on the show opens on performance line. How much did the two year contract decision. Weigh on you that two year commitment out there is someone who had to make that decision a few years ago. About going implying potentially in Montreal and understanding that you're now locked into that and that passage of time can sometimes be to your detriment as a player trying to get back in the NFL. Yet employee. Talk to people on them and I most of the people like you go there per year and that play and they come back in and Huckabee kind of lose but no matter what it really easy you know or the way it won't shut up appear this just a way it is and you know. It's an opportunity that I got a that kicked out of into consideration but it into the day knob back the plan ball back you know being on a team in the locker room and that's literally the water so of course from doors and armed guard at Vietnam for two years announced organ do what I love still in the duke. You know everything that I've been missing for so long soak. I'm not really looking as at such a Manama there's opportunity to still continue to try and get better you know I think I have a very good coach. Of developed quarterbacks in the past week and tell unsuccessful the quarterback position so there are looking at this opportunity. You know just get better as a quarterback and I need to continue to start seeing. Windows for a rose and and and getting maps and in reading these churches and that's something I get to do appearance involved and I've not taken that credit. Johnny men's though with us on boldly goes mourning the newest quarterback of Hamilton tiger cats. You know obviously reading and finding windows as one part of playing quarterback whether the CFO of the NFL the other part is all the other stuff the comes within the ancillary responsibilities. And all those sort of things in Johnnie both forcible fifty we had Ryan leaf on the show with us on NFL live and Peyton Manning was playing in that game and asked him what's it like you being here. With the loss in the set and a guy that was drafted right ahead you all those years ago still playing. And one thing Ryan Lee said was I'd ask him how he did it how we handle all the stuff but I couldn't handle very well on the stump of the kinks distractions for me. So Wasilla that in mind. Jobs are coming off a draft horse were five quarterbacks were taken in the first round four in the top ten. Including baker mayfield going to Cleveland there's going to be a lot of expectations. For all these quarterbacks as first round draft picks so take away the idea what happens on the field. And doing the read and understand the playbook what advice would you give to all of these guys are understanding. The scrutiny. The pressure all the things that come with being a number one pick as a quarterback. Away from actually understanding the playoff up the playbook. Yeah I think the biggest thing you have to make all the main thing. And that some emit a portion where I was able to do all the aren't an admirer of the year you know. Has. Learn the hard way out some things in the end really was. Slower boxes or in a handle on you know on on tinsel ball lies in its you know I'll do that report tomorrow allies. You know unfortunately for me. You know it took me it took me awhile to really figure things out and our way. Into the debt I do like I got a chance there's a note some of these guys in the class. And you know. People that I Wear around their issue might really good dude Dick Durbin had shoulder where you know at all about the it's all about given the right situation and you know hopefully. You know what. Having been drafted in the first round pick you know these teams there are heavily invested in these quarterbacks you know double the speed but you know I thought Doug is Lou good class that was. It was great to see play out the dress shirt. And then Johnny of course there there's life off the field not only want your playing but then when you're done playing and it all and for everybody at some point. And certainly had some trials and tribulations off the field where where is all that now where you personally now. There are our deal. Like you Dominick included complies you know I've got a chance to get up period and there's gratitude that I have to pay him back. On our practice field a little things. You know out of the locker and being back around a group of guys courtroom. Are as it's something that I feel like reporting time has been sort of normal to me that you know I didn't. Really understand how special it was. That when you're sitting there in August September October November. An and you're not playing. And in danger. Aren't watching as anyone else watching on TV and they're reports are about as you spoke on all the other stuff they're there or what does it really make you miss the game. I'm not going to immediately are being you know probably not a Friday or Saturday Gordon play the game it's it's all I'd known for so long and some to not to like proportionally. You know. So normal real Michael would never go away no what it does that Paris but should they soak dogs are multitudes doubts in my life to ensure. Our success. Success both on the field and off the field you know it's really just putting most things. Those words into action. And you know I've been here. And a lot of time in the playbook and that is you know it happened really quick. And I didn't expect to be after this quick you know there were some dates when we were going through this process about when I was gonna have be up here and it happened quicker. Those are just got done and I was up there are like that night in and out the next morning by a six they have are red so. Armpit it happened quick and noted that they don't get about where endured happy about it but they give up credit every little thing. On the back to doing right now whether it's oh culture and every day in our are unhappy about it and I are very lucky to be in this situation are red cars are still like to have Camelot and just learned from the Gaza say that may is not a bust up a bad situation and keeping. Johnny men's all of us this morning as he begins his careers Hamilton tiger cats quarterback in the CFL. You said you you miss the game you missed us so much you wanna be a part of this against of this is really the beginning of of another journey for you as you attempt to come back and hopefully one of these days in your rice played play again in the NFL so. I guess my question if you would what. As you begin this process again. What would be considered a success for you if David doesn't work out. And you don't get back to the NFL what what what in your eyes would be a win for you when this attempt to get back and play the game you'll love. You know I still like whenever it started out little ball out of high school got a result they always that doubt period of devoured every to make it to college arm has Okur went away on that it did I got a chance there is enrichment Dorgan and generous grant them and then Charlie and detonate them. And I've done a lot throughout my arm. I've never Richard your word and in Dover air while I was struggle or Sherman's offense and encourage someone comes and then you know. I'm I didn't have degrees spring whatever there and then on six or later you know. The highs and everything like that happens in in home my career so far he's been through what I've done in college that are watching the deal was could guard they have never got a chance to play much Russell all the things that we did there with my in NJ and Luke and all the guys that we had. You know and I made Brothers were alike in that situation a lot so all lies that you know I didn't know why would ever get a chance to do anything like this so now our. Obviously I'm not. Pleased with how much harm when it in the air so I have a lot of reps about what happened in the past but into the I only have what happened shortly right now and that's this opportunity here and parliament trying to make the most of it now. This the best opportunity that I have I made states where people as in about nowhere and that and in with what I showed them in the past so that was just on the go out and do what I'm saying I'm doing it in do the right thing. But the successor means getting back to. Student back to play in a preceding and we have a couple reached a crisis and censor me an indoor how would it be competitive than it in the Stroud. And you know hopefully whatever I do get an opportunity to make most of them play good because after like there was born in overtime and a password. You know had spurts of playing good and got a couple wins the housing boom there was a consistent so. You know it's get a grip on the up and ignore down but we weren't due to the opportunity claim well I mean is what I expected due. You know I'm not looking as as a long term thing down the road as far as what my expectations are here right now trying to keep it they'll start date training camp we'll get to this first game and let's see Palestinians it is going to be a little bit of. Dining Enzo hero doesn't go the window before we let you go you mentioned your time with the browns and we asked you about advice for the first round quarterbacks but. You re browns quarterback and someone who relished that opportunity of trying to return a franchise to prominence so. Baker mayfield is their number one overall pick he is in the shoes that you were in. What specifically would you tell him about the challenge could that team in that city. I mean there's obviously on some pressure on them either way the organization has been. Arm on overtime and other. On the success. Some teams are accustomed to and they're trying to get back to that but when I look at the bigger situation and you obviously have another quarter reckon the room who has better experience. Our blue I'd still like it really plays so. You know be ready when his name is called whenever that may be in and try to block out whatever you can't have that pressure more people having to say because. Kidnappers stage training camps on the camera or being clearly obviously has aardvarks going on things like ethnic and trying. You know bring distractions every doorknob but aren't doing Rick or have a good grip on everything you know. Armed you know people surmount. Do you Torre you to be here ready to play whenever that is no by I'd I'd still like. You know target job in the last couple years sparked the draft heroes that they blocked out by Joseph Thomas and fortunately there's a guy you really. Can't replace sort why you brought that out what he brought that team but you know outdoor QB on went on well. Oh Johnny was still plays out with you for the Hamilton tiger cats and what may or may not come after that we appreciate your being out of us this morning a vessel uncle report that first pre season game thanks Johnny. Oh bet on your. John amends Olympus you know what what I what I love. Some of the things I like hearing is you know it's time is not words anymore as the tournament action you know and that's who we are like you know what people do. Don't fulfill all what you thought they were trying to fulfill or where they were picked and what that the expectation was. Sometimes you hear a lot of words but. He just said it's is it's about action now and you know I as trade you guys have we ever dollars that he's going to be able to make it back to the NFL. But you know he's willing to go take the shot. You know he's willing to have football back in his life because and now with the different perspective on where he was with an in his life and how we didn't handle it well too now he gets kind of a second act even though it's starting up in Canada. Which it at least I think kind of brings him back to a place. Betty wanted to be now he gets tried again and yields this time the right way. As you go through these alternate leaves you find out how much the rest of that means you and how much you value because there might be a point where that's all he has I don't know how long the camera stays fixed Don Johnny. Based on how his career starts up there and so. Those are going to be the things that are gonna carry him when the spotlight goes away potential as well and that Betsy Anderson I think when when you brought up the browns specifically you know I. The good bodes hard knocks is going to be interest because they're gonna try and make it to victory for sure there and can you imagine if they had in the hard knocks when Johnny was there in Cleveland that would have been all about what Johnny man's always going to do and and by his own words some of the things that he was distracted by them would have been really bad thing for Johnny. We'll see if baker and the browns can figure out a way around a little better. By the way be the thing I haven't really shook my last name and come announcement till the all time roster from Hamilton tiger cats which will include John immense fell 1956. And 1957. Offensive tackle Bob goal. There you go Euro all back together yeah. And so now. 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It's a changing linking to looked help you get in the zone and look sharp when you hit that big meeting prepared witted business with lucky day inns and suites book now LQ Dhaka. Go doing go ESPN radio ESPN news presented by progressive insurance. Well all phone just join us on the shell Pennzoil performance line and that's what we find ESP caps reporter Dave McManaman you can catch a day's work on espn.com. This call from last night's game four other cavs led by Kyle Korver. Opens lanes up for LeBron James Dave thanks for being with a straight lingo Michael would Michael junior would view. I'm yes other cavs did well but that's because LeBron scored 44. A sixth time this post season or what stood out most for you in the game more now apparently Dave. These newcomers vials have not yet begun yet because not a team is lost on their home for. Well how about this LeBron. And the cavs are now five and one in the post season on the front courts ordered cost. So while it's creepy use but it is six times. The first player and Allen Iverson to have that many. Or equally keen in a single post season I beckoned 2001. Also the fact that Kevin Love you know obviously the number two option. It's schools under ten points. And now in the heat play out the caps are also want to win well score 110 point of course that's because of the work that will probably still. So all along those lines where do you see this. It'd be you the difference of momentum and pressure of work goes through this next game in Boston do you see either of them affect either team how do you see this working. Well I mean you look at the history of the public. This is the exact same script. That the first round one of them. You know busy place Milwaukee. To this seventeen year you can go Google caulk or rather can't go there cord and the celtics' Paul Mueller games on their court and it continued. The Celtics are now are undefeated at home and so. You know unless the cavs can go into Boston it and we want leave. No one of the next three games. Tom moved Celtics would be nimby problem. They're being that the absolute have on their side is that. LeBron been in the situation. What they expect out well. You the botanist and got a game he had to have. In the game. A must win situation to complete the climate cook performs on the career and so that's why the capsule Google spokesman now. David Mamet joining us Michelle Pennzoil performance live. So much of last night's effort team tied to defense in just the effort and energy how much was just an uptick in effort how much was hi Lou tinkering with things like Tristan Thompson matching and Al Horford in the lineup. Yeah I mean certainly would be because how to move has paid off ever since. When tutorial out game two. Also go with Larry net well and junior. It has yet to. But you've provided. Major sparked. Inking or particularly at the end of the third quarter loss and threatening they turned the cavs big lead kind of always down to eat. And can't get in there and get to the indigo when he took the follow links to Google button in that category seven to run in the third quarter. And their back up double digit scenario will carry that momentum in the fourth quarter and that's an instinctual move. I go to guy is and it never does that play out. Or the third year player pretty young. I look certainly in this league coach in the right buttons are now. All doing you'll remind you that every playoff game throughout the NBA finals is going to be on ESPN radio including game four tonight. In the west as Kevin Durant in the wars post pardon in the rockets presented by indeed coverage begins at 8 PM eastern. On most ESPN radio stations as Dave McManaman our caps reporters with a stated seems like this series basically comes down to this. Do you believe that the Celtics will continue to hold court at home they have not lost on game. In this post season and as a franchise they've never lost a series in which they've been up two games on and a best of seven. Or do you believe more in LeBron james' finding a way to get to is eight straight finals in the NBA it just seems like it comes down to one of those things what do you believe is more likely to happen. LeBron stealing a game or the Celtics holding court. If it's hard for me to pick you get around the crater at the cover them. They and they outlast force seasons and I seen him. Just do remarkable thing out remarkable thing took away the school has gone global problem thirtieth two political leaders have mentioned the six. Home forty point games you lead the post season scoring eat eat at who's actually collapsed thank pat. Local group are for the most locals need Libya cleanup history. If you are really go out and after its final streak of seven straight our old broken. Got a team that led by a couple courting your old Berkeley won't know until the ground dictate them quote portrait at the capitol way to. You know neutralize them we've seen that problem. I gotta go with the experienced guy. The third three year old Luke in his prime who have and missed the game all these small all 82. In the regular season courses in the course you'd. I at least somehow he'd get the cap expect to file of the church. And the role players have to play well now on the road talk a little bit about how core friend are you you were talking about him your article. Just about what he's meant especially the last couple games. Yeah I mean there could he do incredible. In game or at least fourteen point out the bench Reebok if he's 37 year old clock the beat 41 year old Sheila brown and it deepened the numbers for Kyle Korver in the series ours start to add up and looked incredible in the last three team. At the primary defender are you coping Celtics should first eat for twenty shooting from the war which is why I don't mean you spoke you you had the liability that shot. They eat and eat it deepened through a lot. Great shot solicitude for the cat than a bit too early to Larry can't hear Huckabee can't that we third quarter run. Really give them control the game began to headed to support quarter. There's a huge moment in that in that run and also Kyle Korver racing down the court diving on the war a loose ball. He's been Terry root beer again equally good news older than just 44. You know who bought her as the year without bout at any question that the UN YL. And those look at the moment. That you provided you know I don't call them all throughout the night. And a big resort to have to go back off the 22. Davis they go back to Boston now won't be able to rely on the energy of that crowd rather. The things they focus in on you mentioned how wore fur was a big key for them stopping him. Offensively and what he does. Who outside of Al Horford is the next Celtic on the list of the cavaliers wanna make sure they focus in on and prevent from getting any sort of momentum of his own. Yeah I mean they you do Monday and Tatum coming into this series and again a lot of other guys to get off. That they kind of keep in on the until at brown that worked pretty well in greed not as well indeed important right now over perverts. Joe Brown grew up for nothing went backwards from 1023 shooting. That the couple over the Celtics team there at the cavs can't dislike him on one guy that syndicate they have. You know we're I've got a look at what point on the topic though with the caps were saying it in the locker route early that. We just realized all the little extra effort plays we have and we can't. Have often dictate argument of energy. Need one to you saw them. Put your head down when things didn't go right and then also a possibility. Into possession where the characters that you about he's got. They got to have the reclusive Tokyo. And recognized also that if our shots are falling that we got to find something within ourselves keep climbing on defense catalyst supported by a percent three in those first two. In Boston they shot a much better. Obviously other home court. Old we'll see you know it's easier said than done that that loud arena about it I'll let let the cat. I'll often. I've lied they probably even louder at a consistent level Indians one at duke and I'll walk through the you do can be about. I will find out whether or not these are commerce finals actually begins in game five if somebody loses the Boston Celtics on their home floor. I Dave our caps reporter fallen at Mac ten day McManaman. On putter day thanks Rio has been appreciated thanks Dave. Are coming up next. Why hide why I wise or professional athlete peeing on himself. What do you have been receiving style tips from the clothing experts appear below are you are missing out you enjoy golf like me you know the name if you don't you should because Peter Millar is all about quality value in style it is the most comfortable clothing you'll ever aware. Right now wearing one of their performance pole what you love about these people are polar shirts is that they offer so much comfort and style no matter what you're doing. Remember a story about what's word any occasion. Peter Moore is the ego to clothing for vacation work events golf courses and even working out. 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We're gonna do a book at second tomorrow book it segment tomorrow that would that was your hot take on first take personal last and of course we steal all the good district of because we're just going to because we can't that was close idea your thought his base if you say balking at that really kind of anti hot take amplifiers and regardless of whatever statement you made you just throw book it on the head and all of a sudden it sounds assertive it sounds like people who take it seriously and this was close ideas so. Yeah. Camp by the way he's been deport his will be Spanish language home of UEFA champions league final this Saturday may 26 at 2:20 eastern won 11 Tony Pacific. The rail Madrid make history when for the third consecutive year or will there be a new champion in Liverpool's champions league final may 26 live in Spanish and he has been deport days. And the ESPN apps so we go from football. Two football here on go can we go we are in phase three for a lot of teams in there. Offseason workouts the OT eight and people are there and a lot of people are not there. So as we go through the list of players that have not shown up. What's the biggest deal for you guys is it Julio Jones not being there is an error Donald the defense of Lyman for the rams not being there. Is it gronkowski not being their Tom Brady not being their Mark Ingram not being there what concerns you the most they're for different re. And obviously you know Julio we don't know what it's really about it could turn out money out there are few years left on his deal. Darn over notes about money Donald beset out all the way and hold. You said Arnold twice Donald I don't earlier holes out Galarraga. Yeah Ali and feeling his oats are but Donald you know missed the first game our last year called out so long Libya bell. You're gonna hold out again it seems so it's a difference through the money guys breaking crock again I understand it's not like it was it's a little different because they've been never not I'm not worried about those guys are gonna show up at some point they're gonna play. It's how far to the other guys gore want the money how far they get to sit out again miss camp are they gonna miss game so those are the worrisome once to me so would be. Donald I would be Belle all. Our order a Beckham is it OTA but he still prefer deal as well closed its without a doubt the money guys to me is how far they take it. I had I would say if we're gonna keep with the team we're just talking about her early tease for you got to be worried about Levy on book it. You think so let me I think so just because this current Steelers roster especially would Ben we know as much as he's now talked about another three to five years because Mason Rudolph strolled onto campus. This is a guy who's kind of flirted with retirement Florida with the edge every season for awhile now. So you know at least the timetable for this current group is taking the rams have a young core a lot of the arrested these teams or in different places the Steelers are in a very clear championship window and that window exists in very large part because of what Levy on provides Roth it's listen I I I hear what you're saying but I think eventually and maybe it's it's let me just listen and you say this million times senior but I do believe that there's no chance in hell. If he plays and the French I say he's turning down fourteen plus milling mourners all eyes I don't way I agree with that I think Donald Erin Donald might say eight. I'm not coming until I get my money let's let's be clear this pro football focus which ranks every player rated him the best. Player in football and it wasn't even close I also think he has the greatest likelihood of getting paid but I think there's a very real chance that we see his payday come before any of the rest of these guys because it is so obvious. You need to pay him with the rest these guys because of position because of other things they've got questions and doubts it would let beyond we know last year still touched almost 2000 yards from scrimmage put it took him awhile to get going in the Steelers especially with how crowded and competitive the AFC's gonna beat this year. They can't afford to lag behind early in the C. I wonder which of the guys you know we're we Q talk about the shift your guys in a look at your page exact Marten like Donald like color practical Mac. Which are guys that don't get that deal will hold off the longest ID Samir and Donald. I obviously in close I mean more than late gumbo yeah I I I I think so because again I don't think bill's. Especially the running back position where you wind it was much shorter almost every other one. Use you just even if you don't get that you cannot turn down fourteen plus million dollars a difference quickly would bell is. It's a franchise tag so come July 15. There's no more negotiations either place for the fourteen which which I formula really be well there's all these other guys it's about. You can keep extending your hold out because you're trying to have leverage to get that big deal we and you sit it is much you wanna resorted to Graham feed instead I'm not going to miss games this season boarded still. Dole hang over that come to a missing all of training camp the way he did last year in the way that that clearly had some effect on the slow start to their season yet but it also eleven play sixty a fifteen games and held him out of the last game of the regular season he was healthy all the way through the season which had been a big concern for the last couple of years as well the other thing I'll say and I look they're both going to be there the both can apply. But you can't tell me it doesn't mean something that both drunken Tom Brady who have been notorious. About being at everything and showing the way and Tom Brady taken a haircut all these years to make sure that. You know he he's taken more from the team the fact that he's not there he's making a statement. Now I don't I don't think it affects what what he does but he's clearly saying a I'm gonna do things my way now because I've been emboldened by the organization that they have my back in this so we're gonna we're gonna see how far can push the armed appear. And that to me is very very interest and are you you know you youngster get out of here and you get to miss the greatest thing in the world wide professional athlete is deciding. Consciously appeal himself darker. I.