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Monday, June 25th
The guys switch gears to golf, two-hole playoff at the Wichita Open, Shane walked Crestview Saturday and Sunday, Quicken Loans National this weekend, and Tiger is in it, Senior Open in Colorado.

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And. They gave us dying 28 in the morning good to have you with us on any Mondale had a great weekend and enjoyed your time all got out TV. Wichita open. Boy the returns that I am I getting on it were. Some pretty good great golf. Generally good weather good your time really good weather that's just say it gas so. Looked like he looked like it lists I if you were even a casual golf fan for really. Really good days out a press view our congratulations. To Roy turner and his staff and his incredibly hard working crew that sent. Really bust their tails. About 300 and you know but did it every day well how about every day of the year in my not to make this thing big yap pretty much to make this thing bigger and better every single season and I'm the fact that they're able to do it in do it to so gracefully. He's a great testimony to their work ethic and really the way to think about things in a pro active way. But it also helps to have a really competitive golf tournament chain that's what we have all weekend. Yeah and I Arnold who. Roy made a deal with keep it from raining yesterday. But you can't imagine what could the radar looked like about an hour into the final groups going on off. It looked like it was done not only whole war but I mean. I had didn't. But the fact that it didn't and a little bit of a north wind. Kept things not only comfortable but little bit cool. Somehow while on the final day yeah. And so because of that and it rained the night before so the the greens are little more receptive than they normally would be. And three guys finished at fourteen under Brady schnell kid movies I kid 33 year old former Nebraska Cornhuskers. He piston at tying with Brandon Haiti and Scott Pinkney. So they played eighteen again all three of them. Scott paint niece settled for par and Haiti and schnell both birdied so those two what Bakken play eighteen again. Basically had the identical putts that they both knocked in for birdie the previous hole. He missed his Chanel made his so. At that the cool part about that was. Is you know that you get that party on seventeen right hand so they followed the final group up the fairway. And as they get closer to the big giant scoreboard in the right rough. You see that we got an opportunity for a playoff so everybody just lines the eighteenth fairway and they stay there until it's done and so yet big time by the end yet that your stand in plant five deep behind the ropes in the beyond the the left rough on the edge of the eighteenth fairway so. Yeah it was. The people at the which opened could've asked for better ending for sure and the type. All three all four days really the weather it never got hot it never rained during the tournament. And you know that north wind as we talked about late last week in that first round made it tough but. Every other round after that it was him more the scoring conditions of more favorable. But you know what the one thing I came away with from that tournament and watching most of all four days and a follow on groups last few days. These guys don't really concern themselves with hit the ball on the fairway. And not that they're trying to miss fairways and I wanted to know don't misunderstand me but they bomb it down they're so far. That as long as they don't hit it will be. They've got and you can you can scramble a little bit your second shots some way more important than your first shot. For these guys because he hit so far there a couple of guys that had 400 yard drive spruce. 100 yeah one guy out at Texas in him his name is Cameron champ followed him yesterday. On number. The UE one. The 420 yard drive on number one. Wow yeah. I mean and not that there regularly hit it that far. But 355360. Not out of the realm of possibility known not at all known and let's say you're in the first cut of rough so what you didn't make it to the fairway. Now you got to really aware heads yen. Almost every hole most of the par five. Yeah I can't speech can't spin it quite the same night but what do but you can see but you're still be. You're locked can take care of that I mean you know when you're when you're hitting a lofted club. You can stop it. Just on the trajectory of the way the ball's coming down the very least you can get up and down for par but if you end up staying in the fairway you can do you can go. Pin seeking and there was no wind to speak of this weekend's that in have to worry about that it rained overnight I think at least twice. So with that in mind used bill throwing darts and that's what they did and in any other city besides Wichita work. Which done normally have to deal really brisk south wind you have to deal with that they have to deal with that and I'm Tanya. Hitting fairways to these guys nowadays is overrated. But on the other hand. Guys that do value hit the ball on the fairway and hit and greens like guys that you'll be covering this weekend. Fascinated to hear. Some of the guys that QB look in that to what the senior open are the yeah well out there you're open. Senior open in Bryant brought more broad more down tomorrow for practice rounds gonna chat with John Smoltz. Amongst others. Palm and then he gets going in earnest on Thursday. So Thursday through the weekend. On down there should be it it's this is my. Third a senior open that'll have covered so. I'm looking forward to it. The the seniors in particular are a group. Golfers in general. Are a might be the best. How to be careful here because NASCAR guys are really really excessively generally to I mean. Really accessible and get it and are available and make time for you. And you may get a call for every now and then that's on his way to go work on something or whatever the case may be. But none Maine and a half times out of ten. They're gonna hang with you and they're going to. Answer pretty intelligently. If you can ask intelligent questions not from anything you've got form. Which I really appreciate. And the seniors or even a step better than the regular. Tour because they've been around the block a few times they get it. From they're very competitive but they're not quite like they might have been at the gay. I shouldn't say that Bernard honors. No no no change whatsoever but you get my point to an end so they're really fun to kind of pick their brains and to talk to though don't talk you don't give your stories and now all sorts of things sorts of rates up finer. Really fun event to get a lot of yeah a lot of tread off the tires usual walking as you know home your year all over the golf course but. It's it's really fun to. To follow these ten you know NEC along main couples Davis Love and ain't. Anybody over fifty. Done. You know that you know it's worth a dam is playing. In this I'm not sure that I would go as far as if I were in your shoes that I would. Take more. Pleasures satisfaction and covering a senior open as opposed to the guys on the regular tour. Just because a lot of these guys stories have already been written. And you can draw upon that you know I mean yeah you got yes these up and comers on the PGA tour that. It's and I we kind of have to introduce everybody can these protect your right guys. Then you're yeah I mean you you're going to be out there talking to Colin Montgomery or Bernhard longer or write it Kenny Perry or Rocco meat does it everybody in the golf world has heard of in addition to guys like John Smoltz or whoever's. You know tried to qualify and has qualified that. Just simply because of their age and they went took a qualifier and made it. Besides those cool stories. You know you can always. Talked to Corey pavement or Vijay Singh earned you know I now watch the very end of it's Steve Stricker turned him at that he had. Yesterday up in Madison Wisconsin where. The senior tournaments. And eight besides him only playing three rounds instead of four again who's to his liking hammer him yeah. Oh my god you know every guy everyone okay and analysts say that's that's the thing that I like about when to seniors. Is done. And there's still a few guys that you did you did you probably dislike or that may be you're not. Quite as chummy and win if I get that that that probably never goes away but Bonnie enlarge even during the tournament. You. See their camaraderie. And the share. Commonality of the experience. That these guys all have. Com so you see a John Cook who or whatever the case may be. That he would be pulling for someone even at his own expense you know what I'm saying there's not as much on. You are not as drawn into your own game. And last year at the top of the leaderboard. And you're not quite as conservative there's just a little bit more. Fellowship and it's a little bit more. It's more of a blatant and overt on the golf course. Condit normally you guys are joking there a lot with each other in there and they've got a good sense of humor and they're not. You know I mean if someone makes a bad swing I mean their. The Kennedy kind of laugh at themselves instead of wanna take a club and break it over there need to hear that that kind of stuff there's just a little bit more. They're just down the road a little bit further and they're just not quite as. Done just not there's quite they're grinding like they used to it doesn't they don't have to do it quite that way they still do it because of the love of the game. The competitiveness wanting to win a title but on distilled beat these guys who are still so very very good. Not on a tremendous world class golf course. That always means something. Not to these guys and that's always a lot of fun to see how they. How they deal with the golf course and stuff so yeah absolutely hit it it's a lot of fun native really as you know Sheen I've often said this com. About. If you had it to do all over again. And and you could have picked anything other than a baseball for instance canoes. Are we were baseball guys and then you win a lot further obviously than I did in the game of baseball but be that as it may. We're both baseball guys with time in the effort the energy the passion and everything into it. So if you could go back and do it all again. And baseball is off this is off the page because you'd gone down that dial. I've always sign that golf would have been a really fun thing. To try to take a run ads in a lot of it is because. My experience covering the Wichita open for twenty some years. I loved and it's not quite so much display now. Because you gets. It did it's a much higher it's it's not even a minor league get say it's a bridge Lee. That is the that the play is much higher than it even was back in the day but there were so many. Really really young guys. And gals they if they were boyfriend girlfriend and stuff like that. That would be out on this tour. Andy did it was kind of a vagabond feel of it you know you getting your car you go to Springfield next and then you're on to Omaha. And end. As a young golfer you know 21222324. Right out of college would that have been a fun thing to kind of go chase that dream. And you know you are when you're young you don't care about how much money have you just. You know you wanna make sure you have enough for the next beer and then you gotta get up and work on your game and can do that stuff and you know and and enough to eat the rest of that you don't even. Or about bonus and is Aron wise is case he wasn't even 21 when he won why exactly Wichita Euro and then you also have Stuart Appleby. Mike Weir is out there you see you get that mix of yeah. I remember him and it's like IS is the next big thing where where you come in from well OK at the seams come from Oklahoma State who's coming from Texas CNN. You know and yeah its it if I knew that I would be really good golf. And baseball didn't work out. Deanna Kress here this past weekend. To make you think man and be really cool pharmaceutical. Holes and I could come out Aaron banned shoot a 66 and Prodi's. These guys come out to watch I mean apple the problem is used to use you got to go out and shoot sixty and NGOs she is another that. Excuses for painting oil and I had to do it again the next day. And you're still looking up to people right I I I realized the the incredible pressure that it would put on you but man when you're young and carefree and then you're you're swinging from the heels and you know and in here everything is ahead of you in your life professionally. What a great few years that could have been chasing. Chasing the sun around as it worked I said nice 42 Jane and Bruce with you this morning Twitter question coming up next courtesy of CDO. Hang with us we're propping bill and here's this morning. Sports daily on these workstation can expect them.