The Games Of The Twenty Third Winter Olympics

The Drive
Monday, February 12th

A discussion on what events & games they’ve watched so far in the Olympics.


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I don't know why now. You drive well and Jeff Daly 691240. Left. JFH. We. The town hall. It's getting better all the time from Brooks and Dunn a fluke on musical seamlessly chosen. My cohort Jeffrey lose. I'm pleased with the so unmistakable sounds kicks broke. I think 8691240. Interest thing though on Twitter today. People come to your defense soleil what's up five keys and I appreciate it well they said you mean I'm not mean I'm just me. I'm fun loving. Cantankerous old don't try to cover it what what I did it was I mean. Whatever they said you were doing I don't know the you don't even know what I find interesting is that we got a couple pulls up I ask you about. Handsome men and battling men can vote on that they don't they don't feel comfortable voting by is that why is that. Why are men like that not women can vote on who's the beautiful woman. Why can't men say man I guys that got guys handsome guy. Can I ever said that about another man. I don't think so. Why why not because that's we you'll have that to be holding guy that is not the we we automatically. We can do those of us who are attracted to the opposite sex. We can't determine attractiveness. Of the same sex. Let's just ridiculous right why do women like eleven. Tell and they sure are OK we'll get through them they had the real data to pass this ad that's I guess six events. Right now Paul Newman leads in the old school handsome leading man category. Over Robert Redford whose right there which makes we wanna build on watched the staying again listed. Now never be McCleon Marlon Brando what what can't you complete your thoughts please. Both girls day did you want I mean what I really regulars are they gonna guess I didn't know what you are they do laboratory watching Robert Redford Madison though. Well what was the objective behind that that I love I love him as an actor okay. This seed you've probably never seen Robert Redford but I watched. That nature movie dude Nick Nolte very disappointing. And then and AM more contemporary leading man whose most handsome George Clooney with a substantial lead. Over Brad Pitt Ryan Gosling and Leonardo DiCaprio. So there you go Europe today like guzzling myself Jim how are you. Yeah aerial that your 1240 reaches goalie out of the well I'll let coroner. I love vial. Anyway depth is. Well right there economy people in our country western mole Miami is seventy or today. I'm not that great program it better than all that balloon landed to the rescue. They are literate yet anyway we can settle it are you guys haven't been getting them out to Oklahoma State the case. Amnesty let's they. No more no kitten. Being a man gave Eric. We don't have our Providence are currently by being New Coke or what changed CK UT can't it can't change. How are you hearing jet. Laura we'll try to get that god you. We'll try to set that up Jim thanks for the call we appreciate it clean this you're on the drive. Bob I gotta tell you man that bad eighties look better and and then you know look very dirty now a long clay it is. Look a year left hand man I don't know that he did not think that net net at the special call long been a beautiful beautiful much. I'd bags we appreciate that too I. But listen. Parting the girl I think latest go a little unclear assembly needed to say. What's he gonna say beyond the other hand as special mom did say the mouth think twice that's the mean it is beyond that there's not a lot you can't say. That's true. Did you see any movies over the weekend it was a pure Olympics cure all the time. Pure Olympics Pirillo the guy all the time yeah. And tonight and I don't like missing the Olympics they only come once every four years I'll always regret what our homework and were happy to have and Japan just scored a goal and I'm a bottle them and say Boller losing to Switzerland. Three to one. And I would just guess that has Japan ever scored an Olympic goal Tommy probably. Have they've been on the Olympics an option that they have. Check that. I'm I'm not I'm not a 100% sure I may be wrong in a minute forty times. Right but I don't remember. Watching Japan play hockey in the Olympics again they finished sixth in 98 they've finished seventh in the do you have a fourteen. Those of the previous times they've been in the Olympics they beat the Hong Kong 46 to nothing in 27 now in line. We'll battle both men's hockey game the women's hockey. Zevil watching here although they didn't and 1990 knows the women's bulk then yeah ninety's they lost eighteen and nothing to Japan. Our Canada I'm sorry. Well hockey is probably my favorite but only when we get down to the nitty gritty. And really. Only when we get down to Canada and the United States. That's one bomb. I would love to have there's a lot of good team I know but it's Canada and the United States for me what is no way our stand for that's my trivia question athletes from Russia Olympic athletes from rest who's doing got. What do you mean what does that stand for why if you think I don't know that. Pelosi or you're on the show. Yes I'm well well. Your current Twitter poll. My daughter won't Bob Johnston once you know that your more handsome than George Clooney but she's so embarrassed to say anything. Well let me see us put this place Steve I don't know anything about your daughter. But women. Have long been attracted to me. Cabin now. But I want you know she is not fine Jeff attractive because jab at Cleveland and spent. Hard it's hard to find an attractive Indian pass CC in my eyes Steve. Senior guys. NE NG chase should understand so. Well thanks for whining and I appreciate parent company. I'd ask for more information but on those Gerald. No again the shock yours start to 2018. Season on Friday at the state. Back with Mike Steele a moment.