Fun, Fun, Fun With Mike Love

The Drive
Friday, September 7th
Beach Boy lead singer Mike Love joins the show to talk about the band’s upcoming show at the Kansas State Fair, his family’s Kansas roots, and much more.

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Welcome back to drive with Bob and Jeff here on KF eight radio we are stoked to be joined right now by Michael of of the beach boy is the beach was of course will be and that in touch and so that the state fair coming up Saturday the fifteenth. Mike how are you. I'm great I'm looking forward to come into my mother's home. My uncle my mothers and aunts and everybody was born in Hutchinson on my mom's side of the balance on and actually. Google's and Ancestry.Com. And my mom salute likely birthplace. And in 1919. And and the house they moved to in 1920. Comic grandfather Wilson's. Draft court from April or won't. Do that so I'm really stoked like you guys perhaps it is. Have us apparent solar wee bit I'm really. Especially interest isn't. Crews in the W the streets there and where are my mom was actually born. Are you actually you know go over look up the house or have you done that before. Only by you know deep technological. Ways to do that right now but yeah I plan on. Come and over and and they're looking around and I don't know I'm not coming doors. I think that would be great knock on the door a Michael let me see the house we had that happened I can Wichita years back when Warren Beatty and Annette Benning were in town and and Annette Bening had some ties to wood just on the just went up and knocked on the door. Where she lived and I guess the people opened the door were pretty surprised so yeah do that for sure the pack back pack at. Well I think it's fun. These fun fun fun. Yes I look at Mike Leavitt with those from the Beach Boys will in 1961. You go back to you. You wrote the lyrics on the morality forests are fun. And here we are 57 years later a law what werder words would you use to categorize or talk about. Those 57 amazing years such a path. Well it's it's miraculous actually I mean. Double and we tradition because Obama decides Wilson. Was all about music really wants. I group home workers grand piano and organ now part in the living room. And my mom and more equally Wilson who was born and Hutchinson. She was just. Biggest fan and means economy in the World Cup tickled. Great school junior high school to the sound of her upper records as a consequence and traumatized by opera that. It anyway. We will get togethers family and that's where only the beach was at least my cousins Brian Dennis and Carl myself. There my first cousins my moment. Another brother Murray. Born and such and then again came to California very early age may choose not to five years old so that. My grandfather. Wilson wasn't the plumber you were an oilfield. Well coordinated the right thing and had a anyway. As justice. Incredible thing that that talent in that love of music. And my cousin Brian entire group that creates some of the greats on a lot of people love insurgents are safari circuit assay. I get there around Littleton scoop before on line fund bond fund California girls. Good vibrations. Do it again do all right to mean. You know Kokomo news number one for eight weeks and Australia. That's asserting nation that's pressure on the boat water. So I mean we just haven't remarkable. Incredible miraculous and wonderful career I believe. When my kid of course everybody knows your review mainly the lead singer of the band that sang all the songs and helper. Did you start out like may be like has saxophone player that was the big lead instrument in the fifties. But once you guys kind of asserted those guitar licks in the sixties the sex kind of moved away did you ever playing a saxophone on any Beach Boys song. You know shut down. Pixel two notes it's a different campaign can't tell those classic. I mean not at that but it is that the great sax players of that era didn't have anything mr. for me. But I was eager and enthusiastic. And rocketed more my cousin Carl would play the lead guitar on an instrument policy on fumbles and sacks. You know we do the midnight sun and different instrumental kind of things. Political trip than some of the earlier certain instrumental and mark. Neck of the woods but I was never pretext whether nor rate surfer I just saying about early well. And I was gonna ask you about your history and surfer would talk with Michael over the beach boy is. You can answer that question I'll I'll go to list recently I've put together a list of my top 100 songs. 63 years old from wireless goes back quite a ways couple Beach Boys song from that including god only knows in the top ten. It does not want your favorite beach boy songs what are your favorite songs. That that the beach boy is have done over the years. Well good vibrations is probably the most unique upon our song of the time it's still those on court. Good vibrations I wrote the words came outlook on things and good operations seize in media expectations so it is true the other DV. Great. Collaboration between my cousin Brian Wilson myself. He did an incredible track. And the corporations are missing work with the greatest musicians in Southern California. Called on the wrecking crew. And you know so so that I think grows the piece to resistance. Of the sixties but then you move over to eighties. And 1988. 22 short years after reverberations not one Kokomo one to number one and actually sold more singles than any other record Riordan. And it was number one eyes except for eight weeks in Australia. In it was a you know it's the biggest thing along or shall we got some pretty big ones like he'll be on a bar program. Problem club or ethnicity inside outside USA Padilla I think Kokomo. And could vibrations are right out of the California girl's. Is not shot. He had a few good ones like that. And Mike you guys that and you still are doing things the Beach Boys with the royal philharmonic orchestra everybody should go man because it just sounds so great but tell me about the you're actually re recorded Beach Boys song called it's OK with the band Hanson. In those chips are down their from Tulsa Oklahoma but they have that great harmony people should look it up on YouTube if you haven't bought it. Go over there and check it out it's okay Mike Love and Hanson together how that come about. You know if friend of mine at a record producer Michael Lloyd who did the dirty dancing now on time collateralized with the bill medley in. And so on so she's been a longtime friend and we've produce records with me. My album but it released well last year told unleash the love. And he'd he'd produced. Many of the songs most of the songs on the album. Summary reports of the beach was classics then and others he had been in touch with enhancements and we have. Of fellow who's in the business name's Steve Greenberg who does a lot of work with the Hanson's. And I always like the music because their harmonies. Azteca recorders and so on. For Christmas album that is there are so wrong but I do believe and they do the harmonies it was fantastic. And so I always thought that it's okay. Never got the right treatment. When it first came out that seventies. It was that are fifteen big ones columns those. 61 and fifteen so 76 and that's. Anyway. I think Taylor Hanson did an amazing job this lead they did incredible jump harmonies. And he has said that. They used to sing classic Beach Boys song just for being more known as a group because you know the harmonies and so we have that you know similar in that. Appreciation. I love this song writing and they're saying and it was fantastic. Collaboration. And I'm enjoying the modern day recording it's okay so much. Toggle the Mike love the beach boy is again at Kansas state fair in Hutchinson on the fifteenth of September. Let's not talk a little basketball because he knew that probably bring that up your nephew. Kevin Love with the Cleveland Cavaliers LeBron now. As gone out to Los Angeles. Public of a basketball fan are you know your brother and and Kevin's father played. A professionally in the NBA as well how much should you immerse yourself in hoops. Will you know on the result would be hurting for anything from where about Cleveland. Some people called the mistake Italy. But there's some great people there at at and in my nephew being there of course you know 100 1000000% supported. Both him and he's just carry on that semi tradition. But there's sports and there's music you know my death Mosul city and Washington high school in Los Angeles. My brother Stan. Because of the Baltimore bullets in plea briefly was the lakers and you know that that tradition of music in sports is that big deal on our family. Of course until mine that you can have a serious abuse somebody in this relatively new cable and this theoretically he's got an extension of those four years now it. In Cleveland for its thirty million a year annually slow bad and I'm not too shabby. Mikey still do like 150. Warner and sixty shows a year are remember that time in the year you were like doubling up you would do. A show in New York City. Like on the fourth of July fly down to DC do another show on the fourth do you like these two or three shows on the fourth of July do you still do that kind of stuff. Will do it occasionally. Mainly due to one liners and we love of the performing arts sinners we really like the state appears to because. You know entire family development neat thing about the beach was music just is a little. Child also wanna sing pop pop pop pop opera and credit that. I mean literally in the and so on TV that's. But also great grandparents. Collector from music in a police started in the early sixties. Now a lot of our fans are they're sixteen but in the seventies. So these have. Grand parents and parents and the teenagers and children everybody loves. He has to the Beach Boys released they can all work together without a miniature countless stories of people's. Say it on their trip to Florida. Do play the Beach Boys music is everybody in all ages and angle of that in the field. So I think it is is very special thing you know will. What we've been able to do and as we had thirteen 1500 people show up they stopped selling tickets to Herschel. At the Minnesota state center in Saint Paul just about a week ago it was just really from normal things so and so. Happy to be come the Hutchinson. Birthplace of my mom and uncles and aunts and stuff it's pretty special to come back and that family tradition. Is gonna manifest itself in in terms of our performance there become an upset Saturday. Well solar Ryan remind people about your memoir good vibrations my life of the beach boy you release that a couple of years ago if you haven't read it please get to it it's available everywhere. Mike club with those from the Beach Boys again at Kansas state fair in Hutchinson on the fifteenth. Mike it's been true pleasure to talk with you and we hope you enjoy your stay and and you get to find some mud cool stuff and Hutchinson lawyer. I think we will thank slog through and get no word out appreciated thank you my. Okay I'm by.