Front & Center Ice With Pierre Labrie

The Drive
Wednesday, August 15th
New Wichita Thunder Assistant Coach & player Pierre Larie checks in to talk about his new position & all that is Thunder Hockey.

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Bo loses. I liked him before. So yeah he. OK. Ladies and and government who has thing to look up 110 orders. And I get them pretty heady stuff happens. Both these are solid I absolutely love. And missile on the last resort from the Eagles. At number 52. By the end of the week we'll get down to us and the low forties the next week. I'll remove the top forty's to ask cardinal. Well you know what I mean I get here twenty a week so we got two more weeks after this week. Thanks to Tom. Max's chasing our next guest we'll see what happens okay we don't get little get worried here. Maxim get them if if there get a ball. 8691240. It's CI got it pads locker room hotline. Did you see Ronald Acuna. This I think I ask you a couple days ago about him once flowed Ivan Watson won very little past couple nights. I can't believe the kids nineteen it's bizarre. How good he is and now you got this guy for Atlanta. Whose whole boring virtually every time he steps who played at three games that are open leadoff homer pulled one the left field last night in his first at bat and one of double header games. Came up later in the game. Knock one out to right field. He's Kwame. I'm out why we've. Then there's superstars right there on the way children think they woke me. If they remain on the same trajectory yes there it they certainly will be superstars there's no question about it I'm shell are already star level players but dead to earn the recognition is that. You gotta do another handful of years and then there's certainly. More than capable of doing that. And we have. The heck do you think you are some so get a fifth that's that's. Irritating the listened to that I love I love you appreciate it here's a PC debris from the Wichita thunder announced today. That he's going to be the assistant coach and still do some be on the eyes some for the thunder. BC thanks for being with us. Torre I think we're having well you've been around hot meal you've been around hockey long time. How do you feel like getting into the coaching ranks. All. Tightly. I'm sure I'm gonna light jet. It's so. It stimulates. I had not so a couple of years so it's Saturday. I've been that's been part of my whole truth and particular hockey league took an extra. Probably victory at four years. Ensure they get and should do that don't clear. Sure that the right way to beat the postal. I don't say tinian. Just really didn't get that opportunity. What the on this. Start PC the I don't think cal coach Cameron with the thunder. In his in his previous two seasons has had an assistant. So what are those conversations like about bringing you aboard obviously you're gonna play a little bit so it's a bit of a different situation. And what will your role specifically be as a coach. Why don't you like to product I think we can sure relate. The young guys northern role. Wolf you're all couple work. Together on. Quote gave me and you'd feel. Surely there are too good all listening to each. And noble discarding another team picture they were pretty that this could track. Four pristine. And type acting assistant to ensure we haven't really could just district between. All the guys in the locker room learn. They can but it still comfortable. That level where they can. The control their confidence and called guilt. Outlook PC blue agree he was named as the player assistant coach for the Wichita thunder today. Played in 58 games last year in the American Hockey League with Milwaukee in Tucson. A veteran of the NHL with most of his time that I spent with Tampa Bay how much is still wanna get on the ice PC how much how much is still want. Well I. I so far so good on it is. Put up that original. Were kept cool captain critics didn't. All right guys like I can literal and out burger. Bernard news. It dropped in Russia so what I. I like. Big names that are organized immediately deal that we we're that training camp that would 200. Canada. It's the first edition and it's like trying to do to do good. Real. Kind of training camp potential training camp but in Tibet last month of argues that's. Trying to stretch of the summer. Just to make you ever put senator Reid but yeah I didn't the temple was. The tighter than than what we see this in the summer you at least so. And get on united flight through the fort until we crack ho. I got. Pretty easily and so I don't know what I can contribute sold its part to do not attempt to corner that yeah. Toward the coaching staff two. The players are so what do you dislike it certainly could create opportunity. And it's gonna be a smooth transition. Towards to go to coaching career from. BC you can let you played for a while in the in the age failure in your sixth professional season. When he got called up to the Tampa Bay Lightning in 2011. Twelve season. What was that experience like for you getting that call and then kind of probably realizing a dream I'm sure. Quite eight it democratic aren't unique yet is that good morning. That's true just like that those since. All right guys there every night they're trying to prove himself did they get to the next level and when you get that call it. Person to take a guy like you know like I did the expected. It can it translate separately national review I got no lines out there. It will go to Montreal that night and put so what will you were pretty stacked like physically and we got resolute look pretty late. I kinda thought that kind of when I doubt they called it just didn't come into play much alternate. I just couldn't believe duplicate. That this got myself in the state to realize it it that treatment. Got that got in dispute saying your. It was quite a experience and try to apply. My friends and family in Montreal so I'll always remember except the first period like completely blacked out. And I don't remember Abacha but after that that you get could really relate to sort of alternate. Commute. You've given all of your data word gets practice and just. I really embraced every day you could spend an actual treatment. Right now it just to be its typical warrior out there are so he do it's it's a moment like it's under. We're just looking to didn't Tutsis and Syria. Apple did I can help on an outline. DC who agree with those you've been at least you sound very laid back. But you've been described to me is the guy who quote on quote likes to five is that a fair description of the U. Wow are you guys so I just thought Justin Hawkins not a line. Yeah that's aren't guys that don't review they change things are. Eager to the other government to one of my teammate side. I really had to switch to a certain. Don't tolerate much. Of yeah I attempt to set up pretty laid back so I'm not that can slip but again I. It seems so. Hopefully nobody's looking clip because usually that switch and the pleasures. Weren't sure I guess I should they control myself. Some government decided to get that amount and I listen. But. I like it like you said this out pretty back up guys that. Also look at everything is good but I don't like when people heard. Bacon can't you are my friends so not bad lie often in on the united. I'd like I'd like to make sure than when you get to town PC that you and I've become friends. If you did that works out for you. The art pop up should be part of all of APC but before we let you go can you tell us the story of of how you came to me your newborn son Lional early this year. He how was. Public interest rapid. What it took a law in general a great. Christensen takes that it. So we drove to grand rapid and when I went to bed around the united. A full global yup and by rule. About what an answering my phone sold. Girlfriend and I called the right to the ruling. She told me I should just broken water. They were it was. I would. Readers do you still there was just in his view so Alter. They're the drivers were Alter that comfort you were already booked them or not it's whether it is. Good partying and fighting right to get back yet to applaud you. Like all. Partly because of so where I got my team's success you've got a million. If this guy doesn't say yes play out into another trap he's he's the best guys and their team and like call organized. I got lucky is what went away exit dropped a truck trouble killed like twenty minute literally on the road and like five hours later on the in her room with my license. The BP came out probably like 20/20 first minute after my head I would also. Coast this year. Pretty you know needed to get there aren't that special moment. President that's a good store we appreciate you being on with us when when you get to Wichita. I don't want specific date yet. Under well known the united. What the middle. School that. Sort of training camp guard. I don't know exactly what they're that is but. Actually didn't sound sure that in out school and turn to. Iowa thanks for being with those congratulations on your in new gig here in Wichita with the thunder will talk soon. Revelations are right that's PC debris from the Wichita thunder. Will take a break now claim that try to get withdrew prior from the Kansas City Star. She's new to the beef with the Kansas City Chiefs. I was down in Oklahoma covering OU football. Previously. Now what the star back at a moments that drive okay FA.