Friends University has a new AD in Rob Ramseyer

Sports Daily
Thursday, August 2nd
Rob Ramseyer comes to Friends from Heston College where he was also the Athletic Director.  Shane and Jacob talk about the recent Urban Meyer scandal and how the AD has so much to do with controversies like that.

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James Jacob and continuing sports daily here on Thursday ticket sitting in for Bruce the next couple of shows glad to have him aboard. And also glad to go to the tells locker room hotline has the newest AD I had Friends University doctor rob rams are joins us on the tad locker room hotline doctor Rand Scheyer congratulations on the move how are you welcome Michelle. Thanks guys I'm I'm doing well are you. We're doing fine. First or you come from Heston college in what you've been on the job for about a month now as a ranked so low water mark. So tell us about your time and testing college understand used to be baseball coach there actually he got Steffi skins on the walls of baseball coach but now you're you're moving on to bigger and better things right. The spent I spent about a decade in college coaching. The American answering and then and then has done. It'd just some some opportunities in my life the last three years I've been vice president general life and athletic director at halftime. And I'm not public sock guy. I have always kept my old friend Lucy came and opened up and I'll blame that on sidestep boring got attached from a player coached and America now answering their behavior differently these jobs opened. So I I looked and so little bit ended up being a gift sets or just. Just excited to be here. Doctoring sep first call. You've got. Cool young man out there kick Emporia for the football team we come up with Leo Sosa last night on the other articles. The good good on him he's he seems like he's really good dude be a ton follow. Com and unfortunately. May be for you at your timing is is really nice for us because we've got a just a a mess in Ohio State right now you've coached you were now in an administrative role. I've got a better record. How difficult that's that's even better how difficult does all of this because eight in in not not the sense of what happened but trying to deal with in navigate these stings that sometimes don't directly involve the people who. Take the biggest fault because of them. You know I think. In the first two different parts of I don't know all the facts until I estate deal I don't know what's on the USA today this morning coming thanks I don't want to speak of specifics there such. But you have the human side of things we're talking people are getting hurt he had count that we take care people. Enhanced. And it seems like there could be it dropped the ball there in any of that that title nine liability legal side where it's a very very clear it's. If something happened or there's a chance something happened on the entitlement clear. It's the institution. Should have known Thursday. There's a responsibility to respond to pass that information on so. So that part of it's fairly clear how you walk and navigate through those things are incredibly difficult because thirst hurts. You're navigating the media side and just try to take sure people a lot of different perspective so it's it's a difficult to domestic thing but I think it's also incredibly important work. Doctor rob Graham sire the newest athletic director at Friends University here in which does our guest here on sports daily with Cheney and Jacob is there a and this is a really general question is so forgive me is Sarah. Kind of a guide post re handbook for worst case scenario when these kinds of things happen when the scandal rocks your particular athletic department we're used to call put your heads together and say what we need to do the most prudent and affect. Best job that we can and and let the chips fall where they Mac. You know other there's. There's policies and protocols you have to the ball well and you're also looking at some federal privacy laws but also make it difficult to tell people what you are doing is an institution. So there's some guidebooks servant at the end of the day. Try to take care people you do you that you try to facts find a mixture making reasonable response post. Yeah and interest for us in the situation by the that it it it comes down to trying to care for people wanna be on this problem. Isn't that it doctoring Sarah a part of why this it's difficult on the other side not not the public side the side of him. You know that things that you do is do generally speaking in a lot of situations these are people that. That you care about that of themselves and a bad situation. In. I can't imagine trying to put myself in those situations. Any would be. Difficult on a human level to be as robot can cut and dry about these things I think is the public would would prefer a lot of the time. It's geek you know you have to make your decisions then you know what you do what you have to actually go there but I think it's heartbreaking for everybody that it's just part can hear your. Watching people go through incredibly difficult tanks and they've really done wrong. You want somebody that's made an awful mistake and now have to deal with that would be accountability for that. He had been just on all sides of that and that's some of the talks with people for both sides of that you just. He just Turks for them not that it demeanor and they're not during the accountability deserves. But it's still tough. And it's deeply and allow it strictly care about. Friends athletic director programs tires our guest here on sports daily. It's unfortunately it that the press releases. Of graduation rates and at a boys that your job to give your coaches. Certainly don't see the light of day quite like stories like this and that that's party or challenge of being athletic director is kind of pumping up your your administration isn't it because. Really that the headlines are going to be it is going to be bad news not necessarily good. But that actually has started from about that the other day just internally even. Coach just take on so much for trying to went on the court train in the church recruiting kids. Gain the kids to class help them graduate there's all these different things. Camps I think we just do a pretty bad job at times the sole burden thank thank you to coaches you're not you know they just. That they're just such an important piece of the college experience Purcell many of our students at the end. Anyway and even if it's a very quiet why we can just slipped out coaches and celebrate them what they're doing good things. I think it's so I think it's a beautiful thing I. I read about a company got a cure I got to speak to a black on the name of the company but doesn't it large large engineering firm bouncing little rust. If they have the same issue internally at their place so so what they did. He has but they allowed people to just nominate other employees that appear that they thought were just doing exceptional jobs. He and then that person got recognized publicly and they get accused of a company Porsche for mocks right. So I've there were trying to think of things we can do here trying to get a five dollar cheap T shirt a paddle back that's a waste just to recognize its. The end and lift out those great things that are happening because they are it's not all bad at most stores are god. But Pia and detonate it sure seems to work its publicity at all times. Well that's just the nature of the beast doctoring Sayer but it but I know that there are a lot of good things going on for you guys that friends right now and we've we wanna talk about highlight those beings sake what are what are you most excited about entering now this fall craziness and in what's happening in what's going on over there the people ought to know about. Yeah you know I'm some through Extreme Networks and the job done I sent try to spend most of my time disk in the north coaching staff and spending time on the I didn't know most of them know if you didn't know most prominent they had just on a very high level lives. I was excited for the job. It even more so now as I've just gotten no where people we have just incredibly hard working incredibly caring folks to. In a lot of veteran coach is that just know what they're built so. If I'm highlight wanting it's meant we just got a pretty good folks round here I'm I'm excited to work last. In there and I'm sure there's just many stores are yet to learn like that we also historians and some of that stuff except. Yeah there's just cool things going on where we're watching some corporate sponsorships start. Really working out some external work awful lot of links is going to be. Speedy game they sponsor for first football game and that's stuff that's never happened here before so many in our system Nady Nick Moore serviced out there cannot count of the precious seed who lost partner how we can how we can work with local business system. You know we won we won a summer program is better but also just engage in the community be part of what's going on which talk. And correct me if I'm wrong doctor at it you kind of got out in front of when you're at Heston the live streaming athletic events because that's the way the new world out everybody does that mean you kind of got on board without it Heston right. You really got on board let that we have some wonderful marketing took folks and a play by play guy name rescue lecture you were really intellectual maps. It then will we started to do is just trying to worst high quality place we can go about it we started putting commercials in the broadcast since. It doesn't stop tour you know. Sorry lobster we looked around and still we don't know anybody still that's better. At the smaller cultural up also will look to push that out more here produce some commercials. Try to do multiple camera angles to second stop I think it's the mice touched. And source student athletes Candice Bergen kits from all over the country all over the world and their parents may have Bluetooth and hand them. Just watch a quality. High level deal I think it's just a it's a street Saturday I think it's a touch. Well selfishly on a couple of fronts I really appreciate that one as somebody that has to train be a thousand places that can't be streams are great and our lineup work had. It helps us every guy's. Into that helps the students that are interest in doing that sort of thing you have an opportunity to do it so. Kudos on that these are no students run those generally speaking most of the time and that's really cool opportunity for them. Yeah insult socially the other nice thing about it is like. Got out of baseball coaching also excited not certain certain cold and February so I want and so I want sordid past them but a lot of rubble I like street Lowell were gonna get treatment fell off. Final question for a retarded doctor rob ramps are the new immediate Friends University here. In Wichita no Heston got very far away from fee and for that matter mid American has read is that far away but you. Allude to the fact that your native of Wichita so this home homecoming has to be extra sweet for it and. Uh oh it's unbelievable how this woman like her out every damn drug and I'm kind of tension myself coast. Matta place and I think a pretty good show that. We're live than a mile away from us folks to mile away from my old high school pre blocks away from my sister and brother in law is just harder. Curtis thank you can get a better than that so it's just that so Colombian backer and community. Well congratulations and best of luck to appreciate you spend some time whether it's. The problem doctor rob Graham sire new athletic director friend university comes from testing college. Again former. Baseball coach there also a former sister baseball coach mid American as a green so. We'll baseball. Her title nine coordinator which is perfect perspective I think for the day and wide this stuff matters and why is Obama. Didn't care about what's happening national it affects everybody did it affect you got to fix the big colleges but guess what it affects. Testing college in friends and everybody every high school everybody that has to deal with this stuff. And trying in curb. An issue that our country faces with domestic violence and abuse. Guess who has more influence on your kid's life than anybody besides use a parent coaches coach now so let's get that right. I'm not sure I wanna be an AD in fact I know are we tough Vito if they're from because. It guy like Eric I mentioned with him. It's one thing to have your APR where it's supposed to be. Your volleyball team is tops in the league in grade point average and 89%. Of your football players graduated. That's all well and good but. More than that somebody crosses a line gets in trouble. Oh my god forbid what are your coaches. Commit some. Recruiting violations. And commit to deal calls too many people during the dead period. That would outweigh the the good part and the feel good stories and then I am I being too. Now it's eagle that I had there been any any any upper management's gonna have to deal with that I think it if undeterred. Is it is a public figure but ultimately. My management would have to deal with me being turned up so now. I think eight you know. I think that kind of goes with the territory of any upper management position and at some point. I think a lot of people that are in those positions it it actually I'll take a step further I think in most cases in most situations. People want to. Have more positive impact some more people and that's what draws them to those positions. I really believe that I really believe coaches at the end of the date for the most part yet there's money and there's fame but. You're you're making your directly impacting so many lives that way now. That it's sort of does just outweighed the potential negatives a little bit at least I hope it doesn't and I and I think it does in most situations I I do think at bats. All right the NBC World Series continues going on. Again today won't let you know that today is thirsty Thursday out there for dollar twenty ounce which start brewing company draught Beers. On Thursdays at the NBC World Series should be pointed out to that one of the local. Popular and favorite teams liberal bee jays have been eliminated so I didn't make it to. Championship week I think that San Antonio angels. We're the ones that brought them down so they'll continue but. NBC World Series continuing at really get weather out there are generally speaking besides the rain there's a storm that blew through a couple of days ago but. Pretty comfortable out there are so. Head on out the NBC World Series has they continue to go through August 11. Speaking out at that point. The wing nuts will come back to town they will eventually come off there never ending road trip seemingly and we have some wind I think it's giveaway. So if you wanna go to owing nets game when they come back. Give us a call got a four pack 48691240. Wichita wing nuts when they come off the road you can. Goes CM on costs 8691241. Feeling that. Jacob and I'll continue those key royals go for a sweet little White Sox this afternoon we'll discuss here briefly.