Friday the 13th superstitions

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Friday, April 13th

How did Friday the 13th start? Shane’s got some Friday the 13th knowledge to drop, how it might have begun and how other nations see various days of the 13th.


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Again baseball savings of softball savings that one stop shop huge warehouse open to the public over on the north side attempt. OK so final full segment we've got. Friday the thirteenth. That moved the meter for you at all Bruce Friday the thirteenth one way or the other. Bruce with a us. Bet yeah I'm sorry Bruce we got up Friday the thirteenth put their due for any act. I mean that I mean here's what it doesn't meet that movie I think about that movie slated thirteen. On movie bite your tongue. Well I mean you know the kind of bad movies better so bad that they're good. Mullets AM twelve. I had twelve Friday the thirteenth. A TV series. Six films adapted into novels. And comic book I'm not Kenya as bad as that blows that thing it was just like Jason himself you can kill. Okay so what's worse then Friday the thirteenth or are being let that happen under a bold move. I mean what which what is odd is that more heavily defying. I thought I feel like Friday the thirteenth by far yeah. You guys you've got to add a name. You know it's it's that thing that's got to named Trish a deck of phobia that's the thing. Fear of it number thirteen. This early Friday the thirteenth although that has a word to and I can't pronounce it. But. Well they're opening in the world that don't have a thirteenth floor. Almost every hotel doesn't do now right right step pretty much. Though. Right yet but there really is not an end I don't know about Friday's. Well I mean OK I get the thirteenth where did it Friday yet enacted to where along the line. What happened done on Friday the thirteenth. That we had all these things bond from a well I don't. All I can tell you that answer specifically. That are not a lot of theories about how it started and its association with things that were unlucky. But had not to go religion on the show but the last supper. Is. Believed by a lot of people. To be the initial. Thirteen thing. At the last supper Judas. Was the apostle that I've betrayed Jesus he was a thirteen member of the party to arrive. And Jesus died the next day on Good Friday so some people think that's where it started. Well you know what that found that it ballot as good as. Anything today. You know that and that would be that the Friday part of Friday the thirteenth and Judas was the thirteenth member of the a the last supper. OK right now. Let's stick with that I think got a pretty good place to start in and some can't go any better I know that's pretty ironclad I would Cincinnati Reds pretty solid right there. Now and Spanish and Greek cultures Tuesday the thirteenth. Is it will stop laughing that now listen you might learn something here. Tuesday the thirteenth is considered far more ominous. And an Italian culture Friday the seventeenth. Is way unlike here than Friday the thirteenth. And by the way from month to have a Friday the thirteenth it must begin where they Sunday. Text calendar field believe me 8691240. The group we have here Sean. Sean is that you. Actually. Friday the thirteenth films from them from. Where and B yeah. Only Roman Catholic Church. Turned on. The night simpler. And that all started on Friday the thirteenth. In Tibet organization down and tortured and killed. A lot of variety yeah yeah let's come back to me now yeah like that's I think you're right yeah. There are fighting and keep them there can't be seen. The movie angels and demons that. Tom Hanks movie. Yeah I think in one of those two movies and explain to him more great detail like you alluded to Sean I think I think you're onto something there. Yeah I I don't think documentary aren't they're the best. Thing that we're or not they're being competitive thanks for the call and Leo part of it like you're better and eat any candy you can invoke the last supper. On Friday. Thirteen member at a pretty good it's don't know what kind of spooky a little bit yes. You know. There aren't got. A number of celebrities that were born on Friday the thirteenth so I guess we could get a little on this day right now. Not necessarily. This particular day the Friday the thirteenth birthdays include. Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen. Julia Louis-Dreyfus. Steve Buscemi. And to pot should court died on Friday September the thirteenth after a bunch of bullets hit his car in Las Vegas tonight. A crime that actually I think is still unsolved direct we we still know who killed two partners. I'm miniseries about it. It's gone out the History Channel. And according to NASA. This is the last for a thirteen talk a promise according to NASA. Friday the thirteenth. It 2029. Friday people Turk thirteenth 20/20 nine an asteroid called asteroid 2004 am and four. We'll fly close enough to the earth to be visible without without a telescope. Well mine are so. Eleven years from right now. Apparently we'll have a an asteroid close enough to hurt to see. Okay well I mean. All pretty damaging stuff school potentially. I mean potentially. It's it's did. Do we have Bruce will ready to go and his crew well right now the lockdown and all those are the guys yeah. Can't we don't know you know army getting crew back together and they can't get back together go. I feel like by then though will be close enough to the earth that if we explode that thing from the inside and were way more. Way more it's way more possible that one would veer off and actually hit the earth to its going to be close enough for us to Sheikh. The line and another that. So it's kind of weird they're twelve months and near twelve hours on the clock told zodiac signs. Twelve apostles and Jesus of course we covered that twelve gods of Olympus twelve days of Christmas. And like you said elevators don't have a thirteenth floor so. The only thing that comes in thirteen this. Is the number of which is to form a coven. As a cabinet maker. The Baker's dozen there you go thirteen. Baker's dozen they got that North Korea. I don't know why I made it feel a little bit more. Now up and I I think that you know when it Friday the thirteenth. And you'll probably a little bit more alert to let. There I mean there's. There are places there's a place of Philadelphia's got an organization that hosts get togethers on confronting. Those phobias like for people who just can't. You know not function necessarily but. Getting past walking under a latter we're stepping on a cracker. You know I mean a break in your area some people get. Some people get killed testy on that stuff we can not opening umbrellas indoors analysts. Well they're all low could be one other one this year one other started thirteenth besides and it'll occur some time with some. Not good thank you wounded who news get educated I don't do that football hang around. Put this thing out here. Good touch.