Former Shocker/Royals Pitcher Jamie Bluma Talks MLB

Sports Daily
Monday, July 2nd
Catching up with Jamie as he shares his thoughts and observations on the Royals. KC vs Cleveland game predictions, thoughts on Jakob Junis, he gives his insight on the MLB, minors vs majors, making adjustments when going pro, what he hopes to see from the Royals this season.

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I welcome back. James and Anthony afterwards here. On a Monday or everything Janie bloom out. You know the spot we just heard about overall LeBron James. For years a 153. Point three. We can get an of that and more detail probably in the second hour. Talked to Jon Hamm from. Bleacher Report. As it pertains to freeagent movement. With the Oakland city thunder but. LeBron James. For years 153. Point three. Left some money on the table. Because the cavaliers the only ones that Canada. Give him for example five years for 205. What's the end game here for LeBron James. Bro I think as always I think. He's not dumb. These these positioning himself to where he thinks he's gonna have the best chance to win titles. I think he's very aware of his legacy in and his place in history and what he wants it to be so he's trying to position himself to solidify that and I think he wants to be considered to go so I think he's opening on there and win multiple titles and that's where he felt he could do a best. We get we'll get given them a little more little later on on non. Who all's gonna be with him Lance Stephenson is going to be with him and have found that pretty entertaining I'm a little upset about that you don't get the watching antics anymore between those two. When Lance was always fun to watch when he played LeBron Stephen. You know blown on the the free throw line in exactly so now they've never be teammates I guess not pick a new the new kid to bully. Bed net JaVale McGee. Can KV is Caldwell Pope. Lance Stephenson so far. All on one year contract correct. Well besides LeBron rush hours are those other guys yet subtle but those guys are. Those guys with one year deal all right 86912. At all weird MMA fight you may not heard about Vince McMahon. And his 500 million dollar pledge to spin on the except failed just in the first couple weeks. World Cup will be under way while it is underway right now we'll we'll check on that. In just a little bit. But right now let's go to the cavs locker room hotline talking. Royals baseball little bit in the first segment Jamie bloom joins us now former shocker the shocker reunion chain and Anthony cap rate here in studio. Welcome. Brother at all global world and I don't. We're doing good now I wanna get your perspective on the royals. Of course so where the home of the royals here on Kiev ancient and I feel. Obligated in some ways to talk about them even as the sun. As much as are suffering through a bad season. If you're royals fan how exactly do you watch or listen to the royals nowadays what's your advice what your suggestion that. You know my thing is that I'm I've been so what do I does she a lot of new. New people new bodies new new people that are gonna get onboard Buddhist refill. In Q or we have that are coming to shore. True that they're going to be mentally. Uncle all worked so you guys like. Cilic Judas. Don't steal don't really well beginning of the year struggle that home run ball quite but I'd seen him mature a little bit and starter. Can always talk about Brad Keller they're in bear out he'd get better and I'm now. In the emergence. You know just some other guys did actual street temple -- that nobody report talk about it and now got all our job back now suspension. More talk about. Elect well on the doubt that I talked since the start line and then. And thought you all all round but talk about smooth guys and a you don't usually channel but the organization. Two got some great trader at bank trauma now ordered it's more prospect. Just different perspective this year we will know and in others at a trot cautiously optimistic start the year. What some guy in do you get a job Jared had. You know hopefully Gordon that a rebound and get moose was. Unsuspecting and then perhaps out of Iraq or even start stop. And we got out eight. On top and there's been a struggle at all but. I happened. Estrada. Try to reach as many positives out of ever given Benedict. Do we were talking about Brad Keller a little bit ago on the success that he's had in. When you're thirty games below 530 plus games below 500 now those are obviously the guys you cling to for hope in and kind of stay positive through a season like this. And you mentioned a couple of the guys but who who are some guys that you've seen it. Fans who watch and pay attention to going forward that maybe are not getting the attention of Brad Keller right now to to stay positive and look to the future for. You know like perera that once you come over he's got talent and a little bit swelling on. Get short civil us up pork and Q and I can't sort of alto moved forward spa. Bill whether he's up for turn I don't know. While we're at which you can. You can watch and just spot standpoint because he's just based all or. And you get a lot. I am not modeling we all watched you play doctor on cal. On to see him be an element all around the continent got her. It's an opinion and certainly not I just dust somewhere else I think he's a article smoked for contender. And you've just got an important so shall arched out about the prospect ever struck. Art Keller in Jerusalem that little personal you know. I that I took on an 18100 national team Japan and in 2000 own spread out so are seeing a mature and and that tomorrow and don't eat a lot he's sort of political report about. Coach just did you cringe got some apparently was just ensures that. Our data or without slider and how we do our jobs Americans got a little bit as tuition and parents you know get away from the home run by a group. Subtle result on the watch social. And better in England and we won't boost on your beat them what they call from him. I'll move on portable. You know. Modesty juniors out and it's still got a huge upside. I don't want to England in the duke graduate level on the other Asian arms Biden the third part the questions Omar. Those were heartened. I'm a better job on some polish also there's a dark overall and got some a little river certainly a little bit further down the Miley. Our chemistry and we got some of the prime. I don't know really in a triple A level up. It is important a local Fella but we got some small some doubt wrote. And it got here we want a trucker that. You know the trap that we just finished up where it struck the first order got to block there. And all the other blog and other top ten that we are going to deal. And so. We look for or Richard. What are toward. Doug former royal former shocker Jamie bloom talking royals. Alleged base hit on. With merry field just a second and correct me if I'm wrong here if quit and I I think it's by now it's free it's understood that he is. It's certainly up for the right price of they would move. Quit merry field. Yes or no if wit merry field gets traded that would be as big or more of a gut punch than anybody decide itself lip Salvador pressed just because of the way place. Our bridge so America achieved at the one guy that. That most fans enjoy it issue where they're still jerseys and yet what China into other than shall. I thought Edmonton. Are picky about. As. I would say that your not buy it but just by. You know what the longest tenured guys in the dumb dumb well the whole time so that you're gonna be a gut punch that does apple. But at the same time. Depending on what we get back if we get you know top five prospect of another organization. That's not too far down the road are that that. Don't mean you're kills all the we get some of like so you gotta check out on the statements that that. You know anybody ever buddy I think probably exceptions south or whereas. He's going to be available. Being that any doubt used Sri panel that overlap or start. I would love Lucy Campbell. You saw them government who built attempt or something but struggled out quite. Parcells sitting luckily gold will report. Ego wants young guys strapped to keep Major League level slot open in the rest whatever. Effort. I mean they're just a lot of times in the so as soon as Seattle. Crossed over ordered by that the whole. Worked well at that point five guys. That were out on the field that's going to be near record knuckle. Are you don't throw great test that would not patched and he's got a great arm and done a great job this year. I don't know how Seattle donut but you look at their outlook Barack adored and I believe job. It goes to the photo network and over there were a lot of people didn't think there are people that are out. When it comes the president and I think most royals fans have come to terms end in IR OK with the fact that moos is probably not going to be here. And that they're gonna get a hall for Muhsin and that'll obviously help down the road. This seems to me like the consensus is most people wanna keep selling or present they can. What did it would have been worth it for them to get even more players and and solidified a future for him in your mind. You know I would dispel that it was well I don't know if we don't have a village. The jets reportedly got terror. Many Dutch and Gallagher that reaching a level that we doubts and got a little sort of animal lab. Boggled my and one that we're assembly. And being hit in your march Donald. Somebody great return. What that to torture percentage. Or somebody else but that's kind of you know that's what I'd them. That chicken but you can stay can assert the note back aren't fortunate that you went global. Because everybody can relate generally everybody knows subtly actually got a picture sort of an organization Arctic chapel like. I'm making sure you do something great return sparked an element of our children by. Jamie bloom of former shocker former royal talk and royals right now I want to back up and and and talk about the Jacobs units just a little bit more. You know as well as anybody that may admit the major leagues. He never stand the same and regardless of past success that doesn't guarantee future success and I think that. They addressed the league has made adjustments to Jake units now it's time for Jake to adjust back to them now. Yeah I mean that's that's the name of the day 800 big league hitters go to. Indictment just it would probably analytics and good overall just got a better spot patterns. And the ball into urban middle why he's not seen her. Went down but not let the ball changeup. Just let's just battled well I had an. Do let me chuck stark cerner. Touched their work from home run ball especially when we're done now we know they're not by wearing. Now pitching and offense when your offense struggled. Problem or you'll brutal and we don't score. You know for a more time to strengthen just out of China our governor thought and so it. How to check the nobody wants to pitch like. And that. You know it'll open up early and make almost any network and currently at which is a little bit. Don't you guys to learn about how honest are under his belt. And hopefully it will be making judgments. Move important a lot of errors of an Arab to that point. Modesty looks the part now mourning did last year than. A little scared archer would checked RT couldn't part with the team and their property that don't have Omaha on. And do what you reached Dylan and what PW mostly artistry open process you guys that. You know what they'll prospect suspect at all. Quote there's that period. What's his upside talent you can offer Jean. Hit the royals tonight they're shortly after seven pregame at 630. The royals and the Indians quarry clue over world pits for Cleveland so won't get much easier for the royals are there. Big leagues is that it kind of a tough league in that James. Bit never stopped and quivers nasty do you like watching that. They have better you've got to act open it is too. That night so it'll be the royals and Indians because Jacob used juices going tonight right sewed units include over. Doubt it match up looking. If you know what you can kind of being a unit continues they wouldn't. In took you a lot like bloopers published on Libya out of a lot speak out. Tomorrow slider recorder what occurs when it first down at which he's turned himself into. So you admit you jurors can earn himself a little bit after. After her just because of their. You know all the weapons they've gotten a partial. Similar should direct that step toward. It gets an up Fella have a good weekend aren't. I Jamie blew a former shocker former royal. Talking royals and I mean it. There are. I think silver lining the third player reasons to watch and follow them if you're glad I dyed in the wool royals fans because frankly you'd see what. On the horizon what's coming up next. There's Mondesi a big leader we're gonna find out. Of course besides the morbid curiosity he can get treated. But. Even when those things do happen you can and do your homework on this the prospects that you get trampled the project talent can take to. To get back where we want to tell you gotta find the silver linings in all of it whether we know people who sometimes put. Good good position they're in is that they get the chance to do it right now there's nothing to lose these guys and it's close. Get in the first overall pick in the draft a Q and let's be honest with. He's way way up in a Major League Baseball draft. Not those guys yeah how to manage their franchise changing. So play flew royals can. Steal one of these against the Indians because Trevor Bauer is. Scheduled to pitch in this series do for Cleveland's Phil Jackson death of him felt good luck tied to your question we come back.