Former MLB And Shocker Pitcher Mike Pelfrey Talks Baseball

Sports Daily
Friday, April 20th

Mike joins the show as he is inducted into the Kansas Sports Hall Of Fame, the guys talk all things Baseball as Mike shares his knowledge of the game, his thoughts on the rule changes in MLB, breaking down the barrier between him and the players, advice for younger athletes  


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Continuing pain guys pick Paul Brock we did today I'm in Houston dig back in Wichita. And we welcome into the jets' locker room hotline Mike Pelfrey former shocker in Major League Baseball pitcher reached. Going into the Kansas sports hall of fame this weekend. But first big Pelfrey got the Newman jets and Texans CNN international all right get double header today. How the gorge so far you're the volunteer assistant for the jets on what's that like. A lot of merely gave me an opportunity to. Stupid appear on baseball appear on guys. And opportunity I think to you know give back and start trying to shares about flaws and that thought that our ball always felt. I enjoy it and I'm thankful for the opportunity at. If not thought it was a mental aspect for fighter Mike Weir and and obviously you're. Totally different Eric Eric Larry expect their air traveler and get better. There's Eric players Archie. That mentor positions gotta be cool Mike in and I wonder. And I know it's not one simpler common thing because you've worked with guys so many different levels but keep debuted chisel it down to advice that you would give from what you've learned. To a young aspiring pitcher like what what are you telling them needs to be their focus that the lower levels. Byters. Could artists try to emphasize about get net you know and we're gonna mounted air attacking. And it obviously have all. Bureau numbers trooper. What you do get a and we don't get ahead. But they're important. Are being aggressive in the zone and they're attacking. How that Otto leads to you know. Our results. Mike Pelfrey joining us former shocker and big league pitcher going in the Kansas sports hall of fame this weekend needs volunteer assistant for the Newman jets. Mike I know you're you're not in two. Looking at yourself this way but have you had he found any barrier between you and the players because they can't get past the the fact that your Mike Pelfrey for big leaguer who do they hesitate coming to you sometimes you feel like. I don't know maybe maybe at first. Maybe they were a little uncomfortable. To spin me around ramadi near. But I think if they've opened up and it's pretty dramatic cracked jokes lesbian damage note. It's bitter quote granted I think they're doing let. And I got bit earlier I majorities got to get it stripper prozac. What are you look at right now in the in the big league game in the way things are transitioning all the arm surgeries what's the biggest challenge right now for pitchers going in these guys are hitting gobs of home runs. The striking out a lot to. Thank weight where do you see. Pitchers and in the bullpen growth and everything or we are we looking at the end of the starting pitcher is maybe we knew it ten years ago. I read an article on record day in and out Justin Verlander maybe laughter. The so called you know great whatever starting pitchers and those Kershaw orchards are out but. Aren't their daughter who that locker. And I think so and and obviously I think he beat. You realize that you know twenty years ago they would have paid they're closer to record fifty million dollars or seventeen what Rick Davis got or are there so it's definitely. Changing. And I don't fear. As I think it's getting harder and harder you know now what they're looking analytics ballots and tape or are we got a guy out starting pitcher out. So obviously the game is is changing and I don't. It's it boils down to obviously you have an elite guy bow down to is this guy. Better at 90% when he's at eighty pitches or seven pictures were cigar utter respect compatible standard and Bogart opened powder. There 95 plus what wipe off speed pitches so. But our argument is they're got a cute guy and it. Drawn 75 rate which is pretty. For big leaguer Mike Pelfrey joining us what do you think of all the rules changes that we've seen it in Major League Baseball over the last couple years mound visits are limited. Intentional walks or automatic now. Yea and day for against all these rule changes that seemed to favor speeding up the game. There are ball for. Speeding up the game. I don't agree with the limiting mound visited here not in the got to come out and what if what if the other cropped up late in the game whatever you party Easter when you ballot thought our. I bet you that they're they're probably cost it. A fine line merits that there are necessarily agree wit but. Everybody wants became a regular wants that they're there to look for our baseball game so I the players want to enable quicker but. Limiting mount it and stuff like that in the lie detector go out aren't so many times whatever that it. A little ridiculous. Might I look at Mike in and maybe I'm crazy here but. To meet those kinds of things aren't going to make a difference when everybody's either walking or striking out. These days snoring mean like we're we're seeing more pitches that's what's gonna link in the game down. And. Yeah and you know in those saying. I always thought about back there you bring up the strikeouts is that in the very. God didn't want to strike out. Bad guys know what you're strike and and guys choked up trying to put the ball players. And now there's there. It's not a great start approach anymore it's Eric seeming effort yup park or the ball and help. Started that part of the game is is change. And you know now with all the numbers and dusted you goal or NOAA dot dot. It is that it would play into what disguise batting average is not a good Skywalk is gaga paid. This guy hit homers that's where ultimately what you Geithner didn't pay for so I think that's probably been more the goal and football player in the Mario burnt up or there. Current volunteer assistant for the Newman jets' Mike Pelfrey for a big leaguer joining us here on sports daily. Do you throw BP might. I Iraq. The first group here expect their clock felt. I tell you how long did how long did it take before you say I gotta throw four seamer right down the middle and low on him. Well our our our government Palmer art art through BP lacked for years but. Through will be here by. It's not very eager. There's no catchers report target Eric first. And a guy picnic there and start when might include you so. I can see you guys struggle at that I doubt that but I I told her. I told Brady Randy Bennett go to a got to get a check sure there are technical outback so. They about the only B keep wrote a catcher Eric but I'm really thought strikes it. That's pretty funny hey Mike we got to hear is you're going into the which star sports hall of fame this weekend what does that mean to you to join that list that group. Here here. Yeah its market for Korea. And I I've been black. I thought I was I was given a gift if for me. I'd try to make make the most of it not never wanted to be kicked place there an Arctic impaired governor. I wanted to work in and try to get them out there and not so like I did that in you know throughout my career. There were a lot about their guard down there are a lot more down and out like no but. You know appeared day I think I've heard somebody say that twelve or thirteen are peopled district unionized. They after years that they agree. I'm one of those guards broke. Three blasts. Do it. Make it that far and the players long. All out. I could still be playing. Op opportunity there like coming to campus stop but for me I was gonna be able to. Compete at the level but I doubt respectful they. And are regarded. I'm amounts that it took a personal. And every five days we're not going below it it it becomes a struggle it comes principally it becomes pretty tough but I. Didn't we got it don't do it just mentally and at the end there it became a guard are. And art art art collector to seal a deal although our so I get pretty it's pretty cool pretty cool water. And I think those kids that Newman are better off fort censure around volunteer assistant for them hey I'd go get loose and good luck go jets today and congratulations thanks Mike. Okay Mike Pelfrey there goes say he's going into the Kansas sports hall of fame along with among others. Entercom zone Ted Woodward eighth annual Mal Elliott sports media induct these congratulations to Tim the sports head. Also as each team the team inductees 201213. Wichita State final four basketball team. And Gregg Marshall is also going into the Kansas sports hall thing. With that in mind Jacob and it sounds like I missed it yesterday when are Henry right and now we got on the air throw everything out the window the sole. Give me a thumbnail sketch of what you and Paul made of that and where do we go from here now that reads it's become known. The latest delete. Boy out tell AM right now I what you walk around yesterday in everybody everybody. Everybody around the office whatever what's going on with shocker what's going on is is there's some pins you know something going out. In an honestly in in reality I I I don't think that. There's too much to read into. I think it was probably that's not the right fit hands. I dare invoke Wright told. Our aerial or pseudo yesterday that this one was a surprise like give everything that's happened this woman surprised them. I I look at it in just. You know for me it's college basketball and in players come and go all the time. All the time the shocker had an inordinate amount that's mostly because of six graduation in an NBA guys taken his shot. You know this was the first one where it's like oh well that's that when that's weird. And it is a little weird but. Do whatever and I I just see a big hole now on the roster who's gonna handle the ball next season that's what I take away from it. A college basketball you gotta be ready to move on with you guys. The boy you're you're talking about almost zero experience of the ball handling position outside some Argentines Jones. That's what I that's what I look at is they they gets them they S ground to make up but you know this endemic Duffy and and some guys so. Well and that they're recruiting machine never stops moving anyway so. Why you don't expect this particular guy. To leave things like this happen so generally Greg marshals ready for it specifically and maybe not. But then again when you're. You know when your. The head guy when you're the boss man maybe he saw this coming down the road a little bit maybe you know put out. Yeah I. I mean he was gonna have to recruit a ball handler anyway don't you think can mean would you lose courtroom when you luge Janet you know that that's going to be seeing so you're already got the bug in some guys years. And the other part of this do that I'll be curious to see is does this spur of recruit. To make the yes decision because the opportunity is now there. The one thing about Reeves it was so odd to me is he was in such a position to. Get shots get everything that he would have wanted next year. And he's not gonna get Pappas somebody will somebody will get the opportunity that he has given up so. If you're out there on the recruiting trail and there are some you know big names out there still available you can now offer that up a little bit and say hey look. We just lost again that we were cannot pretend fifteen shots a game those are available shots and we got our guy. Odd guy right now that's going to be in our starting lineup and that's markets McAfee. And other than that it's a wide open ball game go get it. And there's also some motivation perhaps for a guy like some RJ Haynes jump to offensively can hang and we've seen that. Dude is a gifted offensive player can he take the steps now to be a better defensive player and a better you know he'd better. The guard of the basketball will see I don't know but I mean it's obviously troubling you got to now make your way to the American mobile those new players shade. We get to meet. Tough go next year. So that's an interesting dynamic and attacked McCain's Jones. Coup for the immediately after the season before all this stuff shook up I would've thought well you know I wouldn't be totally stunned if he'd leafs. You know because his playing time dwindled after the first to the area and there were certain games that suited him but certainly once didn't. But now that he's still there and pretty much the holdover. You know with Mick Duffy. May be his so. Maybe his game changes evolves whatever because now he. He might think Kim of course played psychologist here hey I don't know sir have to look over my shoulder anymore. You know this team is mine just as much as anybody else's is now speaking for parents Jones here. And so if I make a mistake all right you know I'm not have to necessarily worry about coming out now I don't know. There's no player star or otherwise is above reproach with Greg. Especially when you make a mistake or you blown assignment but at that position and especially there yeah so. And now won't he didn't make. You know back to back to back bonehead plays you know or or forgets worry is or whatever but. Maybe just maybe his mindset changes a little bit because now he's got an opportunity hip to it. Take ownership of this team and and his. Maybe is mellow approach will be different. Because here and he can't help but be a little wide guide your first your program whether you're Jew Coke iron not. But we'll say and a course like this that. Greg may or may not have known. He certainly knew. I don't get no more Asian we ever did. I don't get the indication that this was something that was planned for a long time but put it that don't know what I think it was. I think this was a sort of sudden thing. I think that you can read into it as much as you want but you know at the end of the day it's probably just not not. You know combination that was working great gas a lot of guys he's got his own style and it's not you know. It's not. Nice. Mean he would say he is a hard guy in that's the way he's always you know been in coached and everything else and I don't think it's always gonna Wear when and they say this too. He's allowed these guys their transfers and almost every situation he allowed Lomax to go. Make a decision. You know that it would it would benefit him personally. He doesn't fight this stuff like some coaches student. And I think that deserves I think that deserves a tip of the cap because I think that says that's a good on you kind of moved to let these guys make their best personal systems. All right maybe go load up on some very fire coffee it is the official coffee. Intercom and sports daily what's your boss serving you ads work some brave fire coffee. Austin look this much is here she should still make a move freight cars coffee. That's what they serve as an intercom and sports daily when we come back we'll take a look at our Twitter questions left. He's got multiple ones one bonus clear question courtesy of Silvio HR OK but I would disgust and wrap up our number one after best.