Five Questions With Thunder All-Time Great Travis Clayton

The Drive
Friday, August 18th

In their quest for knowledge Bob & Jeff put Thunder great Travis Clayton on the 5 Question Hot Seat.


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Bo loses. I liked him before. So he's. That wraps up car unfortunately this is in my opinion the best parts song ever. Crazy on news the best vocal ever. I and world. Travis Clayton joins us and Miami walnut street we were just talking about you know yesterday Travis. And your period here with the Wichita thunder or you and Jason do the became. Local icons and so I certainly to the ponders. Thus players ever tell us about your life what's going on what field. Yeah I know our. Back to Canada now lock arms coats in the it is key post my whole album. Some pilots want to get out he's not that it is deemed news did coaching him. You know it give me good chance that. It do that and I am loving it might like it either you're cold and so. It didn't. Are you ready do play five questions Travis this is not really different than a normally hear of Cuba we just Colin five questions. Out. All right here we go. There are this has music do. I'll ask you first who you played in the CH sell for about thirteen fourteen years what did you love about that week. I'd just you know being around the guys everyone was there. Top player ought to have a good time then you know are about big news. How is it back is the birds have that I made its itself. Travis Clayton with those slow played with the thunder for many years. That join the team in 1997. Of the 21 year old forward and and pull in in 2012. Conducted. Herb. Conducted by column long righted basically. You were named the greatest player in thunder history which Mick brings a loose collection. Did you and Jason do The Who were teammates for many years have any kind of an on eyes rivalry was there. Did you push each other. What was your relationship like with Jason do that. I thought you know. I'm I was there active student might be more of my best friend straight. He did a lot of being away you know raid. I applaud honoring him at Lincoln and not. Tom we did was done that we it ought we've got better. And I I'm not the time I spent there are it was based it is maybe. One. Most of what's it like Travis just to be connected to. So closely with the guy and in the same franchise in the same organization was that something because you played together so long that you that you welcomed. Yeah absolutely. You know especially in the minors you don't. Old guys don't use estate. Around one placed too long and as being Jason and I were very lucky to be able to stay there as long as you did and you know we. Yeah he's became. Pretty good line may obviate you know that action and now that we are very likely bill that span. Eleven years together and Wichita. I'd that was in effect I'm OK I guess we gotta we gotta we have AS surprise guest ASCII your next question travesty up for the I don't know but I. Here it is go ahead surprise guests. It's a bloody mile long line a pop up. Call it paired up. Yeah. Yeah we are legitimately happy you do but you do what I think Dick. I said that. I think you're going to worry about their property here I don't we don't keep and that's out of it probably should be no more. Yeah out we learned is that the smaller than your local. LB do. A big state big attitude. Because he got here you sure I don't bring doesn't do do the utter a huge huge no no question did. Richter without your question acted like crap art all I. And out before I ask you this question not at the scenario a little bit because a lot of people quite understand but what you left to go to Shreveport. You're talking to me all the time before that cracked. Great yeah. You rapidly learn their goal or whether you should Underwood beat batter whatever. You'd think that and and and so and and I knew anyway you're doing and you know. Well I do I don't whatever decision you make. Com people knew that between. That we were gonna happen next here which I was not going to be very get chapped when championship. Com do you regret lead and RD think that was maybe company that. Was maybe one does everything you get for your career as a buyer. I'm Eric got query we caucus voter and there are a public staying is we even knew where we had eleven great years together. Great years you know and I was the opposite is saying goodbye to you not really abide by you know what you've got some special. It was taught you know I I don't think they even have a lot redundancy or like that how we got it by. You know. Do I regret leave them yeah out. But enough oil rig that has been dollar tab which has been in the they're not in Wichita. But Gordon seaport in the area a good chat yet won out they would get on my last year it's gotten you know I'll never ever forget. And they're just it's too bad that we could do it together they did you know get a championship doesn't. Com. What we did it in Wichita. Not together I think. Some special is this than ought to build about how the two together and that's really the biggest lead yet out. I'll school now I gotta I gotta tell Jason do that I may be the best moment you've ever had on our off the I thought I could. Bob. Then I think that was cool and I think every thunder fan. Was mesmerized. By that and the exchange. And Travis we wanna thank you. Do you have a question that it we can ask our five questions yes look at I if they had lunch I don't think we've asked five yet can I ask you another one more question Travis. Absolutely. How did you get the nickname roost drive by Apollo I probably should know that but I down. And I quote if the F a cup but. They've they didn't bring them we went out wanna know the answer like well I don't wanna go out though. I'd like Atlanta won a state that. You know it was I know a lot of founded under our pork. When try to slap in the way it. Something went down you know it was totally AM. The team didn't offer him a contract before August curse. Was accepted view in order to keep it right for the next year apiece at every. Com. Every captain goal and I knew that exactly it was at the end it's career I want my same bowl retractable retreat where which will armor main rival but had a very very. And you know it can't remember where a championship. And I think that was the thing that girl who do I do that and he did as well that it wasn't going to be easy here for the next year cute and we think we'll go on. And a lot. I appreciate it practically actually called me numerous times you know she's like old Michael in that matter at all and I did not respond that you want a couple of years later and all. Well we got to give him a chance to ask the question instead of asking some have him ask you a question do the not wanna hear what he's gonna ask you go ahead travel out. At a low bar. We have been go at it is so on the coldly. Wow look at does it matter Eric you on here. Well on. Our annual where I'm. We don't have break your belt there respond but you're telling me don't. I think I have not all alert mr. arena and L Ehrlich all you know. Feel like we've just kind of put to get a bat back together a couple of those kind of on the outs and I think this is going to be of marvelous relationship moving forward and I feel good about the earth. Well I'll play what we were not on the outs played quite well it gives a great mind. Those stats do you play along Audubon outline ought not not play along with a guy like late because we went so many things embattled. We've got eleven year that you guys have no idea. And I wish them all the best it is it is funny when he come Arctic where structure quake in their. That you know. It's funny when after he is no word we have really good structure you'd never talked OPEC premier but. European ministry you're going to have a beer was just like your doctor and get it. But either way it worked and hockey and it's always been like that I think quite what did you. Yeah stay intestinal imposed. All right well knows. We'll relate I'm Brandon you know I wanna get it cut the war in the end got. Are back and actually go on them there you guys. It LB Donald what I was down what's up repudiate these analog that wasn't very long in a while they're out there. Goes in that we don't worry that I'm either. It stands so our next avenue I'm on top I'd like a couple of it would all be great if not then got out swap. Be awesome Walt thank thank you Travis thank you Jason that was a very very cool moment. And we were glad we're glad we got to hear it will be look will be in tests and look at. Absolutely and yet they cooled well there are a lot of Doyle and bolted got on crab. They play guys Jason do the in my estimation the two greatest thunder players to ever play a sellout. Now that was cool now let me day in and the moments on this show but not my idea that might be the one. That I will remember for a long did not Jason do today and Travis going back together after it sounds like three years in Abbott they've been they're friends and I did that and haven't talked that was president at all like Jason said it wasn't like there was acrimony no forced out of that and talked in a long ride so that there ago. And and and that but I enjoyed it. Well I think everybody did I enjoy it's impossible not to I can't wait to hear and see the reaction from thunder nation about now. These beautiful either I think thunder fans who were listening to back. Had a moment for client. Well and you I guess you're welcome for open it together flow beer you did a great job getting Clinton kinda yours truly was a gathered at the idea of days ago. So can we share the credit yeah. That's hard for you now I was just kidding. I'm not I don't kid. Course like kids though. Yet. Sorry that was amazing in how else to impress me that was outstanding. Enjoyable have you back to wrap it up after this.