Five questions with Jamin Anderson

The Drive
Friday, September 22nd

Jamin Anderson from Just Sayin’ with Jeff and Jamin joins the show to play five questions.


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I don't know why now. Good drive with a bow and Jeff Daly 691240. Left. It's. She had her. You need. I'm being aired yeah him in lieu of actually going outlining what the real. Is that we'd come. Alive he loved both the public thinking yeah. David Anderson with from the crowd from mountain drive and just say analysts Jeff and Jalen what's gone on in the background their Jalen. Ali you know the family. Applied for a date with what we'd love for you get to quiet place that we know that that. Probably doesn't exist in your life how are you. I'm doing good I'm doing well what is it what's it mean to beyond five questions I mean horses to start the games of steam. I think people and in which time surrounding area. Our trying to position themselves to be invited. Even though Jeff said he was turned down about twelve times today not turned down it's not didn't hear back. What does it mean to you Damon. Well apparently being bitten and 87 choice. You know is. Really makes you so good I'm not gonna step outside and we eliminate the noise sources but good idea yet that Lily Lou was that considered a patty you got to understand that by of course no I have no beef with my life but I have I have peace with that I understand. Okay someone else we need to get is heavily younger from K SN as he does recently began following me on Twitter site can't direct message or. So I enjoy her she's been very good league forty DR idea if you have a question for Jane that that you haven't. I don't I'm not sure how many questions I have asked David except the questions that our games every week but gave it lowers the veep thing to do on weekends in Dexter Kansas. Oh my god where you grew up. I was then I'll stay away all play that this thing could do was not something I court. Porto coach and I get to be there right it there. But they drinkers so slowly so you don't remember your Dexter cancels. His excellent that's not fit the style. I couldn't have said it any better myself I hung out a lot where. I'm my friend Greg. I outplayed ought to pool and hit bait parents Bateman. That lift the door like classic rock. Drank a lot of Mountain Dew and kept myself out of trouble that would the thing to do on the week. That is not sound like fun I was so I could have been there is great EOR rating that's my best friend. Are you out Greg Greg with word my best. Credit dec third he with a good dude it's a good dude I introduced me to Pink Floyd and let up Glenn. And the Eagles of course so are you you know. I I haven't effect for a lot of my musical but it. I'd. David Anderson with us for five questions. Listen to him vomit reverend Jamison all of that show preempted again tomorrow Kay's other oral. West Virginia. I'd here's my first question what movie have you watched the most what Lou why have you bought you know why I multiple times more than any other movies. That'd be great question Tom. Probably a little. Either and it's kind of ironic that probably either Groundhog Day though wearing appropriately and appropriately or. He. Act dumb and dumber would be up on the list shortlist. Are you sure you haven't seen Groundhog Day only once it just feels like a whole bunch of times. Yes yes the only only you would go for the obvious there of their and then probably the other one the only period when I can think of the is. Probably the Star Wars property original Star Wars trilogy for what. That you guys haven't way to deep enough. I there's just nothing you know what what are the most rewarding Ed the most challenging aspects of fatherhood for you. Cool rewarding would be. Any time. That. Either one of my kids. Pugsley trophy they'd love me want what the hang out I'm getting are right now as we speak after the world's only permanent us. Com that would be the most rewarding when they when they act like they they look me unfit to be. Challenging part is. They're both in school now so. Dealing with dealing with homework and dealing with learning and dealing with the with. This struggle that sometimes come with that and the stress that that come with that that's probably the most challenging thing right now. I understand learning never really been your strong suit so it might not know about that stuff. There's no not Depp or not definite I loved it I'd Jane Anderson with us from just saying with Jeff and Damon errors normally on Saturdays from 10 AM to noon on KF states. My final question is a great one. You do use suspect. And thank. Was a better high school athlete you. Jeff. Army. Government. I can act Barack you're asking you need to be a moderate. But. I'm gonna go with me. I'm wow because yes I actually no I'm not I'm gonna go with me Albert Jeff and I probably gave you the benefit of the doubt. Over me because. You're not its insurer in high school in a pre Internet. And up a public free electricity era there's no there's no record of his performance and there's no record he can say whatever he wants you were I I would devoted to I would all day. Are mentioned twice by the Wichita eagle is back in class and I lasso on the triple play. You know what cost one hey it's still you know it's still basketball but the project thumb. If I had if I play you know one day I would've scored Micah Davis out of our city baseball player OK all right Baranov. I'm able next week. Next week my junior high and high school basketball coach. Paul Evans. Will be on this show he's being inducted into the derby hall of fame next Friday night we're gonna get in on this show and help they'll tell you get away okay yeah. And I I don't. Bert I get from third. Sorry I mean it is now worked out ways we can we apologize for bullying bullying you in the third of that list. That's all right that's fair enough that but let's question that's typical Lou so bully are paid to the right answer. Politically argued that by now. I said it's your turn to ask the question. All right so Rubin who growth spurts but I did that you can ask the same question or you can ask that's a different question I have. Same question regards. I UK economic. Green living people to go to dinner with a birdie depict. Tell you are having people to go to dinner when. I would agree people audit table. Three living. Well let me think about this. But I think my wife because I would want her there that are gonna say that what you take my aunt and then I would pick. Probably had probably built cardinals. Heavy. I don't wanna meet dot handling. Why this film is fantastic side he'd put his arm around you and said please please come anybody and it's very I would pick probably Whitey Herzog. And Bob Gibson. All of the pretty that's pretty good less probably so yeah up. I will dealt with them my wife also I would like hurt you there ought to want to put aside I really want to really look at. And Don Italy of course. And our logo with Cedric the Entertainer because we need that light hearted. A guy who Edley and they entertain it would be at odds of media now they would certainly has no use for that well he'd be we have a great time. What's very heavy would you like him. More jam than. Well I considering. Considering that. Opt out guarantee. Cedric definitely that's uncomfortable it's not about their book that show business. That's more entertaining than watching it then then watching you bought over white earth organ Bob Gibbs that and can't go and get riding herd not even get food into his mouth at this point I don't know reportedly I would get it there are we having Europe at a rest home but because. Why Herzog has been to numerous cardinals' games this season. And they've had a but the booms interviewing he has tremendous. OK fair enough. I'd definitely appreciate it that drive the what he cause not it's the one all we are sped off of just saying it. Just sandlot depth and David we're back on the air KFH a week from tomorrow I think it's okay replies I'd like it'll area. From 10 AM to do the that your do you gather about your six year with that children are seven the year seventh here yes puts oddly matched as the number of ciller's. That's why that we do have those seven David I would never say that the U. No I know you. Thanks for being with us we have the help probably got to go. That that's David Anderson. The good guy. Now that's a nice guy of course the kids that's why we blend and a friend Randy Griffin I have more than two nights now you have to now have more nice gap. I don't know that that makes it that that may be an all Europe nice sized guys flock to me that it it makes me thing. Aren't you look at Florida at the top of the Paul Evans next week. I am why did we get him for five questions well maybe we will debate although he's being abducted in the derby help matters that we can preamble that. But I look forward talking to him he. He ran me ragged back in the day somebody needed to glad he would still that this is if you ever run stairs. Yeah did you see where we didn't really. We had a lead we kind of ran around this kid the upper part of the gym at north may grant them. They that now. All right we'll wrap Jeff father collected derby for the cuts derby game I'll be back. With a few model thoughts after this.