Five Questions

The Drive
Friday, December 8th

KMUW’s news & public affairs man Thomas Shine finds himself in the “Hot Seat” for this week’s 5 Questions segment.


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Pre K I know I am. The drive with a bow and Jeff but only 691240. Love there. JF age group. Then their emotional. Have a take me back through time some. Seven takes great I remember sort of Elizabeth and I am your son of the suppress what is this some day will be together notes that you can't listen opening. That's not their signature hit. I don't wanna hear from you since is being honest I'm telling you if you were ten years old right now it's enough so big answer doesn't mean best. That's the song. There's Tom shine. Newly employed by KM UW urinary is this your first week mr. shine at about that you know and made it. I listen to a little bit of the on the air but what do you think about this radio stuff. It a lot to learn. Really great people over there and the news business. Has yeah a lot of carry over from all media and so I think now they felt like it figured out. Have you had a lot easier than Bob makes its have you studied this show a little bit too get a acclimated. But I actually have listened to last couple days because I'm actually getting cattle that are here you go until I drive on my switch between you. Continue to be. That aren't good for you were four happy however happy that you found the spot we knew you wouldn't. Kim UW is a great. Great Wichita institution and were happier there sword you know how the five questions works I presented I. We each askew a couple. And then you ask us one and I'll just ask you this you've found yourself. No longer at the Wichita eagle after how many years. What did blood that due to the album how much of that rock your world. Quite a bit it's been a lot to think it's hard like you know you can read about let. Laughs all the time that they'll be reported batted you don't think about you know those are actual people and stand which was probably harder. My family. That was done many of those tough on me that tough on those around you and but eerie but so you have so many friends and good people who helped us out he had and they come to the poor and so educate notes like you did did and you know it worked out it was tough but it worked out in an element of other Yemeni duplex. I here's my question it's off the beaten path this'll be question number two what's your favorite movie starring the rock. A I apologize. That it can go out there's good there's a lot of movies that you do this for a public. Good luck Tom. Ollie go to this computer that's Mickey remembers movies with the rock. The so that he was that the other day in. Casting him walking. That's a good one at that the move bloody as the two left Florida. What a better. Laura I'm surprised you think that that's kind of funny. We're talking what Tom shine from KM UW I got we may go beyond five questions because I'm curious about. This slowed this reinventing yourself kind of like. Let the you know the weeds some of those older people have to do at times. What's what was the greatest. What was it like to report to a job on the first day after working at a place for 37 years. That an apple that could take years I got hired and mad about it another two weeks before I could actually get on. Because paperwork and things. So like I I went down several times and just before it. It officially started and did admit met with folks. Sit in on meetings to stuff like that so when I watched that first day it would be totally panic stricken. But there was when I watched that eagle course but elected people post what you want. But of course was Vatican source that you work. When you look did and so. I think we need it to be a diplomat got to be. It you fifteen that your little more. Mature level headed most so it's not a big deal but it was different and their public the people have been very very welcoming there Riddick. They're good bye to that place. I'd tell you are a died in the wall tried and true Michigan man. So all I ask you this who who is the most Ohio State athlete they use secretly admired. Our oil that's another one that. Look at that that there's there's a couple. I wanna beat Jesse Owens the poor people don't realize he was an out of state. And when he broke a pick for world records in one day. There was that an opera Michigan track. And then there's a plaque there to elaborate. And then to Chris Dielman. My. Two. Was a lie to try to line for a number of years and I've always thought the way you know his wife's illness. It was very good and had fired for that. Tom shine with those director of news and public affairs for KM EW. Which does public broadcasting station. I'll ask one more because in me I I have to take a big you know. What's that like to have picked. Probably the worst all state basketball team in Wichita eagle history. Let's run through the five that that were on that team Kevin mop. I editing salt tablet and I could it could litigate state it's Seth you have. I already scored experts say Calvin Thompson which is obviously loads and that you. The other who the other two Denish you make a real time leading score friends before he left and the fifth. Brad Underwood. Well Mike that's really. I hope Barack Obama that's club I just thank you if they don't became coach it's that looks better in hindsight I suppose and a bit at the time. And I and I did have it was it the dream. But yes I should've put heavy Scarlett and I almost did I don't know that would help with any but I almost did. Yeah I but it Tim Carter on Mike woman's statement you know I get one back. Let's say it's not but actually in hindsight now that we're talking about I probably haven't asked you about that team and ten years it doesn't seem as bad now. And I am glad nobody laughed at. It doesn't have. Any NBA guys and made it not a lot of major college guys but the other guys who were good there levels. That's close it's splitting my son somebody hits close to my team of Roth's car dealers the greed and Kelly and I deaths of truth in that category Didi miss on somebody that was not that I'm aware again and their ego. Now there was there was there was not a guy came and ten of yours a little low little that. Up up you get to ask each of us a question of fear if you're that interest them. I believe it to capitalist and you've done a lot about baseball haven't followed it on Twitter somewhat too I also by the way think that people who say. Minor League Baseball never most popular would start the states because. Many years during the when the right through here. That's pretty good teams they were very popular cheap shot and a great job and they've been they draw a lot of people. And the arrow go for that. Some TV news seems to be got a dead. You know that so glad cheers went up until I was ranked usually that was not very good about the split but does say that we've ever draw or supported. Our league baseball to correct it picnic Cattrall so my question war that's gonna ask. Jeff this one between the arrows the pilots in the wrangling topology for the game between team between the girls and her anguish that our most recent history was the best Wichita player to play at large demonstrative man who boasts a little street seems. That's a good question because I don't remember the Roberto Alomar years. Two. Too much. Like I covered them for awhile and Alex Gordon was the guy. Although it's you know as recent as it gets with Wichita is affiliated baseball history but I think. He was minor league player of the year so he got to give it to him Alex Gordon is it. He should not hundred. But the idea. Les Miles and now vsan. Time but don't go to Internet you Johnny Damon thank you result of that here alert here I would say yeah. Johnny Damon nor Carlos belts for a I was good I was gonna say Robby don't vote people that are big days. You spent some time here robbed Roberto Alomar is the greatest. Player in the history of Wichita Minor League Baseball. In my opinion. It certainly went on and did more than any of the others although we've had a lot of others. Tip that a lot of questions for Bob then it is all all the opponents. Who came into play and which taught teams. During that time friend who has the best opposing player to play it low. Don't say ray Lankford. Well that's that's a tough one to you know J. D. Drew have a lot of hoopla when he came and but I wanted to get back I'm gonna go back and and just a guy that you would pay to see and it's not a guy that went on a bit much and in the big leagues I think he had a pretty good run and in Japan. But this goes back to the arrows years in the seventies. The Denver bears had a guy named Randy bass. Any of the left handed hitter and he was a home run hitter. And he was a powerful guy and every time Randy bass came to town with the Denver bears. You made sure that you were in the ballpark to say and. Short right field all right he hammered that I mean he lives saved he was a big time. Home run hitter analysts from the watching. And that's my guy. I've got a bad note that act that would argue that. I don't remember the opponent is much that and the content. Philly area are you got to enjoy a little a little more time with the 2000. You're guy that did work to the newspaper tell. 8830 and nine are you gonna enjoy this time or maybe have a little more leisure in your life. Well I left side but the reason I came by came home to do this interview as we get invited late to a dinner party the night like carrier Rangers. And which he pitches two more spots open because surveil the navy and and I sit well like Sharon has said. But I can Mollison bush budget eagle. You know on Mike and other conservative third at Friday night. Could do that so yeah public support to maybe have an a few more votes and some basketball games. So my physical basketball games in business Newman games and so maybe a little more time. I'm well Leo we we wish you the best we're happy Florian. Thanks for being a part of five questions thank you thank mom's side from KM EW. By the way. I think I did the math pretty quick been Randi that's 400 and Tony for professional home runs. 400 and it's fifteen of them in the either Japan or the minor leagues when they go pretty good recalled by the old man. Decent Randy bass wonder why he never struck it big with the Kansas City Royals played a little bit in the big leagues but that wasn't as saying he was. He was an all or nothing guy probably. Probably have more was shot and today is game. But it was fun it was man it was fun to walk this time in the minor leagues following one pitch to and you as an intimidating guy. He was wanting area at a 114 walks and only 73 k.s and AAA now your cousin made hearken back again at 32 audio on this guy I want to big leaguer who wants. To a time when when I was very happy. Are you happy now. What bearded Randy bass player in Denver in Denver I don't know I must say seven the early seventies. I doesn't say and a very played in 79 and eight people were really in any way one that late yes. Thought I had gone I don't that's right here. I'll 3637. And eighteen homers and limited duty that year. I'll I'll trust job that. But anyway good to hear from Tom shine. We got a good show today like a hated. A little argumentative. James Collison and by the way is that no of the giants to it your little fully yourself GM he's got a full no trade caught nobody did it looks bad. Other though it looks bad the Marlins forgiven a guy 350. Million. And full no trade though he obviously wants to go to the Yankees. Dodgers cubs or Astros. Those who are fourteens these Astros. Pay out. You don't like the Astros can't I know they can how about that out field. About that line out. I thought was I'm serious man the best in the history of baseball perhaps if you enough Stanton. Two out to make Barea. Springer. Bragman I know I bread man. Mike can McCann. Who can't thought I hundred. Then is it okay for us in certain area and or whatever other kind of they've got prospect well that the trade. Prospects. But you know what's gonna happen is gonna end up staying in Miami he may I help slow. Forget tomorrow's wanna sit in the Houston are getting you wanna get rid of the guy but don't help the best team. It just makes no sorrow filled out there about that they should have be competitive to some degree. Back to wrap it up after the us.