Family Feud with Bob and Jeff

The Drive
Friday, September 22nd

Bob and Jeff talk about their home life and whether or not either of them are “nice guys”.


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All right let's go home. Okay. And. The crowds that just won't look you listen to doctor. Yeah me. Music and actually can. The terminal and that's no legality abruptly ought to apply to pull sometime this weekend for the fun as you want you just pick at this time. Now we'll see we're gonna give it all to the listeners. For every day in October you onboard with that. But pulled up on the I don't know I think we're gonna do it let's get the call he's been on hold coal here on the drive with Bob and Jeff. Did we have called Qaeda we don't have Cole he's gone and that we talked about doctor mark and that. They call it thought it's okay cold call back only to optical we've got to write I don't order taught doctor and I want to call back. I don't I don't I don't like we finished what pulled me to decide market. So during the break I felt like Paul had more to say. Better him than better odds than him. Met you know golf tries to make this tour championship a big deal isn't it. Even though I'm talking about shared it's going on right now Pete NBA regular care reason why it is a big deal. Is because Gary Woodland Topeka and the University of Kansas currently tied for fourth with three others. Trailing it co leaders. Paul Casey Webb Simpson Justin Thomas who were all minus seven and Justin Thomas is not the best here of any golfer. In golf sounds like it. You got anything to say about that had a fantastic. Year you even notice a big loss of top. Everyone loves just to top you are the most inept golf talker I've ever known we love him Paul. So are you. There. Well guys I'm on the mood felt well go to if I had the Lincoln correct game tomorrow. Well you're asking span more bouncy ball air is on your a game. In Howard is back in that area. And. Well you're not at all this but we're also not used to what you have the seventy's and eighty's and ninety's either. It's been a while he ever get back. Or that that's what I'm I'm Bernard you know we got to get the right guy. And I get that worked you know eight requires the AT. Though he got a note back right I'm Mike Riley MI well. In and look what what is possible record they're here they're more they'll like they got to beat. Eight B or five where and what they're what they're the scene he's got to play. It ain't. It grew up. How how attractive the job. Today and his Nebraska. Yeah yeah like a bad. You've got this stadium it's full air green week their support our hunters they want it picked the name they wanna date code. But yet here the land day duties to get not want to come underground I don't know maybe that's maybe that's part of it. Nebraska does not have the same weight. Especially with young people and young football players that used to it's it. It's really not cool who Nebraska's not cool that we just say that love Nebraska. Followed take offense of that statement that the doctoral program anymore. What do. I bet the fact that they're they've struggled here bill that they don't get the well being cloud right. The best in this Raleigh view rue the day of the Nebraska left the big twelve. You have to malicious I've definitely been worth it dropped a lot of white guy Ares I hated it and I hated that day. Well. It aptly prime trading back. And sell my spot dark blue is that potent bat in turn their program around. That's a great question that's on the the new athletic directors probably gonna have to grapple list. And is there's just no easy answer at this point there's just no easy answer to that question. I don't know all I I think he would rank the room and felt but the job's got bronze. You know he without it no word yet for number years and now he's the head coach it's Naples Florida. Building Graham might not back down there. I hope he does well there because I think maybe he might beat the guy. You would you want Scott frost after 1 season at Central Florida now about why not radar room. I don't know maybe not black white topic I'll rate Riley gone after this year I believe that's true thanks for the call. Have fun time a good job adding Nebraska will be Rutgers so you'll see all probably have a decent time tomorrow. But not many wins looked to be in the offing. For the University of Nebraska. Well the Indians won now 2728. Dan Lothian to do that was the 1884. Of Providence grays are you at all. I don't think yard you know you know out of all the services. This is happening too fast you wanna see this that this has nothing to do with how this kind of you know roll over while nobody State's top law this long nobody nobody did. Evan you're not gonna say that's all I gotta do is to win a game that's all the playoffs that he does have to win today. There's nothing you don't have to win four out of seven you just have to win today. And that's thought that did so no I'm not that nervous you are a rat now I've and I know you. You'll be a nervous wreck when the playoffs started. Let your leg got it had to go out and his driveway last year during game seven had to leave our house. Couldn't stay want to put your family. They had to go home couldn't go to watch it with that your wife and daughter. You have to go out under the driveway. And watch on your phone after yeah because my daughter was sleeping. And after rusty Davis at their home run I could not contain the excitement so you got a lot of weight up about it neighbors who cares about the neighbors. You just said that. Cares about the day they wake up you had a problem with your neighbors know they love us if they if the neighbors wake up fine my daughter needs her argument nice guy. Let's cut right let's go right to have I ever claim to be a nice guy but are you a nice guy I did give me your mind are you. You know but now a pretty nice guy amount and I'm not a good guy am not a bad guy. I beat guy. Did you steal that that's Roman rains. Think that no originality and it. All airlines belong obviously guys where they are about I don't know if I'm not it's not just the guy I've just a person now that I am I don't know I don't know backs socially. Max what's I would describe Max is a nice guy do you agree Maxi. With nice guy Tommy Thurber most of most of the time a nice guy. I mean don't we aim for more complexity that is top Thurber seven out of his seventeen personalities are very nice. That's not a bad ratio and that we love probably four out of your 76 are pretty nice thing to have a lot of different personality. That's almost I think that's been why evidence that insinuate that that there's some mental. On you know. Why would you go there but it that's not your buddy Scott Talbott. Two weeks you had some ridiculous. Your dad loses something and he responded it's hard a lot. Who is you know what guys seen these say court CC were to Baghdad. I was attack I just happen to see it well and everyone of my tweets right you got that that talk behind. The you know top behind my back go for. Here we will will continually take you and Scott Talbott outback or rusty Eck Ford is there an out back. No the and I thought Vegas had an article at the front I don't think there is an outback cared back I don't know where I'd take you. I don't I'm not sure how to get out of this bill we can do this publicly but I would take you wherever they would. Deemed to be outback you and Scott Talbott. And and have you ever caused physical harm to another person long time ago it was it was a minor. I have other friends of mine did the did that damage right so oddly just rely on the Heather there'll be tough behind them that's that's your goal. That's your objective violated take a break his Javed Anderson is up next with five questions. This this. People famous. Mean we've done all we've done all over the place. It feels to me like you're stuck ran out of steam slide. You've you've put feelers out and they don't all come back. And then it that would Jane minutes and vote will prior art I tried for a Lily Wu I didn't hear back but will have Lily Wu on five questions someone. We enjoy the heck out of James and am still love him but people are bad enough streak going blue follow up do you look at that no better maybe our ratings over there on Saturday when. This'll be fun David Anderson up next five questions they have faith.