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Thursday, October 12th

Greeny & Golic reacted to the Indians' collapse & Strasburg's interesting game 4 start. Plus, Cavs coach Ty Lue, Adam Schefter & Tim Kurkjian


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I guess on the shelf Pinto performance. I'm owed me in your little line OK gotta say your Saturday were backed him back and Paula we're not. Gold is back. Better than ever is debatable. The comeback is complete. The cardiac kids in pinstripes pick up their beleaguered manager and carry them on their shoulders to the ALCS while the Cleveland Indians. For the second straight season had three chances to close out a playoff series and could not get it done. I had already planned and written go like I'm partly because that one was brutal that is he really tough law suits that I don't understand. About a lot of it first and foremost let's wait Nancy Powell the Indians protests were other protests of the game OK fair enough because it's so it's very likely that they're replay Jack. Yes had a gamers under protest because. They lost I at 5050 shot that that over there you go Shaq and before organ of the game from a personal standpoint I. I don't understand why maybe you tell me maybe I'm missing something I. The vitriol being thrown my way I mean before these series in these games don't I wish both teams locked and say you know what I'm just rooting for. Good athletic player out there no matter which team wins yeah I just looking for some fair play integrity of the game right you do not have a bad guy and yeah great to the Indians win great but I don't really pick favorites it's not my job I'm not biased. So I don't understand why a lot of people are are coming after police said it was over he called it over a year mocked my Gene Wilder sound bite I did all that you did most of those things you'd have been particularly upset if I had done this. I can't just put. This was that listen this game yeah took ten years off the lives of every person who watched it all kidding aside. As as as brutal losses that is and you know like I mean I'm I'm from new York and rooting for the it was a very glad they won my love a lot of those guys over there in Cleveland particularly Francona was a threat to both of ours. That is our our gutting Amanda Plummer got rained it is that if. It is one of those and all kidding aside I know I I talked a lot of smack I deserve everything I got thrown at me that's fine. And I have a I have a Bobble head to award to a guy but I will play out all right. Yes yes I'll I'll I'll pay up by that you can receive a bobbled it yet know chip just a or. No choice but by the worst one well all that it will be disease Yankee fan to headed over short and I I've heard out of a Saber you're gonna say about this great series what what did the arm. Odd tweet I got was is this now failed season for the union yes it is. You know I know in baseball could it's hard to make the playoffs and I know you may disagree but. But these players a lot of the same players. You you're up 31 in the World Series last year. Basically considered the best team you're playing that way you know the Dodgers starter played certainly while it again at the Aberdeen American League and the Astros have been playing well again it. But. There's. At least you get back to the World Series you know even if they lost there again you could say okay it wasn't felt but I but I I think it is I think Gary Gordon figured his. And I'm going out from from the athlete's side and adjust the mentality. You know nothing to do with the game but. It is going to you know I talk about when your season then junior season and in the post season it's you know with with. Especially winner take all that you know it's going to be over you know you know you know your season has done. When the yanks were down two zip just the mental. Not only from them their families wise cure whatever you know of you kind of start. She's kind of over you kind of start looking through what the Aussie you just naturally kind of do that when you're down two zip. And the other side of the Indians is just. Client are there'd there'd there's no deviation from this at all that it's 21 minister to. And even so either I'm sure the Indians were highly confident they're gonna win this one the mentality starts to chip a little bit certainly from the Yankee site. I can't even I hated every year but a lot of years you could see it coming you knew what was is prosecuted make the policies obviously the end of the years pretty apparent. But when you make it if you're the best team or not in my sport it's one game in your dog. For these guys to go in today and clean out their locker is going to be. Goal completely did did the plan was all the way through World Series and haven't cut short after even being up two zip. And losing three games general like last year being up through one of losing three in a row. It is a gotcha and and I can't even imagine that clubhouse today how brutal it is going to be clean up and and packet out for the yeah for the winner. I totally get what you're saying and I understand how one just specifically with regard to whether this season is a failure I'm not. I I can't. I just can't get. This but just what I can't call at that price they may feel that way right. And the fact that dog talking about how they're feeling it it's a fails it's the fact that they were in game seven of the World Series a year ago and the fact that they had a two nothing lead in the series after. Stealing game two I waited they did I mean not not that they didn't deserve to win it that was the game. That Girardi made the mistakes and everything else but after being down five runs in game two on coming back to win and if you listen to that ballpark if you work. In New York it's Saturday morning as I was sitting at a coffee shop listening to people screaming and cursing and that series felt over from both sides. You're right the Yankees came back from the dead and the Indians go into what will be a very long and cold winter. And we evil Mets go off the top of the topic that's so it was two home runs Mike. From DD Gregorio is the first one to set its own. The second one that kept the Yankees going on in the end it is the Yankees to advance after a good ripping game five win in Cleveland. To the AL CN how about this and I Yankee lore multi homer in games in a winner take all game yankees' postseason history. 2003 ALCS game seven Jason Giambi against the Red Sox. When you go back to 19562. World Series game seven. Yankees Dodgers Yogi Berra I mean that that's that's an oppressive company but keep your guards I mean what. What do job he's doing good he's followed a guy who's striking at a record pace. You know in now are not a yes there and they follow me out a bunker and got sixteen strikeouts and earned judge I had in this regards actually pick in this team up. In this one accord clover I mean my gosh. Last two starts what nine runs his last three post season starts he's given up. Thirteen runs. Eight it's been absolutely brutal cannot hold on to game seven of rest here last year we are all well and give him some slack I cannot remember consecutive short start up. So we knew that he'd be done. Sort of used to it isn't here yet to start liberal given up home runs to boot so deductible at the end of the day all kidding aside about my talked tip your cap. To the Yankees for being down two zip an apt to stand strong and get the job done and CC sabathia just fired and deal on site and I. Re 22 game win streak. A 102. Win regular season. The Indians go home disappointed again. We've been talking about here ready early this morning that it's gonna feel like a lost season because they were so good they had the 2.2 game win streak into. It's very tough for me to say this season as a failure but I am sure they feel that way right now there's no doubt they feel that way right now sixth straight. Games with a chance to clinch. Again last year was the World Series a chance to Clinton here. The AL DS with a chance to clinch again a small sampling but still. No team that is one Torrey straight games remember we're talking about the chase in the 1916 giants who won 26. Straight the giants missed the post season that year. The Indians this year to 42 wins loss in the LDS and the cubs in 1935. Torre went straight wins lost in the World Series in the days in 02. Warning sirens 120 straight wins lost. In the AL DS so warnings warning her orders season isn't guaranteeing you a lot and it actually to this point it's guaranteeing job and not win the world and it. And earlier game water performance from Stephen Strasburg in my keyword here yesterday but this was. One of the strangest. Stories that we've seen the 244 hours in the life of Stephen Strasburg. That began with Dusty Baker saying that he wasn't going to be able to play because of mold and air conditioning right. And then ended with him throwing seven brilliant innings at Wrigley Field and striking out twelve. That's about his remarkable little span as we've seen along I got a call on our I was obviously out yesterday and am pretty busy through days to just check in occasionally what was daughter reading about that I thought about. Used in the mold excuse today after the game last night yeah Howard the idea saying mold affected me that could make it into the show but yeah as you mentioned struck out while he struck out. Ten in game one of the series he's a third different National League pitcher to have multiple ten game strikeouts in the same post season series. And the first listen of the eastern. The first since Bob Gibson. In the 1968 World Series Gibson did it twice also and 67. And before that was 1965. And cynical for those of the tuning me in are you kidding. I mean you'll love when you're part of a list with that is a list that is a short list and a sweet list. The I won't get planning and that came as. How how what else do we have today we got a week six of the NFL season. Kicking off tonight with a huge game we got the Eagles and the Panthers don't want to head to head might vote to both teams are foreign law both quarterbacks you know we would Carson once it's just a second here so the maturation of imminent Cam Newton everybody hoping hoping is certainly in Carolina and wonder if he can you back to that MVP. Guy that it was a couple of years ago Carson once is already thrown twice as many touchdowns. On third down this season Hughes Ari thrown six than he had all last season with three. And Cam Newton leads all qualified quarterbacks in completion percentage on play action he's completing. Just under 78%. Of his passes on play action and I'll throw fifteen yards. Down the field sell both quarterbacks are really playing well right now again would the would. Of the Philadelphia I think the biggest difference of them are running the ball well. And Ali good timing today for tiger Lou we'll have the coach of the cavaliers live. Just after 9 o'clock eastern time this morning. And we'll try to get an injury update on the Brian James my crew will miss the rest of the three he's in which is not that important notes up but his status for the opener. Which will involve Kyra coming back to Cleveland right is now in question that it is so you know they have some time before that source your kind of rehab I don't imagine we're get a definitive answer on alert today by. Certainly be good to talk to him in and out. That's all you're waiting for Odyssey through play and now I think we're pretty much guarantee what happens to Tyreke. When he comes practically well yeah I did story just destroys the basically the city of Cleveland not the team not the management but the city of Cleveland yeah yeah we'll get to the lawyer coached. And that's what I'm talking about on this very busy morning it brought to you by O'Reilly auto parts better parts better prices. Every day what game what a series the drama of this American League division series. Between the Yankees and the Indians. Was remarkable the Yankees coming all the way back from the dead again game one was what it was game two. Was an incredible spectacle again with Girardi in the eight to three lead and wage goes and they go all the way. Deep into extra innings in the indians' lineup with a win and and Arab majority is gonna get run at a town on a rail and busters on here with us saying he's not going to be back his manager Arnold he still may not right right as in theory be back has managed reported this all changed. And so so much of that story lines certainly surrounded the Yankees was about their manager. And you could hear from Todd Frazier last night and so many others just how important it was for them to win this one for Joseph Girardi. Shoot I'm Rick this one's for joke I'll be honest with you got a lot of criticism after the second game when you know we talked a lot mean have been. Can be happier for him and a lot of criticism one has led should know. I'm dobbs you know we can together as a team perhaps as of this is that the result of it I just told us that we got you back a 100% don't worry about anything else. I know took at all on them you know I saw what happened and immediate. You know gobble us and don't come out here stickers just that it's that it's got up and now we're gonna receptive I don't. You know I came out to me and he said he's proud of me gaga hug. Is that you know we are more more stopped doing that you can you're darn right we do let's go. And I you set to turn that page quickly the whole thought anyway we have talked about it thought like it's rocket science to figure out you win that series you put that part behind you now. When it does for Joseph long term I have no idea but as far as the season and these players. You turn the page and get to a team. You know that that'd basically you know Alter pretty well during the season in the Houston Astros beat him five times. On seven this year yankees didn't really hit very well. Against the Astros so. They'll turn to that bought. There has to be some field good for LA in every clubhouse in every locker my said there are those that like other people and some that don't I'm sure that a lot of Girardi fans and our not to say every single player but a lot that felt for him when he went through already went through. And the mistake that he made on Friday night so. You know you kind of have that the back your mind how much it helps or not I I have no idea it's not like the Yankees were going out to try and win anyway recorders side 22 but they're some nice vindication and okay. We took care of that that over the supper that opera anymore doesn't have to answer anymore questions about their season being over and is it over because what you did Friday night. And of that chapter turn the page let's move on correct I think adding there was a genuineness that you could hear all our majors yes about how good they all felt for Douglas looked. And you heard him say took a lot of criticism and he shouldn't have now you could argue that either way. One is that the argument on the side of yes he deserved all the criticism is. You could argue the pitching changes but every managers get great pitching changes and sometimes it works sometimes and you cannot argue that he shouldn't have challenged the the ball was tipped off the knob of the bat that was obviously a mistake. So that. He's worthy of the criticism now what Frazier is saying is that doesn't mean you've been have to give up a Grand Slam right it doesn't mean you then have to lose they've got over the players still had the game to win even though the manager made the mistake and I think that's what Frazier was saying right right we re still had time is it's almost like you know. Mean there are still winning by four runs when that ball hit to breath a little bit the same Portman you know Portman would grab the ball but they saw a ball player to that Chrysler accord though I mean you still have a chance to block there on the field and get it done. And that's exactly how would that a scenario here even at the missed the mistake the game wasn't over until out to immigrants like them and let's talk about the Aaron judged at though that you mentioned their brief well I think the yet this whole game first first the whole game itself has 31 strikeouts. 31 the Indians struck out fifteen times and the Yankees struck out sixteen time welcome to American League based yeah circa 2017. Yeah I mean just apps to its it was the most in any postseason game that the guy extend into extra innings. So then you go to an end to let you go ahead and have an errant judge struck out four times. Again yeah so he struck out four time. In three different games in the series. He had 24 plate appearances. He struck out sixteen times now sixteen times in 24 plate appearances but did you put that into context for you. In the 1941 season Joseph DiMaggio came to the plate 622. Times he struck out thirteen times. So judge struck out three more times in this series. Then demand GO did in the entire 1941 sees him. Just to be clear this series lasted five games. That season he played I don't know how many games he played the size it was a 154. We had another one here Tony Gwynn in 535. At bats during the 95 season struck out fifteen times. So quick and struck out fewer times in 1995. Then judge did in these five games now. I'm not not get a kid this is his game this is the game. Because he also had a few out of the park and they write critical elements up and that that's what he's paid to do and he also generally has a very good batting average obviously. He strikes out a lot of in this series he struck at a ridiculous bodies out. But the numbers are just predict out what that number remains sixteen strikeouts the most for any player in a single post season series of any line. No player ever struck out four times in a post season. Game as many as three times in his Major League career judge needed just six games this October. To become the first to do so remember he also has a record for consecutive games with a strikeout was a 353637. Right in that area or in Europe and that number doesn't really matter I mean. You know if it's right in that area so yeah but that is that's his game yet 52 home runs as well which are going to take it. You're gonna take the fifth I'll hear I think he's horrific Jack buddy is going to be a great player for a long time and it. This is going to strike out is gonna strike out at Honda. And he's not going to be the only guy he is going to be the beginning I believe that he is the ushering in of an era. Of real big strong guys who swing the way he's wings who were going to hit a lot of home runs are gonna strike out a ton. That may be not quite as many home runs as he had to maybe not quite as many strike out as he has. But that I think that the next generation of big time player in Major League Baseball big star. Why is guys who win like that in the gonna wind up striking catalog that is the reality of a one way or another. The Yankees go on the Indians go home to what again I think will be a very very long and cold winter won't like it might presented by progressive insurance. Lester over three million drivers Richard aggressive call it clicked today and find out if you could save observers are you weren't here yesterday for the Strasburg out because. It was unbelievable. Ike Ike are kept saying over and over again I couldn't think of another story. Quite like that won the time the Jay Cutler was being ripped to shreds. Live real time now during a game in which he turns out to have suffered a significant knee injury but is being criticized by other players. I'm was the closest thing I could think up to it. But you know we talked a lot about Strasbourg yesterday Borger and I and everyone else the island really taking my accused. On that from Teixeira and from David Ross writes in I was thinking maybe there's something in this I'm missing but those guys had exactly the same perspective. The notion that he wasn't gonna play because he was wheezing after a half mile run in whatever it is one way or another with all the pressure in the world on amalgam credit for the voters said. I had a burger yesterday not having any idea he was gonna get the ball. Is that what happens now if he winds up you don't actually pitching this game. And Booker said that's exactly what the cubs want because after all this kind of stuff that'll be so in his head and boy did it go the other way shirt did he was spectacular job. Guy he was absolutely out of his mind seven innings gave up three hits struck out twelve changeup was working like crazy form. I mean he was just absolutely on fire as we mentioned. Ten strikeouts in the first start. So this and I you know where everybody went with this yesterday I'm. I mean. I've seen you guys play their best and we've seen stories of guys that play their best sick you know certainly the Michael Jordan a flow I remember in and we played in the the Oilers won your we're now is in Philly. In the house of Payne and and we made it their house of pain we drop so when it like that Seth Joyner was almost about a sick as I seen anybody. Before game went out played had one of his best game you just. You scope play you know you just kind of you do you know you're just going to see you and and you already knows your sick and you're just going to give orchard given to you can't give anymore and then. You know you're done. So all. That that that according to the notion that he doesn't gonna go out was so startling to everybody out and the fact that he did I mean look this goes now from. Something that that if if he had not pitched yesterday they had lost something he might never live down right. Through something that instead goes a 180 degrees the other way it's now legendary you know this is the start even if they lose game five tonight. And does he's not naming a starter and I don't blame him. When they go Gonzalez or oracle whatever they donate Strasburg is jog yesterday exactly right this that this that that start becomes the stuff of legend now regardless of what happens. Why baseball is the topic and encourage and as the man to talk about a two more endemic Hillary and I am not good. Bittermann. He's down I don't blame art is the second consecutive year in which this team has had three opportunities to close at a post season series and been unable to do it. The 31 lead in the World Series last year. And now this so let's start with them before we talk about the teams that go on what. What of the Indians now they remain obviously a team with a really good young nucleus and and a terrific manager. But this has gotta be brutal day to be cleaning at the. Lockers this is a terrible day and this is historic Green Zone team has ever. Law the two game lead in a playoff series two years and wrote that 31. Too low and lose a vote that's never happened. In post season history and it happened to the poor Indian. And it happened because in part Cory Kruger simply wasn't himself to gave up nine runs in six and a third innings. He gave up nine runs in his last nine starts of the 2017. Regular season and then their two best hitters for its fiscal indoor and Jose Ramirez. These are two best players this year went four for 37 and struck out thirteen times you're not going to win when arguably your three most important players. Just didn't get it done in a five game series so. Is the stigma stuck on them now like almost like as you'd imagine they're gonna be a really good team again next year that. Everybody will expect the playoffs and that they have to get past the sticking point of not being able to close out is that is that like. That's where it is right now it's not even the regular season anymore for them. Yeah I think that's where they are right now but the good thing is they're going to be really good again next years she said they're going to be good for several years to come and as long as Tito Francona is there. With them ownership and management situation they have they're going to be fine for several more years than that the good news but the bad news is and once since 1948. And I think it got. May be in their heads a little bit after they won 22 in a row that we have to win the World Series now and I think when they got behind in. In game four and they sort of say wow we might not win this series. I think it might have affected. Sabathia won on pitched really well yesterday and the Yankee bullpen comes in. Group Korea's goes deep twice and and and the Yankees don't want so what of these yankees they. I sensed a real genuine as. As they were talking about in and the post game celebration yesterday doing it for Joseph Girardi after all of the heat that he took and again I think most of it justifiably so. For the mistake that he made in the game on Friday night. But they want to go out there and and for lack of a better word get him off the hook that that I think was with special I don't know but galvanize them or not but I think that was really genuine national. Rang and I think Joseph Torre's being way too hard on himself like I'd blues game two. I certainly don't look at it that way didn't have a good managing game I'll give you that but I think it is Israel that they're trying to win for him that. They win because they play the way you you wind today in the big weeks they hit a bunch of homers there shortstop picked who last night out the best pitcher in the American League. And when push comes to shove they just bring a power guy out of the bullpen and they strike you out if they have the formula to win the World Series that's why. Even though this. I thought Cleveland would win this series to say the Yankees can't beat the Indians they beat it with the exact formula they needed when in doubt hit a ball. Out of the ballpark and then bring someone in how the bullpen throwing 96 miles now. Sixteen strikeouts for them in fifteen for Cleveland 31 that's a record read our judge sixteen strikeouts in the post in this post season. Series that's a record it's been ugly soul. A quick thumbnail going forward against Houston Houston beat him five out of the seven times Houston hit more home runs and that's in those seven games eleven to seven. Obviously had more wins had more hits as well so. With a quick thumbnail on that well Houston's a better team and Houston is the best offensive team in Major League Baseball and their line up is absolutely relentless and I'm not sure how the Yankees are gonna deal that even with that power bullpen. But the reason the Yankees won ultimately over the Indians as their starting pitching was as good if not better than Cleveland. And nobody saw that coming so you have to give them a fighter's chance here that they're gonna have to do a little bit more offensively with Erin Jett fell as he had. 34. Strikeout games out in this playoff series no one. Has had 34. Strikeout games in in the history of the post season in their careers and he did it in a five game series. And and we know this in this is pointless but just imagine struck down thirteen times in the 41 season errant judge struck out sixty times five game. To my favorite stat is unreal not only of the day whatever to measure it 622. Plate appearances that year. The judge had 24. In this series and he struck out three more times and a measure to the entire year but. The game and DiMaggio hit thirty homers that year too but you're right greedy that's how the game is played. You can actually live with although strikeouts as long as somebody it's a home run it during it. It's easier to hit a home run off for Max Scherzer let's say then it is to get three straight hits often Max Scherzer and that's how we games played today. So with that thought in mind we visited. We'll we'll figure out what they're gonna do as they go forward let's go to the nationally gained some and lose you here in a little bit is Timmy is all over sports general all day long. What do you think happened was Strasbourg yesterday I mean that that that we were here yesterday morning we were talking about it like crazy set of circumstances. What what what what for the people you've spoken to what do you think happened okay. I think used legitimately sick but it wasn't presented that way by the nationals he said he was a little bit. Under the weather at Jesse's got a cold all right if he's got the flu any thrown up you gotta tell everybody we want him to pitch game five war but he's thrown up and he's got the flu. If he's feeling better tomorrow we're gonna try to pitch him and that's precisely what happens is wakes up in the morning after all the IV he feels better he goes to the manager and says. I want the ball well I think he took the ball in part because he'd mostly because he felt better. But all of because. He had clobbered from coast to coast from people including meats and how could you not take the ball here. And the reason it was so important as we saw last night. Great pictures take the ball he is a great pitcher that's why it was so important that he pitched because what we saw last night was on. He notable stuff dominant stuff they won because he was great. And that's why he had to pitch that game. No one would say this about a borderline pitcher a guy with a five Vieira and it's a well some miles of pits again this is Stephen Strasburg he's really really get it. Yeah I'd like to an end and I doubt we ever will know that our moment that moment where. He was like the data which are a lot of pitch you know was it club house was that the team makes you think you know. Once you see what's going on and you hear it out there like wait a minute I need to be out there for my team that there had to be a moment. For him either way he got the last laugh with twelve strikeouts all. Game five tonight. How do you you know that they have a named starting with you we think it's going to be yoga golf. Again I think I'm gonna get it's gonna be GO Gonzales he's got him a row are a very good Major League pitchers sit right there right it pitching relief a little better than GOP it. That would be my guess and Kyle Kendrick of course goes for the cubs he's been their best pitcher the last month and a half. He was absolutely brilliant in game one so that puts the cubs have a good spot but it threw a repeat anybody who thinks. They actually know what's gonna happen today in Washington and you know watch in the last week and even want to the last 120 years of baseball we have no idea what's gonna happen which is of course what makes it's a great. Only we know for sure they'll be able here every pitch limit tonight. On ESPN radio game five cubs Nat. In the LDS and the winner goes on. To LA we were just saying if the the nationals were to win tonight. Game one Saturday a the National League Championship Series or be Clayton Kershaw against Max Scherzer which would be quite. I think the other big baseball story yesterday that the the Red Sox fired their manager and that. From what I was reading it sounded like number ASCII was somewhat cryptic about the way he explained it saying there's some cryptic to me it's it's said that nothing New York where they were gonna do this year to write off or otherwise at that basically he was gonna be correct I. I'd be out. Correct which made it sound to me like he was basically saying something happened but he wasn't telling us what was that that's what I mean I'll buy crept out what what what with the circumstance. Is that well to me it was just a case. He's the manager of the Red Sox and that's a really hard job in the shelf life for the manager of the Red Sox. Is it really short one compared to managers and other teams go at Grady Little. The last Tito Francona Tito Francona never been fired by the Red Sox. And the way he handled it was terrible and yet even he would acknowledge later maybe it was time ago because managing there is so difficult to do and it was difficult for John Ferrell and at the very. PR conscious team there and when they look around ownership looks ran says you know the fans here don't like the manager very much. That sometimes can be reason to get rid of the manager it's terrible reason but that's the reality of Boston. If the fans there are still sophisticated they demand so much. And when you're not following through that there gonna clamor we need somebody else and they listened to their fans on. So true measure of questions first on the Red Sox who are that the candidates we've heard some names out there were I were you think this may go. I think Brad Ausmus. Might be the leader might be the leader Ian Dave Dombrowski have a release of of course she's in New England guy he's really Smart and I think he'd be great manager for the red. Alex Cora would be a great manager for the Red Sox although Dave Dombrowski as. I'd like someone with a managerial experience on the Major League level. Ron garden higher fits that did a great job for the twin. And coach in Arizona those are just three names and maybe they go get that Jason Varitek and tries of the new I don't think that's gonna happen met those are just some of the names that weren't we've heard all right. All that ought then as far as the Yankees Girardi all the talk we did last week he. That that was you know the Yankees want him back does Joseph wanna be back where is all that now is any of that changed now. I think it has to have changed with the way they played in this series. And yet other people's army well they have to win the World Series for Joseph Girardi to be back I'm not sold on. Completely on any of this if you ask me now if they get knocked out the next round. No my hesitation here I don't think he's coming back and yet. We still have to see how this plays out now they're planned for the manager women for gel that's been a factor in this one way or not. And the emotional swings in this thing have been remarkable. Over the course of weeks it's hard to believe deleted a week and the players only got a week it feels like it's going on a very long time. But it's all been a lot of fun temperature will be all over TV. All day long today breaking it all down again game five tonight in Washington to everything Q has elect takes that surge appreciate Paula is down. There are micro your support for the white in my podcast comes from our friends at rocket mortgaged by Quicken Loans chances are your confidence when it comes to your work your hobbies your life rocket mortgage gives you that same level of confidence when it comes to buying a home or refinancing your existing home loan. Rocket mortgage is simple. Allowing you to fully understand all the details and be confident. Your getting the right mortgage for you you get started order rocket mortgage dot com slash Mike's. Equal housing lender license and all fifty states and MLS consumer access dot org number 3030. Home isn't just a place. It's appealing. Whether you're at home to your business or online. HT helped keep you safe. With the securities. Home automation. Alarms and surveillance. So you can feel at home. Wherever yeah. Swing and a drive. Right field waved back. It's over the right. He'll walk off home run that his second of the night and the Yankees downbeat it. Read enough and. He has VN radio the call water and tied for DD Gregorio says the Yankees beat the Indians in Cleveland five to two they advanced. The ALCS for the second time in the series they hit according clover hard this time they held on. And got the win today we'll play Houston beginning. Tomorrow the nationals and cubs play decisive game five tonight nearly every pitch of it on ESPN radio and on the ESPN app. National still not named a starting pitchers that if that sounds familiar mold. We expected to Biggio Gonzales we'll see any NFL you're about to get into this Fisher after here and a second the league and the players association issued a joint statement yesterday. So leadership of the NFL PA and players will be at the owners' meeting next week where they will discuss. All of the controversy surrounding. The protest sports center with like a microchip I straight talk quarrel other wireless providers say they're gonna cut you don't have but who knows what kind of coverage you're gonna get was straight talk wireless. You get nationwide coverage on America's largest and most dependable forgy LTE networks and there are no contract unlimited plan just 45 dollars a month I Japanese hero go through all the NFL stuff with him and a second alleged. Again as we were I've been on a variety of things a first look at morning out of chapter of the morning Mike Mike I am I why I want that we haven't had a chance to hear our guys are furiously cutting up sound bites back there all morning long mature a little bit of Terry Francona could it is a good friend of the show. You know and while I'm happy that the Yankees won I do feel for him in negative seasons to have three consecutive games in which you could. Win a postseason series and failed to get it done it's got to be very tough there was Terry Francona last night after the loss. We felt good about ourselves. And we came down stretch plan very good baseball. And we do some things in this series and I don't think we're characteristic of our team mates matters kick the ball around a little bit. Com and sometimes it'll swing about that that's part of it but we we made it harder to win you know in some cases special last two games. Charlie did a last. I three or kicking the ball around little missed opportunity guy error in the ninth two runs for the Yankees it was a could have been a one run game going to the bottom of the and I turned out. To be a three run game and that's how it ended when Chapman Kaman but. You know it's a shame again this team will be solely judged. I'm getting back to the next level and to the World Series and or winning it that met at. Anything but that is going to be looked as a disappointment for those things that's so hard in baseball you know this place so well all year long for such an extended period time and then a five game series then boom don't. Direct it almost feels a little bit that we don't see it that often in the NFL. But either one of them want to jump immediately to mind was the year the Denver Broncos I believe we're fourteen and 21996. And they want to be losing and that first game Jackson Jackson Julia and marks Lara are Loria colleague said that they never got over that price came back and won the next two Super Bowls and they still didn't you know I recovered a team and that what is remarkable to watch that day I tell you you remember the worst stuff like that book better than the more than that about yourself what do you remember about it Jaffe. There's so much remember about it was so fresh everybody was so sure that it was going to suit bullet years it was so good and so strong. And they go and hiking and take twelve looking lesion on the or forget it take it. In the press box at Mile High Stadium was a big press box. They had. Very good friend of mine Jim soccer mono who's now a consultant in organization. I text him in the press box or cold. Renowned patriots opened Beck and call us at this game is going just as I thought. And Anna with the phone and was the last time I've ever relayed in in game message to personnel and he was so theories or beepers cell block. Pet I jinx to from that point on the way it played out it exactly from the output I and the game went out and remember after the game. More than anything wants core team that went to the Super Bowl depth and I'd been covering. Nepal for six years and I thought of an unbelievable to do and now is like I was very disappointed to let you down. Yeah yeah it yet. I may have gotten over that either and I've heard from several of them right Mike Mike chef is here now let's get back to business or get back to the baseball coming up shortly a bunch of football stuff. What what what can you tell us about this the RC situation in New York beat this it's confusing. It is confusing and I think we've got a situation where he's left the team a multiple occasions. Is a volatile unpredictable type player of the plan. Plans for him to return to team today now. That doesn't mean he's gonna play on Sunday at all day still to make that decision been backing himself yesterday said he suspended indefinitely so. Does that mean when he comes back they're gonna say to him hey you're not playing in Michigan State care or you know leave again so. It's a very volatile unpredictable situation he he didn't like that he was taken out of the game on Sunday through his helmet on they don't like that. Again you get some tension in the air with the owned by Rick when teams own five these kinds of things that happen. We know that that's unified a little more bark character were things bad happened but let's look at the overall picture. And I guess you have to start saying that Mac could do and control this team because he's not the only players Eli apple some things and just. How poorly they're playing so you start to look at the overview of this and what possibly could be slipping away. In New York papers are already all over him ripping him to keep his job and again I think. What happens is in this league in any sport really when you have one of these kind of seasons. Everybody's in question everybody comes under fire. And he is going to be to edit a list as a coach of the team just the weights and operate not no surprise their nothing different. They're going to be questions or to make eight ray Handley being fire with an eighteen and twenty record. Will he would have been Mac and you team and have that after a couple of reasons so we got all of that on I'm going on with the giants and you've got the hotel situation and everything else. An error about a limited to a second gap to stink about crazy nature of this we know we know. There was going to be a winless football team in New York now when those can happen right. It just never knew that it was really energized we knew those elite team in the running for the number one overall pick we knew there was a team. That was gonna have its sights and maybe Sam Arnold or some quarterback. We've just got to be the New York Jets. Do your job that's exactly right and actually I wasn't even ask about this because it's so premature. But maybe I'm just asking it again. If the giants finish. 2114 quarterback and they're gonna start organ would they would they draft Eli as replacement I think NAFTA and then would they trade him or they let him go what they would they keep Americans are going to be Jacksonville jaguar the theft. Look what we're an October 12 and I was like this it's so hard tough forecast this ripen if I had to guess in a perfect world their perfect world. You go to quarterback yet be like for another year or two yet the other guy and he steps away maybe maybe. He decides they decide that they don't wanna go along with a each other that was to be 20 again a lot to be determined. He's one of New York's storied sports heroes so to meet finish his career with the giants. On this issue I think it perfect world your drafting a guy who elected him a little bit of time so in a perfect world he's a bridge for a year. Let's talk about O'Dell though. Because you and Max both said after he got hurt. Similar things about how you felt it was a mistake for him to be out on the field and I totally understood where you're going in Mike in many of the other former players and we're seeing it totally differently yeah. What I would like to know is do you believe. That if things should go sideways with a dog I think almost everyone thinks she's still getting get his money. And if he does. No harm no foul probably overstating it but but at least you still got his money but if for whatever reason he doesn't. Do you think that we will see a time where we will see legitimate hold out for we will see guys who will hold out for an entire season who will actually stay away and told. They try and and swing the leverage back to them some other way. There is roker there is a guy still holding out right now I'm going bronco right now so look he's a veteran and he must do to make nine billion dollars last year so it's an intelligence George. A look. I was fairly vocal in June on this issue. And so it's not like I all of us and came around to that this week he said attributes that are on the show many times okayed it that old boy he he should be out there. There are certain players. The elite players to me that when you're gonna feel like go build Beckham who was this year for one point eight million dollars in salary. When you can make 506070 million dollars in guaranteed money. That's a big business risk in my mind and this system is set up without that your option that hurts the players we talked about the fifth year option. And so there's very little recourse for a lot of these players in certain situations. Out there are a lot of very good players. But they're not in in no leak trained Symbian category like this players this players are transcendent player. And the rare transcendent player to me takes a risk if he's going out here without that contract now. Again. I would like to think you will work itself out over time he'll be paid it would not be an issue and the jets are that's probably gonna happen. But you just do the basic math of this if you're gonna make one point eight million dollars and stand to make what she's the rough number sixty million dollars. Why would you go off for 18. What would you do it. I mean I would and I know I can't tell you what here's the other thing as well though you say that player would you tell. Would you say the same thing right now to Zach Martin's errant Donald pull Mac I mean those are all got four guys who are. Probably going to be paid the highest in their particular initiatives ya. A guy in the trenches like is that more how many office alarming news of the career ending injuries. That doesn't happen very often. Off all bought the idea Paul shot to these guys get rolled up on all the time I've I don't know if I would agree with that. I don't know you tickets every single player taken yet to get rolled up. I mean it isn't the show us forget the fact. Position out that you got a chance to get hurt yet yet you won six or 18 and he's going to be guaranteed forty to fifty million dollar so to me. He's in the same boat as odalis as Erin Donald who held out and then went back home who read every remembered a word of as far as. As holding out so that's why I'm asking the question right is is. All it in the way the NFL. It's salary structure is set up the owners have practically every pound of leverage. Colorectal players you're talking about might be the rare exceptions. Who legislate that and there are a lot of bummed are only a handful of the site but this disease that happened to you might as you pointed out that draft was was chock full of really really good players. Beckham and Mac and and Donald are Donna Martin Mike Evans Mike Evans in the same draft yet he's got their plight right and so it's. I just wonder do you think we'll see a circumstance where that changes we were one of these guys OC and I'm not commitment to hold out to work I mean I've personally seen Darrelle Revis not in this circumstance it was a veteran of might I remind you if you wanna get in touch of us tweet us at Mike in my for the Warner far knock on graffiti. If your football obsession has strained that relationship that you need one of our stock probably ordered doesn't read or. A sordid roses produced 1999 you're gonna get another dozen plus some days absolutely free marijuana farms knock on site. At peak and I need that interests if you propose strange relationship yet to be that everything goes yeah. Just one of the busiest people I always cares about that like my favorite stories are all the coaches who live it's such a bubble all else is going on right. That way like I sometimes wonder like but that's what used to covering basketball little bit for us yeah. I was like holy smokes after he knows other things this that's my hobby that's my hobby like I loved that. And we've fancy best look for a security espionage reps in the night I'm all fired up that's one of the great days of the year. It's true that people immutable like go back to rich Eisen right. New backing college wrote with it on network and Cameron brewed at the Pro Bowl it's in line. Mike Shanahan was coaching receiver in the pool and they took me about Brokeback Mountain which in the timeless. A raging sensation. My show and never heard of the movie at that point I'm rich Eisen was completely blown away by it. And that tells you sometimes. Isolated people via apple world are the legendary story which is now so dated it's ridiculous but bill Reeder who was the coach. That I'm at Michigan yeah. One of scouts who was it was so cute play instead of Bo Derek attend this kid's an eleven. And 3% lower at by the Derek yeah but that it you know so anyway that's it that's a reference only the three of us get us go back to football its operating watt. He's got a shoulder what was your shoulder urging look he has taken a lot of hits this year if you've seen and Julius Peppers landed on him at a shoulder injury. Missed some practice time I think it's a maintenance issue whether it be just. He said he'll be out there I don't think it'll be in issuance and make its jets don't you folks agree but I'm not it's not even such right. That but Mike going back to all the discussion of the debate that we had. And one of the things that I really didn't take into account was. Will their offensive line struggling Brady saying he told the ball a little longer and maybe the loss of settlement is contributing to that but whatever it is. Does the fact that he's taking the number of hits that he's taking right now changer perspective at all. On what we should expect from him as the season goes along I mean you still haven't great statistical years like he is giving it more and and one of the reasons or a couple of years ago and I when he is because all the line combinations and the times he got hit. That's the one what we talked about. And when Aaron Rodgers did what he did in the difference of the two quarterbacks is Aaron Rodgers can escape that make plays outside the pocket or Brady basically takes a hit pork. Just hit the ground that has off fight another day like Eli Manning does like Peyton Manning did. Us all listen yeah makes you worry more has one bad hit one bad landing and he could be done. But he's tough on me to do that at the age of forty like to absorb some of those states that's amazing but I'll say this also. Their defense which have been much maligned going to the thirst and I came last against Tampa they came up a much better map features that defense quarter gets things together and will continue to do that is this season was not and I also think on the offensive line. Doctor star Nikki won't agree at this point coaches ever to coach in this data will get things straight and will help protect rate I believe that. There's a final thought you are Gerald McCoy as. When every guests on the know them from Adam podcast this week and and I had a quote that came out that the got a lot of attention was he said he believes there will be an up roar. If the players are forced to stand during the anthem. As has been suggested by the president whatever else goes on so we've seen what happens when Jerry Jones we saw that a lot of the cowboys players were obviously really upset with that they had a meeting yesterday. We have the owners' meeting coming up next week or NFL PA. Personnel will be president so I would give me the floor just in general where do we stand with all this right now word is that what the cowboys where do we stand with what at what we expect from the league and the union had. Will the cowboys are fortunate in that there are by Jerry Jones Portuguese where you can see that can play at this week before we get these discussions in New York City. On Tuesday and Wednesday when they have a chance to come up with some sort of policy in acting up in this year over the last couple weeks we've seen a lot of teens. Staffs players be out front and center involved with police departments and I think it goes back to when the owners and players having meetings in Europe a few weeks or Roger needles conference from the league office. They were very open about the effect they're gonna provide trying to provide help and give them the platform that they wanted to try to work on the issues and important I think part of that is she always teams now. With the police depart at that hasn't happened before but it's never been so public right before as it is right now. So look there are a lot of people with a lot of different desires that the gets it managers to going to be these orders means it's a critical issue their sobering difference of opinion. I don't think anybody's wrong about what they feel players owners everybody got their respective stances and it's a very volatile dangerous time for the league to be in the position it is because it is very sensitive. It is chipping away the popular sport they're people who were turned off what's happening here people canceling their DirecTV subscriptions. Two big deal I I don't know how it turns out like. I guess we're gonna see more and more teams try to help out the players to give them the support on the issues that are important to them. And look I think the owners are looking for certain support so that they don't. Turn off fans and sponsors. And based effectiveness of the game. And that is the game I would also picks the players because for every dollar that the league is like 48 cents goes to the players we're do you expect next. And these meetings next week there will be league rules the players must standard. I don't know. I just don't know. But it's hard to imagine that there's a rule that makes players stand look we go to the 2009. Players were not required to go to they did the national income than the players came back out. The best way to go go about that. I don't think there's going to be a rule I haven't talked about this targeted to a while we Mort I don't think there's going to be ruled I think there's going to be kind of handshake agreement. Okay now and how did the power well unfortunately I don't hear of that. Does it tees you got a mile Asia. Computer at duke twelve point four. I don't feel so good at what what is a computer it hot in here feel hot air I feel a little clarity. I applied down doors something a computer with a virus surprising what's not surprising. How much you can edit by switching to Geico those oysters Rockefeller or neighbors stick Geico fifteen minutes could save you 15% or more. Akamai presented by progressive insurance guess on the shell Pennzoil performance I got some basketball on the way tie Lou. Coach of the cavaliers will join us but obviously baseball. At center stage right now Bolick is down with the Indians and then losing second to him this is it's devastating another word fort second consecutive year. You have three. Put away games whatever the opposite of an elimination game has had a chance to close out a series closeout games. I am and can't get it done last year in the World Series against the cubs and I can't get it done guys are gonna get to the six. It out there at their lockers today in the clubhouse because the expectation was so much higher specially when Europe to zip. And all of a sudden you're walking in today bewildered on my god I'll offseason started. That is a that is a hard cold slap of reality to face right now for themselves. But congrats to the Yankees they got a dog I mean view eager DB grew glorious what he has done. As as who pollute Twitter that earlier that finally have a short topic it does summoned the clock he had John Kerry is a good line visit there it's it's a seamless transition they've made from from the great Derek Jeter this kid is really good and obviously judge. Is that what it gets the most attention he struck out sixteen times in 24 at bats. In this series but that that does that's not remembered and what else is in remembered. I used the analogy earlier this morning. But there were some times when you might get arrested for something or whatever it is and and the judge says if you stay out of trouble for two years this is stricken from the record it to know what ever happened. And that's what Friday night became. That's a Friday night becomes from now until the end of time for Joseph Girardi has players pick them up you could sense a genuineness. From the players that they wanted to do yet for general. That that would have been a terrible way for him to go out as the manager of the Yankees if indeed this is his last. Year and and now maybe it won't be with them winning this will see. But it just would have been ashamed for a guy who's done a very good job for them for a long time to be run at a pound on a rail based on one bad I read I think it was a great by product of it is just say you know we we love Joseph we wanted to do this for joy I don't picket. Motivated them anymore it's not like there were trying to win the series anyway of course what a great thing for to happen is say would we feel now we vindicated Joseph Girardi I do also wonder sometimes about the psychology of stuff and but you would know better the night but here's the deal. There was I think a belief that the Yankees because they are so he on the there's sort of a year ahead of schedule. That maybe once they won the wild card game that they were kind of playing with house money back on the gravy now you weren't expected to be Cleveland. And then in game one they got really you know dominated by Trevor Bauer. Big game to the combination of state pick out according goober. They have it they blow a five run lead and their manager is getting excoriated everywhere a what are psychologically that did sort of shift the paradigm a little help from. You know what if we win it's fabulous if we lose it was to look at year to date. We can beat these guys back and beat let's do this thing for Joseph that lets you know again there's a big plays harder nobody else like well it's a way to do that the mentality of an all even though you were down 02 era and there it was all against you the way it happened. Where we have this game one we got to their ace. You know and now our manager who were really like this is getting destroyed everywhere. Yeah it is all of a sudden gonna make you play better I don't know if it's going to do that but fundamental side of it which could in fact make you play better and set up. If that was a normal game that they just lost no Joseph Girardi gap for anything in Vancouver shot him down for whatever reason they were down 02. May be gone that third game like well you know we were supposed to really be here anyway has brought their tribe is compatible Canon. How to go ahead make those you know reservations for for our trip you know what's where we're going to be on the road to. I think you're exactly right I mean as ridiculous as this sounds I think if they had lost game 23 to nothing they were not of on the series. But it did finish this series shifted psychologically and so many ways on that night and again I'll say it I'm hopelessly biased on this I'd like Joseph Girardi. I'm so I'm just happy for him that whatever happens to them now. Barring another. Circumstance like that it will be his fault in on I don't expect him to be Houston but I did expect it and Clinton are Iger and all of that and I'll never out on the other side. Cubs and nationals while sitting in Strasburg becomes that's an unbelievable story on an unbelievable. Story I can't remember. Anything that was exactly like that the closest thing I can think of to it. Was this the legendary Jay Cutler game. Work Cutler's playing in the NFC championship game and he comes out at the time no one thinks he's that seriously hurt of people rushing him and I mean. Active players are on Twitter watching that gaining crushing Jay Cutler's toughness. That was as it turned out he was seriously hurt right. That was that the last time I can remember something like this where there was this much universal condemnation. Of a player for not giving it a go for his team. And so for Strasburg to turnaround from that from Sunday that he was gonna have a tough time living down to something where he now becomes the stuff of legend that is one of the great turnarounds I've ever listen. I agree but let let's him go past that lets look to the team now we're we we've talked a lot about Strasburg deservedly so he was fantastic. Remember not too long ago which former makes an error Washington takes the lead the comes up to come back at the end they're down in the singing come back and here they are in a situation. We're Strasburg pitches seven it's the eighth inning cubs are down one Barack there or what it's RK start or go out of the game he'd he'd dealt thought us. They were down one I've got two at bats to go here are right and then Michael Taylor puts it away in the top create two out there one hour away. Forget into the bottom of the eighth and added you know they bottom of the night to have. Opportunities. And only down one run at that time and Taylor blasted a Grand Slam and says this one's ought to reach out with with that with the hurricane force who are not bad expression with a gale force wind coming in. From the out really put one in the basket as he did all game they go to Washington. Tonight until Tyler was ready to go so quickly is what I mention one other thing for a fun throwback Thursday today. In honor of the cubs play that huge game tonight. He Genesee are our first producer sent me a picture right of the two of us. At Wrigley Field on opening day of 2000. So this was three months into our show and I haven't up on in Graham right now at ESP agreed on and Graham. And the picture is just when they say pictures worth a thousand words that's understating it really as I look like I'm 320 pounds of ham dirty look like you're ten years old and it it is the unbelievable it made me laugh so hard I can confirm MacCulloch that he was OK with me posted if you do look so ridiculous like there they're it is a classic now pictures so we'll talk about that a little more on this throwback Thursday again it's on. In a Graham if you wanna check it out at ESPN greening meanwhile. We changed gears here a tough day in Cleveland yesterday yes with the fans in Cleveland have a lot to be excited about because they're cavaliers should be as good as ever it was a nice next ice com offseason not really going on a potentially pseudo slider editors here that's exactly right here is Tyler the head coach of the cavaliers tie anything happen since last year's final as he does that and that haven't heard much about your team everything that all right. Yeah everything's being good at the. All kidding aside what when you were the coach and there is this kind of done for an end and everything with carrier ring that just blew up and became such an enormous spectacle and all the questions and all of that. You're the coach. What is your role in all of that and what was it like for you as all of that was swirling around your team during the summer. What was situation where you are front office and you know. You never want to lose you know a great military. And you know it was tough but you know under the circumstances those talking game you wouldn't. And quote we all you know apparently wanted you know he wanted to out. You know I don't think it could have been a military you know in the gallery obvious Thomas who was. You know it's been you know in can't be people getting you get itself down to a crowd it was a two way player portion of the basketball. It's different you know players won't do for. We we had Derrick Rose he had yet to me you'll be accountable. So we hit you know we get a lot of guys but. To do to two straight you know carried evolves and gets past that we've got to clearly gotten in the Brooklyn today. I'm all for you could got to be any better guys that we got. So before I wanted to wanna get into the players that you got produced just one more on on the traded. You talk to carry it all before this trade any kind of conversation at all about what was coming up. Nodded. OK I just I wanted to see if you did or not now. Players coming in so what a player like 88 a book are our rose comes in and Dwyane Wade comes and guys who've been in the league for a while especially guys like to anyway. Take us into the conversation that you have been with these guys on what their role. Guys that are used to being stars and what their roles are going to be on the east teams. Well you know with the great thing about. You know Jeff Green vehicles in Crowder you know. Deep the way they came it would no ego and that you need when you wanna try to win a championship. You have to understand going to be about sacrifice and you know. People don't understand because you know apparently gone but you know did roles that you think he's going to be terribly baca. You know that's how much you want to win an additional U who use the person of the player. To be former MVP. And you know covers Cleveland just try to win and be a back but at the carrier leptin you know. Acquire they you know not rated stuff to season. I becomes daughters so. You know that it certainly a lot of value right there and he has no ego I mean come into work every day I mean great to be around. As far as I mean if I've made it great and have a player of that caliber who's healthy. He's in Iraq preceding games that he's been great. No addition of the way he's not a guy who who's been there's been in the church's. No return to win a championship. And you know he's he can beat you have to basketball you post up we get to the basket so we don't got a lot of additions and you know we'll look different from last year. Because you know we have got now we have farm team guys that we've added that can dribble pass shoot he can make plays so. And have cigar room we're a little different. Before some of the guys that are a little older or have gone through injuries all of its mandates in the offseason about resting players in this and that. You are going to have to management it's our you're not I mean they're there is that to deal with what. The whole the goal for you guys is to win a championship so how was that come into play were kind of knowing what you may have to do during the regular season. Was all about you know the players and how they feel it. We have a great medical staff here who love understand the players' day. Marquee players a lot so. Pat cash's glove what they say in how they feel about the situation. It kind of go from there you know with the new rules in place you know do our best about battles rules. And you know this it was done a great job of they're trying to make sure the fans. Do what they pay for. Try to make sure you know TV TV games or great that is supposed to be so. You know taking away the war five nights trying to cut back on the back to back. We hood and a great job. I Lu head coach of the cavaliers Willis. They play at the magic tomorrow night you'll see that game 7 o'clock eastern time. They're pre season finale on ESPN and then the opener the much anticipated opener which right away boom here comes carrier Irving. Back to Cleveland next Tuesday night that'll be on TNT. And now we're hearing about LeBron so what can you tell us about the bride's ankle and his situation obviously missing the rest of the pre season is one thing. If he's not ready for that huge first game against tirade that would be something else entirely fallacy. Even little mag yesterday we came in the war wasn't able to practice but I mean he's going to be dated date. Am just tried it right for the first game so you know all the wrong he's definitely one of this effort gangs so. He's gonna do everything in his power to get back out on the floor and down so you know we just well where it would happen this many days off between before for a game. You know we had them Bret Stephens on yesterday we were talking about. How he would manage that from his side because there is that emotional return of carrier agreed to Cleveland and and we have a sense of what the building will be like. I got to Cleveland they're sitting next to me here I have a good sense of what that building will be like for him how about for your side you have him come back this quickly after everything that happened this summer. Do you expect that to be a night that is a little different from other games. As far as slept while just as far as the emotion of your players I mean there has been a lot of thought that LeBron was hurt by what happened with Carrie I'm sure a lot of the other. Players on the team all have different feelings about. He came in particular and he's not coming back in February come back the very first game of the season what expectation for his return. We'll you know military you know are going to be up for the challenge. Are you going to be up for the challenge to. You know it's a bond that we had in the last few years you know win the championship it. Make it to be in the final three years in the world so when you lose achieve key piece of you know I was so I mean. You know the way it happened you know that that this guy was that part about all of it is not the way it happened just. So I mean just the game alone I mean just one game you go going to be a lot of hype and you know this around it you know ball version which has apparently come back. And just one game and you know they're gonna get better throughout courses he's in we're gonna get better so I mean it is hard to achieve the ideas. I and and how I like don't wanna go back go to parks or marsh fascinated about whether to if it's a different role for a player how they handle you expect everybody to be professional handling it. Handling a quick Kevin Love now look as old moving to center and how he found out he's moving to senator can yet can you go through that and how that transition will be. I'll will remain betrayed. You know at Jae Crowder had to stop you know start. You know you're abroad chance to be on the back line kind of quarterback it these stances tall conveniences. You can do things in the passing lanes and needed help badly for the very Smart and he knows them you know right spot. It is a lot of pressure on LeBron had the guard you know the best players everything one night though. Belt I think it would that Andy you know acquiring you know duels and he waited. You know that it. You know that our great three point shooters go to give us space on the floor you know would be way you'll lose interest and have been a little hotter so. Don't I think you know you know. Bring interest not to mention Lou Taylor to. Pascal Lester without other I think probably at its when they went to Santa Barbara. You know players who tree on the right before this season. So. If something I've been talking about and you know Kevin Kevin knew whatever just Ari do you know it this far they've done properly tip about it didn't get it here to do that before I guess in the broad more so. But it was not my idea to. How how are things I was just wondering if if you're you're got a call after that say. From cabinets that hey just talking LeBron and he he give you a little bit information that it did it all probably about a. You've got out of the way back before you know my thought process you know just you know over the course of the summer weapon betrayed happen. That's kind of how I envisioned it and just go back and forth on you know what you got to training camp Obama made a final decision and optometrists and it was great about it and you know he's been a big part of everything we've done for him to be just you know. You know and he was great would like you know I understand there were these spaces. I've got to fix it and he would you know anything you need to do Cotto he would do forties so. The tough have a scout talks a conversation. You know would you rate. To be a funnier to watch it again at our with a bang next Tuesday night with. Carrier ring in the Celtics in town in Cleveland coach wears appreciate your time thank you so much up got a great summer we'll look forward to talking as the season gets started excite. Art thank you that's tied Lou that's on the shelter until performance like get instant gold status that shell. Join the furor to program now at fuel rewards dot com slash gold seems like we've been talking about chemistry you know when LeBron first went to Miami with wade and bosh. How they were all working out there kind of acquiesced in one another until they realize we're gonna go to Durant going to Golden State how that was all gonna work out. And now we'll brought back to Cleveland won a championship they keep going back and a 50 man but at the start to look look at you think there's gonna need some time here. Love and he are the two starters right below is quite a different position right that he got Derrick Rose you got two lane weight has Isiah still on the on the shelf so you'll preeminent and and who rose Google. As a back up and then get. Well I mean what a difference starting lineup to try and and of that of one guy who has been a starters at a different position now so. You wonder about that process of those guys all being overworked together and then when Isiah Thomas Johnson to the mix as well listen. They're good problems to have but still nonetheless it there's some chemistry issues to work out good player only happen. That's right because as you were saying and I was writing it down so Isaiah we would assume will assume the starting role that that. You'll assume a starting role when he gets back in their right healthy enough and in shape enough to do it assuming he gets to that and every expectation is we will there is but. Whom I forget that eight man rotation in no particular motorist Kevin Love LeBron James Derrick Rose Dwyane Wade. RJR Smith and Tristan Thompson are they stopped Kyle core Korver they have sold me out any now waiters and it's just unbelievable. So will say and again the city Cleveland will need to pick me up here where Mike in my presented by progressive insurance are guess on the shell Pennzoil performance line. I find myself thinking the bully people and things. Which which were brother was so much in the middle of what he played on those brownie or else on the drive in the mumble and everything else. If they don't win that title. If they don't beat Golden State which is no cars that are now two years ago. In a thrilling game seven on the road if if that game goes one possession in the other direction. The city of Cleveland still doesn't have a championship since the sixties. And think how different the conversation would be right now about the indians' early in game seven last year and the Indians losing by. Indians who I go back through in in zoos and in 97. I know in game seven as well correct of course and we had the lead in their writers are on the mound in game seven MMM and the chances for the for LeBron and cavs and or two saying say they didn't win and then Cleveland Indians last year and then this year yeah I'd be brutal. It would it would be every jokes still available out there would be some about clear and it's still about that one championship. Changed all that but they're still men that frustration level but of course it's kind of a good thing of more right there. You know OK we didn't get this year we have in our hip pocket a championship you know in basketball oh that's cool and we think we still have the talent to get there. Indians fans are thinking about their team by the way the announcement speak of Cleveland was made yesterday during our shows that you didn't get a chance. To comment on it that the browns are gonna make another quarterback now things are gonna start Kevin Hogan. This week who was much more effective you are against the jets in the second half like we can dish on Keyser was. In the first half he's the 28 different starting quarterback. They've had since they came back to Cleveland what is urea and 50% completion or just a hair under three touchdowns and nine interceptions Kaiser for Kaiser. I mean you know all the coaches are seeing way more than we are in the practice dobbs lead. Games as well. May just need to take DC forbid I mean that that's. There's putting someone on the field to learn from mistakes and someone who who's just not doing enough and it's just not give your team enough for the chance because we talked about especially last year at the browns even though they had a bad record men they were competing game right. So all. Sharma struggling right now no doubt about it so I don't know how permanent this is if it's take a breath moment but Hogan bought their player for a little bit but. Yeah it certainly has been very dear you know he's been a rookie quarterback. Now rookie quarterbacks have played much better this and rookie quarterbacks that played as bad this or worse so it just where I'm at right now are really bad here yet I. And let him work through all of it but you know if he's really struggled really poorly maybe it's time to step back for Labatt I don't. I do think you'll see him on the field again showed a lot because I have to make a decision they do is either quarterback or not because they will. Barring something really unforeseeable. They're gonna be in the lottery for another he's big court accidentally end of the year they got to decide if they got it out.