Examining Why The Kansas Stars Won't Play The NBC Tournament

Sports Daily
Wednesday, October 11th
Jeff Lutz joins Bruce & Shane to go over the reasons behind the Kansas Stars not returning to play in the NBC Tournament.

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Noticed today. Now sports daily news on tea day. PA long and fruitful relationship with the Kansas guards. Has now come to us. Pretty abrupt halt when you talk about the NBC World Series welcome back to sports daily chambers would get. And joined now on the I got a chance locker room hotline by Jeffrey Lou it's from the drive you can hear import six whose dad Bob. And but he also broke the story yesterday on Kansas dot com that the Kansas stars. Are not coming back this year Jeffrey just give us a thumbnail sketch on why you think that the biggest reason why they're not coming back this year. I believe honestly say it has to do would be convinced in the taking place that they can't start casino. During the second week of the NBC tournament they Kansas Emergency Medical Services association and have a yearly convention. I think they are locked into like aside your deal with the casino to host that and out of date happened to the line with when the stars would be playing. In the NBC world period of Lawrence Dumont stadium so that really has been cut to the issue they can really be accommodated by this that hotel which they're attached though they've decided to in the relationship. And to be. And to be clearer head takes a ton our rooms to house these drugs because think they all treat this like a vacation with their families are different. Yes I think sixty rules put that number that I was so I'll have dirty players probably to each with with their families and their people come and and so yeah that's a pretty significant chunk and I was also told that the convention it would take up about 200 of the rooms in the hotel there about 300. So to sit the stars and with with other guests at that time would probably. Probably be difficult if not impossible. Jeffrey how do you will how do you look at the relationship between the NBC. And the stars as it played out. You're fairly vocal on Twitter a couple of nights when there were I think in your estimation and mean you're right here I don't need to put words in your mouth. That there were fewer people in the ballpark than there should have been considering. Another type of team that was in there. Will rule was there but it did we do how how would you typified the evolution of the relationship between the stars. And the NBC. Yeah I just think overall the divide what was really different this year the first year of the novelty thing that a New York Times did a story I think USA today mlb.com. Holly is really significant media outlets we're here and this year it is. Didn't feel the same I think the relationship didn't deteriorate and there's a lot of inside stuff and it. Not really worth getting into but I think the relationship between the NBC and the stars was probably fractured beyond repair unfortunately I don't really know how that happened with the the two year period but I think. Don't think there's much love lost there on either side. And no you mountain college you back to work and you may be answered the question right there are so it. In what was a real love fest about two years ago August is now dead and buried. Teams like Seattle think there's any gone back Youkilis started our remaining and the entities as much as they can trying to find maybe other places the play maybe try to come up. What other places to play out I think they'll still be at staying in August they can remain. You know viable and supported somewhat financially handle the crazy thing to say what a bunch of former Major League players that there are some accommodate that need to be made right longer probably can't. Afford stale we get Pierre campus star hotel and casino without a little bit and help get this is crazy expensive they get together. This thing over dead and buried bridges are Mariam. Good stuff Jeff all right real quick aggregates up buddy no I was just wondering Kluivert sabathia. Almost two year guys for goodness safe city at how he needed Joseph I guess the one that's wearing the Indians that. It's it to we're gonna be the guy or may sabathia had a bad and you know seven and didn't get it done so. Well or DL a clue returning right now. Thank you Jeff and I put it to you Jeff. That felt that was a real stunner that the stars or yes go on but I mean it makes some sense now because. You have. That many players and like I mentioned earlier there's there's a few layers to this onion but it but it kind of comes down to. The family and friends of the former big leaguers a lot of untreated it's like a summer vacation. And it wasn't just the players. You know staying here for a couple of weeks that they brought out their families they treat it like a big deal. The Kansas star casino could house them ban. Apparently they can't now and I can see why that that's a deal breaker not Jeffrey kind of alluded to a few things that probably. He couldn't go into you off the record that the didn't help pick at the relationship there but. While be real brilliant just to see what happens is the NBC World Series this year no they're not going to be around as far as the entertainment business. Well what is your cents a gimme gimme your Butte fire from the hip kind of sense so how seismic. Is this news and the fact is that it's that it's being played out in October. Rather than April may be that helps a little bit but give me. Give me a sense sperm someone was boots on the ground how it does affect. The NB there will always be an effort by Kevin jinx and the folks at the Indy few World Series to continue to move determined forward I don't know how you move the needle any further to the right in going over the top of a bunch of former big leaguers. However they have pulled off pretty good coups in the past we've had Taiwan national team fed teen USA. In the NBC World Series and teams like that. Super teams kind of you know I mean that would be big draws beyond the haze lark soared that it the Santa Barbara foresters or something like that. So whether the stars came back or not there's efforts to get the best talent and some of the most exciting. Mostly. Amateur players come of the NBC World Series that to challenge every year but it's an effort every year I know that. That's a big gaping wounds though that. Needs to be covered up sooner rather than later because. Regardless whether Jeffrey thought that they. Filled up the place enough when the stars played the fact of the matter was there were 45000 people there at least every time the stars played. And I think the NBC will struggle to fill that void. All things. Do you. And and having said that there wasn't any end and I and I understand this. Not to some degree there was not any kind of universal. In Louisiana as him about having them here in the first place and you've got to. A dialect frank Leo who called respect greatly who's been a as been as consistent. A supporter of the NBC. And the World Series from out there and Hayes with the marks a very competitive one. Not over many years who has done and move more isn't shy about not being critical. India about the deeds and Kansas stars being there are you at others also so there wasn't even there wasn't really even a there was a wasn't even a general feeling of pulling all in the same direction as it related to the Kansas stars really yeah. Well again we do is we'd have to be put words in people's mouths but I think you know both agreed that frank was probably in the minority. I. I think you know without doing a poll or you know taken votes. I think most people thought Kansas stars including management and coaches and players that can stars were good for the NBC World Series. And so end. That that keep in mind you that wasn't sour grapes frank Leo beat Kansas stars. Two years ago to get the to the finals so he wasn't just complaining about. Losing to the stars Phoebe. So. Yeah could still be tough to replace those guys but. Well they'll be almost impossible to replace an impossible to replace him it is possible to receive an energy distribution of how you move forward now right now so gonna have to get a little bit creative. All right so look at what's their big league talk. We should not Stephen Strasburg to talk about we get the Indians yanks him winner take all game and we got a new. The new head to a new manager of Boston to talk about and we'll talk about all of those things with RJ Anderson. When we come back here on sports dailies are brighter for MLB CBS sports dot com. 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