The Drive: Top Ten Thursday's Grand Finale'

The Drive
Thursday, April 20th

Bob gleefully reveals his list of top ten Aerosmith songs.  At #10 on his list is Come Together. Other songs on Bob's list includes Dude Looks Like A Lady at #6, Walk This Way at #4, and Sweet Emotion at #2.


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I don't know why now. The drive whoa you can just barely 691240. Left. JF eight. We don't possibly more would he be the theme of this I'm OK let it put pressure the six song ever heard a man who. The home run cash contest going on now just listened to KF age well listen all day. But specifically at 7-Eleven two on five for special code word then texted. To us for your chance to win a thousand dollars. All right my top ten arrow smokeless win by your participation. 8691240. Is the number and doses. Very this marvelous. Years so definitive are you well I like your list. You just got to. Little bit crazy at the top in the list and give us is that should be there. Well their mile list they're my favorite song number ten is there rendition of come together. Nash now I'm sorry it was fantastic. Now. Hook up what they mean now that that's a good lap I know that enemy that's our stay every diet every time I try to do it that you bash it. Number nine. Same old song and then it's thing about Allen. Wish you'd put on I don't know now rather and that's what I had to listen to appear before the show that. Rekindled some things. I love that song back in the day was also thinking about that train kept to Roland. The slopes okay she was pretty. Eight. Is amazing. Madonna and I don't think so yeah it's it's factually and on crime he's an. Seven and a little people what do you think of barrels meant they must run like a top ten songs. I mean is I thought Aerosmith was huge. They came to Wichita offset the second row. Number seven. Falling in love is hard on the neo I don't I don't know what that means but I love that song makes you weak in the knees but they're trying to say. Why. I'd just like the song I like them I like this all does this pile up as it gets for this guy thinks he's mr. metal all of a sudden we cannot like a song. Can I. I mean that's a good song and it's a good song to put on the list. It's an average sung to put on the list just date and ask what do you think of Aerosmith jam. Followed Earl Smith topic. Big thing about Aerosmith they have some of the best intro to their songs. Of anybody. You know literally they got a guy that can really apply the love ha then Joseph Perry death. There excellent excellent intrude on motors long Barlow of rag doll dream on. What is wary sweet emotion backer to sell real rock source bureau. Rag doll came close to making my list you just named every Aerosmith song Jim thanks for a bit thanks for ruining the segment. Chart now I love it you're get a call back any time that's that's Jim. Stealing the thunder amid an Aerosmith Kid Rock playlist laws than you by god it was pretty good good I don't wait to hear it. Six is dude looks like a lady. Which I kind of got on you for but I'm surprised you didn't have a higher I think well mrs. doubtfire made that song I wrote to you know as the gets on an already great video. Hands up to fantastic song. I mean seriously. Pretty good song is just sort of gremlin saw the funnel and the thing I'm missing it tomorrow sugar chants. I wish you would he get one song I get as many songs are voting today nobody's gonna show your chance now mostly just say oh yeah because you've set there instead I'm not a good for a long time and maybe I'm not great but I'm not horrible and I'll entertain the folks. Down a lot of I saw the video views singing on the cruise ship and you just stood they'll I'm and I killing got moved I was sick really yeah. And I'm there and you know what there's of the to be said first sting. Disdain and there and sing and that's charisma and that there's a presence that I have and maybe you know. What is that but as well let your presence. Then and there in sync again. The Eagles a magnetized. We'll see what guy has high guy. The guy. The Smyth frank guy as a is your name really guy. Ruin America as it did sound suspicious that OK don't that just like god top guy again. It. -- court. Love Nash chains gonna hate me for this but my gum and even warm heart was like origami is I was born but I don't listen. Don Dennis was 37. As Jane Dennis and 37 Dunn was Tony night the book. Hello. I got Shane noted nine well done. You. Thank you guys say that's awesome Tommy Iraq that. Josh. You're up next on the drive how are you. Those are good at. I am not a huge error that span however there's no way and that displays only got to get a big lift there Bob what's gong. On Boyd married so vital actually out there are album back then. Now that thought. Josh can I ask you a question dug up there are a lot of great songs Josh he'll have to Jeremiah listen I'd like you to. I give back to me on how you think I did what do you like more Josh it Aerosmith entire music catalog. Or the fact that there were in Wayne's world and wins relative. Cool. Well out as they weigh in world yes colonel just off from thank you. Awaiting. I gotta go. Thanks says use. I'm just I'm who's gonna take I'm gonna go last child. That's another one that I. Listened to today. Just reminded myself how much I love that song and when they came out thing a little bit for us now. Number four air freight and here I'm not singing on the air that you gotta be a moron to do that why. Because it first of all sounds terrible. OpenId. These microphones are good for talking. But not for singing there are now. Number four walked us why no question about it belongs in anyone's top five. A fan can I know your number one you're so just down by the book so why do about it over or else let bush. And really quiet. Live and on the edge. I thought about that yeah you sure you idiots like six and a half minutes long notes rapid up Fella he's out of thought about it because some of the great guitar work that Joseph Perry ever did. Is that now that was the song released alongside blind man has new songs well actually I take that back. I think that. Living on the edge was off. Pomp or eat the re one of those now quiet. Get a grip that's an actor Tommy corrected me and named every album. And finally Tom came to Europe Tommy I would have gotten that eventually got to count her number two. Rings there we've emotion. Which I doubt there's higher that would be number one I could listen to every day every every minute. Like Aerosmith oh no kid and a lot of reminding me Aerosmith a good band. And number one even though I only recently. Learned the words. No history with this but it's my favorite song ever. I thought the word to the courts were different than now do you early. You don't know all the wars so this you can't slaying the core it's okay go drive I don't know those songs so number one his dream mom. Dream on dream for the year dream for the laughter dream for the tear. Dream with me just bush today for many years as saying that as dream on dream photo leak and I have thought if I mean I didn't know what I was thing. But I finally figured it out. Yeah and a man now that's wild life. Your name on dream forma peca dream I mean dream forma Tia. Material whatever but it made more sizzle what you just saying for it but the tiered dream finalize a dream for the year dream for the laughter dream for the tears I don't know what that means. Dream from a team guy got a chance. Not really. I've dreamed about but cica here's tam he's a beauty. Tim on the drive. They guys. Take Jeff I usually greatly excited you almost. I know except what Bob does day. Public key in the I just need approval top ten list I guarantee they go ahead. I had today it. You're an athlete emotion not heard it incorrect. While out of a glaring omission enough yet thankfully now rather here aren't. But I mean you can at least we the most in our. No that is on. I tell you what you can go to a thousand Aerosmith fans. And battled to a top ten list and a thousand would have sweet emotion on that list try attempt. I'm collapsed into areas that stand. I like Aerosmith but like a lot of their songs better than what they just say this Timmy should question a lot of things about. Yes starts everything kidnapped him. Thank you first of Manning now Robertson would hotel California be on your list of top ten Eagles of course not mine. Well then you're wrong how simply wrong your favorite Eagles some of course. Hotel California a Claude rated number one is the event goes they don't play that forever. And you've heard it forever. That doesn't mean it's not a great it was great song I love hotel California major asking me my ten favorite. Probably not gonna make the way earlier that year that New York clueless about the burial like those she is better than hotel come now really. No I love those shoes. But it's not hotel California. If you want to Don Henley and said. Those shoes let's not throw your best work on an army dog is flat out and ask him to play king Hollywood form and I would say it's better. And Josh how are you. Come back Bob Bob I'm regular like earlier. Better boat why and because they're gaining got a gun. I thought about Jane he's got a gun but it didn't make my lowest Josh. I know what I need to work eleven elevator he'd love. Well I'll do a thesis on and I'll send it via our. Thank you. I mean. You know how can you explain why not. I mean that there's more than ten good Aerosmith song. Couple of on the Josh would you would have liked to have seen on my list didn't make it won't put much discounted your list. I don't care my list is great number to go on the list and a deuces are wild tonight. And Brian. All right. We will be back. Our last full segment on the drive we can talk more girls but it's your life. Hope we can we can just talk compared to a figured out drive on cafe.