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The Drive
Wednesday, December 6th

Jeff begins this week’s top ten list of Sports Duos.


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This is good for. Back god Todd Carol drive together. Top ten Wednesday coming out to our top. Camps sports do loans. I just little pull up on Twitter that we put a couple up today. They boom that we invite you to check it out at Bob loops. And re tweet our polls we appreciate that. As well this one involves while we just. Spent ten minutes discussing. Will Landry sham a plan and NBA all star game and NBA all started in play multiple although. Feel if someone who's to say couldn't get to two. The previous question was your favorite part of Christmas carols lights presents tree what what to those Eli. Like the lights in the tree. Not the presence I'm 35 years so I'm hope I'm learning as or percent right now lights and presents tied. 25% say tree. Carroll's only 7%. Nobody that's too bad it gets careless. I like singing crowd out one other like out blank or come. Where ruled in salute one of those blanket comforting things for me. Sitting in a room with no lights on except Christmas lights on the tree near a bizarre that's that's you're oh you're soothing you know your becoming. The strange man. Find the other question that was just ask. Will Wichita State guard Landry shammond plan at least one NBA all star game. Already Tony votes he does get on the use pretty quickly 55%. Say yes. 45% say no Kelly in Iran on Twitter both say your nuts. You know what Kelly Enron on Twitter bring it maybe. They bring up to me don't tell Jeff to tell tell me I've got a Twitter account you can tweet me if you want to say I'm nuts Goler it. Brian do that I I wrote I want it guy you think are going to be and Tim I could have kindred moments with two K you people but I'm willing to have one now you can't possibly think. I care what. These tweeters thing you do you just all in the tweet that you. 8691240. Top ten sports do votes let's start with your lives how early president already had a these have to be. Both athletes know it's sports do votes okay. I gotta figure I'm gonna take on the world that you get athletes out of that. It's from the word sports site. But what's so funny yes it is it's. Okay I'm good other start yeah I'm good quality ask Venus and Serena. That's a good one. Number ten. Venus and Serena. Williams were sent tennis players yeah I I know who they are let's get the Mac. They met. I admit it yet. The I there are offered up Alford up alignment. Our guy is got a long way to go to be a star in the NBA. Most. Surely does. I mean. That debt Mick I hate I've never done this before to a caller but don't. You're going to because you do automatically they can make it. Well that's my opinion Mick. Seen about everything I have an opinion. Reject that created a back up its opinion. Well how about that thank you meant what what reason do you need this is a feel thing there's not a race. There's no reason to it. Well you get detected Beale avenue I beg you guys. Manicure done never taken away at all from my back any time mile and in fact touchy feeling about it is that what he said yeah and they don't they well touch. Mickey a lot of security door here and permit glitter on our sports do those list. Here's. Here's chants. Phillip chants. Hello are you out until argue. We're all right fine chance I'm the same every day I wake up in a very good mood and I act percolate throughout the day. Felt like but it great great way to beat. Anke. There are just wanted to get to talk about leadership and I'm not in the NBA scouts so I don't really know but. Jack Morris in the last statement of yesterday's game. Wish we talk about that. He would light out the American football pop the key. Landry sham it in the full forty minutes of yesterday's game was lights out. Lance Jack Morris has a message that's quite cloudy and make it a point. Where was Jack Morris on the first fact bigger dread that tax shall love Shaq gonna attack Shaq but Shaq was terrible in the first half. Marcia. Marshals very angers Shaquille more us. What you turnaround and they don't want you to put an act came in yesterday. While you eat your variety that last bit the last statement that it was volume. Jack Morris has the ability to have to change every game he plays them. It's just I'm sure they'd like to see it on a more consistent basis even throughout a game. Right yes why he tweeting because people are 30 yeah I've I want you cracked well I like to be in Iraq be interactive after the show. The heat on in Iraq he interactive on the show with me after the show is that be an interactive exhibit in our Twitter. Number nine on your list of best sports do votes. How go it. How about Brady and ballot check that you only you don't put him in order Adam put him in order why because I didn't have time. You don't put yours in order. Of course I do you have do sevens every other week number eight on your list never radar violinist is a staff carrion Klay Thompson. Klay Thompson. Yeah. If he's been there since the beginning. KD has a chance to maybe I'm playing very good no question though do revolutionized the game they went out and you notice that Klay Thompson would be an NBA all star when you saw him at Washington State okay Lee was still a guy got picked like eleven you know address audience what it does stay in the and I keep final orally once for forty I thank. I'm just somebody goes to a jail or not you wanna have a comparable compact comparison between players. Landers Shannon Klay Thompson is a fairly decent compare this day. But but. And Thompson goes to a team that utilizes him perfectly any proves to be maybe the second greatest shooter in the history of the game. I'm mama I'm on unbelievable. Grow. Roll right now. As he had checked Twitter and I can't even speak. Here's current pressure on the drive. Hey guys a lot. Got a couple do I was one looked fairly obvious undertake this study under you Matt Abbott stopping alone. It's going to be one of mine and how I don't accolades got a little bit and stay in Iraq cosell and Ali. That's a good one. I purposely want thank you cosell in Ali yes. I'm bad down may not uses what about tiger and Phil. That it's most I don't know they they've. Compete against each OK about rivalry is two people and well that's. Thought as Jordan and diverted due now bad video game together numbers sound on your way it was live LeBron. That doesn't rise to the level for me. It does for me they're banana boat guys that was a tree you gotta throw bosh in there he was an all star. Right good player yeah Anthony's. He averaged about twentieth you know and yet. This is the sixth ranked team in the country a College Soccer fans I don't like people have wrap their head around Asia. OK don't get abused how many ranked team in the contact hey all stars as Kelly Nolan again make zero. He's not as good a pilot had a Matamoros than player of the year make zero right how to JJ Redick make none ever and never well. They're not apply they have presented Redick never has done what Landers shammond does. JJ Redick a shooter right Ben is dead player of the year he was the best player in college comedy Tyler Hansbrough make none. Number seven on your list I was number seven number six number six. On go on Shaq and Colby. You're you know Shaq and salmon. Maybe. Double feature all stars. Best sports do those category. Or Wednesday top ten were also out on the ongoing debate about Landry sham so we'll take it call on either subject right now. Because I am so fired. I can't hardly function. It's tough number five on your list number five. This is stuff I'll go magic and Kareem. We're gonna have the same list but both of them terrible I'd do better. Quit coming in here with a rotten ideas every now have to get ideas number four number four. We'll go mental merits no no rights Monta. Riots Montana or Steve young and terrorized all of Joseph Montana check it out Susie I got out sometime in and you might change your mind our own because Ron Amadon. In fact I'm gonna check that out during the break I believe Jerry rice's best years. As most productive years. What was Ron Amadon OK but that be like. CEOs of in the top ten quarterback Matt a man. Why do in the Mann thanks don't oh this is so I'm not even try. And I was trying to come up with a guy who was who played with many. Like super step fellow superstars likened to let that be like saying instead of LeBron and wade LeBron and Tyree OK it's. I guess they LeBron and Tyree who did win a title together in Cleveland but LeBron and wade. Are they are of bigger stars and Joseph Montana the bigger star than Ron Amadon regardless of how Jerry Rice played. When I use with either guy. Well I just have a feeling you're going to be surprised that. What Jerry Rice accomplished. When Ron Amadon was the quarterback. That's all I'm Sam. Yeah where are you on your live for I think both Sarah mantle Maris. Easy. Easy we of course meant that takes no guts at all but I am I don't forget here here's pat pat you're on the drive. About Derrick Rose an orthopedic surgeon. That leave the humored us please. We believe that that CN pat. This hung up didn't stand by Ed didn't defended their what I want people to do test your material. That was the test but wasn't funny now when you try to be funny and you're not what is what does that mean that one out funny Al funny. This may be a stupid question. What is an orthopedic surgeon. It out they operate on joints. K but via yeah bones and stuff aside about what. But that. Compared to read them as regular search and but I think we've found Manson. Number three. We found the answer GAAP and everybody in the world knows the answer when everybody kind not everybody that's one yeah stop and think I can go to preschool and say. You all know an orthopedic surgeon is an only about 45%. Would Null you're right there you know and so word got Jeremy are next on the drive. And you might call her or saw an adult. You're right yeah that terrorized. More yard mark that's another thing what young. You're gonna put anybody you're Joseph Montana you have. I would use John Taylor or chaired righteous because adolescents in a couple of years. I'm legitimate way to lead a minute when was when we're Steve young's years in the NFL. Having starting from 92 to 99 for the 49ers. OK. You know Jerry rice's best year was a 95. Our second best heroes in 99. Or 93. So for you get on our Airways Jeremy and spread lies and gossip I don't appreciate it. Even I love you user agree with you I think you're agreeing what. May I record or better year. About the great call port we're not talking about better years though no better production yet. Better production and look at the look the more iconic dual rise in Montana or young and Mon and I think young and round quarterback broad they go zero Joba Jeremy and I apologize for attacking him. You are about to include greater pollution that that's a guy I don't like to attack he's formally. A Bob guy I guess there's just see another Bob guy Jesse. There hasn't gone our law I would blame at all Lemerre. I'd kind of disagree on the Colombo have a leg up thank you both very good player that a bit golf player. And it kind of blew two big plays and young career out there where he the last play would Kentucky. I'm on the last play of voter day about that you have the opportunity. Great. Mike welcome grade happened. But he didn't. Well he'd have a very tough shot you had it against Kentucky. (%expletive) okay. Thanks I appreciated Jesse Fred badly missed the shot to beat Kentucky is well we don't think getting less than him right here's my next on the drive Mike. Bubba integrated video ever raced Kobe going on just jet out to me don't. Mom yeah. We're talking about sports deals them on bouncy the guys well owner and they slant but just letting blood athletes are judged by. A lot of guys decided they weren't up truck driver NASCAR car. Hi my count you give you make a good case I give you that can't carry go back in Montana and rice threesome rubles. Young and rise you know. Care about that I care about that good they were as a dual OK sue rubles are pretty good terrorize set records with Steve young talent to him. Here's K you pat. Perry. There are certain tracks corporate. Really anybody better or rep there one about Kennedy and all about. I chancellor about time also on Weber. Not a chance. What about rainy and Lawrence. A rat that I feel the same people. Now you're gonna offend them and Ed are you after every look Arab media as it has been falcons they are now we've offended every television. More worse than anything that bears then we're offended the very end Lawrence thank you think those guys there's get its Davis and thought restate. I want I want the media and it does material I would imagine. I don't throw stones in glass thousands are real how to tell the truth though Michael your next. Hey guys you were talking about. Sports student and football so he may have artists I think. These young and right like 92 touchdown but. They are and it's early about where. Manning and Harris. That's a good one well and I think that's correct Kurt. That's a very good duo Michael thank you for our call back. He would know that's that's a great duo it's good let's take a break where are you and your do I got three let's get to three then before three. There is. Mantle Maris did this did demos four I didn't I thought they were third four okay. Then there's three now. Salute all you're doing up awful job to Duck-Soo. Do is Ruth and Garrick. One Jordan and Pippen. Max is upset for some reason I'm sure we left off a patriot I put but I know on deck on there. Oh you did yeah I didn't hear it. When we return my top ten list of sports do both. Also I'm fired up about this sham today. Does he plan an NBA all star game or not 8691240. They're listening to the drive on KF eight.