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Friday, September 14th

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All right it's done. Okay. Coming up last week was a problem or the weeks ever for music within share in morning at all we are now going back to Eddie Money. Baby hold on middle and Jack Oliver. Jack Eddie Money or edge Sherron. Mean that's that you know we both have different and even though the rock rural people different donors is dead serious here and does this and you know it's all under the umbrella of rock and roll I guess but rim and any money played the big dog motorcycle rental I warmed up on my Douglas. You don't hit disputed the idea of course our member because doing in the big dog you have which you're aware of and a played before because solar Coleman obviously is the owner of big dog motorcycles. And as as often happened I was asked to come up and saying. Rocky Mount royal fab fan and of course we've seen what's happened in my music career since that Stiller isn't it hasn't even amaze them over the idea I am invited to be a ban are we gonna get together hearse very soon. Good what do you plan has come Maine you know this can be bad. Well it's open is also wants money you're gigs maybe. Yeah well we're aware of those we've got all kinds of back soon I think a couple weeks ago in a month ago we were lamenting the fact that. And things just start shaken very much right now but here we are a month later and and we got were booked until October. If it is quite amazing. The only kind of come in series they give people have time to buy tickets. And then when everything's just to Barry wrote that all the sudden they announced a bunch of acts. Coming in here in town of course you know we've got says easy top coming up. Hartman arena which is always fun you know three little guys that just loves easy to. Up they they you know they play rock and roll you up for two hours. And it's good everything is easy path OK you know what's wrong side a minute I thought within 32 and was underwhelmed. But. I don't know that was just me it's just three guys on the stage and that's fine. That's fine it's fine Jack that's always viewed it but your point it's fine. But Jack top. How that tech nine seemed genuinely good guy I'm died I don't mean to skim down. But this day on my ass Illinois doing about tech mud down does Jack know the story of the have a story only news. One of the most organized guy drilling in the hip hop world to get an independent records. He hit number four minute charts with his independent records. He does everything himself most organized there you go to show assert sometime the people more troops are timer he tossed him off the talk he actually lives in Kansas City. And then he turns a lot throughout the midwest but not one out in Downey he gets all the money himself which is great I like exit these. I wanna that's view of July 28 Tony ninth we're skipping over some things and I'm interest in Manhattan but the damn music festival win. Well we got went nowhere where is that it's out of the Ellsbury ago it really right on the the Obama damn I make that the only damn car around here still only got movie got okay. And it's going to be a two day event. You know which should be a lot of fun Hank Williams. Junior. Let's see Leonard Skinner they play one night. Gretchen Wilson I think it will demise play on the Friday united 98 we junior Skinner played a guess Saturday nights like it is Gretchen Wilson is still bigger she lost. She says she was really big when she. Debuts knows exactly death Julio. And she sold about eight many copies sushi and do whatever she wants she's never life yeah he's good to go yeah. Plus he's come in Delray and I'd see that the job I've that I like her I think she does decide if you ask me that to name a couple things that may be I'd like to see. Well I love the river festival I love the diversity of what they have common. But I was not aware that Randy Newman will be here for the river fest so they just booked till the last Friday okay. And he's going to be on stage Marcia ball's gonna open who's one of my favorites on a Friday night. And then Randy Newman's gonna come in people. Probably no rainy Newman for short people is kind of like his own. One song they added he would but he wrote so many songs from people all of our own little plan just tremendous and he's kind of accord he got a little bit so. That should be a lot of love LA is my favorite Randy Newman song that's a good thing that's a good one I'm interested in the but on enough of Brea you're on all these contemporary thank all wanna talk about David Blaine is he gonna do the bullet catch out of the orpheum theater. On June 12 I enjoyed David Blaine. You in that show has about gloom may be less than fifty tickets left so you're ago we're gonna get some in my Carville and tickets because we lost in jeopardy shoot the bullet and that and I don't think our own it you saw that I mean that's that's holes feels about not being now when yeah he's taken out on the road is as far as I know that's seems pretty dangerous I don't know if that is an it just seems like it is definitely because showmanship bring my magic a little bit different in these Horner of the ones that he can tell you is having. Be naked magicians and I will be out there. I look a bit different a bit but I can't blame will be closed at that we've got the Melissa Etheridge now that's a pretty good get planning or fame on July 23. Congratulations to all these venues again we talked about this Jack but you know there's. Party competition between all these places then they they're trying to get the best facts that they can then we have the orpheum in the two trillion and Hartman marina and and trust bank arena and other places that. But even smaller. It's great for the. Music scene in Wichita it is really bin nice these last few years is they put all that together. And you know Melissa Etheridge is actually from leavenworth Kansas not add ons oh in know about Johnson County. And that of course she won a Grammy you know does all this great music out there are so. That's going to be nice I cannot remember the last time she was in talent and she was here once but I cannot. You know remember that in so it's going to be tickets on her show go on sale this Friday. Was just let's just run down what would citizens have the opportunity to see over the next couple months. Huey Lewis and The News coming up. May nineteenth at the Kansas our arena the easy top of the Hartman arena. Julianne Hough and Derek I don't know what we'll and I wanted to send me they were the star yet now the one of the dance yes. Yeah they do I'm not gonna pay this excuse me I'm not plan to see someone then why. Oh the great one of the you wouldn't go see Fred Astaire. Dance yes well what else when he did he sank and a news Ginger Rogers is he saying ownership a there's there's glory doesn't know very very fact did he say I didn't think I know three and nine needn't and you got the river fast with Flaming Lips Mavis staples Marcia ball Randy Newman among others but he got the Brit Floyd tell me about out on the -- worse shape do you Pink Floyd show that you know basically. I'm clear I enjoy David Blaine Jamey Johnson who's done some work with Don Henley on now we know when he was here in town he substitute or room for a moral hired when -- that what we were is here. Jamie Johnson came in India to complete Moyer says not a good good he has that kind of voice to many of them worked with Kid Rock you're yes however clear Johnny lying Ted Nugent Neil Diamond Melissa Etheridge is Steve Miller Band Lyle Lovett. Hank Williams Gretchen Wilson Leonard's Kennard. I mean it is just it Dwight Yoakam and Kansas wraps it up on on October 21. At the Hartman arena so you've got all lap to go here or there he's six months. You know it I I find it amazing we threw everything out on FaceBook yesterday they were talking about in Canada how are having a hard time. With people starting shows at 91011 o'clock at night and they're gonna start moving their shows up to 6 o'clock 7 o'clock for people who go to. In the is that the aging of all of Canada that's that's the agent candidate and America view we have a lot of great comments from people who want. Why not you know dues due show's over happy are done being does. Those type shows were he'll have. He had chubby carrier now along no doubt the crown these bringing them up. A couple more blues acts and he starts those shows fight thu 6 o'clock it's like happy our show. Aaron half just like going to con only go early food dollar bat not a bad concept in a lot of people are trying to do that I talk to Richard after tea and and he said you know being the Catania and is word is you know it's kind of tough to do much out there. Yeah so as a we can LA ego as as our music business insider. Have you heard anything about the Eagles reunion Don Henley says they're adding a couple people to the lineup. I what I know that I have not heard about who yet. But I did see is the next one that they all book is down in Mexico did you see and saw that in its all those acts again re going to stay a week it's like camera and festival. You go Banamex not Hanley solo and how often. You have done here we'll be there is you know journey again and they learn heck all the exact so if only it were shed it was good to see out last files are opening night for league 42 out of a cattle Sparky have. The couple grandsons plan in the league here. It was a festive festive evening and it won't have sparked great night for the opener beautiful weather. And we're looking forward to my number twos or game day number two they're coming up from the just little law. Thanks Jack will see us in a couple weeks. That's Jack Oliver from KEY and classic fifth 1037. You're listening to the drive unfair faith stay with us.