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The Drive
Friday, July 27th
Bob and Jeff are live from Lawrence-Dumont Stadium in downtown Wichita for the 84th NBC World Series. The NBC World Series plays 4 games a day from today until August 11th.

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This is good for. Colin. Hello everybody welcome late Friday addition of the drive can't take radio's Bob loosens you up loose. There are on location of that Lawrence Dumont big daddy's stadium. I only have ever called at that no issue it's never come why can't that felt kind of good us just awful. Why is that got that nickname big daddy did it snapped up by just made that does that's the it's sad that kind of a persona forever I don't know maybe. Maybe lords Duvall is a big daddy we are here we are here for opening night Lawrence Dumont while the terror I'm not I've not tried it just gets you off the hook cliff there was that got him Lawrence Dumont and the you know they got and stadium and we are here for opening night of the NBC World Series actually the tournament. Has already opened we've got one game. In the books I believe the San Antonio angels at least they were up in the eighth inning. From watching the Denver commuters walk out of here that it look any too happy that the cougars ahead they are dominant on the lip of presumed it did. A bottom out of Gaza where they know we're happy but here's what I know one of the themes one either Denver San Antonio. There are a few minutes we're gonna have the derby twins. My team. Faceoff against the northwest Arizona boom there's your team until they lose that is that they're my team mama derby guy. At seven tonight the liberal Vijay is we'll take on the young crew from 316. Elite. Here in here in Wichita. And. That's 31 sexually by the way what ever they are what I say our area code what I think's teams does not stone cold Steve Austin steam. It's our area code through about eleven error code three sixteenths nobody says that. That's why outlet. Tenet 930 the moment patriots against the Waco Texas sultans. By the way the elite team is coached by Steve Leno Dark Knight who is near and dear to us. And Steve if you get down here to the stadium I just heard from him via text if you get down here at the stadium. Drop by and say hello outlining how this is our hotspots that grab bag of I guess and opportunities for us here today deserve better than it was Steve Leinart is just a wonderful individual placing enjoy these and I thought not to us they've spent time with him in mixed company but I'll certainly don't mixed company I'll certainly vouch for his pitching instruction and that's like a shot and as wide and it's company and its overall coaching the why would you do that but he may. When you say mixed company and a dozen other people that's a mixed company means. Boy we got to show today the gist that announce. Just confirmed. We have Jason Brown the head football coach and independence community college penny feels like he's so much more than that. Kirk is an amazing what this. What last chance you. Builds you into this evidently got. We'll see what he says they're the defending champions in the Jane hop conference. But we got Jason Brown the star of last chance he would yes we do and day is a larger than life figure I think it's a right now I did say that. Right now everybody's watching this show it just came out on the twentieth of July so. People have been watching it right now they are and articles being written Sports Illustrated out an article on the on the teacher who is. Obviously very influential live youngsters' lives and is a lot of publicity going around about last chance you. Not the least of which is your column today on KS and I did write about lung cancer and dot com this is a this is a compelling figures Jason Brown no question about it. We can't wait to talk to you think killed just hate this the never when he was doing the interview and he's kind of role and as I wanna be so those definitely stuffs. Or after he gets up the phone I'm sure I don't look at you know what I don't care I can't wait until we see down there on Netflix next year I'm in my career as the establish. I wanna have Netflix is gonna now that not even recording and are that they apparently they were at the media day today. No I'd we we had they are moving forward as though independents will be the subject of season four waiting for the green light on that. And I assume they'll get it who wouldn't. Tune in that. By the way have been corrected by and let the heart rate Davey is the head coach. 316. Struggling Elise. We'll go oh we love great date. We know both very well now obvious that aren't all votes. So that area haven't threes 316 Italy or is like column. The 316 delete. Many in the feature game tonight rules and out of the top five time champion liberal beads in it and I'll correct you again what their managers here in the NBC World Series. There's no head coaches were talking. Managers. Race baiting is the head coach according to see on hard sell out serve and how to deal with them submit they don't believe that's why today I let him go to the day don't be that guy and say you wouldn't send us that there be corrected every three minute head coach what happened in your day today. This worked that there. We ever have anything interest thing I I try to avoid interest and I wanna blow up probably give you an a plus there's my wife. She's pulled up to the gate. And she's obviously wondering what to do with the what I meant what I would tell my wife has his say I'm with Bob lutes. And I'll probably roll up the red carpet let's see what happens. She's now telling them she's with the radio show the back at the very nice police officer over there. I don't I don't think that the police officer not to the security opera so that's the Wichita police officer hit that they asked us. If he gave the go ahead come on and so now she's in the stadium we appreciate that you see is did you drop my name. Now hurts but that's our that's probably why you got there how to get there relaxing day. Calm day quiet day peaceful day. They are 691240. The I got the pats locker room hotline. If you'd like to give us a call we'd love to hear from you. We have. Not only Jason Brown on the show today but. Other surprise guests we hope for our five questions a little bit late Padilla surprised we got a couple of irons in the fire for that. At 445 today will be joined by re handing them. Now you've probably never heard a race innings than but he is going into the hall of fame here in the NBC World Series this year. I'm on that committee. And I'm the one who. Recommended him brought him up. Because here's what he accomplished. In 1964. He was the alternative much shortstop. For the Bellingham Washington giants are about that in 1965. As he was the alternative shortstop. For the Fairbanks Alaska goaltenders we have any Alaska that that latest round let me tell my story I can't organize your 66 he was the alternative at shortstop. For the Boulder, Colorado allegiance that team won the national championship. He was named the MVP. With the 458. Average in his three tournaments. Then there's missiles back in the sixties when the thing. Was probably at its apex. T had 32 hits for batting average of four wanting to. Pretty legit that's not only pretty legit that's one of the all time greats. In what you did here in the tournament. And he's now business man how to not California. Got to be in his mid seventies and we'll talk to ray Pennington coming up. At 445. Cardinals have started the that again I'm going to the cardinals I don't care. They started the tired out of their bullpen well they've they've absolutely already torn apart pretty much completed its air down there they've released Greg Holland that time alliance. They traded stand through the law. They put. Brett Cecil on the disabled list. They called up all kinds of guys. There's the wonderful Michael. He's up in the press box. Three for crying out loud how high is they might adolescents might be in would be awesome for five questions. No I totally your won't go get it we don't need you badly on this show. They can't do it now. Now what sort of look at you maybe get him a little closer so we get a basket but it's OK we'll ask him during the break time that I actually govern as well my Max available to us that he's that is going up in the element. This is why it's back at probably a bad idea to do a show on location. Because we're so distracted by everything that's moving along people we see. People who were you know just huge fan that is done by the end of flipping us off it's not good so it it's very distracting. That to do this show from Lawrence Dumont stadium. By the way here we are at July 28 is not right 27. You told me that the wing nuts have their final regularly scheduled home game on September 3. But my account that is. 38 days. Potentially the hustling that's make a run into the playoffs. In the American Association. 38 days left for the structure crazy well also allegedly. A little electable I'm not I'm not I don't know I no longer. And they aid. Journalists that that journalists required to use allegedly. I am as a human being required it to take only facts. And we don't have the fact that this place is it is my strong. Opinion. I mean you can't have a stronger opinion and I on the may be the most strongly opinionated person to ever live in this community and so. It's my strong opinion. That this is the final season for the stadium though I walked around fingers crossed hookah what do you me. Looked around and what you mean what do I mean look around. This this place will fall down on its own. Pretty soon I know I've been here every day for the last ten years. I understand not every day fifteen days a year for it and then you don't walk around down here you go up cure walk around our nice little comfy spot in the press box. And that's where you hang. I've experienced. Every bit of this stadium. Many many times that I Anders and I was the many believe it or not I was the first person in this day. This place it's kind of adult but first person that very firm got to be kidding. You gotta be kid AO four bit commendable to the city for for putting the the touches on this place to keep it going. But now we're at a point where that's no longer sustainable captive. And this will be the final year for lords do month study that very moment that this place turned from charming to. Crushing. I was there it is up to that document comparison there's no there's no the opposite of charming is not crushing. Okay arming the crashing. It cursed your spirits so that's that's that's such a reach. Then that it got on the door and you come up with something more poetic and good bat and a literate than that good about their team were out one terrible. Anyway I wanna open outside in the sense from a lot of lots. An inning or so the first game. Can just look around all kinds of all kinds of memories. About this place that doesn't look like it did in nineteen stay in the 1960s. When I first started coming out here but the sight lines are similar. Thank you can back and I looked over and see where my father took me to sit. Every night we came out here for the NBC World Series. Which started about 1962. But alive thankfully thankfully for you know over the buildings have been updated or rather changed in any in anyway. So yeah it probably does look quite of a bit what he's talking about. None of the skyline out here it's it's not even upgrades to the building has been the same holiday and wasn't there on those says century to wasn't there. Certainly the Hyatt obviously and trust bank arena. But some of those buildings just Wheeler at some of the buildings that we're in the skyline in the side line. Have been torn down the epics and nuisance than I don't have a clear memory of what. Downtown Wichita look like. In 1965. But yet some of the buildings. Are still standing they've obviously been remodeled rework. This'll where you lose the you don't have any credibility. I have plenty of good spirit your guys in in thirty years here you think or on the cutting edge tonight do not believe that I'm on the cutting heads aria yes they have been for a long time. But yeah I'll go to the go to man Max and I kind of on the cutting edge in your opinion then exactly a minute of course I am access. Feel like they disagree with me that make me shut up. I was I was thinking yesterday about what it must be like to be 63 and it. And it probably is very difficult Thomas I cut you some slack what do you think it's different from now because there's that there's got to be a fear of the way things changing and will I. We'll I'd be there edit see the completion of these stated look it's not a as a here Lou it's a determination. To not let things that go. Because at 63 you do wonder how much time I have left but there's no fear. There's not an ounce of fear in this homeland. I'll tell you I don't speak and if you ever indicate that again I'll punt and I'm not perceive that there you go you're lashing out because of the emotions you cannot express there is no fear. You're you're the one that's the a little bit tepid. About it being Jason Brown from Lubbock tech I heard you say yesterday you were a little bit tepid about Jason needy. Follows a similar test bed I was hopeful that Jason needy would not turn out to be someone who felt like he was above. It being interviewed by as savages that is my you don't tell me you could tell that from watching him perform good but it's it's different when you have the middle 101 time situation and he's out New York he's sitting in with his family it's is he might be focused on other things though it during that interview he was with vendors start of that interview. You did as he started early and everybody's who puts every. Interview subject at the see because it's yet you do it JP come on let's see how you did gave BA JE so if you want a lot of just what Jason Brown. See that he that's year old on the our way I do not bad I'm not ask for a greater role guy and usually have pretty happy in my lane. Like. I could have you just do the intro for Coach Brown if you really want it to you I will want to say. Coach how aria it's not that difficult did nothing but that's not making him feel these cement what I'm gonna say is Coach Brown okay. Realize. It wanna hang out hey baby boy Coach Brown got to be a complete phony to a guy who adds. And shown himself to be as genuine as it gets. You all know open families get what you will alienate an advance Compton I think he now I think you can read people probably pretty well. Now I've recruits kids become new school he's got to be your talk about a guy and the cutting yet this is probably. This is probably the guy he's. He relates to a younger generation. Flood zone that well you don't I do I don't mind my Watson periods of the city's. Of course he agrees this city. You have to have you ever seen me around these youngsters so I love it leaked fortitude yes. Well then yeah of course I hang with the tightness that a guy can't come up to us but before long on the air. Expect a youngster snapped I had you know mid thirties the first time I heard devoid of that that's not exactly how that conversation when there's Ryan right over there. There's a caller Ryan is his son. We'll talk to Iran a little bit later in the show we know. But yeah I mean that's I'm young at heart everybody can tell. Let's get Ryan out quickly because an alliance says he is meandering and these these looks like he needs something to do. There's rise and one of our frequent and best scholars think. Aaron thanks for having me here today in person. 'cause stopping me from loitering and appreciate that one WR just wandering about and we you know is that well as unity trip out to the the Carter grab a cold soda. And then honestly I don't think you can bring snow live now via a second down on the car. My so that you need made a lone hit dollar tip I'm gonna ask you guys gonna pick it up with some very heavy and I Soviet that's very nice of Iran snipers hey light headed out to quick trip your doctor pepper color and I can't bring that contraband here mr. We got to take what's on site I mean I'll take a water yeah I did bring us keep TI'S_T. and here's my and I apologize but I know regulation. We were gonna ask you Ryan yes as yours such as steadfast listener and a frequent participant. I seem to do very well with the younger generation would you agree I would agree no year there was a poll that I don't know if she gets on Twitter. There was like who was the most popular men Bob and Jeff. And it was in 94 to six split is that the men and Bob took the crown but it is small sample size and there was about 2800 votes. And some of the rockets Bryant's very. To see a little low it will start to assume it's my pleasure thanks for having I cannot get out arrived there we go that's Ryan one of our absolute favorites. Let's take a break Tommy Thurber who's back in the studio along with Andrew handling. We have one of the only Max power on location with those Lawrence Dumont stadium. Opening day and night of the national baseball congress World Series the 84 version come out. Give us give us the nod as you walk by a torso up right in the concourse. Just beyond the entrance of the stadium. Back get a medal with independents fired its coach Jason Brown.