The Drive: Pitching Jason Vargas

The Drive
Thursday, April 20th

Bob & Jeff debate if Jason Vargas has the best change up in the game after Bob asks why is Jason Vargas so good. Jeff says to talk to him about Vargas in a month. Bob asks Jeff if Vargas will be an All Star. Jeff says no, but thinks he'll have a good year. 


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Bo loses. They're like him before. So he's. And it's can't play this is the most ridiculously long I've ever heard. This like this band's name PHP. Yeah I don't know I've never heard of them and the song is called little Susie on the what does I mean both in his didn't get things done. Good things accomplished of course but you on Florida wake up little zone blessed. The missiles offense so I ever played on MTV I'm surprised they last year aired a wake up Wilson is who seek a little Susie that. But I don't I don't get the problem I don't understand that 8691240. Is a number if you'd like to get in these final minutes of the show today. We do have a quarter pole up that Bob loose that Bob Lewis had. Yesterday the poll. No not not that many votes c'mon people. I mean I think this takes a lot of time for me to do holes are struggling lately. Which of these television series do you prefer help me with a Poland for a while all of you never ask. Better call salt got 44%. Fargo thirty homeland Tawny and American crimes 6%. Those were the choices yesterday today. I'm asking you were you mostly get your news we've got a 165. Votes cast right now. And here is the breakdown 73%. Web sites and assume that also includes social media here. 11% television. 9% radio 7% newspaper. If you got that question ten years ago. They'll Tony promised that no tan now people are online all the time in 2007. C'mon. 2000 about that probably. They aren't on line like they were now no 1007. Yeah they were I mean and maybe not but pretty close. Now I didn't even joined Twitter until 2000. I didn't even know what the FaceBook was until FaceBook. It what is his FaceBook. Are you sure I thought originally called a dove face it might have been at Harvard University are gonna watch that movie in social media as we look at me like that coming. Why you. Tommy's in the midst of this every single day. A lot of weight on an ongoing battle for her to the side supremacy that you feel like you have to five I do. Until after the fire I feel like have to fend off what did I get old style stomp all over me am I let that happen. I don't I don't understand refused to be trampled. Waddle says that anybody is trying to trample you thank you why is Jason Vargas so good. I don't know he's he can command his pitches he's got command of it has never been anything like this floor came back from Tommy Johnson in east. He starts we'll see when he looks like after ten or fifteen maybe this guy Andre does he have the best change up. In the game right now if you say so I doubt it that may be. Cleaning it out I doubt he has the best changeup. Left is go to pets and nobody can hit the I can't wait to face him. In fact. In Britain are not personal. You need to learn to talk about the royals without feeling your entire life. It's feeling threatened that what they all you out it is. Yeah that's the event that is really dubbed both substance and the founder dale threatens for your entire existence. It doesn't matter what's talked about. You immediately feel threatened. And it shows in your Twitter. Age is just everything you feel like. That the world is against you or let the world then I don't know but it is hard to say but that's ridiculous talk about Russell Westbrook. I don't wanna talk about Russell Westbrook. But Jason Vargas is good because the I wanna give you Jason Vargas is these numbers do juries are earth. 18 point two innings this fourteen hits one or Enron two walks. 23 strikeouts. That is incredible he's amazing and no one thought that common knowledge but he's always been a pretty good pitcher. But never anything even approaching alone but it's also three starts have been like navy and other three starts he's pitched really well let's check in in a month. And if he's still he's got a four point 11 ERA in his career. I mean to say is all it dollars Phillies got a suddenly become a 186 ERA guy doubt he'll probably level off just like everyone else these seventy and seventy. With a four point 11. What all is ER AB at the end of this season probably zero point 44 right now I'll give him three point 61. What you feel threatened to get no I don't that's a fine ERA but he's not going to be an ace he's not gonna go to start the all star game. He's gonna end he'll really be an all star now. Well I really. You will not be an all star at the break he'll be. They'll be let's say. Six and four with a 340. ADR. Well that's just absolutely. Ridiculous baby Aden Aden six. Why wipe that ridiculous let another good numbers I watched him pitch a little bit last night. On the high line it's not a game. I had no chance OK we'll think maybe he's the San Fran giants had no chance or maybe he's the second coming of mark Burr earlier something is gonna roll off. Ten or twelve some great years and throw a no hitter and just being a guy I was saying look I listen. I'm I'm Poland Philly guys 34 he's missed a couple of seasons. I don't know why can't drop your Indians are legion has just arrived and have a good year. There's Earl Errol. Hello young man you get down low outlook being today. But you know come back after Tommy John Urquhart typical rejuvenating murder yeah I bet they feel that way you know the name of it what do. I mean it so that goes by its own man. Why are you talking like this today or elbow ligament replacement surgery. Yeah well I'm I'm talking in such a way that I am I don't want to due to. Bob I am feeling your priest pages of grief over prior. These so we needed to take more of a clinical broach. What degree are you sense that aren't. Why are you sensing grief Earl. Because here that the way every day you were unloading all of this and on your. I've done that for 34 years. You have a sharper tone here recently more but you're. The woodshed guy come on now belong. Grow I personally have in my back that doesn't happen often so this must be pretty dire. Well I don't know honestly believe the good part of it is that are going to be great. And just said the other day you know when the people first started you know I was jealous talking about my royal. Well you know Jeff if if your team who lost in game seven. Comes back and win the world championship. And we look beyond common ground okay no jealousy there are either that there would actually at that time. Kind of connection being aware you're at your passionate about pure Indian and I are over the top. I made. It's better to be over the top then even keel to me it's more fun following a base. And that way outlet cure you speak the navy says thank you know it and contribute their term mentor. Quite gotten it either because you all at all it. Cranky guy in a corner of it won't even say hi to a new employee. A couple of them. Bob thank Euro or done. I knew what new employee carrier injures. Less than they ever have so many new employees go through that place. And I worked I'm not even up there all have much leave me alone about this break at all. I think Iowa I would tell our weak from the motto I have no blanks about it do you sense that. Little. Hey I'm leaving a job I've had for almost. What are the federation anxiety is do we know I'd be a week from today. A week or a week from tomorrow here's the way this like in a week you'll be just like the every every other day refusal to can fry your actual motion. Portraying them and conveying them in a much harsher manner that it did. Well hang on Robert we'll get the after the after the break maybe you're listening food drive.