The Drive: Meet Donnie Jones

The Drive
Thursday, April 20th

New Shockers Associate Head Basketball coach Donnie Jones joins Bob & Jeff to expound on his life in basketball and his journey on the coaching road and his latest turn from being a college scout for the Los Angeles Clippers to Associate Head Coach of The Shockers. Coach Jones also gives insight on the AAC from the venues to the travel.


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All right let's come. It's. And girls club I ever heard on MTV. Pretenders brass in pocket. Actually came out this week Donna Jones joins us new Wichita State basketball assistant coach to Gregg Marshall but news announced yesterday Donnie welcome. I assume there in Wichita welcomed the town. The trick to be a doubt I appreciate that thank you. And one thing one thing Gregg Marshall Lou loves he likes guys hoops they have started. Worked their way into a career. You've played and coached. You'd be playing Caruso pike bill. In Kentucky that's where you started as a as an assistant coach. I guess you've paid your dues talk. A bit fortunate a good. Well of Donnie were having trouble with your connection to. We tracked on Donnie Jones back but I have. Unfortunately mostly over here at central hillside I think yes to be guys and you're probably at you know. Even if they things over there and amount. The wolf will make another attempt for Donnie Jones and the like who talked about what it felt so we get one fiset this does not gonna happen I'm not gone back on this. Ricky doing so. Although right before the show there was labs that were the best show on what should not really. Yeah isn't that about me that I have that right now they definitely weren't tiger value but it's fine there's Donnie back Donnie sorry about that we lost Shia. It took nearly a reduction now. Yet he had just talk about your beginning in your playing career at pike bill and in Kentucky and and take us through a little bit of how your careers come about. Yeah absolutely. Well yes fortunately. But that's all Scotia college inning and scored and Europe about a strong Kentucky. Sort of a store and and by screener. Finished up in Montgomery into coaching where we're almost don't want to coat. So I was an assistant there with my head coach or four per year and they're not any when all of a Porsche pushed to desecrate it would system a couple of huge. Gonna have a masters while I was there. Who don't insist. And then the coach was there with being. And look leaving there and inherited getting Billy. Palaces or should coaching job as a young assistant from Kentucky at what we're seeing now. And I don't Billy a little bit and Billy. Interviewed me and kept sort size total ability have or shall we are they're more harsh after that. Joba can virtually Florida. They're look at your shall it is it's just coach. And we were fortunate for three national championship. But we want to buy back six or seven. Into an actual new success. A lot of great players made it's pretty good coaches but it's sure and after that had a chance of our two more or reports the nearest point. The head coach. But we're back built that program. That dirtier there was a report each. Etiquette so the likes they're recruited when Erdogan. In the Internet. The 32 pick in the draft there were shut I pushed by aiming now in the league recovered assured India. That it took to tell barker is senior out single and you know it kind of watched it jump from. Or. They were polluted the big east going to be great going back. Coach section or sheer. Know you get in that scene at a political scene is a rare. That we the sort. Mullah detained generally agree in that country. And the booted of America which is so work order which shall state was trying to rebuild cadet. And and expressed here are being in the exco with the only. So it was a breach current travel. Cilic great up programs work alone and being into (%expletive) out of Google are great experience shall. And today. Probably would which both in shock course as expected and that that's a story. There you go Donnie was this was this they have pretty easy yes for you when when Gregg Marshall offered tedious those associate. Head coaching job. With the soccer sounds like you to have a pretty good relationship. Absolutely you know open up the future and that. What should devote yourself wait a intra shop. In the world equal in the total job letter tracked. All of the winning score too depressed about the solace. I would insist that voted distort but he he call that. But offered no trouble but that. You know French ship cute they are all his success. It just shows forged it. Continue to grow into a credible code should and what he called Peter wrote the other day it is and it looks. Got an open net. We go to bring dental I would just we shall sort of a white we've battled trips with Nike at the head coach strip and chant slogans like a little bit. The wonderful people on world you know exactly who to vote before though so we were hopeful that imitation of a little excited before. Donnie Jones what those new associate head coach of Wichita State. You're expresses Central Florida we talked about a battle the UN conference USA for the first three seasons. And really performed well. You moved to the American athletic conference in 2013. Fourteen and got tougher can you describe. What that transitional slide because here you are again making the transition. From a conference in two. The American. Yet what transition. Actually Wichita State should. Battle that situation out to a success it. They created your options were I think that they're coming back. And what you see up we were trying to build ourselves source to a new school opened tranche of the Atlantic on the culprit should say welcome to big east. Google so important the American that's for sure in 2013. Or opting out or and opportunity to. Local. In a Lugo had just won the national champ ship and UConn orbit. That your then so it was really tell. We mostly. Don't let the world the ACC after that your. You know we will rebuild which you know gas Turkoglu just talent level there's just across was that was a big chain. To get to that local. I think a good thing about obviously Euro which stalled status they like that occurred local. And don't tell us so so. Point against it was great seeing which are both dining and night out is true really ultimately that's all it but obviously you can't federated search and edit rated triple. So great success nationally are we cut our way and all of a past couple. So you walk into a place where all the super Battelle locals will be the rule of global credit out oracle which. Donna what was here you lifelike. Oh. For a year as an NBA scout and is that something you could see yourself revisiting at some point. And that you know what concentrate and opportunity can go out into corporate or two notable top vote should. You know Colby well listen I political power college gal that it would chill a little bit and believe by what he's Kuhn its and its connection to. So I really catching it's got a note of this things that. Look forward and not actually being here outcome of our college. How it but I waited to cure next week look for but the fit with the cook coat. All this characteristic that you look or. Usually the it's a lot in making in the parks and so it was great to have to take a step back and see. Another student or what. That would ensure these at this gets about your chocolate or. Donnie Jones with the sort of venues like around the American athletic conference so this is a conference spread out all over the place you got. Teams in the deep south to get teams in the northeast court or what. One of the basketball venues like and what are crowds like in this conference. You know that's a great question that will be a change a thing a little bit that's what they. That oh I'm pathologist basketball ever coached independent we have been told everybody knows the chip it from a crouch every night. Could have passed all crazy folks organist and that usually little or no Kurt crow so. I mean obviously it tradition rich programs that. Cincinnati and obviously. Just are gonna quick crouched that you don't have to prepare and you're a smoker and order. The burden on the beach south of the built a program. Who who haven't got going yet. They get the coaches that they adjust up or a query cry oh so. You don't have to make sure your plane and knew what the right mentality where you walk into the building because a little the court crowds out. You've he. Obviously been an assistant coach before birds spend basically the last ten years as a head coach. How do you readjust I don't it doesn't sell like this role be too much different as an associate head coach spent. What's the adjustment like for you win it in a new role like that. Yet we are quick question earlier. Formal relook at their system that almost ten years ago because I would expect it and say what strikes. Dipping into the city the device you're Eric think of my experience in both sides now. But your quick respect that position are obviously a clear market could be an extension of or quick Portugal this team what he's Al. You know legal decision to torts is that it's because of the notebooks but. To be a problem as well like assistant co you know what order coach. But the level we. You know not to deliver change a probably recruited order a local. But it coach police trying to build a cobra on the bridge stable. Now when Donnie Jones new associate head coach who Wichita State. This happened very quickly did you get a tour of Wichita did you did you go on a little sightseeing. Mission and in Wichita what the marshals are. Out of all happened. Always a bit it happened not going to play it in order in beta which only WR we're recruiting the bark. I get the job yesterday. You create test today. In now on attached chart with a belt coat and on deadly incident being ignored. A little political recruit the border or so. What technical road next week. Would it which oh I had bought into which coal. Of course a bit and I can't wait to get their next week in orchard been great bench coach burns coal in the whole world. A lot of former assistant so the cold. In the spoke with me from the current there what coat or war and obviously the excitement in that tangle. Of beauty support. Just how well they wouldn't be a part of that and what about. Always appreciate and I'm sure shocker fans are happy to hear from you and you'll be in Wichita soon Donna thanks for your time good luck to yeah. Go out are preacher Ehrlich try to pick and I Donny Jones a new associate head basketball coach at Wichita State. University. Our eyes just as a quick update July 19 1992. Mark Clark pinch from the cardinals I was there river that Riverfront Stadium in Cincinnati Reds went five to four. Felix Jose started in right field wearing what number that day. Well you know. This is weird. 34 jumped in the minors were 34 but a believable or take a break folks that's a drop the my moment. It's over I have a skill now that has to be marketable in some way. We'll figure it out during the break. I've never been more happy with myself over the driver on K okay.