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The Drive
Thursday, April 20th

It's Top Ten Thursday. Today's subject is songs by Aerosmith. Jeff as always reveals his top ten list first. At #10 on his list is Dude Looks Like A Lady. At # 5 is Angel,  at #2 What It Takes.  Bob gives Jeff's list a thumbs down.


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This is good for. Colin. I'm back guys talk OK yesterday. He thinks of Donny Jones a citizen counts I was so sorry for a minute don't interrupt my fellow Larry. They have not associate head Kyle I don't know why I thought that at this I don't know why it about it either and then he made me think it. And and listen this mind is the steel trap so want something get senate. It never escaped well that's mind do. Don't have a steel trap narrative we are doing top ten Aerosmith songs for top ten Thursday. And we invite your input 8691240. The I gotta have locker room hotline. Aerosmith. I went back him. Jogged my memory of fallen there though of course sometimes that has to be job. And I got a good list. You know I like violence nominee it's all going to be current it's all going to be in current mayor of us really to five years. If it's not going to be a list that I like I can already tell you go home you do you feel the need to impress people by look at me I know the deep cuts in the old style polish up that many deep cut fail what I mean. Now you're gonna I don't know what you mean then you do. You don't I don't feel any need to impress anybody designs damage that you lie and say what number was Felix those today. And I pop up with 34 not to mention the five you missed during the commercial I didn't miss anybody. Give me an Allen quickly if you wanna I mean we don't play this game what do you say about marked the guys that 46. Dollars and 46. I think you're good with the white glove away at your camera to meet the name mark spectacularly. I have. I mean. I can get arise my voice here's what my wife texted me. My wife is the star of the show when she text me and not hurt not always for good reason. You don't sound good maybe you should see doctor home from the morning at I mean is that. I've I've been woeful five to the point apparently. Now wait a minute you that you think are you saying your wife wouldn't call if you had a bad boys I don't think. Worst attacks where the texts from people I think man I want as well. Don't even pocket I answer your question. That question I cannot believe my wife understands that I am I gonna go to the doctor. Back questions gone then they answered immediately come on to the next night mosaic in though. Here's what my wife doesn't it number eleven easy to blow up my wife doesn't tax me. You know moot Felix Jose's number and mark pat cash as he did and how you do that's what nobody is texted me. Because nobody that impressed. Slew. On the basket a master quite frankly have you ever heard anything like that. Now. You know what a minute about this dude move on your fine what's your question. He 1982. Arnold. Oh number you know we're almost ten. Who our strategy. Do. We welcome our host will Gonzales I don't know what's do what's your point eight under. That might try to Campbell had over well enough Julio Gonzalez c'mon. Following a 37. Tom. A top goal wise too. And that's only one good bye thank you do. Tom Burke when he got plus note yes 48 he said give me and say. I'm not what I have a now. Let him and I got mark picked 'cause it did for you Eric plug I believe it's 47 a 49 for the Indians got a hello Chris you're on the show. And I eight. And don't stop because right now I urged talked about Arabs at. It would feel we're gonna do that Chris we're gonna get to top ten girls as songs. As soon as people's stop regale me with my unbelievable recall. Of cardinals players numbers. I. So we got three or four calls ahead of you. Actually you know what you have on harassment. Our. It is an act. I expect I would probably be back in the battle. Well there's a lot of there's nothing while it's not on my top ten. Norma. It's a good it's fine it's a fine Aerosmith song franks with. Let's start with your list number ten dating our top Aerosmith song what Danny York. Dane Joerg Dana Lorch boards Davey org. What I want I can understand view let's what I said your roads number nineteen and fine how. Are you can't give it a starting lineup today I don't think that I have over at here's what I can't get from my son. My flesh and blood Islam I can't get a while that that is that's pretty amazing. But and I don't know that listeners are that impressed. They showed me if I was driving through town again we're go back to this analogy. It if you give it makes so much sense to me you're you're up there around 135. Year headed from. A Scottsbluff Nebraska. To art Moore Oklahoma. As you got some business. And and I couldn't do make and you tune into the station and you hear some guy. Fumble got a bad boy it's terrible noise getting every number rise of these obscure players. Don't you get down there are more thing it man you wouldn't believe what I listened to and even go to are more or I'm staying here an elitist saying I got it checked the auto show. I don't now. Is Jessie up next on the drive Jesse don't even try to fool me. Well. Oh. Vick cavalier but let's let's slow so long ago Jesse. I mean not Arabs are I remember listen I was excited. When Vick battling Randi came a cardinal because the had a he had a good career with Cleveland. And he did some nice things for the cardinals but I'm sorry I was seven at the time for crying out loud. Are outbreak are bake McBride was 25. There are everywhere thank you Jesse. Religion that is knocked that one out of the park. There's Jeff tied again I just got a text I'm not gonna tell you it's from says tell limits outstanding what he's doing a take easy path Jeff. What do you. Our goal which you know I'm very impressed with Europe. Now you just Sam Najaf for you like Dick gathering people around and saying you gotta hear this creek or repair our border guards aren't Kirk. You did did you take this on the road. You hear what what this play well on the Tonight Show or Jimmy Kimmel core brewer. Here's that three year old who can make it and dunk it and make this out on the little tyke goal and here's the guy can get seven out of ten based on the amount not I don't know nine out of ten. Thank you Jeff. Who's who takes to do that in a that I got to tell you that why it didn't he didn't clear it. It says could say is named number nine I didn't give you never Kenya or not that number ten was. Dead Danny orgy. There have been a bit whatever you do any large gain orders for crying out loud number nine dead Danny orgy I'd like to know more about Baghdad. Number ten top ten Aerosmith songs. Do it looks like a lady. And I really have nine songs. Number ten could have been really any thing whatever I was feeling at the time I got nine Aerosmith songs tonight can't do that. I just a bit top timlin will number tens dude looks like a lady. That's. I liked that font. Who's into them. It gets in my list that is it is quite telling me that I'm not there at number nine and here you texted. Parent of one of our players and I got things to do commercial break there if there's ever a time to free your mind if when you're giving journalists more. George Hendrick. Tony five. Boys everywhere I think Tony fein was. Number nine. He quiet. Number nine is a view they threaten now our dog is irritated look real close. Number nine is amazing wait a minute. Which disaster my academy does not discuss. No number seven the fines you we'll get to there in a minute Scott Griffiths. Texted what they say that that's the person he said just now I cleared it I just would like to be out there. In the middle of listeners and and get I don't know I don't know if I thank him well it's been you have one time I don't know what they're thank him. At least he can do are who cares or. But. What I really thought was that I get a bunch attacks fan. Wow EL one sarcastic text from my friends guy that I've gotten off my wife certainly not in now breasts why would she be need to go to the doctor I mean this is safe. Freakish. Ability or a frontal. I'd number way number eight Q describe us jaded. That's in your list yeah like jaded. Should. You're going to be run out of a gust of the long norm not it's got to be so bad. Bring it there's got to be a little bit of a crowd there I feel like you know it's on them I think MI thing. Richard Marks don't mean nothing. Hi can hear it in mind. It makes my ears her honestly I just got up bang now you get up anger. Stop doing that. Number seven not going to be dear you crazy. Gave up next on the drive my day. Barr began. Today coming out. And Ababa are not gonna you don't wait until I'm generated hang up renewed calls somebody you're jerked and not get a chance to get a report and I cities that if or sought our help heal so insignificant act and you're now he can look at things. Except. You know it I didn't pick a cause an accident I'd pull people over and make them listen that there is because I. Our board of trust by those who either can remember a particular numbers. Go to concerts. Paula what I know all they root for here there's apathy in my favor her regret talking about a number 45. Rent electric car for the Oakland raider the I won't ever ordered all hybrid error exporting and they're not ever done it all because of a. Little wonder that in when you're on that see I'm sounding like Jeff now you're you're in my corner so why when I lashed out at you day. It this way again. Eric may. There are I can understand your bitterness I mean I'm searched about the aren't just with foreigners continued to hold it. He studied I guess that's funny. Know that I'm an Allen defended you when somebody addressed to you and I hope Dave Dave turn your radio off I don't want you to hey is not here but he name. He's got on a nonstick and turn your radio off and on news. Bob's married. What does that mean and means I think either love. All callow little sophomoric. Know I really I really believe it one way and I heard it cost. About love it's amazing what you do then why. Horrible OK it's OK okay here's David do better than Jeff. David that's all I ask. Go to our guys while we're just we're doing a top ten list and I'm trying to figure out why am why amounts of bomb when it comes to numbers. We know. Senator Obama. Typically I don't like I don't like you on this show I made quite a minute David why not come out however comma. I am pretty impressed by the you know solidarity average. Devil why don't you like me on the show forget all that now about all that's not meaningless to him. Here jacket move of course American David. I mean let me ask you about your world. And I'm not arrogant to the point of Vienna a jerk but are you a little bit arrogant David. Can you. Well yeah exactly it to the buffalo this authorization I don't know there thank you David. A little bit arrogant. Here's the texts or my friend act Chris Ross. My office is standing around the radio and amazement of Bob skills kind of like that seen in Armageddon coincidentally. Starring Liv Tyler. Matthew Browning the committee says that to make sheriff pathetic. And impressive cut up. Now I got it on how people feel about my ego that bothers me does it alarm you that everyone's texted me about it. People don't listen I don't hand out on number like it's not only Randy. Number of six I don't think dvds seven. Yeah we didn't give trail of England and another 66. His dream on. Which is not applies to year and it more U of I dream on number five Margaret is Roland there this. Number five out of our wanna let it breathe a minute you're done. Listen to what we especially were doing the music topic I want top ten harassment father Aerosmith fans out there are other want people to let the songs play in their mind for a few seconds you know and just let him. Let me go where they need to go with it god. Come on Jeff don't overdo it. More day in the it's it's it's sure less which has never really got on the music now mean a lot to people. If you're less there were fired Angel. That's the one handling is wrong. I think he's amazing. Not all thanks they he's on Angel notified it that riot gear down here's Jeremy on the show Jeremy. Bob Ellis. You're hot Mamas so you guys now. The banter back in court you don't have an ego you just I mean you know when you're getting up and you're good and he. Olympic acted yet. Our thought is that you know I'm I'm I'm trying my best is to add to do equality show here. And just let it all and I would never ever say that all I have no we go of course I have an ego. But I don't think it's overwhelming is that just a little. What Jeremy anything else. I was gonna ask to have Ali and now we have dream moment number. Two month. That's a great life it was number six in fact because I like five songs better. It's our country it's number six. Sierra. Honored on a great song all I bet North Carolina was ranked number. Six but as side at some point during the see that they now there's no and then on the left now championship no sense though that analogy Jeremy I'm with you thank you I'm saying that goes against Bob guy. My payment came to my defense that they said they like both lists. Number our random number four can go beyond anybody's list blind man. Released for their big ones album greatest hits in the early ninety's. I'd have to go back to listen to its own. Blind man yeah do things some other guy took up well in adult. There are some sound the same that you do. It's like if fly anyway let me get out of that I knew I made a mistake us that things some of Don Henley was an amazing as I said you know when you start selling and I looked toward the mountains to see if there's a dog there. That is very funny in my world that even I don't know. But it's funny doesn't make sense and people out there laughed at at that are even chuckling you don't know what it means so stop it Fleury. Zach Jackson Lisa Silverstone the best thing about anything Aerosmith every day it. I don't care who tech I know but I tell them I have read it but it was a bad tech three. Number three deuces are wild. Not bad I didn't it's not a mile list but that's at least you know you can make your case for that they'll always. The only it would never go that the only concern I have over that son then eleven you since you're a child. May wield too much creative why don't child can refer to you know. 1820 year old I guess. Two now or do what it takes. No. Absolutely not let that go bad list. Now. The number one get that in but some of them from 1973. On it number one Ryan. You're number one didn't even make pilot well that's fine to I don't wait for people to their mindless act it's exactly that's that's exactly what I'm trying to say it's not your list it's the people's list here you go people here's what you I would I don't want to say. Here's the thing about cry am. Crazy. Angel are all ballad tie and I thought what Eric. That's not what Aerosmith represented and what they do so many you know there's Jake. Hey Jay yet. I thought I don't. OK so first what beer is a target Gary Lockett like. Well look you'll you'll hear my let's momentarily. And everything will become clear to you. Checked our. Locke is what it will be number 100 ought nearly. And food. No oh probably I don't want to root it out TARP I know your number one's gonna be. Upgraded about. But you know it looked at Ricardo player here at about Pedro Barbara. Pedro bore bomb. Left. Boy that's a tough one. Down the number that jumped undermined not listen this is is obscure as obscure gifts. But the number that jumped and in my head and I'll give myself a 35%. Chance to be in right here. Was 48. I would ticket idea but it didn't come up but there's also it juniors there it's got a bit. He was 49 for a year 34. He of that 49 I just didn't get. I saw the 48 I thought that the nine a wrapped up around you know what I'm saying Janet. I hear it but what about Pedro Coburn. It's not elicit cargo players. I I think he spent about a week there he is the yeah I did hit seven games. But that can judge you can ask me about a guy that pitched seven games for crying out. I have no idea hey you know my that I bought thank you. For crying out loud I mean I cannot within one of Pallet Pedro bore bold and even pits that many games in the car for the car he was there for part of the year though right I mean so I mean it to get the feel forty. Hey that could have been a nine or whatever it is. Unbelievably impressive. Let's take a break we'll return with my top ten list of Aerosmith song you're listening to the drive fond. JFK.