Doing The Math On The Royals Last Days In Playoff Contention

Just Sayin' with Jeff and Jamin
Saturday, August 12th

Jeff asks Jamin for his view on when the Royls will be mathmatically eliminated from playoff contention based on current 


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DC. We'll just today. It doesn't exactly hit with the I don't know what the aesthetic of yeah what's the aesthetic I thought that they aesthetic causes the Hispanic I'm sure anything can happen OK eleven I case against Dennis. Thank you played what does this what is this did shirt Jersey things got more resistance to sort of go navy pilot pen doesn't have any Diddy has no significance this has served probably just wasn't sure if there's any kind of a big servers. Significance there OK art fair enough. There are not. I think unnecessary mine's mine's in order to have gone out hope in doing that I did the correct we're gonna play. On what date. I'm wet day it's a future looking gala on the agonies dates are going to be exactly always had a well. They will hold up all give you a specific date weather oh lead alike on one question it'll be have to be a particular day of the week. I'll OK and you won't netted just I see us open our best to get my calendar aren't a scope but do our best. Unless the eight. Really royals thought of post season contention. Boom boom and then the name but it could be 2019. They were the next two World Series of can't necessarily be an issue you just take you where you want well here's I was actually gonna bring this point before we went on to Kansas stars top. I very rarely OK you need to bouts from me for the listeners are okay because you you listen to me more often than they do I'm sure maybe maybe maybe not I need about three. I do not often. Crow about when I'm right. Right I kind of go back and tell you I told you so very off not off tonight not often. But I have to I told to see those as it pertains the AL central okay. I told you back in April and I told him again in man or intelligent again in June to chill out Cleveland's gonna win that division and right the ship another three and a half up on the bonnet over achieving Minnesota team and their five up on a fading Kansas City team so there writer's point predicament. Second time let an area that's what I can you have to at least conceded that point is correct now the second point was I said the Kansas City should sell. Back in June and well above hot streak and everybody went Lulu Lulu bye bye bye and noon and now they're five back in the division. And I believe I'm looking at it now they are not and a half back of the second wild card spot but there are four teams above them. I give it to John the I was right about the selling I decide I'm sorry. On those two points at least everything else you could tell Ron about but I got those two right. They're gonna be out of contention in what those are gonna try to resize and some of these guys I know I know proved them. The list today they are another team start negotiators meet up cigarette August 12. They're going to be out of contention by my birthday just two weeks from today. Two weeks from today labeled this thing up. There's still a month plus the now with a legitimate contention because if it's been a month. They are still five or more out of the division that race will be over for them and then you look at the wild card. You go okay the Yankees are currently three up and everybody for the first proper spots have been a pretty good place. And then you have all this giant mess. And that's not to mention Baltimore and Texas who are just right behind Kansas City and still technically in it. You think Kansas city's gonna emerge out of a seventeen Strom for the second locker it's unlikely but I don't think so I think in two weeks if they're afraid if they're still. Below 500 and maybe they go. Now have a closing kick. In them as of today the Minnesota Twins are in the mail that's Karl weird. Is that's not gonna last. That's not to get around differentials for the teams Carolina into and slide the Minnesota minus 51. What's the Yankees they plus one think she'd felt like there was a 210 run difference between the Yankees and went. Angels minus nine mare's minus six Tampa minus six the royals minus point nine. The Orioles minus fifty. Then texas' plus six right now right tennis and I visited I am I 35 minus ninety in my seven periods that Texas is then. I'm Mikey of all those teams I think they might have a kick left in them. But. The angels somehow without Mike Trout. Have hovered around 500 drained Trout is I believe on the way back very soon. He's been back he's been back yeah that's right he's been back. You missed brought out my power to have so learn your accents yeah right did the did they actually have a shot. No. I don't think so. I don't how I think that's going to be Seattle do you think so yeah debt all right I. I can't run hopeless but they're not they just they've beaten Seattle the last two games to two come into a tie would then they play two more art today and tomorrow when those two. And RA. Iranians. Are good news the first initial last name he gets over the first name the first of these the art in Alaska Ricky. Peeved. Brad well. Pete. Parker I believe Parker your right. As they remain hazy out guarantees driven there. Tyler Troy now and change China should know the solution. Jacques miners' jobs Jesse Jesse Freddie come up with jock oh that's good debt announced they can have I was thinking I've never mind taking different. And the JC shout has no I did a piece Jose updated. How many angels though. I'm I'm I'm actually written for them. Those plucky upstarts. But they're terrible lineup and Mike Trout. I I'm I'm rooting for the angels Glaxo the date the royals are contingent two weeks from today. August Tony sick so into my third event you're mathematically alive yes the deadbeat dad. I'm not saying he's didn't say mathematically out our men Ethel and are okay well then it'll be another it'll be new mid September Platt. At least at least yes because you could always go early designs out and win their last eight yet note in mathematically may be its last week the season. But regardless they're going to be for all intents and purposes out into our. On what date doesn't Wichita State achieve its highest national ranking and in college basketball poll who April 1 up. Now I I wish I'm gonna go low earth boom and that's tough she and it's going to be out for good at the very beginning. May be because of Shannon being out you have to think that if he's if he misses mount Lee which I think he's projected them. Be right back on the borderline of missing now. They have Oklahoma Oklahoma State Baylor and the Maui trip in the non conference right that's six games. Yet if they go three and three in those games they rank he's going to plummet into the not on the but it's going to be in the twenties or if if that. After it starts off at five and have a long way down so. They hit their highest ranking is. You wanna be hope Foreman ago February. The seventeenth. That I didn't check it I think they beat some people in the conference act and and some quality wins maybe in the conference and that. Sort of propels them. It to a high ranking in February solar Saturday so February 9 February 19 as my pick. Yes hello my measurement is miss they come out they come out on Monday morning February 19 is my pick that's skirt that's my that's my call and they will be right. For more because they're going to be pre season like Iverson SPS starting lineup on opening day. Which we don't call that basketball. What can't be so it's gonna be. Brand brand camp. Run. It must be Kelly Lawrence who. They can go are beginning a big I don't think so I think it's gonna be when you you seem to love you some pains Joan Garry is not gonna start well don't dish Hans Smith. You have Austin youth if he's healthy. I think he could be Reeves frame campaign. Per hour Morris McAfee. What about CJ Kaiser as a sleeper pick I may be but. Maybe then I doubt it not over reads. And they could go big they could save ground you know that you're the two you know McAfee you're the three I mean why not but and ball handling. You two and three are brown and Mike Duffy and not the best ball handlers. I would be uncomfortable with how I'm up honestly. We wind Rashard Kelly Europe for a man it's probably your second best ball handler in the starting lineup that's that's not yet. No I think they need to brawler much on the floor so you need who leaves as the point guard and frank camp off the ball. I don't don't brown Mike Duffy and Morris have our absolute stranglehold lock on the 345 spot you think I can't see anyone. Don't births or anyone else there was is a good plot I Darryl will have felt an extra so I know but I don't think he can start over those I don't either but I think he's got something they haven't hazardous illness. I I feel right hand a dry perhaps before our ability to pass out of double to not I think that. You know it would sham it's back I'm glad that we sort of have what we have bush appears to be a very concrete starting line. Right yeah I mean I'm glad about that senate this just fed already has a role this in the right situation. Kind of bothered me at this that's starting trying to. GM training camp in the and the through you mentioned. Is. Complete write it salty it doesn't have a weakness. He has three point shooting it has ball handling and has been excellent perimeter defense it has post defense I see no beef. With that lineup in anyway shape or form is this the the best coaching staff Greg marshals had an ad. Whoever takes into account obviously Steve Forbes was fantastic and has been very entire it was unbelievable worth higher. Where did he go to port LSU maybe towards the east Tennessee and doing well yeah I generally don't want twenty games last year Tony wanted to my best. Janzen was wonderful. But I think brown afford dear Colin instead. A guy can go get your day international and me and bring guys sunrise potentially. Donnie Jones has been a head coach in the league that there is now right which I think is a busy in an invaluable as we get anywhere or see America. South Florida America. Matt I that's all Whiteside topple fall I can't I can't say well tackle problems for Central Florida letting us have been as President Clinton I am. I boy I can't tell. I can't really Ardinger Florida my bad I can't argue with that. I really can't. And tackle for always like that second or third thing I'm looking forward to in the sixth time they get I mean I don't know how to Jack Morris. And talk quote not poll well run on nurtured now I was gonna say Darryl Wilson I mean it. You're gonna hat check Morse is six date the tallest player they have is nurture six lemon got. As Bjorn let me read guard who said it but talk. I dishonesty Jack Morris just given it his all at ten inches shorter than taco ball I just think that would be hilarious. Tourists take it right handers Jeff talked a 767. Foot six bout 300 and tanner and that's crazy he's a man he he's a man mountain it's gonna be fun. I doubt I'm looking for I think I can't argue with your with your assessment of the coaching staff Rahm not the city maybe it is maybe it is in minutes and it's given them my old job done and and Marshall has. The ability to it to hand Tammy who would they wanna recruit from everywhere on the planet earth right now right its teams and who wouldn't wanna be on my coaching staff. So it's it's it's a prize spot for an assistant coach to be and I would imagine. Not a national exposure. Chance to move onto it a head coaching job somewhere -- your goal is. Or indication of Don did you test to get back into head coaching. You know obviously I think I think Forbes is on his way out from the Marshall coaching tree is in very large that it has a chance to. It could be branch out pretty soon absolutely. Steve Forbes Chris stands has been a head coach Greg higher will Prodi had goats right Donnie Jones can be a head coach again. And an all. All of those guys seem to make incredibly competent and and Marshall I think it's clear. Demands quite a bit from his assistant coaches in terms of preparation help. You'll hear him being interviewed health say well such and so and so coach had the scalp for the same meaning that they're very very involved in game planning and scouting. And obviously in recruiting. So. He doesn't have. You know he has high standards for his assistants named and they've obviously performed very very well let's take a break. The stood lately I'm I'm die and now I know you got like page after they had a couple. Am I lost interest those little of that tune and out in just gonna go down hill but I would encourage everyone to continue to listen regardless. That please it but I'm asking the they let this will continue my game and returned to sing and Jeff and David Sports Radio KF eight.