Divisional Preview

Golic & Wingo
Friday, January 12th

The guys talk about the Cavs getting blown out by the Raptors and then preview the exciting playoff games this weekend with Dan Quinn, Malik Jackson, Adam Thielen and more.


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Hello I'd like to deposit this a checking seats is a sickness that this future is insistent Kenny and what's my account balance. Her eyes in this county I Acie Law Lucic usefully. You with great federal look at just get a pass slippers something. Eight fortune bank teller surprising what's not surprising how much you could sit by switching to Geico. Yeah yellow excitement and includes EPO I Geico fifteen minutes could save you 15% or more. Yeah. This is the best of goalie can win. We go podcast. All doing you know if you wanna Friday morning as we get set for the best weekend of the NFL post and regular season divisional playoffs Saturday and Sunday we're delighted to be joined now by Dan Quinn. The falcons head coach a former Super Bowl winning coach with the Seahawks of course took. Atlanta to the Super Bowl a year ago. I did thanks for being with us here this morning we appreciated and as a defense of guy. I'm sure you have to appreciate the way that side of the ball has jelled for you guys down the stretch it's really been one of the biggest reasons why you guys made it back into the playoffs. Ager and like it that I had good beyond dispute and yeah we're on the opportunity this weekend. And you're right or be sent you know the diplomat the last couple weeks but they deftly makes stride. Through the Steven. And the guys have been battle tested and certainly being they're curse you're the quarterback battle pork bill. Mike you like to be a part of this group their toughness their attitude their connection together. Really strong. Seem to be too good athlete so for me to another thing I do you said he was old and slow it everyday and I know how are you I know are everywhere I know my everybody benefits through it and that is different I guess I wouldn't have to have that 4645. Speed you like out of sub nuclear. But it is intercede the enemy you mentioned Alaska always I look back the last six weeks of the season when you guys not more spot last five games of the regular season has also play after you play the rams high scoring offense in the NFL he played the saints twice a playoff team with a lot of offensive weapons you played the Panthers. Also a playoff team you've played the vikings a playoff team as well as the box and in that six game stretch. This defense just gave up an average of sixteen point three points per game. How has this defense been able sort of turn it up as this season got late and into the playoffs. I think I need that you didn't like time an extension together that help it really the communication tray right in the middle of at all beyond Jones and that alert when the best defense that that aren't you here at practice here rightly gains the communication that takes you know you open down the line of scrimmage. And that we're YouTube from our guys are tackling has improved. Over the last few months we've worked hard at that. We haven't had to turn over margin that was like. Adapt or over the last few weeks to come together as well so this group they're tight they're connected and they're really couldn't work that they quit the best. Dank winter coats to laptop and joining us again he was a 2013 for the Seahawks when they. Won the super bull S on that defense is side of the ball scored the offensive side of the ball. Here's an offense that last year you took in the Super Bowl as the highest scoring offense at 33 point two game. This year fifteen that 22 points while you're in the playoffs or were you wanna be when your in the clash every chance all the time. What to you who has been a lot of people throwing out different reasons for why they think offensive scoring is down in Atlanta what are your reasons. Get picked a couple they come to mind my first one. At the defense that I had been approved. They're ready you know they knew last year remotely relied you know from an offensive standpoint in a lot of regard. This year. How overtake to win this game this matchup despite river that we call. Whether I'm all in the Al working we. You know had to score a lot of data the win on a Monday night. Order when a close game had a deep into you know. Gore murky down lower. Even on the cheap side of it with Matt Bryant you know we can really you know relied on those moments. Alternatively were still you know getting a number of explosive plays in the team did a good job on third down. Early on Mike we really rather our turnover margin and as you know actually be a real factor that. Drive ended without points on that one so overlap you reach that mark been better pusher or out. Like on the turn over margin because. Not just the up and that the defense creating them as well. But as we've been you know the last few weeks. You know for the whole team standpoint that connection really been strong offensively we know we have you know playmaker to the number different spot. Good to have both are running back he'll be in the receiving you know crew back for so we're ready to go. Dan Quinn with a as the falcons head coaches they get set to go to Philadelphia and take on the Eagles and then one of the things that I loved about the way you guys finished off the LA rams in that game last week was the commitment to the running game I mean you only average about 3.2 yards a carry now granted some of that was Matt Ryan only five yards on six carries I don't know are there but they're there with 39 attempts and ended in the game that was pretty close down the stretch. You know the fact that you guys stuck to the running game and realize that's the way to grind this out. How much of that has sort of been an and involvement in this office that we see going forward from really what happened in Super Bowl year go to now. No we we get a real sense because of their front is going to be realized their mistake. And it's going to be seeing this week both teams that like around booking dark Specter worked around. Though we made sure or our identity and Mike can relate to this. We have deck on the ballot and you can run the ball to add that took it to your team. Make the big the big difference when the running game going out a play action there all that Putin in concert together so trust. I'm happy that balanced trade that the real back. We had long extended drives sometimes. Keep clean and I'm in the run game and keep on that I'm a pedestrian. That's good formula. I tell you love the most is we all Lima dated rather run block and pass block can be adults at play action. So much more no doubt about that gal I'm wondering your coaching kind of strategy your philosophy even when you're coordinator to now head coach. Like they're coordinating days if you're going up against a team that had a star on offense and that guy was going to be out. How are you talked about that with your team in this case you're gonna wrap up a began to team arguably the MVP of the league in Carson once is not going to be in the game. And players or players listen sometime that they may exhale a little bit say hell okay that guys not on the field how do you approach that with them. Yeah well number one deftly bumper went dot. Like you held a year you never like these guys missed their clothes he's an ops. But after watching him play I'm sure he'll have plenty about who he can gain in his future. Our buildup is fortunate it's gotten accomplished that you know playing at the back up quarterback not everybody has that. And that gives the team competent because they know he can get the job done he's done that for silk. When your claim against the better and we come been at the backed up I think that the different you know. Mindset to go known at eight you've noticed meant to get the job done he's done it before so you almost get that instant respect and credibility. I got any experience for them and that this invoke I can't billionaire Philly so. And then when you look at her up and did you go to all these and you recognize they got a number play makers that tight and a wide receiver running back so I did I get right back into the crowd like you know you get right back in did you all think they wanna do any speech or the guy so really just comes down there you know. They're fortunate that they got a you know backup quarterback is experience that they do simple. Did Glen Willis the falcons head coach and again we're in uncharted territory here a dim with this game this weekend on. This is the first time since all playoff games were awarded by the better record going back to 1975. That the home team more than number one seed is an underdog in their first ever playoff game. And it sure seems like that's something that a lot of the Eagles players are talking about as a motivational. Chip. For them as a head coach how are you trying to sort of combat that knowing that that's going to be something that is a really big block on their shoulder going into this game. Yeah and I'll I'll put it back you know Greg Rudd and might relate you know at the as a former player. You know inside the Walt and lock the doors get back in the lap and you try to you know work you're about to get your preparation right and Archie net like our responsibility to one of the film the meeting the practice time so. You put their work in trade you get to that spot mentally where you can't wait and as ballplayers don't really get caught up in the rankings are heeding your favorite. Just try to get. You're mine exactly right call being made bugle played really well they'll opera. It went right back your man locked the doors to back the lab and get our preparation right. We don't really get caught Abidjan and that are ranking up ultimately because not them that we talk about the team. Much with the exception of turnover margin that's one that we do so opera. Right back to a man wee bit during hell week in terms of preparation. And that's really where our focus. And as far as through the year and I and I don't know the answer this because I never got two Super Bowl lead to whether to to win one or to lose one how how does that work through the year has that been. Is it kind of in the locker may rallying cry of let's remember that to get there again to go for the win is a completely put aside and say to New York Howard is how is that that they're working for the Atlanta Falcons. I think early in the year Mike it was still a story you know you gotta go to the RB did you get started and as a coach you're ready to be your team get set because that you wanna find out you know as yet learned from some of the the Arctic cat you know through a law. But then at the eating go Don is really turn that (%expletive) just in that this team. And out of the 2017. Team all the it import the group so a nine around crying Mort just like. How hard they can buy just this game and that's really where our focus lies you trying to look too far back earth or down the line and I think that would be pat this is just. Like the creek we you don't like the matter when you're in there we just get locked in this moment this game and they get to either go Don the key that Iran. That he actually really bruised and dot where were. Well it's been a lot of fun to watch. This falcons teams were to go through the ebbs and flows of the season and the way they've sort of rallied at the ended and found that identity that I know you was a defensive head coach must love. Other sure tackling that we certainly saw. Pool and all those guys account and you'll have a net secondary against the high flying a rams offense on Saturday we appreciate the time Dan thanks for being with us and and vessel at this this Saturday in Philadelphia thanks Dan. Always good when you're on the podcast and great way to go and Mike Koehler senior. Molly thanks for being what does that that Denver Broncos defense. That you guys want Super Bowl trip the US was dominant on every level. As you see this defense in Jacksonville now with the addition of class Campbell Abu EA and Ramsey are playing and you've got Fowler and and and miles Jack how similar do you see this group to the team that you want it all with a couple years ago. Yet fruitless until a little pollutant or you're. Yeah. That should continue to look to build that it's including the special we were able to pay. That into this Wimbledon record you know and we had garlic Brandon Marshall there's two great spirit. Reserve to keep lead you don't do award that I can beat ourselves and our. Well they're all around me. Markets where where are they want different do that we have. Heard it different guards to send them. Same athletic ability same same. Big bright future were just younger you know sir that some of those things that aren't blue Obama almost surgical hysterical a year ago to great being. Yeah in the all of her fork union also right because they're arguing that not only different but still. Kind of nativity church where we can all work you don't send it right. You guys at the corner put them at their job you know has been here older or younger and they were mixed well any room to where we have a a cool idea you know we have a very church local club was loudly in every rule to Wear it a date. This sure on the browser. And it helps that you saw. Also had a. It's so much fun to watch because if the defense is I was on a Philadelphia where you were really young kid a high you know had to go to like you guys. Headed at every level from the line to linebackers. The secondary as well and I'm wonder and it was so much fun at practice and in the game because you have so many different people recommend plays like. Well when I put that line it was Reggie White Clyde Simmons and Jerome brown they would have you know that competition amongst them who would get the most sacks I would be the one keeping score because I was really involved a you don't. Did the fact there you are you guys have that friendly competition amongst that defense on who's gonna make that play. Are absorbed every global you don't have to do between aides say and Palin in the bracket you know. They're still I don't want to strict doubled how to get the big in I think that's what makes our little better we have that healthy competition where you don't want you to do great we all sort of racial or the war sound and the brightest. In our center and I think that makes everybody. Veteran and illogical or your hardest and and and truly be your little worker artist and in and make plays and and that makes it where soared because they're gonna want these are great. Mr. I'll worker saw the competitor you know there's so we're live within our normal you know. I King of the Hill you know committee is Warner this year would look to sex you know that we all saw every day we were chasing that you know where Artest who okay mitigate our game around in in the world and that doubt that how to competition that we need the you know. It is a bigger allowed you are on the dark where they get other tracks he has you know it got beaten to meet. Enabled through dark hair and our third down and restore order as you should at least you don't then somebody do without that you know. You should want to do it to look at that it it's what we do. Well it's certainly what you guys have done all your long believed Jackson Jacksonville Jaguars defense of Lyman with a song golden window and I I keep going back to the Broncos team because I think the comparisons are really similar to what we're seeing in Jacksonville not only dominant defense is believed but also. Offense is that at times have struggled this year I mean yes that was Peyton Manning. In Denver Tony good team but that was not. Peyton Manning if you ought to mean that was a different version. At I know it's what he has always just what we were getting ready to the Senegal went back and look at that clip a patent running for that third and ten in the AFC championship game against the patriots. And that is there an interview on the bench like I can't believe he actually did that a guy temporary jobs are we are dead or asked. Our earlier that some of the things that is as facing this Jacksonville offense as well obviously Blake has had good games at quarterback. But he struggled the last two weeks of the regular season and struggled in the post season in that win over buffalo although he ran for some critical first downs as they get offensive player. How do you deal with the the offensive side what it's not as productive as your side of the ball. You draw out there and do what we do you know that these particular really flinch at all printed and being productive that day or if they're given you know achieve those sub the the moment car are just quickly and they don't work out didn't get that are there so that's how we see it pretty dull. Cry about it you know we're Muller Omar were they doing you know we do we know. That they just something. They're they're gonna sit and they're gonna get a little when they do. It's gonna be a beautiful thing so this Alter it to work on it make sure that like classic working source too important to not so. This is storm door ajar. Part of Emily Jackson from Jacksonville Jaguars fifth round pick out of Tennessee in 2012. Again as we talked about Super Bowl champ for the Broncos and fifteen. First time Pro Bowl this year congrats. To her on that you go back you guys faced Pittsburgh at Pittsburgh beat him thirty to nine. What's the biggest difference in your mind of watching any tape of that game on what the Steelers are now compared to that. Who are mean. And that gave you don't do. Sit at a certain guys you know instead of programs that. They got better you don't quote no urgency that they were consultant chrome tree phobos moon recruited her saying so. Or that all are acting that they've done. Should registering their garden bitterness to intersect with governor. And also should be educating the C. From their former. Hobbled to the garden better to see where we can go and what we can do now you know Arctic washing the field home. I root for guard that we would guitar pretty much targeting that perhaps our eagle says so Arctic if you can just continue that governments that we have. In the center her. It turned into this game with MRSA that. Since it is and give his mindset I think will be OK so we were practicing you know we're. Now we can help beat an arm whose success is getting close to begin to adjourn. You know we can Steffi to surprise some people in our Arctic we are so we'll see. Yeah you're right in that game halftime you guys were winning 76 yards scored 23 to three in the second half. I absolutely no secret no secret out yet or what are your pick sixes and our game Yucca. You know what are Molly Jackson with us a Jacksonville Jaguars stellar defensive linemen and by the way they're nominee for Walter Payton man of the year for all he does hold Jack's absolutely. Who gradually instant that we are you we know you've done that for a long time is great to see that side of you was a person being rewarded as well. Public but I wanted to get into one thing that I thought was really interesting. When you look at your decision. Are you won the greatest weeks of all time by the way when you sign that he'll. With Jacksonville as a as a fifth round that you all you put that was one of time to be alive capsule and it certainly worked out you timing here every what what what they always say you wanna get in on something early I'll post a late. Oh you're one of the first guys that decided hey I think things can change in Jacksonville. Obviously the money is always going to be a big part of any decision but you could have had UN a lot of options after that Super Bowl season you had with the Denver Broncos. What made you believe in what they were doing in Jacksonville. I mean what relative of the battle with the car world com if you look there and you. He's doing you know and I don't believe what he had to say it out of the bell local law. Because recorded live to talk to him and mob rule and and how good and a good. I did not duck and get better about it you know as people where are our can be in my career sort of numb all over. Here the speaker well. To open little movement itself won't do a we were going to end. That you are you know there are a lot of let them it's total period is any output and they're not that I'm so we moved in there are not welcome here that. Our guys that it could only we literally took the order and they're not on the where. Couldn't guard who know what I would do it is identical sure I'll buy that well. There's been an automobile part of a minute. Are. We dot. Our idea that's wholly Jackson with the Jacksonville Jaguars heading up to the Pittsburgh Steelers this weekend to take them once they can be twice in one year and again. Well we should point out he is they've Jacksonville Jaguars nominee for the Walter Payton man of the year is own foundation more leaks gift supports military. At risk youth and their families as well as pet adoptions are always dominating on the field now he's dominated the field as well bully thanks regardless good luck this weekend exploit. We appreciate you guys go that. Goalie can window the podcast what are. No doubt about it. All doing on ESPN radio ESPN to anyone that's listened to the show or your previous incarnation of the show Mike knows you love the food yes I do despite the fact that you're now heroin chic in every Iran what model are still eaten planning you you you love the food and something happened to. Recently that that just just tugged at the strings a year Tumblr and your stomach. Justin walker to Carolina Carolina Hurricanes who. He scored a power play goal at 1036 in the second period to tie the game for the hurricanes making it three to three. Against Tampa Bay and that's significant whine don't wanna tell you all the reasons why first off I don't even a one game and I don't care okay. Because his goal kicked off the NHL's first. Fat trek got hat trick. But backtracked so first he scored a goal yup. And that that kicked off this anytime faux score select most locations. Handout a free side of case so the next day OK as a backup trigger pre K so pre K so hard to slow down. Now tied the game 330. This scored three goals right. Papa John's offers half price pizzas online only on days after McCain score at least. Three goals OK so we got free caiso and a half price by the day after the game because they scored three goals and because Faulk scored a also. They do when we came score on a power play goal. Walks goal was a power play goal. Jingles gives free blow very biscuits to customers who say. McCain react. And it has. And it's all time exploded vote on net so adjuster faux one goal. Turned out to be a factor I think that is just. Auction. Here's the question yet your eating the half price high with the free case so as you walk into boje angles can you even say the words. Crew are born hunt whose estimates food amount I think. Professional leaders like myself with finally get a good good gap and here's the deal then let's just say for anybody that took advantage of this factory while the one thing you should not do the next day. Check your cholesterol don't go to wait awhile we don't worry about that wait awhile let that settle. I loved the promotions like that because it basketball games we're here to harder point that's why a lot of times. The game could be guided the competitive you can hear you ought to report that there's a steady don't go our way there to take the Tehran. No talk of terms that there was baseball that first stolen base and such it would be taco I mean right. I think it's fantastic this one goal triggered three. Food promotion not. That was the Patrick also the cost and that got me thinking about that other when that happened a couple years whether it was when he sixteen. With Michigan. I'll Ruth's Chris which by the way loved numerous chris' sizzling play there you go agrees but on top of the steak okay the fourth avenue Ruth's Chris and Ann Arbor. Had a promotion saying they would discount the patrons total food bill by whatever percentage equaled the wolverines margin of victory that Saturday. Well they want to beat Michigan 78 to nothing Omar god which we rockers are brought to Michigan beat rector 78 to nothing. Which means that was a 78%. Discount. However the eight captain at fifty ball OK but still you gotta have price up right take now which is a pretty good deal. And they had to put up his apology the discount caps at 50% which was not clear in the initial post this amazing promotion was launch with a cap of 50%. And by the way by Sunday afternoon the rest rooms booked up all the way hey did you take you've had an impact how do you read about that part of good job don't add up with a record of the regular regular 50% cap on this thing but having need to Ruth's Chris if you persona it's great I'm running there as fat bottom line freaking place is packed or didn't absolutely work. Then we go the podcast it was all sort of one big Jaya yellow molded very concerned more about why. Somebody else has been trending upward for the last couple season yes he had that would be the pride of Mankato state manhunt Minnesota state rather. In Mankato that would be Adam Phelan the vikings wide receiver who joins us now. On goal can we go and Adam thanks for being with us it has been a lot of fun over the last couple of years to watch you develop as a player. How much fun has it been for you playing and excelling with a team that you grew up rooting for playing at Detroit lakes high school. Yet spend they're great obviously. The biggest thing for me just do. Been getting those opportunities. That's what you worked so hard for such retrain for army you could put everything he can in India that to get those opportunities and and that's why play this game I play this game to go out there competing and played receiver every snap doesn't and that's what I'm kind of the most talked. Give people a little bit of background to this because you know every year when we cover the draft and trays always coveted Trevor talk about the top picks in the draft and how they melt talk about your upside out of our promise and a half. Reports for you talk about your roared a guy who is undrafted so. The seven rounds go by and and you're still not picked an and then a lot of times it could work out better if you could choose a team. You're there Minnesota eagle for eight catches to twelve to 69 to 91 this year and a pro ball which I'm sure you don't wanna play and you wanna be prepare for the Super Bowl. Talk about that road of not being drafted and the battle just to make it team and then to where you are today being one of the top targets. Yet it's definitely really difficult journey just because of a power as stock early. There's opportunity. When you when you go undrafted and and really on side and after the draft. And get a rookie Trout you know I give the whole opportunities you're just you're thrown in there at the end of the Damon in preceding games here and I really get any film. You know luckily luckily for me I was able to beyond practice squad my whole first year and able to go to the starters every day and and really show what I can do there on the net net next year was able to get more opportunity and appreciate them on and then played a lot of special teams from mayor. By the delegates that is religiously is all about opportunity and when you get those opportunities if you can make the most of on. All that's how you continue to get more and more and and that's when you know then that's when we you can really make things happen. You remember that moment or two when you were before you make to practice squad because you're you're still on the team there where. You thought boy that one vet play right there whether it's in practice or pre season game that one is gonna help me down the road. Yet you know there there is some are played that I made early in training camp say years that you know ourselves that. You know. That may be that was kind of a staple play here or something that maybe that would try to catch people's lives and gimme those opportunities. On the and then from there I knew it had to be consistent I could just make some pretty good plays and then. You know drop a bunch of passes are on the wrong routes and things like that so I was just trying to be as personal possible. On try to learn all the all the positions so that if anybody was murdered anybody was tired very thing I can jump parade and and and not skip a beat so that that really helped me is as far as the opportunity went went out coming where I came from. Well whatever you did it's working yeah brilliant say that would great certainty is that the only joins us the vikings wide receiver. In his fourth season his best season 91 catches 12100 yards. A four touchdowns and I'm just curious how much does it help. The chemistry between you in case Keenan in the fact that you guys are very similar both undrafted players in fact. In the Super Bowl era going back to 1966. Only Tony Romo to Miles Austin. With thirteen 120 passing yards between the two of them. Has more about between an undrafted quarterback. And an undrafted wide receiver RUN case cooked up for just under 11101099. The fact that you both had to struggle inserted. Grab for everything that you could how much is of that has helped the chemistry that you guys have on the field right now. Yeah you know it does play it helps all I think we thank you so we know we nor returns come from we know the struggles of bug going undrafted. Me and not getting those opportunities so I think we've both. We know that this city can be taking away from a very quickly and we know how hard it. Oh was to get here so we're gonna keep working and keep getting better and keep trying to be the vessel alternative policy to. No we talked to Willie Jackson from Jacksonville. A bit ago I asked her about the first meeting with them in Pittsburgh earlier on in the season you guys played or his first game. Of the seas continue to take. Anything from that and if you do what. Not really day it was so long ago that there's really I mean we do watch that game in and on film it and go through and things like that slows dramatically there's probably some things you can take away but I'm just as far as how they're played on defense right now there it's it's a completely different defense you know there there are a lot more in sync they're not making coverage players. And there's there's guys are now playing like rookies anymore you know their rookies they're are not rookies so they're playing at a high level on the you know when you look at their secondary they're flying around. They're playing with a ton of confidence and their they're guys that can can really match up with anybody and you've seen that on the last few weeks without. You know. When you talk about the saints as were looked torn out of fuel the vikings wide receiver they always talk about their home field advantage they call they're go home field advantage how well they play. I'm not sure there's a team that has a better home field advantage in the Minnesota Vikings right now and you guys are trying to do something. That is never been done in the Super Bowl era we all know will be there in Minnesota. For Super Bowl from a 51. A 52 rather excuse me coming up next month. How much have you guys even talked in the locker room about the idea that you might be able to play a Super Bowl in your home stadium. We have a tugboat and also it. I think you know the coolest thing about this team and it would have been so press about it a lot of my teammates is the fact that guys they really are looking about you know that a lot of times a season where we're guys and even Knoll our record. Because we're so focused on the moment we're so focused on this week ahead of us and I think there's a lot of that has to do it just what we've learned from past seasons we know that we can't look. Too far ahead because in this league. On the you're not playing your best hope on it you're not prepared each and every week you will get beat and it doesn't matter. What team you're playing where your plane and on and what their record is as any team in this league can win and I mean you look at the Cleveland Browns is here you know they didn't win a game but there are so many games where they were up with two minutes to go in the game and had teams on the ropes so I guess that you really got to bring it each week in and you really have to stay in the moment otherwise you'll loose. One of the biggest turnarounds that I'm for any side of the ball this year has been the saints defense and how they have gotten so much better. Couple rookies in the secondary who have played extremely well. New look at that defense get ready to face it again in your mind what's their strong points. I think their confidence you know that they're playing with so much confidence right now on and they're flying around. I think one other thing that they did that's a big difference for them of their communication. You know they're they're really they're able to switched coverages they're able. You know really communicate on the fly and did got lined up in and played back so. On my guess at before this going to be a tough tough matchup for us and but we're excited at that's what you want in you know in the playoffs you're gonna get you're gonna have tough match up to each week so. I guess so we're excited and and we're ready get back to work today and in the don't have another day of preparation. Adam feel and what does this morning as they get set for the playoffs Sunday as they host the saints in Minnesota one of the things that's been most interesting out of about the vikings this season. Is how you guys have responded to adversity I mean let's be honest the idea was to have Sam Bradford under senator. And Galvin cook running the football. Both of those guys are gone and you could make the argument. That in some ways you're playing not only was your third string quarterback in case Keenan who by the way could be on the shortlist for MVP. Which are also may be playing with your third string running back. How has. On you know this organization has done such a great job of getting depth learning from maybe past years and knowing how important it is in this league to have that. And and then you know on top of that you know get the right guys great character guys in here. You know it is great teammates. You know I've been here for five years now and then this is just. On this part of the locker room. There's there's not a better group of guys and and just a bottle football players you know I in this league. Sometimes you know he gave you guys that are extremely athletic and you know around about forty and then jump the highest anybody in the come by things like that. But they can't let football and and that's. Lumpiness this team doesn't have we have guys that. I know to give up hope all they know how to play and they love the game and though the though the team if you want to of the guys you want you want to play where it is along the U wanna go to battle with and like a turtle mound just very thankful that. We have does group we have. All right Adam football Stossel out of the way the the secondary stuff let's get that a major suffered noggin and a deal wide receiver for. The vikings drop in the area bear Saul I'm gonna be there for the super ball I love to fish hence it's gonna be wintertime I need to ice fished. Ice fish at all and if so were my going. Low war have to go out together and I love dies because I don't get out very often but grownup in the trailer makes there was there is pretty much a city on the on the lake there with fish house's. It's definitely good time and you know it's the material actually have not fellow buddy goes in the fish out there in the heater on get some cards and you know there's a little bit in and hope you hope you can riot some fish straight there and that's nice fresh fit so you know that we have to get out there and go on the lake. Well first and foremost I don't think you wanna beware when we don't play you're too busy that week general won't do what I can do it another time but during that week let's hope you're preparing for a game that week. Second I'm glad you said about the hut and the heater because. Many people have been job but I mean same goal you've got to do it all you gotta sit outside in public. I don't I don't need to sit outside I took those hopes are for right you can have nice but I heater in there and some Bruce he's in there and I mean it's got to be beautiful. Well look first multiple blood off David if we're in the Super Bowl so we can slug it out. There's always a good. I was all in all this night like this. Had that. But I know I mean I think you can you can't that you look at and say you gotta do it the old school way because. Some of those those were not going out there do annihilated so you guys do at the right away gotta get out there to fish out. Maybe even sleep out there for the night have been here and do all do the whole deal so there's definitely play options around here there are things like that. Is that a deal with I think we have to adopt this now I think Adam you need to be the goal can we go official Minneapolis tour guide one way or the other one we come to Minnesota for the Super Bowl because I think one thing everyone needs to know about Minneapolis is that they found any genius way to stay inside the journal tunnels are real ground. Minneapolis you can go from building to building downtown and really never get outside correct. Yeah absolutely that's that's the great part is you know the way there you can you know you don't have to go through the elements. On you know even though sometimes the Levy factually just talked outside but but no you definitely can stay inside if you if you like. It's a word forget forget fast were all comfort knowing our Covert and the other thing and there's two things I love it it's fishing and food. I still do have the donor club on Saturdays and did you talk about that for over. You know we know we're not post. One of the rules mean Apple's stock. Okay fights like Clark I know little fight climate Michael Vasquez I got you know in my in my car Rudolph play with more from my boys and learning so he's kind of explain this to a so I didn't know you couldn't talk about a public result I don't wanna get in trouble so nevermind not that there's a lot of wonderful donuts consumed on Saturday is correct yeah. Yes absolutely absolutely. All right so here's what we've got to get you when you're gonna go I stood out an ad it's gonna be our official ambassador up to Minneapolis are you are you up for the task Adam. They are all but done we are we this is so happening. Adam feel there's got to be our official. All the usual Minneapolis ambassador whether they're in the Super Bowl or not he's gonna take us too although the shortest and fastest and warmest way there you go around the city of Minneapolis. We appreciate you being with us it's a great story you'll love seeing these undrafted player up. The bottom make a mark in the NFL you just have to have the belief. You certainly translated that belief. Into a great start year NFL career thanks through this morning bestseller this weekend against the sags out of are. Goalie can lingo. Podcast let's not expect too much there's only one person out there that you're expecting way too much part of this guy surely we know that is it's. Father. All doing go here if you get close to make our predictions for all four games but we have to give a shout out to Galley who put a great question on our Twitter feed in the twits the tweets have been worse. Just the responses have been amazing. Oddly specific yes things. That will happen in the divisional round like DeVon tweets grunt catches six touchdowns for a total of 69 yards and it's fine by a non. Finley begets fight for a non family friendly TV celebre shoot us down there. I'm we had jittery are bit master extraordinary or G or bear as we call them come up with summit and will came up with this one. Portals will bore little five times setting a new playoff record for borrowing. By a guy with a name bored holes hash tag sometimes against abortion gray tweed pro what would it sound like an actual play by play better what does that mean so once again here now. Jerry. Heinz Field here in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania is Steelers well on top of the jags with a score of 49 to two small holes is not very good. Plus six now and that's gonna do for us here in Pittsburg the Steelers on to the AFC championship but the jags won't escape without setting a new playoff record five total bore holes by a guy with the name. Portals I have no idea what that means but maybe sometimes you're not. When you make up a verb now portal in via portal service. I well so well I don't know or media but we're putting into play about flavors and it's it's in the great beyond them and appreciate yet so we appreciate all of you out responding on Twitter. Through your oddly specific predictions for the divisional round playoffs and now it's time. For us to make carpets and tour are real pixel points or WellPoint however you wanted to. I hate to a point but don't most people to a point we weren't we have to do what anybody else says we can do our own way I wanna I'd like to it's it's a winner winner winner winner to him to dinner aren't let's start off. At Atlanta at Philadelphia man. The Duke Team I've played for the most I law of Philadelphia and it's a great sports town. Usually when you start out with something I don't know what is going all but there. I just like the way Atlanta is playing right now especially defensively. You know less mobile quarterback that what you had Carson Wentz. I'm so I definitely lean toward Atlanta and not the offensive juggernaut that they were before it's still. The potential fire power. Julio Jones and who knew him and Freeman and Coleman. In the backfield I think it is going to be very very tough for Philadelphia look reported that matchup perspective Fletcher Cox against. Alex Mack senator. For Atlanta it's a nice interior line matchup here. But at the end of the weather's closer in the mid forty straight out word about bad weather for Atlanta team dome team come up implant outdoors. I like Atlanta over Philly in this one. I'd I do love the fact. That. When you said man I love fill the souls like saying look you behave no disrespect gas and then the district and I don't this kind of guy I certainly understand your torn look at the end of the day for this match up. V and it's about. Not so much the Eagles offense but the falcons defense last six games is really good teams and we give up sixteen point three points per game so my question is. How is and it falls led team that struggled to convert third downs last two weeks of the regular season. How are they gonna keep the chains moving against a really good falcons' defense. I'm not sure they can I'm going with Atlanta to win that game and get back to the conference championship game of the NC for the second straight year. All right the next game Tennessee at doing on this isn't just him because Tennessee runs the ball well obviously would would Derrick Henry ran well last week and they stop the run they were fourth in the league. In stopping the run. But I mean New England at home in the playoffs and Tom Brady just too good and I really do think there is something to the intangible of oh you think we have issues here and there it it's ending here weren't sure just how much it's not ending here. Tom Brady were all the experience general Marcus Mario aura would know on one game or did throw a touchdown pass from side. The big billboard the line and assists thirteen some points thirteen thirteen and a half point. Forgetting all that new renewing the wins this game moves on is teach him. It's what the one thing that's not gonna happen is Derrick Henry in Delanie Walker will not be tunnel the patriots Bill Belichick. Takes away what you do best that's what the Tennessee Titans do best offense. The running game. And the big tied and so if they win somehow it's going to be. It's going to be Marcus Marianna it's Rashard Matthews and Corey Davis for big chunk plays. I'm not sure I see that happening either there's a reason they're a big favor I am also going with the patriots by the way we met our picks against the spread you can check them on our Twitter page at golden wing or their behind us on the chart very. You are rumored Okafor do the job Pittsburgh offense against the killer b.s against that Jacksonville defense which is you're so dominant. To me let's say they wash out there you look for who's gonna hit the big play let's look at the other side I like Pittsburgh's defense. More than Jacksonville office to. So I think that to me can be the difference in that game on Google Pittsburg at home in this. Well look that only one team in the seventeen teams have tried have ever beaten the Steelers twice in a regular season and postseason it was the jaguars of 2007 believe it or not. But I think the defense of Pittsburgh rises up today had more sex than Jackson gets 56 to 55. I'll go with Pittsburgh last game nor as the Minnesota could be the best match up today especially that New Orleans offense against that Minnesota defense. Love the way Minnesota defense is playing home going to be allowed maybe got to be a couple of procedure penalties on no warlords which could help in this situation. And yes some big time receivers have done a good job for Minnesota this year Korea and the autos on the show of those earlier I like Minnesota home. I do to that home that dome field advantage that the stage really enjoy it in the Mercedes-Benz superdome. He's just Israel and US bank stadium for the Minnesota Vikings it will be loud that defense will be. Getting off against that sixteen I really like Minnesota to keep so we all right we agree on all sorts of bad radio we're like Atlanta we like doing and realize Pittsburg and we like live so either will be geniuses told both schools picking up until Monday morning. Go to school. Thanks for watching. He sees from the best of coalition we go pod cast new tool to subscribe on the ESPN and a couple podcast to listen every. 6 eastern on ESPN radio. ESPN UMBESPN. That. I'm robot vacuum cleaner. So yeah I got one gig I suck up dirt. So pardon my inferiority complex about guy code does so much more like not only can they save their customers money on car insurance if they got fast and friendly claims service to and an award winning mobile. Plus access to licensed agents 24/7. Whom I can't I can't even do corners follow choking hazard. Geico I expect great savings and a lot more.