Dissecting The Indians Loss To The Reds

The Drive
Wednesday, July 11th
Bob grills Jeff on how & why the Indians could blow a 4-0 lead and lose to Cincinnati.

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This is good for. Colin. Welcome back to drive bottom. 51 day as if it's hot outside July where's. You can't never bit of a big favorite month from looking forward to September. Why cooler. Yeah I've discovered and I told over the monthly gets cooler you can never depend on September Abbott the fallout on the phone like the five like last fall and I was. The first autumn I've enjoyed in the flyers. It's usually not a fog and I you know like really college football you have merit in the fall. I did. You don't like college football on only one liberal arts college football this year I kinda I'm actually sort of one anticipating and I don't know they seem to be a lot of interesting teams out there may be also all of this all the same every year. Okay why blame game I like Notre Dame you know that maybe I'll watch every Notre Dame you start liking Notre Dame broke just kind of like Notre Dame that's one of my I never do that I enjoy Jimmy Costa and like Brady Quinn I liked. The Brown's kid now that's not a brownie manga. And we'll get back to college football talk a lot of we've got to collar for jive talk. We do yes. Hold on I wanna get to the Indians in amendment Phil yeah I did it I do want to talk about that won't Athlon Phil. Are you fill. I'm doing great pair wanted to comment about the your discussion about 8% and you guys brought up. Jesse Owens and Hussein bolt. Jesse Owens when he ran he ran on camcorders. And had to use eight trowel. Did dig. A little Collie for him to put shot spot. And it's been estimated that we just. The difference between running on cinders and the energy that it uses up. Vs say modern track you know what blocks. That he would have been withstand. One stride. Of Hussein bowl. Well we'll never now we'll never know for sure but certainly Jesse Jones wouldn't be regarded as one of the great. I in my estimation. Top five athletes ever lived. Yeah out there and say an excellent YouTube video on our athletes getting faster better stronger. That covers the same sort of issue. And it takes a look at like swimmers. And distance runners. It. Not to show how while Roth soccer fell. Well not gotten not soccer guy enters thanks for the call I appreciate it we can have this debate on the the greatest. What we'll do that top ten athletes. This throw it open. All right get away after power balance I think we've done that but now we haven't done just top ten all time athlete I think maybe maybe Matt and I did that or sound than the American anti Matt don't have a bit around like I had no please. So what do woe is just you lone islands like when you Islam that I've read about him I know I know redolent we want it deep. I'm not that stupid I mean I get used was a good Athlon the father son Alessio month. That's pretty cool for him I don't know if DC implement I would love me need to out of Italy and isn't that it was around I think that felt today. What happened in ninety don't think we had televisions are you sure not end like they did not an everyday houses I Dahlia following in the 36. He had telegram's in the trailer on the radio. The thing goes on. It won't throw those people I know but really imagine this imagine the magic. Think about them imagination. Getting something broadcast in your home via the radio I imagine what that most of them lie. And that it just have to be. Incredible people riot and then for pictures. To come through television. Yeah now they can it's amazing the progress I've not donating to you because you tell you it's been around ever since you don't we have been up talking about this progress that. That humans have made one other reason I liked more I came from. Now you do you do have the Internet. Now certainly came alive during what when you were around plotting or slow. No I was on the Internet in their early ninety's railing yeah I'm prodigy or a kid may loved prodigy. It was a very primitive obviously form of being quote unquote online but. Certainly was that's that long ago precursor to all we have now certainly yes but your first ten years of life he didn't have a did you. Now. And man's cell phones and our member of what the next technological. Advances Cisco floor I don't I think if you thought could possibly having its bid just advancements of what we have already. I'm maybe. So never done advancing we're just gonna refine what we are no better cars better buildings. Better. Wasted. Stream music I don't know. This to better ways to instead a critic hired me we got a chip in our brains to receptive but chip on the brain may we have to throw our head of the dumbest thing I've ever no wonder Ryan or have a struggle with this turn your head don't want Iran called this show a lot to complain about Ian all right needs to relax now and video mad today that was that was fun. He was angry he was. Over behaved normally normally Ryan is kind of posts on the button and have a good time with that but apple responded that he was personally attacking vineyards like that. Can it done with or without it lit take or leave it. I felt like it. I've for I appreciated the enthusiasm but I'm not coming off the appear on AY Ryans and Oklahoma there reign as the best and listening on the K in the I want to wise and Donald IMAP that's a good question. They aideed to know that. So right tweet at me last Watson the cardinals. And I am paying attention as the rules scorers. Across the bottom of the screen and and I see that. That as I'm prone to do like I want to lift Cleveland because I know you live and die with them. And relay this year are you getting a great things aren't I Trevor Bauer. And then gear up for enough thing. Is it okay the last whatever it happens every team once the once a year devastated just not catching fire. I don't and there are other okay they're going to be in the way I can apply third imitate art sounds. So you if you pulled Bauer any go to Cody out. And he has not been great. And it gives up. Six runs he was awful I didn't even watch because we got out of the movie was for nothing in the eighth so I will win. And we didn't. In your borrow he's sort of a 111 pitches and of course a pitch is of course you wanna route remove him. Many no doubt you wanted to be removed from a novice should feel good about a four nothing lead then you go to your closer. And here are the reds who have played remarkable baseball for a long time. Memory how bad they were at the start yes they've played they were very Terrell Rick Adelman. They were just awful. And now there are up there there are only ten games below 500. Enjoyed a lot of got the bases clearing double. Are all of the long walk job on long reliever. Not alone lock somebody with the bases loaded. It is you know you've got to do that now because we gather all reliever and we meant to bring in Perez but they sent out of Taro well because. Francona. And the commute the miscommunication. Give me Opie and added that getting Hulu OT. Can we just all other names tell us that would be nice I doubt they even college Terrell OT so I don't know whether that's even come from. And obviously. Carl Willis were go to the left hander then you moron. Against Joey motto. What a what a travesty of events. So even if he did say I wish you'd been watching this or whoever was down there of Scott at this in the bullpen coach who knows who messed that up bit. It was pathetic. And of course they are hollow lives. As you knew he would. Clearly Halladay the worst. Pitcher in the world Atlanta. It would have mattered who you brought in yeah paparazzi tell him I'll play too many times. There was no way you're gonna get him out Peres whether they're knowing look sure you want to pick Jordan Volvo is. An amazing hitter and especially when he's got guys out on base. It's just remarkable to watch him here's Joseph well Joseph well. Are you. There were going on guys you're trying to pick who are here. It's not easy to love some possible stay cool out there I'm I'm in my car right now aren't there are on our. You're saying just got a Beirut earlier today I'm sorry I bet that. Well you know Ryan who wants to lose wants this to rock out. Andy he really really. Blame base did Jeff today. Why are. Armor burger truck trick or where are you wanna you wanna have a shot at it now until you can you can take your run if you want to know. Arm and you're there from a boat there and oil is one of the friendliest guy as though we have calling the show how do you feel about it. Your first round matchup coming up tomorrow against Jeremy barber. I'm excited I don't know about there are. Even troubled pick take allied with Charles Barkley. I don't know maybe about ankle prevent all the. Grow at the well what can we wish you the best of luck to oil. But I just wanted to meet Derek remembered or. Are proud. The new speaker of last year you predict it independent art than it on the order it and Barry. Yeah I've definitely get her out that I watch idol has two seasons some of my saw a promo about it. Sounds like this coaches got to be that the star of the show he's. I don't know loose cannon to some degree but he's certainly not afraid to speak his mind. Definitely look at portrait so you got that a pivotal. More I do well thanks for the call and here's Jeremy not calling in and back to back called between. Could be that what we want tomorrow Jeremy did you hear Jolo kind of call you out. I did that did and just go out now I'm not Angola are right to Argentina. Real win at all. It's over like that confidence Jeremy thank you big Uganda just wanted to call and I heard about Iraq. But I doubt that I thought that was to get a little bit uncalled for from joy but listen this this is what happens in the world through the faceoff. And relationship sour. I agree hey all I can say it was long cycle are there. My brother Dan I'm happy you know I don't want an all I can make it farther in the world spirit in him and you know. Are you guys in the same bracket and I think may be released the same side where is Dan they wouldn't meet until the some of those the quarterfinals. They don't want out and nominees these fried then you Jeremy thank you thank Garrett there are some of fake confidence from Jeremy. I'm like it that's a leg and that's what not native they may. Zach you're on the drive how are you. Earlier what do you try to qualify for the world's he did Pollyanna as a disaster what's to. All of the art and I am I that. It was a disaster whenever laws. At what Iran sent out or take shot and I want to bring him. Our quick you bet your bottom and clutch hitter. Absolutely oh god I know what I can back. Thank you that is and I heard this that they just sell this I heard this discussed on the way over today it was listening to the royals. And they were talking about. Brian Duffy who was talking about the royals on the bases loaded and an inning and bond to see struck out. We terror struck out and the next guy flied out and he talked about a conversation he had with Kevin Sites that are. About. What's the difference and a guy that comes to the play in that situation. And succeed none and that and that the guy that comes who played in that situation and doesn't. And he said while it's about confidence if you come to the plate in the situation. And you feel like the pressure's on you. You're not gonna succeed. But if you come to the plate in that situation bases loaded no out and you rightly feel that the pressure's on the pitcher. You got a heck of a much better shot. And I was from Kevin Sites there as told by rival fever. And I will go with Kevin Sites leaving go one of our lives times out of a thousand over Jeff Lutz. Good trio. Jordan auto you do it no this is why I wish you'd been watching the game last night same bottle he he gets two strikes on him he chokes up when he's. He did eased just. He's just got that air of con you're not getting yelled yeah good hitter. You're not gonna go get and I and I have a bad hitter who's not good in the clutch and find out what it does look up those numbers find out what he hits with runners in scoring position he sees 336 of the runners in scoring position he's at 312 and their all time of course the at bats in scoring position. Our. 4000 fewer than there is total at bats that's exactly my point exactly 336. To 312. But he's a great hitter of course he's getting it well. With got a better hit better with guys on base getting hit these low I would definitely better that's just the way they were negligent believe worse that's out that's how that works the way it is I don't joy bother you knew it there's an if I wish you'd been watching that game last night. Because I would notably cardinal spent. In that situation I don't care who we have on the mound bottles gonna get ahead there's no one on earth these never become a 300 hitter by hitting 400 with the bail would it matter if it has 200 Lugar let me say let me say love thing. Mariano Rivera. There's no honor to become a 300 hitter by hitting 400 with the bases empty and 200. Without runners in scoring bowyer is completely wrong we've had this discussion a million times I'm not run anybody who knows the game there's no such thing no club joy Volvo in that situation. Was gonna get ahead except the six point seven tied at an ideal us and I told my wife last night. Okay at it flashes down there I can see that the runners are on and I don't know if there how many I think there were two outs. Runners on two out at all or there's no doubt. Here that bottles gonna get ahead. Any sort of pet then. A double that cleared the bases. That's how good he is. And a good hit Sunnis start to recognize these kinds of things the left frustrated you'll win it by with the runners. With all runners on base Jolie bottle gets on base 42 times 43 times out of a hundred. With runners in scoring position he gets on base 44 times out of a hundred that's six at times a year better. And that he's taken once a month hitter and that's once a month and that's negligible let me ask you nutter and there are. There is no real good hitter of being a clutch hitter is not he's there ahead hitter we're not gonna argue this anymore. Watch this vote right here all the Florida. I only have. Tom Thurber are engineer debit they're made and Max power take our underdog facts Tommy as much as you followed the game now. Youngest daughter are whatever you do Tommy I know we're gonna say but as you believe that's there aren't clutch hitters. Max. Yes name a college Tommy and Max say yes I yelled at clutch hitters tend to be good hitters right that's why their clutch hitters. But they they even ramped up no they don't in situations. No they don't vital ramped up. No he didn't even like that and I hope the Indians lose every got a 430 on base percentage and it's 440 in. With runners in scoring and as he's no different they're zero difference. Eric your crazy. Then you'd be able to name a whole bunch of clutch hitters who are good hitters you know look the cardinals' best clutch hitters Johnny or Malayan. And has been first significant amount of time he's a guy that's gonna get the best that map. In a situation where you need into does he do it all the time now. But I'd much rather see Molina come to the plate in the situation like that than any other cardinal. Although this year Jose Martinez has been pretty good on the spot Marcelo good hitters Marcel Ozuna I don't wanna see him. That's fine. Don't wanna say am doesn't mean I think our fingers not bad. But the idea there's a guy here's John John you're on the drive how are you. If we're human being. We thank all of you are. It. Wanna file a man I can't you don't qualify I am not everything can be quantified ride John. But we know we we know they play a part. Thank you dislike I could soon get to the free throw line and tie game. With 12 left I know you're gonna miss that free throw. Not not earlier gonna mess that. Mir on the other hand. Andre and Yadier Molina for a six career slugging for a wave of runners and score I guess is that bad same exact hitter led all the same it's the same. Again I'm rye at the end hot right did just saying there's no there are even numbers that back this up. If you're good hitter you can hit it Johnny got Emma Linda's been an okay hitter. But when you when you put him up and make clutch situations. Okay. That he's more he's the most likely to deliver amongst the cardinal. I'm thing because he's a guy to watch him every night and I know the handy knows how to handle the bad he's brought the ball in play run but he can do that in any situation right yeah that's not nearly as good and others have yet if you ask your body or Molina just go hit a single or hit a fly ball with a runner on third you'll be able to do have most of the time big time clutch hitter. Back in a moment. Our next match up in the first round of the world's third the faceoff. Jordan both victims these buffer against. That's next on the drive with Bob and.