This day in sports history: Vinny Testaverde wins the Heisman in 1986

Sports Daily
Wednesday, December 6th

Also winning a Heisman trophy on this day was Archie Griffin in 1975. On this date in 2003, Kansas State beat #1 OU in the Big 12 title game 35-7.


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It gives you it this game in history. On this day. Plenty of things to get to on this game December. Whenever I talk about today she's running on highs music's got handed out. Want them to hide humans won by Archie Griffin. On this day in 1975. Level they. 1986. Vinny Testaverde. Who I only knew him as an NFL quarterback successor failure. It stayed around for success. Because you eat you played at so many different places for so long. And it during that time he won more games annualized I guess that make you fairly successful. I think double Boras and I. I think mores of bro for that reason I even do was a college. Even though we won the Heisman Trophy but this is even though he's not going to the hall of fame fifteen poorer. Who who what team would you go in with Patrick will be question don't know. Yet. Ravens. Fox look in the years. I don't know how to go up to worry about. Miami and you'll need Fo want to conference championship games on this day in history five SEC title game. Including in 2008 number one and number two Alabama beat Florida on this day nine years ago 31 morning. Number one Alabama and 2004. B. Missouri. In the SEC title game how bout that was missing I picked out some of these first years the FCC forty feet at thirteen 2004. That. Power and also in 2008. Not only number one Alabama beat number two Florida. The big twelve title game. Oh you beat. Missouri. Six and two to 21. Oh go out can their combined title games on this day they got outscored 104 to 34 and two differently. Okay probably need to change up the calendar on that point if your resume resume although we don't play. On December 6 I guess there in a pool game now but I mean you know just being in the title game with the united thing arming itself to go. I bet you weren't there on this day in 2003. They state 35 number one Oklahoma seven. Fleischer was on the field frozen it was an early holes they at arrowhead blood was really cool. Yeah I was really cold day and Oklahoma who was being touted as maybe the best team in college football history before that game. Because the difference estate just opened up but can't there are twelve different polls opened up the can he gets absolutely. So laid them. So late. Pretty amazing for days. Born on this day now dad died in 2003 Otto Graham. Born in 1921 on this day. And before their eyes aren't designed to make you feel old that they probably will anyway Larry ball off. Is 72. Hurts. And you put her to meet her. 78 peer. One of the better pitchers in royals history if he is a contemporary of yours is I had a problem are men a group watch him. Yeah he had the funky ears delivery. And the weirdness. Action on his positions. And he was. Pretty unhittable and his crime for Kansas City so pretty good is born on this date fifty years ago. See I go. Former Wimbledon winner Richard Krajicek is 46. The day. Had a moment he did have a moment. Just a moment or two navy. How about with him this guy. This may sound like sacrilege. This. Is maybe more famous. Or his baseball card. Then maybe playing career. Is really played 21 years in the big leagues. 3401. And it. When it 3400. And when he hit some. OK I think that we need to be careful about baseball card in baseball career. 341 mean how many guys have 3400 when he hits many. About war. I'm management meetings there with my area and I know where you're going no sign over your golf dying on this day in 1955. At the age of 81 on us Wagner. Now. The honest way better ball player man rookie card isn't that the holy Grail. Isn't that bode well this if you're collector that's the one. And came out of a cigarette pack. 2012. His rookie card was worth 2105770. Dollars. Here or there. Mean you'd roll over rated team in the and then last year. In October of last year. It today. And you know if you got a hardware they think it all you send it in here graded sure you know PSA. Grades it. Three point 12 million dollars was forked over. More fun on Wagner's. Baseball card. The 1909. To 1911 team 206 on a swagger says new world record price this about a year ago. Sold for three point 12 million dollars worth of it it was an option that they gonna go to get these. Premium things that broke the old record with its two point eight million so somebody paid two point eight million for another. Sports card. The PSA. Grade with a five. Makes it one of the top ten finish top condition copies of the card port tops of the pin but it's an old car obviously. And Mattingly over over over 41 years. Let's remember this guy was a career 328. Here. Hit three usually when you're twenty Yad camera. Is stupid play. He backcourt came out of this week apple roll cigarettes. Pack good lord. The standard for years have times changed right. And what it says right there on the car's standard for years baseball series one hundred fifties nobody else. He's in it was. The Wayne Gretzky I think owned this car it was fun time. And wow and I currently sold. So in other homeowners do you know them honest Wagner. Had almost as many stolen bases as he did career strikeouts. Now C 11100 has won easily into that those stats like he Ian Williamson demise you go home I over the hill or more home runs and strikeouts are much more everything than strikeout back when nobody struck. Most he ever struck out in the season 64 times at the age of 41. Inning is Brian. Fifty strikeouts in the season and accord and and compared to guys like DiMaggio and Williams. He was a free swinger button. Those guys never struck out he was an easy out compared. No kid also dying on this day in 1996. That you're thoughtful kind of commission you thought this guy was. Well at the age of seventy on the probably the most influence well O'Neal hasn't will hold on think. I know the name of your moon say that he's way way up there. Probably the most. Influential. Commissioner in changing. The direction focus and dynamic of will be. As anyone because the NFL everything that we know about the NFL now. Comes from Pete Roselle. How we organized parity in the scheduling. Television. All of the things that we take for granted now that has made the NFL at least up to this point. What the NFL has been kind of pretty much came from Pete Rose now. Mean you have some guys Paul Tagliabue obviously was was is very important as well but he was. He's right out of rose cells. I get Pete Rose though with huge absolutely huge. It was a PR guy. The thing I remember he knows he about ourselves what pops and I had. Is him telling Jim McMahon a good way ahead benefited beat us and then the next week McMahon had a headband that grows though on. You gotta love Jim McMahon. And Sonya. I think Pete Rose L. Is. Probably. If I analysts say this in my lifetime. The most influential. Commissioner. In all of team sports. Based on what his legacy has been but that's just the final thoughts and.