This day in sports history: Sid Luckman throws for 7 vs Giants in 1943

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Tuesday, November 14th

Also on this day, Gordie Howe’s 627th career goal in 1964 and Mark Davis wins Cy Young award in 1989.


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DC sports daily on JNH. 1044 are on a Tuesday thank you so much for being with us today we appreciate it don't forget Jim Rome coming up next. Followed by Tiki and journey and then Bobby jet with a drive home and of course we'll have K youth group so on that tonight. The back half of the double header. As they take on the university. Kentucky's the sport's all day long right here on your station for sports K at page time to this day in history Shane. What do we have on this and in November what is in my goodness we're fourteen is that possible ten game already wound. On this day in 1943. Said luck man. Became the first and one of only seven players in NFL history through seven touchdowns. In one game it's since been done by. Peyton Manning George bland and Nicole's. Y a tittle Joseph cap Drew Brees but. Civil Buckman was the first seven TDs and one game. On this day and now 1864. Gordy Howe became the all time leading goal scorer in the history NHL. He'd put his 627. In the back of the net. Ended up with an 801. And now as coarse some thought that would last forever until a guy named Gretzky came along. And he ended up by the way with 89 before Gretzky did but. Crushed it. Apple rush crested and to mean this is that argument rather you know he's this goat in the his town sports Wayne Gretzky. And yet you know all the great thing and it's not an argument greatest professional athlete. As far as accomplishment. In his particular sport. Wayne grass but my guess that maybe I would agree with that. On this day in 1989. A relief pitcher Mark Davis wins the Cy Young award and with moon day. Not Don Shula becomes the winningest NFL head coach on this day back in 1993. Birthdays today. Former big men Jack sigma. Is 62. And Larry members Sheen when we I was with. Can remember what year old was found but we stayed and played up at Illinois State. And then we ended up practicing the next day at Illinois Wesleyan. Which is where Jack's signal went to school. And it got real nice facilities right there in Bloomington normal you know really nice. And that's what it and I remember JT do early just getting abused running lines. That day. And it was. Trying to get him but but the main conversation was. Jack's eczema if anybody knows those guys are that was that moment. Voting yes yeah all believe me yet while guarantee of Gregg Marshall apple growers do Jack's signal was having any new Jack signal was in can added. And at NS old guy's bubble was with us I think at the times. And we knew we were all talking about Jack six month high hopes players know who that guy like Jack's signal was. You know to say analysts and I wouldn't hold my very good player in his day but probably in Japan probably I would neither you probably are okay. Former AL MVP and Cy Young award winner Willie Hernandez. 62 today you know. Curt Schilling 51. Today. He more than becoming more and more famous for is off the field. Flattering zinni is the bloody sock in the great performances he had on the field he's getting closer unfortunately. Her killing 51 and you're right the L train flannel Simmons. 49 hole today player LaSalle University good player LaSalle University is right hey we're talking about state Kansas and now how many. How many. And was a legend there Dana Stubblefield is 47 today yeah. Yeah plating gone Glen Mason's now good teams there and it's. Now at the university of Dana Stubblefield was a tremendous. Then went on of course and had a very very good career. In the national football played tremendous player tremendous. Defensive player also 47. 47 also on this day as if there was this one but maybe one of the most iconic. Photographs in boxing history. In 1966. On this day Mohammed Ali knocked out Cleveland Williams. And if you had doesn't ring a bell Google it for Google images because it's the photo from the ceiling. That shows Ali with these hands in the air walking away and Cleve and Williams just sprawled out yes. That's Cleveland Williamson had the very iconic photo. That that fight happened surest on this day in 1966. Whether O'Neal leaves her it was at a mile per shot I wonder you had to ask because he had the shot this son if it's this sunny listing shot. Two years earlier. That was him. And I can't remember right that was the one in Maine I think the fight in Maine. That they had where the elbows cocked over the last Sonny looked all right playing your own. On now on the can that's a great that's one of the greats in fact two of the best. Boxing shots of all time are out Mohammed Ali in the aftermath of a knock out. Your right decked Cleveland Williams shot he is cool and really cool shot in the astrodome in Houston Texas on this day and 1960 PX. How weddings on this today. Dennis Rodman and rallying Carmen Electra tied the knot on the Australian 1998. And it didn't laugh how the two of them doing I can't imagine that didn't last they are not together. There there are no no longer to get not fruitful and their union now that it didn't work or ego did not work out. And it's not on this day but it was yesterday. Hand a the silent captain as he was called by Ted Williams. Bobby door passed away yesterday at the eight now 99 former Red Sox great. One of the Lexus says that this kind of under raided. Help me here Bruce I know you'll notice he has his number retired Fenway does he not. As he won album. Yes he. Yes Bobby door John and Johnny Pesky. Time does thinks about Ted Williams but. You know yeah some Carlton Fisk hall when he was 47 instead of 72. But Bobby door and Johnny Pesky. And again Ted Williams is is exit today. Put those two guys were read tears from her in Boston held a name deploy laughter Johnny Pesky. Down the right field line sent to this day is still known as pesky pole. Not the root of the dollars down down the right field foul line. But yet those two guys were absolutely no fear. And loved. In Boston so that's a very very sad game. With the passing of Bobby groove right away it was a pretty damn good player to know in his in his day in age in the and it's not like. It's not like he was you know blog out there you heed the guy could play a little bit so so low end up on a good note you know on this day in 1986. The film hoosiers was released in theaters starring Gene Hackman and Dennis Hopper. Hoosiers really Dylan my all time top five for sports movies. Piano and on a certain day if I'm watching it may even be higher than that. On this day 31 years ago for. That was just such a good way. Swinging gate. We'll pick up what's so there are things that are immediately iTunes home absolutely. Good stuff. Let's close this thing down in just a moment. Sports daily undies sport station campaign.