On this day in sports history: Bill Russell nabs 41 rebounds in ‘58

Sports Daily
Monday, February 12th

Also on this day, bill Russell was born and he nabbed 40 rebounds in ’61, three years after he nabbed 41.


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I welcome back guys here live stands. When he first went through for a long as well of course sports daily. Gets you ready for. Valentine's Day wondering in Cheryl Dixon right now here from stems and Cheryl first of all bets for having us. Do guys like me and others wait until the week of all the time and two days before coming in rush at the very end. I yes they did and sometimes it's verses like you know Wednesday morning how act totally forgotten Valentine's Day and we all look around going well about ten days noise. February 14 every that's okay because we're prepared. We make up lots of that backstop so many minutes they all of our you know favorite. And her arrangements were ready to roll so they can call the last minute and we can still get it out the door. OK some the most popular arrangements and candies and stuff like that you've had last week crucial or will have in the next couple Wear out the most popular stellar. Is a dozen roses coming off man Mike defend their right something big and Shelly and and that you know signifies love which is great and then the other what would be our daily sports special which is the pretty spring mix tablet just a few roses so. Those are most popular and that first the chocolates and then this year we are selling sugar cookies and cherries bakery itself. And no matter when they do it more. You ladies don't know don't have the middle and you don't have we have now we wait till they don't recognize that that we we can not be so. Did you get this it probably will get it delivered. Car appreciate it and I thanks guys for coming thank you thank god my 612224. By the way is the number if you can't get out here. Or can't get out your immediately look for yourself you call the hope you'll stands floral. Cambridge marketing ploy first in web. Bruce domain put Charles Barkley got everything all taking Carolina. Yep yep squared away rating so bring it on ago. Did did you did London count for that or do you do something on top of that. I think I think that I think that's part of that so I you know later let's hope there's some carry over there I mean you know and you do you take goodwill in any form that you can get it right now so that's talent to tell I'm looking. There are. So where do we when little on this day issue we get to that you know what I love of the load TD do give Andrew call. At the end of this break and a right now hug old giveaway so you need to remind me up at the end before. And we look to show totally get away from your real little beauty to give away our right hander on this day. In nineteen Ole miss maybe this is the on this day. February 12 in nineteen LA Cruz in New York to Paris auto race. New York to Paris auto race via Alaska and Siberia. Began in New York City. George Shuster lap 188. Days. That's the ultimate can't I'll run you really good so the social accountability frogs the wearing seat banner yes. Yes I had to have. From a time to go on all up to Alaska. And getting into Siberia. I wanted to know if it was frozen and they were able to just kind of Ford that in their cars or they had to like. Get on affair he it that because what is it thirteen miles right I think that separate like this area endless that was it I distress I still working to do that it was iced over it and they just ran on it. Wow. And you talk about wild west that's about that's just off the charts and that's in 190 wait that happened on this day. Ha also on this day we talked about him at the end of last week. Bill Russell on this day in 1958. And 41 rebounds. Celtics beat Syracuse won 9101. And then three years later. Grabbed forty rebounds against the warriors. Shoot today 1361. Point five. Or also get his views because of numbers being retired. Yeah they'll also certainly has his the Celtics got to be running on on the fifth right yet they are and what Paul Pierce. Was the lay at this victory over Paris Ruth. Then probably yeah with regard to. By the way Robert Parish calls Paul Pierce the greatest offensive. Celtic in history where do you stand on that I couldn't believe what I was hearing their honest I couldn't either. Considering who he played well. Well he played with EA played in Larry legend so I mean I'm sitting there thinking that's relevant thing for him to say. And to a lesser degree a little bit and did not even lesser degree played with Kevin McHale to who was Jesse did end of the year European appear before it started. Then I don't know scenes on me yeah a little bit Il and I had to listen to it more than once. To figure out who's talking about. I'm like yeah what was at play that back because of what whoop yes Paul Pierce. Folders and I hit what are the man I don't know but again. Nice of no thanks she looked awfully nice it via speaker is sending you flowers. Okay here's my senators flowers on this day in 1982. Wayne Gretzky wrapped up his 153. Point of the season. Breaking the NHL record. We'll Olympic talked from our last segment and tore a hole in dean. We'll skated at the Olympics. In 1984. This stretch you're all your problems pairs skating maybe the right pairs dual air Jane formal and Christopher Dean. Got let me see here gonna double check this one. Scott twelve sixes. And 65 point nines. We're already front. Weren't they American or the Canadian I don't know if there have no idea. Anyway this is almost perfect. Bolero I remember the names I just don't remember who they represented now. What is available in the 1997. With an interest thing. OJ Simpson who talk now on this day in 97 Fred Goldman. Said that he would settle. For a site murder confession from OK. In lieu of his twenty point five million dollar. What was that civil suit. Where he was found out right that was the civil suit instead of the point point five million Fred Goldman fairly settle for a sign murder confession. Turn it clearly didn't hear what British by the way. Really. They weren't even notes. Yeah former British European Olympic and world champions. Happy Syria a vote 1984. Winter Olympics while Syria evo that's. I don't know or not they had to be ours but Hatcher thought they were hours town where there wasn't any good to Great Britain. There's no. Birthdays born on this date dom DiMaggio. Joe's brother corners they 1980 through 1918 former Red Sox great. There was also more on this day Bill Russell. On this day in 1934 so February 12 is a good day for him here at 240 plus rebound days on his birthday. That what this blast from the past no longer with us died a couple of years ago Joseph Garagiola. More testing and 26 what do you remember him most asked me today show host or an analyst on. The game lead Italy based. Well for me. Major League Baseball cap. You know I think he I've. Don't remember hardly at all on The Today Show but I remember him very well as an analyst on Major League Baseball. Because he was one of those guys that was a voice of the Major League Baseball when we didn't get to see but one or two games a week. So you know we kind of falls into that her dowdy. Tony Pugh back you wee Reese Joseph Garagiola mean there were that there were very many of them. But this one of those early voices of Major League Baseball on television. So now I really like Joseph Garagiola. Also. In his later years. Pretty much up until the end he would go around spring training clubhouse loose and deliver lectures on the dangers of smokeless tobacco to. Again he's that you guys didn't even have time I have to get up. Cutting that out of the game so. And his son was it is his son is still an executive in Major League Baseball Hillary and so I think so Diamondbacks for awhile I guess for something like that night. I could be speaking out of school but I know he was in the not that that he was it at least with the Diamondbacks were a little bit but there still are not I've remains the same stuff. You know that baseball highlight receive the third baseman the there's a bond hugging line any clothes on it. Trying to blow out foul territory he knows Lenny Randle he's born on this day and make them a 49 I. If that I would blow the thing is able to note for something right and you know right guy. What that's fine but also celebrating birthdays former jayhawk great Scot Pollard. And race car driver Brad Kozlowski celebrating a birthday today. And speaking of NASCAR. Don't they open up this weekend fifth. Yeah yet to beat 300 Daytona speed week at Daytona they so they get between 220 fives coming up. They just add the exhibition. Race yesterday just in any five lap per. Time and then they get going again on Thursday with the race on Sunday's show NASCAR's finally went. Now only forty cars India in the lineup so. Not too many market starts it's hard to and a great to read under the wire Bob with a 6691240. Bob Malone and lightness about Bill Russell. Yeah I got a couple of memories of Bill Russell one local what is what people immediately I think it was a US Olympic team. In Wichita. At the that the route out separate that the Coca Rainer which is what it called now means that arena and then. Value equal banner. And I the other thing that I heard it this week that they got well. Buffalo barbecue and I'd like I seen that would be 6970. While it was still Lebanese Bill Russell that really stand out to me villagers thought I'd mention that. The perfect call that thank you for that the belt full barbecue what was your. I don't know delivered a speech at the duffel barbecue plump little balloon well I mean I think it's great that he was back in town to go to Newton. Now nobody in 1956. Because it well I mean for the Olympics drag and forward to is. So and and I believe that Henry eleven arena. That was opened in 55. Right nineteen everything that I've it's I think it at all first season 1955. So would've. It's of the Olympic team was touring at that particular time it would have been previous to their run in 1956. Which of course was a gold medal round so I was yeah. Critical right so in coming up tomorrow we've got Dayton do god nine point five. Which does state that taken on making any statement that the homecoming for him to he's from god. Wanna stay right there in Lake Charles if not nearby so. We'll ask him about him being able to go home Todd Butler course cut his teeth into coaching at make these states it's homecoming for him as well. So talk to Dayton do got tomorrow morning nine point five Teddy K hill Wednesday morning at 1025. On basically stayed a College Baseball what he'll be looking for. Opening weekend so want a decent amount College Baseball talk coming up period this week. And and I will be out Thursday and Friday's. Traveling with the team. Which does state takes on the piece that you thought you asked me the other day Bruce where the he's excited about season or not. Opening weekend. And get much better than that I had no idea warm weather climate. That's icing on the cake to. They give Andrew call right now we called them to get some free pizza from pizza ten dollar gift card plus a single quarter winds. Can call 86 new Bolton played on that 56 Olympic team tells the name Gloria Dick bush yeah. Played through Wichita pictures out of Saint Louis. University very familiar to a lot of people. And then in our area also feel full blown. He played for the Phillips sixty sixers in the University of Kansas killed six. Yeah yeah Casey Jones was on that team as well college. You need to build a solution for Cisco cut your black finish up with some closing thoughts and.