On this day in sports history: In ’73 Muhammad Ali defeated Ken Norton

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Monday, September 10th
Also on this day, in 1960, New York Yankees player Mickey Mantle hit a 643-foot home run over right field roof in Detroit, Michigan.

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All right. He tradition here unlike any other not the masters but on this dame history close. Yes and well certainly almost like the masterfully cloaked as well we need we need Jim Nance to cut an open gurus this. That would be honest friend this is unlike any other friends are just areas brought you my friend you're president when he first knew that your rental equipment is there VAD it be nice to it is September 10 so what happened on this stage in sports History Channel. Well on this day in 1954. In trying to catch Hoyt Wilhelm snow mobile and Roy cash. And four pass balls than one game which was directed at wow it's cold correct dummy you think and this. What happened on August 30 so this one slip past us August 30 1987. Geno but trolley had six passed balls and one game and Blanco can't catch Charlie Hough. Her trying to catch Charlie Huff they lost the tigers seven or nothing all the runs were unearned. And basically they were small. Because Dina put trolley couldn't catch a knuckleballer that. He was quoted well I think after the game and I want to listen as geno portrayal if it's kind of fascinating. Quote he threw the ball great today we'd still be out there playing if I'd caught the ball pilot in all their runs unquote. Well I think Cupertino patrolling. The time. He finished the season with 35 passed balls that's the they'll record obviously. Him. Yeah. In better news on this day in 1960. Let me know if you believe this and I. Mickey Mantle hit a ball over the right pull the right field roof in Detroit. It was estimated to go 643. Feet. Now how many feet 643. To clear the roofs and wherever it landed. Pathetic Griffith stadium in Washington is that the one no outs in Detroit. Can tiger Troy ability one an old Tiger Stadium right now. Okay now count nowadays we wouldn't have to because we've got launch angle. The degree. And the exits the mall that we've got measured. I want to disparage. Mickey Mantle. 643. Feet. For him in halls 500. Twenty feet which you could say he regularly did that's that's one thing at all. Well I mean. Having seen balls crushed before they go 500 and some odd feet those are the ones to bring you that you're seeing it's hard to imagine such it's hard to imagine something. Another hundred some odd feet further right having said that. We have seen Reggie Jackson hit that light standard in that very same ballpark when it was there now multiply and an all star game. So who knows how far that they might have gone if it hadn't really known hit the damn lights to no room. So I guess it's possible. Fascinating thing about that but candidates with 43 feet this. Gargantuan. On this day in 1961. Mickey Mantle hit his 400 home run no word on how far went. Two years later stand news you'll hit a home run. In his first at bat as a grandfather. Hello my game that night like that here you know here's a note guys today. Speaking out and Jorge Lopez jolt Portland. For the White Sox threw a no hitter on this day in 1967. Over Detroit six to nothing. Plus the final now. Lou Brock. 1974. Stole his 104. And 150. Basis. That was a record that stood until Ricky Henderson came along and stole 130 back and managed eclipsing the record Maury Wills who had a had this stolen bases rendered at that particular point lot of US open stuff on this day. 19771. Ever wanna. In 1983 Martina Navratilova along Steffi Graf in 1988. The only thing in 1989. Five days after you know home run for the Yankees Deion Sanders returned a punt 68 yards for a touchdown on the uniform can. And I remember that that's really something for this summer and man is really something happened that's that's quite a week role primetime. Yep no question. What a great athlete. He talked about highly kill bin fast how about a foot race between Tyreke hill and Deion Sanders back home now no kid has the that you were tape painful no doubt. Head back football in 1989 on this day. Indianapolis Colts running back Eric Dickerson ran for a 106 yards against San Francisco. Quickest player to get fined 101000 career yards vivid and only 91 games. Pro Bowl running and I feel under appreciated I think they're older percent might feel a little under appreciated pretty. Pretty amazing stuff today for birthdays for on this day no longer with us Ted Kaczynski. Back in 1924. Arnold Palmer. Born on the ground in 1929. News Roger Maris. Born on this day in 1934. The great Bob Lanier. Is seven yen today. Override of saint Bonaventure. Means good golf. And same day same year Charlie waters. Defensive back for the Dallas Cowboys he also seven years old. Charlie waters is seventy years old Hammond Bob Lanier both seven years. Plus a lot as a player now and it does suck a little bit I absolutely think that it I think Jane appreciate that and you're welcome. Needed any reminder of accelerated H I appreciate. Tongue in cheek final thoughts of.