This day in sports history: In' 36 Jesse Owens sets 100m record at 10.2

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Wednesday, June 20th
Also on this day, in 1982, Pete Rose becames the fifth major leaguer to appear in 3000 games.

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Rolls on Wednesday what we're about finished up Jim Rome followed will team and of course the driver Bob and Jeff coming waited there. At 4 o'clock. Finish up your. Solid day of the sports talk listening and we've got the royals later on tonight so. All sorts of stuff going on right here on your station for sports a path H. On this day. In history Wednesday. June 20 not always Wednesday but it happens to be this year what do we have on June 20 or you kill me if you made me look up Wednesday June 20. Yeah I don't have. Really very little action. Maybe the biggie. This one stuck out to me the very first. Jesse Owens on this day in 1936. Granite ten to 100 meter. Later on that summer at the Olympics Rihanna 103. And ended up winning goal. But it got me looking at the top 25. All time 100 meter. Times. And this is something that like if you. You could channel one thing you know 41 day like to be able to dunk or throw 95 miles an hour. Proved what would it feel like to the run on 95800. Meter is a few things bowl back in August of 2009. That's the record 958. I don't know then what does that say about Jesse Owens. That. 83 years before that he ran it ten to which found he'd be what. Kind of nipping at you same bolts he is now ten to how far. No no not at 95 page I how far product that would be that would view all it was a unique. Six. At least. 1015. 102 and 95 days. All right well. Humor me over the course of a hundred meters eight and 83 years that he's only got brain is only that far away from you sane woman he's unbelievable. We don't know why I'm giving you that without question Jesse Owens. Mike Scott that's all you can say. On via the Americans. On this list. Of the all time top 25 Tyson Gay. Has tied for the second best forgot about him and I was in 2009 as well that was a month later he ran a two 969. It was a little bit wind aided that's coming from the list to whether it's wind aided or not. I'm. Christian Coleman. LeRoy Burrell ran a 985 all the way back in 1994. Carl Lewis once upon a time ran out of 986. Some fast human eye on this list most of them yeah from the United States but abroad also from. Jamaica that's where you see full blown so Jesse Owens on this day in 1936 ran really fast. Maria. Your line of Ohio State. Larry Jackson of the Phillies. On this day in 1967. Beat the New York Mets. For the eighteenth consecutive time. Wow and courses dates back to win the Mets really awful I call him back on really early sixties but. How do you have sorcery over one particular team eighteen can I don't know times and Larry Jackson was okay but. Again. Coming you know more thorn Berry didn't you know eat him up I am apparently not Larry Jackson never in those 1815 consecutive starts just didn't have a. You couldn't you couldn't leading 218. Flew straight over one team. While. What does that's a Major League record. Well. I can't imagine I mean I mean I can't 1814. What kind of crap you use team. Right even if you lose that game by mistake right team right now and then I mean you know just by you can even pitch well and live. For sure. And that's that's good that our goes our day Anderson's assertion that he wins and losses aren't that important and modern day statistic mapping to agree came to do a lot of just chance. Comes into. Being the winning pitcher for the losing pitcher you know for me on how your team goes forward. But. Larry Jackson 194. Career victories in fourteen years. He did win 24. Machinations which forwards. I mean what quality starts to be a better staff than wins and all your due to get a quality starters go six and give up three. Well I mean certainly been on line and the Riyadh depending on your definition legal and it. Can't. They got all six in June might be okay. That's quality. Yes that's pretty that's quality. Could there is no reason. That you shouldn't give yourself a two years team a chance to win if you go six full. Can only allowed to run some period. And agree without. Contempt and the golden age of boxing on this day in 1980. If that's fair to say yeah for bird road Iran. Takes the WBZ welterweight title from Sugar Ray Leonard. Paddling like stadium in Montreal. Unanimous decision. Those are the days. God knows where again and still can't name more than three boxers now I know and it's a shame it. In the sweet science is solid. Remember how exciting it was waiting for a fight like Guinean wide world skills for like guy does that frighten Friday night fights deserve what they have now but. Those on ABC right. Yeah whatever heavyweight out that was long on a weekend I can remember he had they would grade that order and then in the early stages of pay per view. I mean I remember you know going over it guys we we did we make a whole night of it and watch the fights in and stuff it was so much fun. It was great I mean there were so many good fighters. And ended the whole game gets sideways anarchists socks. And it's if the deny who you ask it gets fixed. You know yeah right Dan and all the powers with the promoters and not with the fighters no doubt then. I don't need it don't need it. On this day in 1986. In essence. The White Sox. Did Tony La Russa a huge favor they fired him and replaced him with Jim for goes to. The hazing the cardinals would never be the same sense yeah no kidding. Wow you know. Replaced by Jim for go to Tony La Russa well what year was that 1986. It was good soap Nowak was probably still there then tap. Pay back probably log on and off of Diller out if you don't know come back about interest thing. And Mao Xin a cock hills golf club in New York on this day a fourteen years ago Retief Goosen won the US homeland. Shouting to 76. On this today Corey even won there as well court paid and wanna synagogue. He once in a car hit a more words was it forward I think I can still see that I know what you talking about yeah I believe yeah I think I think there yep yep chased it up the hill. To see where it landed unbelievable shot yet on but any says to this day obviously biggest shot of his career because it gave me US open. Which it rev a complete changes your life and legacy. Couple Nolte notable. Go ahead how cool how cool would it be. TV every time that you were introduced. Introduces a former US open champion. And get to play all those. The majors any regular library where there you know after. It was so you win one you get the plane that went forever don't care if it dental benefits and master it happens yeah yeah. I go every time until I couldn't Lipitor. And I and that's the truth. And that's why you saw Mark Palmer and player and Nicklaus. To doing the first tee the master doesn't mean it's just great stuff. It's just great step. It's closing thoughts in just moments of touchdowns. Instead it's so much for listening thank you had to our guests. But you've vindicated through it back until. Oh okay.