On this day in sports history: In 1869 The Cincinnati Reds played their first baseball game

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Wednesday, May 16th

Also on this day in 1925, WHAS made the first network broadcast of the Kentucky Derby and in 1985, Michael Jordan was named Rookie of the Year in the NBA.


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1043 games just a few minutes left in the showed today as we roll into the last segment. Stop plenty of basketball team keep beside going tonight along with the royals this afternoon. Little afternoon fair play they need to make decimated a against the rays because all of a sudden the schedule. I turns. If they lie doesn't say last couple one run game these guys that they found I mean they should have won a must go to war in almost two to one. He gets Copeland pits and in the eight inning and gave up two runs in those guys need to win this game need yet. And then just like they were down kind of big kind of early gives Ford one when I last checked. Got home from the shocker game is 55 McConnell right. So little fight and then him Pereira who hadn't pitched in a while hitters a tie game and they get one offer him. And then from then had a goal made it doesn't stop them in the bottom line itself in this kid has killed in terrorists. Value who diminished slightly or is he. Still gonna be a guy that they should be able though to get some easy now he's stolen about as well as he ever house OK dad he's been good mood because I haven't watched him as much this year I'm just I just add and edit any chances obviously. But I'm right. Before last night Alan Sager the RA was below one I mean he was like. You know was like he was given up runs every now and then but I'm not having saved chances his. Well even after last night he's got a 115. Newton and until you walk some fifteen into third and fourteen strikeouts and he's been money now. There you go out yet it's been really interesting the last a couple of years from you have great on. And now Wade Davis. Tie in the clubhouse that says that I cover ma on an almost daily basis its interest in Wade Davis isn't the most loquacious of guys I mean it's not like you. Sit down and start you know shoot the breeze about the weather and and things but if you get him on a good day where he really likes to talk pitching. And they show me pictures and doesn't like to talk pitching at some point some of them like to talk about it a little less than others. Collects. He's been really interesting he he was very. Very bullish on Kelvin perera. It's kind of interesting to to get his take on and on a Ferreira and and what he'd. And it seemed like a long time ago that showed today is her her hair we have Davis and Holland are all the island the end you know the law firm. No doubt that people forget about hood about haute chamber a little bit but he was boy and I mean for those for those couple of years are now one year in particular he was. He was pretty nasty it was like Wade Davis role in that yes you would start him if we had to but look at him yeah just blown for one inning coming out of the bullpen and he was really good. He he was really good so. Kind Davis has been in and out he's been generally really really good people who game last Saturday where they erupt. Two in the nineteen gave up tying home run and again in the ended up losing but that's. Neither here and there but to me but it entry into government staying in that stretch run. No those up and years for the royals well god like guy he was so Garrity was to delist. So in the game. Greg Holland meanwhile is struggling in Saint Louis and just can't tell us. Well I I Lila immunity from it appears communities struggling most closers like running backs. Thank you Phil you don't see the fall coming until it's probably too late. And and I feel that's part of the reason why I say. If you can ever get something for closer to do it ten times out of ten. Are you don't want them blowing up on your hands. You know blown up the back right I mean they can continue to be good that you just. Jump off a year or two earlier as opposed to hang on to them you're too late that's how it's in some polls just. And it's interesting that that Guerrero has been the guy that hung in a hung through Latin. Holland is gone. Davis is gone no more ho chi gave her. You know I mean it's it's. Jovian Herrera. Is the want and still effective details. So you hope that to detect can be a parting of the ways that is productive for both player and for our franchise. Is that would be a way to. Meant to get some tax so anyway. What happened on this day in history I wonder may sixteenth. Run the downside in June now which is just absolutely impossible. So what is it that happened on May sixteenth. It makes it so interest in the world of sports well since you asked. On this day in 1953. 65 years ago today. Leave Philadelphia Phillies curt Simmons. Gave up a leadoff single. And then set down the next point seven in a row wow that close to a perfect so hurts them that's cool. On this day in nineteen don't even referenced this earlier. In the show this day in 1980 lakers polished off the 76ers. Four games to two. And if memory serves up magic Johnson's rookie year was it not thanked Canadians give us yes. Wasn't that the series that he was forced to play center. Yes and and had like 42 was fifteen yeah you know suffer like that right after he was. Still the comparisons. Are always LeBron and MJ try. Now yep magic was kind of walk down the floor and you know it beyond big in early in the fourteen point two so. Like what the hell. The youth symphony people who everything right exactly could do everything. Fortunately I got great outside shooter though it might guy he could do some. You can do a lot of things with the ball in his hands around the basket. With such force it to great playing as a decision whether to. Kim effective. Voice made the right decisions. On this day and I like it 95. Speaking to him today she was named rookie of the year. On this day. Via thirty for thirty is coming out on him it's ten hours I guess. That's not even thirty for thirty's that's no that's not what I mean that's. That's like Ken Burns doing the civil war for God's sakes we're doing it and you know brought a career of Michael Jordan. I think ten hours is probably. For that dash alike they keep me out I'll be very curious to see. Yeah we use certainly would be enough certainly would be more than enough stuff that happened during his career. To fill the ten hours in an interest in fashion so very golf on this day in 1996. Sammy Sosa becomes the first Chicago cub to hit two home runs in one inning I think Sammy Sosa he say what. Corked bat PDs. Eric rude or mean I don't know. Mean he's a guy that had a lot of fun playing the game I just wish air right now and I know why but it's by now we know lie. Dan and I do think of this summer of he and McGwire I mean I do you think of that still. Coming up the work stoppage in the importance. What that provided for baseball. But I mean unfortunately. Hey you know people would say well it was just a lie. I think are overstating it because they were two guys that could you know that it. Could bomb anyway. It means to the point that it got it was a lie obviously. But. Still happened. And it's still kept us all pretty. Good held us wrath throughout that entire summer. That was a pretty good summer for baseball whether it was PD district. Not much you can play in dispute that no no just the way it was. So news after the fact that we got screwed on and during that time we all you know we are all and it is we are all and she was like sinus up view is great. Well the TV watching those two have very much so you absolutely. Celebrating a birthday today. Happy birthday Rick Russell who is 69. He's the guy that rather hold up the all star game home run to Phil Jackson's. And I second 1986. Reflection then pitching for the giant. Both night and then leading off for the American League. What about 440 feet through a search field and by the way what. Ronald Reagan fell by at that time she saw it yes he was. Yes he was what would Bo Jackson has been. If he'd been only a baseball player what would that career have ended up looking like. I feel like TV. And Carlos Stanton of that particular Sarah yep he's doing a lot of bombs strike out a lot. I'm he knows how many reporters on Poland via would've stolen a lot of bases to push 4040. Oh no question you know. Canseco bonds this 4040 thing I feel like if he. Just scrap football he knew if we're reporting yeah he'd have thrown out a few more guys from the deep corner probably. Or they do on one hop you know or they would stop right hand. Also had a bird I say to Rick Rhoden. Who was very good professional pitcher for the pirates. But also maybe even a better golfer. Had the American century's celebrity golf classic is played every year in Lake Tahoe. He's won that tournament 199395979920032008. Morally and I guess Rick Rhoden is a great. Jack Morris. Happy birthday Jack Morris. Over at Corbett a two time Olympic gold medal gymnast. Is. 63. Wow he's really and I doubt they'll make you feel old I guess so speaking of Olympic molded 1984 marathoner Joan Benoit Samuelson. Yeah now celebrating birthday today she was great and dying on this today in 2013. Sadly. Three. Victim of suicide. It trickled took his own life. At age 71. Five years ago today American race car driver side on this day in 2000. When the absolute great to actual. Names. And sports. All right with that closing thoughts in just a moment is we've passed you up for the next days. Stay with the sports daily.