On This Day And Age

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Friday, February 23rd

Bruce Haertl and Shane Dennis take a look back in time as they remember events that took place on this day in history 


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And. We give you a long way any third. Short month. Him before you before we hit on that we're gonna get to read the last word. I mean I go to a flock who malign her for it. Hello. I. A listen to your comment about. No more than it FBI with the university in the NCAA rules. And then it hit me that. You know they're not that are actually end. Am national security issues. And federal crimes or Hillary Clinton apparently. Because nothing except the most. And I think that's rather an almost a state that that's something that affects our national security. To the media ignored all the worry to build some. Miniscule NCAA rule them an enemy miniscule I don't know anything about that issue that we'll find out and that's my comment and I'll hang up the list. Itinerary thanks Fred burning the one thing you'll never catch me talking about politics and that kind of wandered into the political realm. So are orally have a comment on what the FBI should or shouldn't be investigating and the innocence or guilt of anybody. Like Fred was that children are an entirely different candidate frankly I'm not qualified to comment and that's and that's Rush Limbaugh perhaps territory and he's over on thirteen thirty K in SF on our sister studio in the middle of the day Leo I'm sure Fred listens to church does so anyway Tarek what do we have on this date in history as we get two things. On this February the 23. On this day 1985 X dot mean when you know where I'm gone with this all right. There's a basketball game played between Purdue and Indiana. Immediately after that and fouls called on another Indiana player Terrell Thomas. And there's a technical foul that ensued on one of the head coaches. Some guy named Steve reed from produced up to the free throw line. And before he could get there. Indiana head coach grabbed a red plastic chair and threw across the table threw it across the court. Bob Knight melted down. The likes of which is rarely seen before or since we received a technical. On the very first call that he thought should be a jump ball you know that player was faint chance. Didn't Marty Simmons. But now my guys that right now head coach at Evansville was the guy that got called for a foul on what Bob and I thought should have been a jump ball. And then immediately after that Terrell Thomas get called profound and Knight had had enough he threw through floor the chair across the floor. I'm led to his. Second and third technical fouls which I didn't think it's possible doom three technical fast apparently close to. He apologized the next day gave cal was given a one game suspension. And he since then has occasionally joke. Said he thought old lady across the across the way and so are standing so he threw the chair so she could sit down. Okay thank. Thanks Robert we appreciate that OK and then Marty Simmons soon after. Transferred to Evansville university its stake class here Bob. The Winter Olympics closed in two different venues the royal trivia game 1992. Kerry guess where they were remember. France Albert bill France thing hanging out are still friends up there you go to go to fourteenth. Just four years ago where were they. In fourteen out factory you know no Sochi Sochi Russia a very good on a few days yeah. Yet the sixteenth and 22 Winter Olympic Games. Closed out. Born on this today. No longer with us passed way 1980 former 1963. AL MVP. Yankee catcher Alston Howard born on this stage time now. Jeff and maybe the marquee birthday there's a lot of good ones. Tom Osbourne. Is 81 today born in Hastings Nebraska. 45 years the head coach at Nebraska won 255. Games lost 49. Tied three so he averaged. Ten wins this season and his point five years. In Lincoln three national championships and twelve big eight championships. Did you know he played a little bit in the NFL I did not know that plea for. 49ers know that either 49ers because college to write these solidly right born of hate. You know through the great model Sheen. I it will save this from. And I've been blessed to be around a lot. A big time names in college football I'm not so sure that any were more impressive from the standpoint focus or. Can doctor Tom Osborne can. And that that inept and that includes a lot of dudes from Bobby Bowden talked to Don James to. Bill Snyder himself. That's a little different because I worked with them so closely for some years intimidating. We know that fall on the note not intimidating just the aura not just the aura that went around him from intimidation never bothered me because those are just loud people that that's like no big deal. He was just one of those guys that when he walked in the room you've quieted down. You know I mean you just had that much respect. Ford the man. Nam and he was not a guy that raised his voice or anything like that tell unity he would answer your questions he would be gracious. Time and stuff and then go back about the business of coaching his team but he may have been the guy. With the most impressive kind of what aura. About him. That I was ever around in in all my years coaching college football. Also at. 75 years old today the great Fred bullet the cough. Former corporate raider wide receiver celebrating a birthday today as is Ed to told Jones former cowboy well. He sixty also limited copies good enough to have an award named after yet so that any big cool. Yes and one of my favorite former players ever. It's 55 today Bobby Bo Nia. Is born on this day in 1963 in New York City we play from 86 to 01 for nine different teams use a six time all star. But the reason why I like him made by the Mets that's exactly lies still like team that he is Gideon got a lot of bad guys steel limited is it look like a million in senator. Two million a year or something he makes a lot of money still from the Mets. July 1 is Bobby the news day because on that day. Every year from 2011. Until 2035. He gets one point 19 million dollars not to play for the Mets. 29 point eight million dollars is the entirety of that deal that he would get paid and not apply. She's got beautiful that once so so beautiful. It is clearly a year 2039. And 2035. He'll get one point 19 million dollars per year. Without fail every July 1. That is great work if you can get it that's what in the media everybody. And finally mentioned he was a pretty good player he obviously it can play he was like that six time all star but that the nets absolutely. Way overstepped and overpaid and then. Kind of in a knee jerk fashion cut him. But as we all know Major League Baseball contracts are guaranteed so we're owed that money and instead of an all out the Mets and the me agreed that OK we need to face this out of this but it's unlike any other. Deferred payment that you'll ever hear about. But Bobby Benny that we need to make sure and and mark July 1 and celebrate Bobby but near a day properly. When it rolled around finally. Former royal spare. Scott Elarton 42 today born on this day and Lamar Colorado they've got. Scott L works. Wow yeah that's a blast and. Boy he appreciates his name being mentioned anywhere doesn't mean yeah yes he caught a break for me. Got a weak moment last night. Yeah but I think that the Scott Elarton RI finishing up in just a moment.