On this date in sports history: In ’89 Ronald Reagan sportscasts the All Star Game

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Wednesday, July 11th
Also on this date, in 2010 , two bombs explode in Ugandan capital of Kampala, killing 74 people and injuring 70 in a rugby club and an Ethiopian restaurant; the bombings targeted football fans watching the World Cup final.

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I. Families and number I analyzes on the phone 3691248. She did this come through with you as we continue 1045. He may be starting up a little on this day in history would have winds down the show don't forget Jeff long's introductory. Press conference is the new athletic director at the University of Kansas coming up. In about fifteen minutes or so all right let's get to that July the eleventh on this day in sports history what do we have met for. Up pretty big Glen and now automobile racing the first ever. Grace. On this day an 1895. And Paris to Bordeaux. However far 11170. Kilometers is and who okay took and I and I exactly sorry but. Took 48 hours and 48 minutes is a first round first ever automobile race. Think Evander 732. Miles. Took 48 hours to go that far. Points in 1895. That's not Tina. Now. Avoid favorite. 1914. Debuted as a pitcher for the Red Sox beat Cleveland 43. Speaking on the Red Sox your guy Ted Williams. Broken elbow in the all star game on this day in 1950. We miscue park the first all star game though extras who went fourteen innings financially 143. The All Star Games in the Candlestick Park on this steak and Kansas City. Municipal stadium was home to the all star game in 1960. Nationally one five victory. Earl Weaver. Replaced Hank bowers manager that Oreo on this day in 1968. I know I've said this before but if you haven't seen the YouTube rant. It's the best of Earl Weaver when he gets kicked out of the game. There is the best if not safe for kids don't do it out work and unless you have your headphones and if sellers. You walk rates pearl Weaver ran into. On this day 1985. Nolan Ryan got the 4000. Strikeouts by striking out deadlocked in his Nolan Ryan on this day in history all really a lot. And yet and none did and not just minutia either like you know ridiculous and struck out nineteen. 100 games in each league or particular teams you know the stuff that's like holy cow. Let's not forget the great with the Mona. No question. How about on this day in 1987. Cal Ripken senior McCain since the becomes the first manager to manage to have his son's. Million cal. Do you remember. The reason Billy Ripken. Is as famous as he is besides being Cal's brother. And that baseball card speaking of not safe for work. Now you don't Joan okay well around the show Google Billy Ripken baseball card. We'll know I'm talking about. Yeah now I don't do that work it's intriguing have the image is not say for working he's not naked eye thing but it's that it. To get back at me after you check that I am OK come on in fact on this day in 1989 royals fans will never forget this one. With Ronald Reagan and Vin Scully in the Booth and Rick Ross shall on the mound. Bo Jackson led off the all star game in Anaheim. What about a 460 foot home run to straightaway center field he won the MVP award. On this day in 1989 in the all star game. Took 21 home run from the all star break oh my god that was the wrong. And it was I remember it and I remember. The president being in the Booth we'll. Because they were talking about him being. Sports broadcaster. Back in Iowa. Back in Iowa right to morning or some so yeah no good morning good girl you know. Do you ever call in portion royals fans probably won't because I didn't affect him didn't care bill hit a home run but your call what happened next. Wade Boggs went deep to. All I did it no idea and I don't remember them actually went back to back off big daddy are crucial. Wade Boggs who never hit home runs. Two opposite field home run left center is very neck but I had chicken before the game I'm sure guaranteed he would chickens before they get here and T. And on this day in 1995. All star game in Arlington Texas. Former royal great but Marlon at the time Jeff Conine. For sure yeah MVP. Other dubious on this day in 2012 for the lakers. Steve Nash hated by the suns. To LA. Remember when he and Dwight Howard were both there together and on again covers Sports Illustrated books. Just didn't quite work out did it sure did. And was up the for the first time that we really get introduced to be petulant son Dwight Howard. Panel yeah petal which is the right word but damn lack of a motor. Yet. And yet the. Yet the difficulty counting on him yeah. I don't think we got a pretty good sense of that. Itself on his because Steve Nash had been he that he Eddie bin MVP twice. He'd been an MVP twice tires so. Yeah so. The issue wasn't Steve Nash I wouldn't say so he wasn't what he was in Phoenix but no. Two time MVP and Dwight Howard is still a good enough facilitator right hand. In essence Dwight Howard never quite worthy you know could've should've been including. Now. Destin east he's still the same got there. On this day numbers but doesn't give you wins now and he's. Shannon and making do without him talk and happy birthday to not only Andy Ashby but Donnie wall. Former Padres pitchers. And in the one spring training I got to go through big league spring training 1999 they were both there. And of course both pitchers were within after the pitch. Growing golf and then those guys were good enough to. Pick up some of us young guys you know the good non roster invite tease of the guys without any money. Guys like Ashby Donnie wall. Mark parent Jim Leyritz and Trevor Hoffman half staff they would they would pick up pet. The winds and ice it yet the one lesson that I learned. Playing golf with big leaguer. Don't play their games you can't afford that I think it's a tough. Any yeah story you ever hear about. Wager on a golf course with professional athletes. It's true. Even then we had one guy that was a AAA guy like me that particular year that was a pretty good golfer better golfer and analyze. He got caught up. In these guys get a Wally Joyner was also a really good golf. And while he would go yet he was almost scratched off. And you play games like wolf for. Sure NASA insists any catch and we'd start wagering. But the problem wasn't with the individual wagers. On a particular hole that is when we all pushed. And it carried over Ontario and carried right. That's when you absolutely take a backseat this guy talking about the kind of money that we we can't afford. Well this friend of mine that was like me you know didn't have any money. He got caught up into it he thought he could be a mall. And he kept pressing and pressing and pressing and he ended up. Couple thousand dollars down by the end of the day to all of that's no good idea until I'm gonna go figure out a way to say it Coughlin pulled him aside and said. Why there's a Mulligan. Remember who you're playing with and don't let your mouth write checks your body can't cash or your wall gang in this truth. One playing golf would slowed big leaguers but. Word of the wise. You can't keep up with the money apparently you know those guys are different tax bracket. Final thoughts in just a moment. Jeff wrong immediately afterward.