Darron Boatright Discusses College Athletics

The Drive
Friday, February 23rd

Wichita State University Athletic Director Darron Boatright visits “The Drive” to talk about the NCAA, college athletics & more.


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This is good for. Welcome back time for jive dot com KF faiths. The driver Bob and Jeff. Happen to have you with those on a Friday edition. Darren boat ride the athletic director at Wichita State joins us there and we're happy glad you've taken some time out you today. I know you can't get into specifics of the Yahoo! report today there how to fix Fred bandleader Wichita State but on a bigger picture. I am curious to know somebody at Dotson and welcomed the show. Thank you separate you gotta get me on. About a pound and couldn't make myself available completed the thought the report is to speak you just. OK well let's start off with the debate we've been having on the show today and it's a debate as old as well as that goes back many years about. Whether college athletes should be paid. And my point is and and I've been accused of being rude to callers today on Twitter and I'm not trying to be is just I get frustrated by this debate because it. It happens every time something like this comes out and I'd view it to be an almost. Unmanageable. Premise. What do you what are your thoughts. We are not nearly as simplistic as some want to make it sound. It would be very. Complex. Thank you do not necessarily opposed to is don't buy it it is. As easy as some of supple mind all of make it out the day and then dealing with the situation that we read about this morning. I think the players all but some like what what is their report backyard so. You know they saw those easy Iqbal. And they're just got. Just not very accurate is at stake if I ain't saying yet waitress would stop all the while trip. Why wouldn't giving players money legally prevent them from taking money illegally. What what an. I mean it does situation where you have. Young man and possibly young women in this permanent but those. Had an opportunity to take it take to get their salary and taken advantage and meanwhile a lot of people take out. He luck local level. But got little more. And not just don't think something like this would. You know what I think what the paying aptly what would stop something like this sort of collapsed from what I've written report. But whale if if if there was legal though. Wouldn't all payment be illegal it would if if players tried to give more wouldn't that be. Within there quote unquote right if they were already being paid legally if the shoe company then said aloud on T that would that is out of problem I know this is all hypothetical. This is probably never going to happen but it. If if if they bought enough can't they find that somewhere. Whether it is not about money guessed that about. And the way out read this record you know and yeah at forty years and Pete Campbell sort of some of the best in the that the size apple I believe they're reporting. More than likely to be accurate I don't know for sure that it is that lets great for a minute that it. That's when this is not about mark this is about. Promising you or representations. To an agent in exchange for money. Which are two totally different bank. So. It's not just spent that's what but what was and what it's it is not the same thing as. As promising year representation rights to individual exchange for money. And taking money trump university. In an organized legal so typical. And then and there are both right with us from Wichita State my head's about to explode on this topic because it's so frustrating to me. In my opinion then you if you do so if you just say it's a free for all then you have mass chaos and athletes are. Are gonna go out they're gonna become enterprises of above themselves. You're gonna have guys that wanna do. You know go out publicly and do with. Do events to where they get paid and weren't worth the stop I mean why is that bad though about where does it stop it it's gotta be bad. It's gotta be bad for an athletic department I would thank Darren why don't we have compliance why don't we have well. What will look look look at it it's like your guess if you go to those kids are saying apple. There's no critically they all. We played one. Provide. But but that's about you to an institution. That's all pay them so now we're playing. Order to individual follow up about our exchange. Or is it across the board yet if they ever actually mean. Again and it didn't it does it I mean they just to walk or get away just because they make it ain't. Or just close let. Arguably. Helped provide finances and and revenue sports vision for a we're gonna pay outs and what do we got. Only apple they would look at. You know there. Or do you use for family that he is family in common some of the above barometer on that. I mean where does it stop that's when. And and we can that would over night we didn't bet we're. Special assistant prompter or would spark a thought as well. So oh against it endorsed and it never ending up like you say. Let's just put the chicken that October appear in this select color tropical. They're both right with those Wichita State's athletic director were thankful but he's still on this today. Doesn't war is it worrisome is it more worth some. Because the FBI is involved in this amino what that that's certainly would signal things beyond. Just an NCAA investigation. Is that something that people aren't taking enough note or not. I don't thanks I don't like it worrisome to. Athletic department's. It. I respect that they are they have the means and the ability to expose some. Of the crutch and then being create it not only to them and right now for whatever he's a great shows complete. Lee summit in relation Altria the sports so we don't know what yet the outlook or. I can assure you the FBI has not tasked with cleaning it comes back up now but this is this is a byproduct of whatever he has spent. The bureau is looking at it in May be years before we know it would be an ever. We that we may never just. There they're looking for something and it stumble across. Across a witness it was willing bit. Expose the underbelly of college debt load and that the adaptable and all of us who don't look at what the court. Can college basketball college football B quote unquote cleaned up Walt. Agents and shoe companies just find a way around whatever regulations will be. Put in front of them after whatever happens series and this and won't. Won't these quote and quote I guess bad people are shady characters won't they always got to be a step ahead of other rules. If someone wants to do draw there's nothing you into the you can implement Israeli policy and procedures and rules and education or certain the most compliance of the world but if someone wants to. I don't make a conscious decision to do wrong you can't stop off. And so we're gonna be admitted as we know what to do our. To the ear to the rules of the conference and who initiate. And also we're gonna continue your education. Process with our week. To talk earlier multiple part of the year. About the dangers of third party and so if someone is gonna make a decision to do wrong and to cut a corner. Make an easy there's absolutely nothing we do about it. A couple of Wichita state athletic director Darren boat ride and I and I want it I mean it's set it seems obvious but I wanna take people back to like college athletes that existed in the first place and it was a great way to. And involve fan bases and alarms them and I have some violent. College athletics especially for college football men's basketball have grown to a point now where so much big money is on the line. Coaches' salaries have skyrocketed. Athletic departments are bringing in money that then no one could have imagined fifty or sixty years ago. It's it's pretty pretty understandable that stuff goes on how to how does your department and department's civil holt has a hole. Try to fight against this there are wanting what can you do what what's smaller measures do you take to try to keep these people a day. Well first blow we're in the business and let it. We did that debate in athletic. You know more committed to the education. Student athlete. So we will continue to ramp up our. Rule would apply an education. Plans and procedures and continue to share elation. Now with our athletes are to make sure that they have. They've been notified and made aware of everything they needed me to make the right decision wants an opportunity presented itself. Taco Bell it make the right that there's sometimes they don't I'm not going judgment on any particular it naturally it was night or today. It you know I'm not necessarily at sir what they've met but he bootleg that imports that we don't know the fact. We just know what was recorded. And now the you know it's problematic problematic for a lot of people and poor people that love college athletic. How much of a problem is that that you know maybe. With no specifics about what team or what individuals but when Whitney's. When programs get punished today. For things maybe that happened to this years ago and I believe you when you say that you could have you didn't know about this it's probably impossible to know about something like this it's going on. Under the table worst these small holes out. How could you know also. I guess how well along the lines of that the previous question is how do you overseas stuff like that and how do you deal with potential. Punishments in a general sense not that you would have any. Well you try to monitor who around the program we try to monitor. Who shows up on ticket left especially when you traveled road dates. He trap pay attention that is hanging around. Hotel you try to. You know you try to watch and I hate your pattern in your bank changes in the ointment young person's career. You know and discredit is close and those that represent your institution then you keep an eye out on it he did you do the best came in and you know you never want a better position this sorry we didn't do enough I don't buy order in that position I think it. I think it would be good a great feeling go to break point there educate our kids talk. Compliance issues so. All what he did you just each is. Continue to pay attention it can you be closely monitored. But you can't and that will hope to open one when a young person than a position the record a good decision or bad. Saying they weigh the consequences. Not only to themselves but for. There institution of the might like call. They're both right with those before I let you go wow I just wanna ask you very simple question with not with certainly in very complicated answer. Can amateurism be protected at the very highest levels of college athletics and if so how for how much longer. But be that good news. Yet we. Felt that up to the they're gonna have to have pride in being. And I know we're not in the era Bobbie you know all of but it's up to the they wanted to if they want a level playing field. I ask you we have educated and I have to implement that education. What an opportunity council. I sure hope we. I'm a believer as dreamer that we can't it Allah Allah athletics and what are their you know. But it is it is very complex. And remember. You. You brought the reason for college athletics. Are a few minutes ago remember the reason or the NCAA itself being. Put into play there are made any association over 400 years ago the president of the university may yet there. To ensure that we would no longer editor of football. So. That up epic we're still about where we're still let that work can battle but we got that figure. And and and your premise there is outsourcing their and I agree with you it's up to the athletes but that's a lot to put on eighteen to Tony. One year old kid designed especially Daryn how can you call how can trade young for example. Feel as if he's an amateur when every game he plays is on television. He sees as the star of post game and pregame covered his name goes across the ticker in games that he's not even playing he'll be though a focal point. Wit if and when he plays in the NCAA turn that's not really an amateur he just is because he happens to play in college. I see your point and her act like he could make a good argument that both what it comes potential life. If these young men and women wanna be amateurs they have there in the womb as well and I think. About blamed at all but if we're gonna claim that took we have to have a 100% by the end from those that represent our institutions as well and that's why I am one that police city. The wanted to overrule it complete farce. Michael cent estimate. But there's no other place in in in employment United States it you have to go sit out a year. In order of a double. Professional arena that I think it's ridiculous so I think it starts with. Looking over our rules packages and working with professional sports and world. You know I think coming and coming up what's up and that these kids. The want to wanna be amateurs and the wanted to walk. Half the college experience. That without the ones that don't want they the other is to go utilized. I will certainly a very complex topic in a lot of opinions and none of them are wrong. Then we appreciate your time Darren. You bet I do one day we get on his talk about corporate farm like our divorce is rough. No we're not gonna do that that take up we will have two hours. Thanks for thanks for your time Darren. It puts us state athletic director Darren boat ride. Top consume my shocker stuff of course. The FBI corruption probe that's ongoing. And has no easy answers and it's not Saddam completely opposed to the to the theory of paying players. I just don't know I he would item of course you don't I don't two or not I'm not Eric but but but nobody's even divide as we even talk about paying players for decades. Decades. And I've not seen one system. That I think could work well let's get warm buffet on matters companies. He's involved in sports he does things right right on the fringes I that he could come up with something. I'd this. Would come armies skeptical at all Danielle you're on the show are you. Hey guys I just when it stated. There is greater parent but right become honor and such. A volatile crimes are a really appreciate that. So if I understand this whole situation right. Not of these players. That it is that realistic that day. They say they all seem to act on their own be a court by taking that people loans. And it didn't I think a loan is greater probably pretty nice work and I bet he's due date on the bingo probably like. Ear when he ninety. But. How do you police day. He I don't beat you can't in my. Not in April that. Let me ask you this Daniel how do you police the Caribbean at the supermarket. And a wealthy booster being there and just hand and end the hundred dollar bill. And it can't or venal or 10100 dollar bill I mean really you can't police say it. It's impossible so like Darren both always given the on the trust. In your student athletes to understand their amateur status. But. It could go on another point in married or are they make is see it you mentioned that. He can't necessarily in his opinion that any other player bit Cheney. And I get a good question. Are they into an open mind because I can tell that it as it ever gets banned. One of them that major sticking point about our team that bet you you have pride. With the fact that they were. To order that under dark. Team. That was so great and they were so great because they've worked at a talented. Lady. Act. Other team but they did everything right in Manhattan right attic. And back Eric error was there. And now you hear about that even though it's only 3000 dollars. Most in that sullied at all I don't know I guess that that. That's I think that's update each individual to discern how they feel about. An individual player thank you Daniel. Based on this this report from Yahoo! Sports. Bill is next on the drive bill. Other than. I understand that the pin is very diplomats and there's there's no easy fix all there at the bottom line is that. The rule are what they are in the I've pretty goes. Could do something they know that they weren't spoke to let them tricky yellow or taking money. What they're ripe old ball but ultimately it wrong because that was the quote you get to it. But I think the ominous part of this bit and I think the boarding quarter. I agree I think the ominous part of this situation. Bill is. That the FBI's involved. And this is probably not what thereafter is guys taking 3000 dollar loans. This is a byproduct. Of what thereafter is there a boat ride alluded to we don't know what that is. Hopefully Europe. We'll find out over the coming weeks months and perhaps even years. But as of this point we have no idea let's take a break we can come back and talk more about this. We've got a special guest for five questions coming up at 540 to a place saying there's something. We'll see what the phone we'll see what the phones not a mood to play games today will mean hammer I need I'm not I don't like game right now. Back in a moment. The driver on fifth phase.