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Wednesday, June 20th
“The Drive’s Movie Guru, Mike Furchess drops in to talk all the hot summer movies now playing at or coming to a Cineplex near you.

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I know. The drive with a bow and just barely 691240. Close enough. You know notorious B I T. This is kind of your. Run out your catalog. Good old nine mold growth and arguably one of my favorite songs didn't get in the top five from an uneasy. On that list the top three years in relative yes. Follow that side. Form of birth stories get deep one of the great vs the draft history evacuate its go all the way through the game and the movie and say come on now I gotta go read. Played only to read my got a. Just joins us they might. I do quote Dylan well how zero some are going worth half somersaults to sit tomorrow on the dawn it's it's going quad. Clock picked clean them in any inning into the busy time of my life every year. So I'll leave you have a busy life any life well then the next the next couple months is really something else has a pick up area. I'm going to be going to a pound ridge Indian reservation. And spending some time and Tom Ridge on the way up to Sturgis and have been doing a ton of research yes what movies of same not policy not kind of new movies. I'm probably in the since last soft enough probably seemed we found documentaries sound the suit written Dakota reservation open primary in his hour ride out. Benetton researched wow. So. Who knew the area that many and now there's there's there's far more now probably have another ten or fifteen to go post up more reading material and that's one of my favorite parts of the country and it took me completely by shocked. You talked about that part of South Dakota. This too I just love that I got to take my wife up there are some time if you if you if you never be and it's absolutely incredible. Albeit insurgents for probably three days this urine in Tom Ridge for overweight can looking at going back to do some extensive work and pound ridge. Wow so I'm coming I'm excited about that but it's it's going to be challenged. Well feel you'll meet the challenge no question about it. Talking movies popular culture television. Music whatever it might Mike keeps track of all. It's 691240. If you got a question or you want the make a comment I'm I'm looking forward tonight I've got my. DVR set for yellow some. Sonic and extended. The pre mere one of the call that preview now. Of of that series. Now looks good. Looks really good it's got to be good I'll miss tonight's episode because I cut my cable. Kind of golf almighty god had kept the streaming and sort signing up to sling. And that's how you do it the Johnson is what I did in ER was what we can get in the Yaron slang. You have to sling you do online video who did it for you and I am and I give you a lot of credit is a very intelligent guy but. Part of my hesitation and I got a perfect setup now DirecTV I got my speakers I got my DVR. Everything works everything's good. I don't wanna turn that down doing well on data from it was a 120 dollars less amount to still have all that stuff. Yeah if you go watch everything he already alive and then why doesn't everybody in the world do. They're startup there's a lot of people are starting to do it strategist Byron black. Nadia cable bill was that a 160 bucks a month. And I'm able see everything else sing before minus 660 bucks a month. Paul so let's cut in. You have that adds that data at their limit them ask you wanted did you see it not valid. If you don't watch any thing about funniest stuff if I feel like it. I we had a discussion earlier in the week or last week about this movie hereditary and out I was hoping that you CNET because Jeff. Indicates that it's the most vile. Violent then I haven't seen it either of these in his things about the apparently the scariest movie ever made but you haven't seen it but that's what I've read so I know I haven't seen it nor will I be that. My it will use the allow absolutes heard the same type of things from different print and make them laugh there. Well then it makes me laugh the counseling people they say some things about movies and television without ever seeing it. And I just I'm tired of living in the world of ignorance not all but a couple of I love tonight. I cannot claim that this is Gary Hoover movie ever I said I've read that it is scared of anything if you don't like scary movie jurors certainly justified and I'll sing them even if you lax removes just because someone says something. I just. It was that caught outside I'm tired of living in a world of ignore it and having not the I'm really use that on you the next time I say they're quote if I am I admit it. But there's a funeral being ignorant is this we don't aplomb thanks and he got to see the movie and I heard it was an example in the Gasol was first reformed. The road the reviews were phenomenal. And docile that for the long week analysts think it should talk to one theater with eight other people. And that. The first two thirds were wonderful but tended to steal it it went too crazy Taylor that happen obviously it has just see things that mother was another planet. I'll say that from a first performed his about four notches above mother an option and Brothers your all time leaders it's my all time least favorite so you have. He I give it I mean yeah if the movie is good to begin you it makes you anticipates or the ending has to begin now Elena endings. Batter rooms or is this solely Jurassic Park opened yeah. This will be he'd tablet its really give. I laugh at this because so many people are talking about how bad Hollywood's Davis used to joke this and this has mixed into the world of it's not doing bad drug now. If you did you see the numbers for from incredible salute. Well you're just out roast and wanna sit southbound. Will do you think maybe streak last week us the good thing about first reformed. Is up pay four dollars and and included the soft drink and a bag of popcorn I'm CN my wife myself and my granddaughter Ers are incredible story tonight. For the three of us in 3-D C we paid any bucks wow but there's ways to do so but the movies are box office numbers are doing better box office numbers. I Graham had thought somebody is it all just about familiarity now avengers more we have more incredible wills more Jurassic Park so I thought that's one ears that guy it and it felt good then is that all we're doing it this. We had that discussion a bit are released a bit of a discussion is there any new ideas coming. I Hollywood. And I did there are a normal movie I beginning there are new idea of moving instead that's mother and asked to be the scariest and asked to be weird. This write am over eight and a tell us story. Did you see hill or how water yes intelligently and I liked it as there's movies like that that there are other Hawkeyes don't lose sight that it's not about what Yellowstone I think that's a Paramount. Program is that this kind of Hawkeye the television yeah there's all kinds of television that's well over it then and then there's never been more. Now I get all that but it's all this the reboot and seek no not at comic book correct team when senator alluded to draw on the lot of for Roseanne. Line reboot stand up reboot but that doesn't mean IA I appreciate the overall concept. But it all has to happens if I think those movies the reason ones I think are out there one has to happen is the theaters have to show them. And what's happening is to enforce a thing which cause we have conglomerate companies now that on the two. Oh yeah the theaters. And they're gonna show what's on their gym as opposed to the past a member of the opening palace memory and absolutely loved all of our films took place to show we have nothing more than anymore now and their worst. Can hubris is my all time great surprise movies. And out of a never say that sought at the palace that was hilarious. Image to have our films of that nature all the time the full Monty I saw the palace. I take Entertainment Weekly magazine have forever and ever take and they it. I subscribe to it comes to mind is that funny my putt at it but the banner with dunes at the sometimes quite humorous that that was different area. I'm not I we'll see where I'm okay I'm not too many I've taken a table would absolutely they've boring and I take gets to. Here in the once you let me and my new show are rattled I'm serious. Anyway it did mentions all these movies like get we talked a little bit about film festivals and there's there's a ton of them. But it it talks about all these movies and they've rarely come out and mask slipped to mass marketing and means that I like to see a lot of those movies. M and how do we get to theaters to do that is beyond me what my recommendation it's assists this to support your local community theaters if they're available. Mommy mother for example the orpheum that'll bring in new release is probably doing occasionally felt Robinson new releases a thank you Bob and Mike the fourth Leicester which is a great movie about. Oh god that was really in the store were some great great independent film. This weekend next up this weekend tomorrow night they're showing Greece and as a sing alone in the future government or from pursing along. It's incredible I wanna see ocean's eleven wanted to see a Hennessy at. But they're showing that over and Augusta so that's this week canceling their little bit how does that theatre and at a theater raved about it today at theaters to Kansas treasurer. That's probably the summit national historic of landmark of places for a reason. It was the first theater ever lived about neon lighting it's. It's not just to Kansas treasure to me theaters like international pressure spell of movies. My purchase with us she said you're gonna go see the Incredibles two. A friend of ours sought and and liked it I presume. But said that there's a couple of profanity is that. He mild wonders why. There was a need for that you're a movie buff. Why is there a need for that in a movie like. Incredible student I think what's happening with some of the family what went all the coffee and we are going to movies there's an appeal. Two reach out to parents more than they necessarily need to want things are locked about strict I don't have a problem with the bill humor in children's movies. But that can be done situation it was done in (%expletive) is constrict. Toward the adult community in the kids don't and I think there were sort of see the crossing of allowance to where frankly some filmmakers don't necessarily care about what the parents think we're the kids thing. Yeah comic and money for a lot of them. They know that B I'd be startling offend there was not terrible language but you know mild. Swear words and I'd probably be upset to find a young child that now. Was exposed to that when you're not trying to expose than those kind of thing. Clothing didn't. Brothers older discuss what can have their but the there's a lot of adult animation now all of dogs those are great film but I would not take my eight year old. Granddaughter to see if there's no way it goes through it's a great film. And that was marketed always two children and it should not have been and so. I'll I'll say don't voice my opinion to not we know my granddaughters she doesn't live in them that much the show to a halt because. You know she's she's seen television as well as a few of the things we try to keep away from the zombies but. Is there any thing else coming out in the near future there and intrigue you yes and I handed down here than the one I really want to silly. Is a Calgary. I'm looking Carrie I'm looking forward to uncle drew. I don't know if you're from north that story I am analysts I gotta do for carried. I don't know I don't have not been one of the twenty well it means that if it blows up living in that's that's married for hand I think it's going to be a big hit. Oh yeah a lot of people just be very curious about it then and go for that reason but the trailers the company apart under the traders have done a fantastic job. And if it's a big hit it won't help his career quite a bit. It is. Will there be more than just sports fans that see the movie they'll be the question that's a good. And good one what about this movie tag which I've read and heard. Really good things about and the concept just seems. I don't know if it's one of it fits in that game attacked that adults planet Digg gets a little but I am a parent. There it is apparently based on the true story that's taken this class of over thirty years opens with this group of gas. It's in there but that's a unique idea. And so while I've heard about it is really good things that it's really funny. That's quite enjoyable excuse and dole or even maybe it's not for kids. And I'm looking for a senior because this I'm kind of wondering how. That those things like that make me wonder about the real people that the movies based off senate since men half his cast it's gonna opera 31 plant that I bet. It's hard to keep in touch with my high school friends much less do something like that with a group would you agree with me and Jason Bateman is in this movie he's in ozark he's obviously Arrested Development. The guys that seems to have something that when he's involved on a project. It seems to work out pretty well he's one of those guys that we featured an expected when he first got into the business I didn't I did not think that you would have lasted this long. Or been bad vs top. He's inquire vs Tom. He's become a common enjoyable actresses on the screen with a Libby television over the mix. Earning power last Jeff have you seen ozark. And I started Watson the first episode and in nets didn't grab me to see if you if Philly guy that did that ozark doesn't grab you. I worry about you what that all try it again but it just. I liked it's hard for me to sit down watch a whole show. Sometimes you're in the Lister is encouraged receive Americans as wells those are Kamal sort of those are Cuba. For those that there Colin that want to know or the listen the program I'm almost no season one of Americans now and I would not have started washing that. And I have started trying to watch it when it first came out last about episode was bored with it. And for whatever reason I don't know what it is it's quite entertaining right now we've got stuck on season four. And we're trying to get to pick it up again. But there's so much. Other slew of this series. Wild wild country. Fascinating generally in episode five of that. You see you finish ally and one. Caught enjoyable blogger Andrew ball country and it's just amazing now it's absolutely amazing. It in what what's amazing is it's they repaired it it's a repetitive story in that that type of thing it's not the first time that's happened. And a top of the reception stuff from. Have a degree and have normal soccer has some studies and lumber agreement pictures of those types of things fascinate me that people give me into that top about theology. And it's been so it's a fan. It's a fascinating. Story that people would follow and the way that they did it it it's fascinating. Yes and it is it's it's even more fascinating. Maybe give a little bit of the current times now what's happening. In America right now assists it's. He is so fast I guess what let's just use the word it's fascinating now. Without. Sharing any other opinion is it's fascinating numbers I mean it's theater that it's bad but it's an extremely thought provoking too many illicit things more. Time my cause of pleasure you're headed for South Dakota win be leaving the end of July 1 of August OK so we got here for while longer now. And though will visit with you in two weeks that's. But July 4 we will not be here that day but we'll get chief of July 3 July 5 how's that sounds very high I'm throwing to. Country music Bob Wills and a Mulligan so Andrea Lovett at that beautiful. Love Bob Wills back in a moment with our top ten list of our favorite country sung. You can hear that next on the driver problems.