Covering The Chiefs With Brooke Pryor

The Drive
Wednesday, August 15th
The Kansas City Star’s Chiefs beat writer Brooke Pryor joins the show to talk what she’s observed at Chiefs training camp.

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All right. Let's go. Create. Now it's it's Radiohead and Jack that a number 51 thing that surprised yes. It's all right video like this song or you like the last resort yes it does. Yeah I don't believe that. You're crazy men crazy. Brooke pride joins us from the Kansas City Star covers a Kansas City Chiefs are an action number two exhibition game hi Brooke are you. Not that are you different. We're doing well we're happy to have you on where when I know you're excited about this opportunity. To cover that she's south have been so far. You know so far so that I military you know what they're backed merit urged. Training camp it just get out silly thing guilt are under the Mubarak yesterday and I stayed up here production data work on this story out. Excited neck and move on to the next beta that he then. I guess broad question is what are what were your impressions of chiefs training camp obviously. All eyes were on Patrick my homes what kind of an impression did he make. I think think he had about the training camp I expected him to have. Wasn't a news that he entered an interception that they don't have headline. Injury that early hour Aybar and attacked him. They're training camp and really cut not extinct now experiment you know try to. Emirate. I was surprised that it has and it ain't cap and either my other technically with the improvement in the secondary. Points you know held up for the first week or Alan Gayle turned to go that would hit an area ballot or. What looked like a pretty solid secondary were stolen from buried at a little at a lot different. Orton rendering in theory now. Dealing with the Stewart eagle what is you know injury history you'd never know how is that gonna be expecting that. Those that are you know to the main during aren't that look back on board. Burke prior with those from the Kansas City Star covers the chiefs what do what your impressions have been so far Patrick my home season not only. Talked about locally and around Kansas City but certainly nationally he's the guy that so many people are focused upon. Huge potential. What how do you think he's handling all the so far because he's right in the spotlight. Are probably go to C you can really really well Huntsman family. How are quite the dad Clara pro baseball like in knows. How to handle it because he's not a dagger early. I think you know it can they keep telling how he handled the rest. That is pro career. Yet and that she cannot at a whatever came with him back there he's he's learning he's young he's gonna go to their concern though. How eat deal with that. Was immediate particular that either I think we'll be really telling our Arab the wait a deal that direct it's that career. Because of those things are gonna happen but making eight crime handle it. Lot better than I am quarterbacks would be. What is Brooks the the defense looking like so far Reggie rag and says we're gonna we're gonna stop the run. Do you think that's necessarily the case and how much will Reggie rag and himself have a hand in that. You know at the preceding game there wasn't much up in Iran there are no one right pat brushed it back. I you know events super encouraging but when you factor the fact that Iraq and Dorian which played at that game. I think it. Bill once they get it there it will look a little bit better. And I got back or they're gonna pay huge part a lot a pitcher. Their chemistry to be developing really well. And I think that that's going to be a major key in turning that you are around her the care. Brooke prior with us from the Kansas City Star you come up from. Covering college football big time college football and Oklahoma also what's the difference what's been the differences you've noticed from. Covering the kind of college football program leave your you have experience with the now covering and an NFL franchise. The other more accurate in the NFL when they're in college and college you know these guys don't have art here there's no. Requirement that you're talking a lot and they don't they are mad about it. It daily article more accountability there are becoming an act that are you can't every day aren't aren't nearly that they plan. They're rotating through are right it got a little note you know all the all the but at. A serious that you perfection and it what you're getting hate it deal. In college you know I wanna make it here now. But there's still a long way to go for them and it looked at other college career there there. Create than any college at the next level you can count how the course here it says. Despite your heart is speaking at practice and I. The question that I get the spam act they want a breakdown and I Asia. And that at the line of strategy and your knowledge at a college battle it it's a plane and your experience like that I really liked a challenge I really liked back. What do you what do you think baker may feel how do you think he will he will fare early on in his NFL career I know you haven't been the browns training campy haven't. Seen him up close yet it as a professional but. Just his mindset is his temperament his ability woody how do you think that life will translate to the boy answer this question Brooklyn Lisa let me tell you my cohosts. Thanks the browns will make the playoffs this year. With baker may not necessarily so so that what that context go ahead now I'm not that broke my fourth try episode one of our hard knocks and I think hue Jackson is in over his head. I like their roster I'm not gonna back off for the prediction I think they'll be better. And yet admittedly in the batter I don't comic speaker gonna play this year because. Typewriter to router however is it at that idea being that you gonna be the target charity the ballot baker kind of barricade. Back there work yet the number is not what you what he needs because he always motivated by coming from behind to like it you know he he really. That year to kind of you know let that desire corral and learn respect them. I really like what I need to cut our heart cockpit at the Icrc are there ill. He's he's very charismatic. You like to be apparently you start you out can your wire Hewitt parent or Larry like I Iraq. And the next episode you that there ethernet expands I think the playbook you like challenged and you really like to respond to their bank. And acting as his plane dial is gonna have to change a little better on the front. A little bit at that at bat first preceding game against the giants like India lies. And he didn't get tackled but I also think it'd be only in the first in defense. You topic and it takes morehead they're gonna want him to bribe a little bit last. But I I really liked how do you translate that I'm excited to eat whatever it's on the the other beauty tabled a bill. Did you enjoy being around the comments field. Did you know you only get a quarterback that is at me differently baker isn't an air. You know uber it's a quote machine the weight he says pat I'm pat eat it a little bit too excited or rather have a day off but it. Bet you're right about Iraq or whatever out. He was such a huge personality and I are people are now in our idea there. He really made. Why are you experience covering hurt you what I'd really enjoy that. Burke prior with us from the Kansas City Star. Obviously the chiefs have a chance in the AFC won SI think it's pretty wide open this year may be the chargers would be. Considered the favorite but I think Denver's going to be good. But the schedule for the chiefs this season is loaded. How they get through all laughed because they start out playing the chargers in LA than they go to Pittsburgh they've not had any kind of success at all. Playing on the road at Pittsburg. Do you see this schedule falling after the chiefs. Yeah I mean I think that they're gonna hate them losses in those first four weeks I have the first oral route. Especially with a new quarterback and was often the black and really struggled. I've been through at least here first preceding game obviously you're out there hoping to improve on Matt. Again interacting edit they get their first or can't. Without you know you're going away or they wait until I have that they have to consider that. Pretty good extracts. The rest of their either make it a little bit easier. But yet I especially with Patrick aha there's going to be reverend pain they hate to have to look straight at the route Brett. Accurately that the schedules check out her he's gonna have to grow up really really quickly. I ask you about the defense earlier broke the the chiefs spent. Basically all of their early picks on a defense of players would do those players do you think will emerge. As a reliable option really speaks is the obvious choice I would guess is if he probably that guy. Think really speaks of definitely a lot of guys but I would also look at true not at the corner by. I'm telling and it you know channel all or are those are locked out. You you know I'm really really good player albeit primarily in our. It in the package. But from our net couldn't that be an every down at a corner at the speed use it in their development. Getting better at that are a deadly campus feel that there returner. I bet them or that you develop training camp. He kind of showed that he could be you know a frequent guy that came up but he can't. You know maybe got a starter that definitely irritation and. Brooke we enjoy that we enjoyed talking with him and we can do it again as the season goes on we sure hope so. Good luck cover the chiefs and it's going to be a busy time for you thanks for your time here. I'm worried democratic maronite so Brooke prior from the Kansas City Star. And what I'm talking about here with the chiefs. They open in LA against the chargers I'll just ask you to give me win laughs. As we go down that since it's a futile effort won't be Garland never is that it says so far it's fun at the chargers loss at Pittsburgh. I'll think that I don't know weight loss. San Francisco at home win well at Denver win. Jacksonville home loss. At New England loss but angles of home win Denver at home win. Let me convert to an all the out although I had no I've not very good. Act Cleveland that your costs more mosques that's how can only got to get to be in the playoffs Arizona home. Lots of errors all of gonna knock out that she had Josh Rosen. We will be playing by that time and that he's not Sam Bradford will have been playing well so yeah they'll begin at the ram slots. At Oakland. Win c'mon. You're just saying that the tweet me you know about your rams guy again nom I'm with the raiders. Although can. This cut. Raiders fans why are you. There are now they get I think Iraq I think that they've all gone silent absolutely I don't think they believe in this game. This Khalil Mac situation is that upsetting. OK where were away. Home against Baltimore. I guess the wind and who knows home against the chargers loss at Seattle loss all of against Oakland win why do you do that at a at. They not been Kleenex and ten relish that fit. That's that's a little bit about their scheduled to be a really tough work and I think it's easier after the first four I don't see it. Where are the easy games on the schedule maybe Cleveland. And I wouldn't say that on May be but I can't wait I don't ID tag game they've been an easy cuts. For the last couple years to have everyone I watched episode two of hard not Dotel in Dale Watson that tonight. They'll look bad for us. He knows better although it and it just feels he got to remember episode one he's dealing with the loss of his mother his brother it just feels that I write heads I think there on the right path. But I don't know that they get V your way which we had out. It's a Wii and I shall we have let's just say. Dan Quinn it. Dan Quinn that somebody used so it does all the weeds situation now yeah all of Dan Quinn of the fine coat is but he's not likely did a great idea because what he meant a pretty good good coach but it's not like he's the best coach in the league adds. I just wanna when you are good Nero playing Jacksonville New England went. Baltimore I think Baltimore is going to be pretty good. I upgraded their receiving core I just think you've you've got issues. The Cincinnati. Should be good right now what do you know who's good for Cincinnati. They like their hands about it I love their running backs Nixon and Hulu and Geovany Bernard. I think I think mix them. I thought this last year I think mix and is is going to be a star. AJ grain. In what's not to like about this offense. That they had the man any got last year and they did nothing man. All of our record last year. Bad like five and eleven he sure about that. And they were pretty bad I don't know who who knows. We'll see here they were last year the Bengals were 12345678979. And still migraine. We'll have more final lab close enough they want to get your blood here's the Bengals they've got set up by the started on three. So then they went seven and six arrests alive. They lost in overtime act Green Bay lost by four against Houston when dishonor Watson was flying. Lost by four at Tennessee by three against Pittsburgh they were blown out by the bears. Blown out by the bears. Fiancee and the NFL so unpredictable. And then that to what they lied about stance. I liked that about it. I wanted to ask you what you thought about bin vote. Is being objected for the first time in his career. Arguing a prison was. Obviously outside that today called that now yesterday. And got kicked out for saying to the umpire Phil Tuesday. This is why we need electronic. Guy all in stride guys are gonna take that usually personally. That's some people think I don't want it do we need it. No we don't need it why don't you want there's a good game are gonna do realize that game well then I dare not let it get any sense why you do if you're if you're gonna strive to get everything right the game I thought I balls and strikes from not strive to get everything right in the game we'd all like reply. Well not necessarily. Did helps sometimes. When it comes like every other you know how Israel does it goes if it goes against my team I hate epic goes former Italian island but overall the it is a good guy but I think wouldn't there would be nothing about you want to replay. And even if you obviously we've instituted in baseball. Why wouldn't really institute. Machine. Balls and strikes because it's too stark of a difference between what the game has always been so those three fly no. Not really yeah that's absolutely stark. You don't have any aren't the only argument the strike zone change is unbelievable different strike zone is changed over the years out safe never has fair foul never had thoughts of dumb argument if the truth. The strike zone. Should be what the strike zone it's not a uniform strike zone it's okay would be with electronics. So we're gonna that's another change it for something it's never been a uniform they change the strike zone you many times over thirty fair share of eliminating. The umpires. For one it would it. Because of tradition. There's no need for umpires in baseball you agree with that then it's not absolutely necessary. At the Major League level now that probably isn't. Little I. Or someone arrested Telus is out or safe. Replay or not someone asked the student re relay the message let's get the bill quickly before bright bill you're on the show. All of our room replay what are we would have over royalty in our World Series if it hit so. I mean they're the credit card different between player out the door to electric car. Go. Right thanks bill yeah we will of 185. We have another banner. There you go reply. Thank you thank you just take a break when we return top ten Wednesday. Favorite outdoor activities this little guy who never gets up north on order at this guy. So I don't know what we're doing here. Favorite outdoor activities. As I don't have any back at a moment.