Courtside With Keitha Adams

The Drive
Friday, February 23rd

Lady Shockers coach Keitha Adams joins “The Drive” to talk the progress of the Lady Shockers.


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I don't know why now. The drive with a bow and Jeff Daly 691240. Left. JFH. Last Fleetwood Mac's. This week about you but we seasoned pro player reported that north of will month. The change. For iconic sons and Fleetwood Mac today Keith Adams joins us from Wichita State basketball with soccer's. But their final home game tomorrow against to land it seems like this season has flown by Andy you gotta be a little bit sad that. Worth the end part because your plan pretty well right now. And I and welcome to the south. Banks could be here at. Got incredibly. That really hard to believe that market collapsed on the game that. Bombed by and you know that. Desperate poverty. Topping the year we've gotten better. We've been playing pretty good father's second semester and about enjoyed enjoyed working with these young lady and now. Two mom palpable play great game and our seniors can that can have a a great moment and so great that tomorrow. This year's always kind of been like day I guess I don't know as a building year that might not be fair to say because there are so many seniors. Who won't be their next year so. What was that like for you coaching a team with with so many players who won't return next year and knowing that this would be their last college basketball experience. Yeah I mean acting terming I would call this year it's just been a year transition from my cell. You know I'm making here I'd really just took the approach it. That these eight seniors now when there are times that Lemerre is going to be short. And just want to make the most of it in now. And make it be a top leader could be heard them and. That in the end there last go around and then you know I think they. We definitely improved as a basketball team and. Are played gotten a lot better and. I've enjoyed it and then I got about it and weigh at one make it be the best that can be. Knowing that this is damn. You know short time that this group and and we've done that in I'm enjoy that try to bring a lot energy. And go to not to get after it ends up. And locked burst your first year here being urged here in America copper at. My first year with them. That you're a lot durst trying to make that status. Each each moment. Keith battles with those Wichita State women's basketball coach. Only go off from of your team from men and and certainly get back to a bit. Certainly today with some with some of the news it was reported by Yahoo! Sports and wanna ask you anything specific. But you're in what bureau women's basketball coach we certainly don't have these issues and women's basketball. But in your opinion keep the even our own college athletics for a long time is there any quick fix to these issues. Click next and I think where are probably at cited as you know want everything. So quickly anymore I think it even. You know what social media and everything everything's quick and yell at state they expect about that. I can't. I think that. You know when he goes colleagues. And you get to work on your education and get your good period. It special moment operative in college athletics and the great. Wonderful time for young people because you're good to be apartment. A great sport you're gonna travel. And you're in the ditch your education in your degree he and Netscape or through a period scholarship and then. You know when you're young and and you get would be involved claim. This great game men and all the different sports. They get their precious time than. You know are always going to be there aren't going to be here is greater than things that are happening and that our right and you know. If you don't go about things then and work harder and you know you wanna be at the bit that are along I needed things the right way. And that he would have been a bit of Bob crime you you. Do you think the right way and they're good at and it. You know coaches. You know are actually. Now he did playing bench and in players have responsibility there too and that in al-Qaeda athletic that they greats. Great saying it's great. It stands it's great for the players and I'm very fortunate that it will be a part of it and there. Acting you can make some changes you can do think we speed that we've done things to make things better adapt pretty good cop that ended. I think they're angry thinking colleague there you know make it better bit candidate there's probably gonna always be some people out there may be good things that. Are within the guidelines and are going to be a blood are doing things that the the gut. But glad to be at our college athletic package say. Keith go back to the year team a little bit what what did you tell them. A couple weeks ago before they went and played UConn this is a group largely that'd. You know played their road conference games in places like Normal, Illinois near Peoria. And here there at the arena may be the most decorated program in the history of the sport so. How did you prepare them just did to go to that played that game to be there. Well you know it. That the monster challenge. And that you know they've bent down. When you're involved and been going up against the best in the year. You're Gatorade competing against. You know one of their programs in the country. You you look at it and opportunity and you know we need you that the and you get paid then you know beyond being high level the biggest stage at all. And you know it brings up about spending and end you're glad to be a part of it and then turning I'm extremely motivated. You know I'd I'd I'd take it from the experience and it is motivated they can't play it doesn't mean and that you know. I think there when you're inspired by champion you're motivated by topic or make better. Keep that a little close Wichita State basketball two lane tomorrow Coke arena. 2 o'clock start then on the road at Tulsa next week. Before the American athletic conference tournament at the Mohegan Sun arena in Connecticut that's. That's gotta be cool way I wanted to ask you about. I I guess I like to look at stat sheets and study players and certainly. Branch of the start of the diamond Lockhart or have an outstanding senior seasons. Both shooting. But incredibly well from the free throw line. Diamond at ninety almost 94%. Which is. Unreal and Randy at the 81%. But readies made six of 443 pointers diamond thirteen of 49. I think we know but I think we know there limited shooters maybe we know how far they can. Get out on the floor and make shots warrant they better three point shooters and more are they such good free throw shooters. Well I am you know. I'd seen it before where you know you go to great weekly series you would think they're great shooter that Ali is at stake. You would think it would be it's not always. Yeah I think our team we have. We've gotten better and union are confident he's gotten better sitting there and part of that I act act so people are great cop stationed there. Chris Lambeau are by about ocean. Coach ever being talked about keeping track of you know they did in their volleyball practice they're about areas that caught my husband. And they have no about the opponent. I don't went down one damn like OK our clients in mr. Bennett and I had my coat and cap make met with a guitar player that figured it now archived there. Are really focused. And they're shooting at work where action all of it. I want I change the number and that we got an everyday and I had that converse station attendant. In longer hold our our senior gotten better and I think market confidence and got the other end. You know. I have a lot of respect the coach in eyewitness operational. And then talk and that our struggles and. Can you tell me that's opening bid is viable team and I. What was that I was about basketball team and I do think it it felt bad. Acting that you are got by and waste. Two. And it confident in your kids and your pain to where it makes them feel more confident about themselves and that's what we've tried again and acting. Our everyday she enters any challenge. America still more competent about themselves shooters each an eloquent area. That we really really struggled with that I can be gotten better. Amare not replenish nineteen. But we share try to move that ball a lot. And we try to we try to get screen than she can never get attack inside and out in that work well. Or before lips to god I did want we know Wichita State then and Gregg Marshall gonna have to replace six seniors for next year. He got a bunch of seniors as well and how do you feel like that transitional go. Next season idea and you feel pretty good about some of the recruits you're gonna bring in and and how you'll fill these spots. Well you know it. I think the thing that is kind of without eighteen years you know first semester I try to figure out this group and what. What worked and what not to do with rampant in acting like finally we figured about it and second semester we play a lot better bought our mail by. Our guys were you know start to roll it by day. Parole ever play in the you know got all the good players there were about being it. And so like you know that are gonna be gone there's part of Angela bank. I hate that these can't there are laid in bed. You know it is an exciting that bring in you know new kid and it's always. By the gonna recreate. Are likely to at least dying dying I think our guard Larry. We sighed and gave guard in the China focused on getting it to shoot the ball. We're going to be young starlet in some aspects. Don't look like next year I'm gonna be there another transition you know start all over them and have a holder group. She. Sure I'm sure we'll go to grunting and it's gonna we have any freshman and now we're gonna have in your group did as well. It's exciting. The total going to be real challenge in that note it's gonna take time. To build a program that gonna take our time you know I had a commanded. A cabin at a heady senior class. You know an iron there were retarded do the best job I can't with this group. Big picture you're gonna be like start over end. It doesn't happen quickly at that picture extent that it takes to build a program. But I am excited about the kids shine in where we're working really hard on experience that bad Obama I think that every damn network on every day. Key to win or skiing yeah we appreciate your time good luck tomorrow to lane and 2 o'clock Charles Cook arena will visit with you soon. Sighed Keith Adams Wichita State. 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