Court Side With Coach Joe Auer

The Drive
Friday, December 15th

Heights basketball coach Joe Auer joins the show just prior to tonight’s tip-off against rival North High School to talk about this year’s Falcons and the expectations around them.


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I don't know why am I. Good drive with a bow and Jeff Daly 691240. Left. JF things. I. All right have you. He sits there all night long Tommy didn't have these little well. It's are not out on I know I know now that if it. Don't the only curve I don't I don't I can't get the current it's Friday it's Friday in curve balls don't work on Friday I had never could hit the curb I throw a helmet curve. I can always hit the curve ball you couldn't have mono like it is 812 off cutouts are come -- league 421 day when you're there and use roaming curve ball if I tried the one occur right now I would lose body part that's the right advice one right now I do what's so we got one picture that I think that Joseph. A relatively big game tonight considering it's just December your unbeaten new face north once beaten at your place. Kind of exciting game Toronto. They're trimming on Jason about. Effort December it is it is it is pretty big game both teams that have got off to a great start. Both teams who have a lot of new pieces sand. Should be allowed on tonight at our place. Dele cat do you like having this game a little earlier would you rather have it later on in the schedule and it's getting closer do. Playoff time. Well you know this thing about Staley is it is there are somewhat a big game throughout the season so. This will be warm up but Manning. Our first this year I have outlook report is not that. Want to you know but partly eaten but it can be beaten. On any Tuesday and trotted toward their Kruger bishop Carroll went south east last last week and then and I had a big upset win. Then there's three teams have won lots were undefeated so. It's a really balanced way in can be allowed see how plays out over the next are much. Jar with those so basketball coalition that hi it's. And it's you guys do obviously the double round Robin now but were you around when they tried that experiment whether this played one. Once seats against the other city the schools and and beefed up the non. League portion of the schedule that took years off my life shelf. Yes. In the city league does that sound throughout Karl Taylor's idea I think he had a really good intelligence. Yeah idealist that we quit. Particularly in showcase about scheduling some great comments. Not just thinking has is that maybe in Oklahoma and Missouri bet. The problem was reluctant to not take advantage of that and we also decided that. We really don't need to schedule. Outside we've got great competition here in the city you've got a great tradition here in the city of any in the end there. Feel like it's warm there. Not what the crown jewels of our community and I love the double round Robin and I just think it's it's a wonderful test of a basketball and yeah you've got to be really get a pass for three months sort of westerly championship. So you like at the way it is now is there some that you would tweak or change to anything like Saturday think the way it's set up is the prize the best way and Obama bought. Not definite about the way it is I think to tweak that a lot of this. Most of the coaches and stay when Mike is would be put it at. Three to five games on during the season which would allow us to add another term and then venture out playing like you different change but. Not. Double around Roberts it's a great tradition. And so much history. In our community throughout the years so many great players and you know the sixteen game schedule is just got a tech an expert our kids and and just have to be part of. So you'd like to see autopilot you are high it's basketball coach maybe you'd like to see a tournament. Around the holidays maybe in another the other one. Maybe later like early February and some of the last week in January how would that work in near. In your view got. I think how they term it will be great that they're probably that. Is that mandatory. Day off which which is good because it allows. Families. And I travel plans but. Yeah I'd I'd like to see something maybe it right now there's this weekend. Would be very. And there's there's been discussion of that over the years but. Most of the states. Have the opportunity to get to play a few more games and man don't be in the best of our kids to take it that they could have three to five want to change. Throughout the year but yeah right now be a great time and that I wouldn't have to tweak. And in this season term format and those things are a bit around wherever we ought to Dodge City and we're celebrating. I believe are celebrating their 78 year. Of that tournament. And we've is if you oldest tournament west of Mississippi River and bring him back. We're really out of are going out there that you more anxious about what speaker. Up and Joseph are with those basketball coach should hide so. Let's talk a little bit about the freshman in this conference. You've got a couple of LaMont. Actually just seen Jackie Johnson playing game for north plan that. There's a chance there's a big time chance that fact kid's going to be really special. But talk talk to us about your freshman. Certainly gonna play one tonight and Jackie Johnson. Other guys in the league atom and have a impressed you as young players. BR I'm. I don't have a conversation recently with. What you know the only and then at a lot stimulate basketball. Over real sixty years and and we agree that now that the last time in my career in nineteen freshman class. Compare vote this year class was in 20081. Plan now imperialism. There was a freshman. Yes it's a great kid and encounter curriculum you know that but. We've got chewed. There that are that are contributing it got to. A man named their density Grewcock. What start dressing had eighteen points in the first name only fourteen turns fourteen in August so it is very young freshman QX please. And he plays. It it plays post stress but after this year no problem going out. Mobile wing position and we got a kit. 67 freshman are cuter orange. Is playing some minutes Morrissey you may pick up more as the season progresses and nine eat it with a plan that's over two years tremendous upside. Really sad about his future. Of course you mentioned Jackie. I don't know but soon I young freshman point guard. As dynamic has talent that is. Skilled there's this young man and he's very ecstatic watch. Great passer. Can really shoot history. Tremendous leadership are first in. Known as uncle Joseph Mitchell was a great player at out these coach Taylor. Then went on had a as much career French universities and he's next on the coaching staff in north this year. Sodium and he's been brought up from that spot he's got a great basketball IQ and importantly challenger. But garden Q it is spewed durst first I've interest careers ever in almost point by point two game which has. Bob you know that's just unbelievable. In this league and then now. These ties young man daily challenge. To starting program six refreshment and sort scored in double figures. Several times and can't. And there are other kids that are that are going to. Play a little bit this year in and they really really JV teams and then sophomores. Really look around be dominant players are an exciting. Classroom now a lot of great players have a chance step. I'm not only be successful high school players in and win championships and also go on and edit and play it hard division one level summed up. I'm just curious what tonight's game what's what are the keys for you guys tonight obviously got to watch Jackie but what do the keys for you just get that went nine. Well you know first. Becomes evident to playing successful defense event. We've been pretty committed. Tourist zone is defensive package has about 2014. And or after the start that this year and defending Allen and rebounding well. We would go tremendously fasting and got forcing your guards. Our Devin Davis was first team all state last year. Most of scorn as a junior. Kurdish profit. In his the senior point guard. In Kirk and all. Another guard in your garden beyoncé Edwards uses 200 pound. Football player so actually 200 pound ball bustle that leading a super about it. Just. Just playing very very unique style press polished and our hearts are punched a garden so we really revolved around us forcing leaders and then. The freshman has a lot of fun to watch even though is only fourteen and I think he's growing a little bit battery every two minutes change like that jar. In turn get hit like about him but he's under watch it just ain't carjacking and and trying to limp and the launch and I've got no acute pain tatters 67 seniors. But it's terrific player and version yeah. About eighteen point two game and can shoot history could also clear on what. On the deck and can get to the ramps up. I've got a really good talent and I think it when it comes down to threats like always is opening the door shut. So that we can get our transition game well. Joseph thank you applause good to see young talent infuse into the sleek and guys like you coach some week. Wish you luck tonight against north. Backed up and they only lose that I know the it to curve ball or shot Jeffrey he was used cricket in the car. I you know why did you Harriet dynamic mind banks you know at that bad am I thought that's about it and joke. Feel we can't you can't say things like that. He goes straight to the gonna say and you got it. No you have to deal with them on Monday. But that's not faired well c'mon back not good at that let's get to Brian Jones from the gulf wearhouse sees with those every Friday. And then there's always something going on to golf warehouse and again today it's you're still sell on the suffer. Big big prices soft. But as a 25%. Though there were upset when he did 25% all of that don't want them. These everything golf baseball but all all soccer and you know payment you know those aren't yet discount discuss the vendors stray actions but I. It activists say OP party taken advantage of it today. And let's remind people who work ten days away from Christmas so I can't think of any thing. More of that though we'd lost the under the tree then. At some golf balls slow some golf clubs some. Some baseball gear some soccer gear some softball gear and I this is I know one of the busiest times a year year. Well I mean you're exactly right and it's not just because now I'm clear on that little bit better material than 2018. Year. It is now you know in golf baseball solve all our columns. But it appears now they were the state twenty to 25%. All weekend and all the late pre Christmas. And so I wanna make sure people know you sell you outerwear that. They feel it's getting cold. If you wanna stay warm get up to the golf warehouse for a lot of outerwear Nike under armour and resume new balance a lot more. They knew exactly who are in it executes the wrecks and her being able jackets open it quarters. You know all the top brand burger night he had aegis. And I didn't ballots I mean either a great election. Golf that some of the night without a weary include business casual. Makes great gifts Pakistan at the end if you're just not sure what to get you know. Get them to get to the AGW based Allstate the Allstate world soccer saying get car. And that let them cheers. I've got thrill money to get out there and cash in. I'll softly and actually Jones Bryant. That they don't that don't get a fatal mistake Tony there's a little. Our also that's Brian Jones from the gulf or else we'll talk to assume are on Havoc have a great week. We tip our thank you and I will be back you're listening to the drive jive talk up next. Sponsored by sugar Shane it's. Then I guess salutes and do the with deal Friday.