The Cleveland Browns have been terrible for decades now

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Thursday, October 12th

You have to go back decades to find success for the Cleveland Browns and there’s no success in sight for them.


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By the way just to finish up on how McRae won 51%. These games in three plus seasons. With the royals. And we're what thirteen games over 500 when it ended in 84. Think that's right 64 and fifth you want something. Something like that and so it really at the end of the day not a bad manager and hazards and winds and water and a string of bombs relatively speaking after that through. Yes there were really they were no hit the skids yes. Yes no question about it have not gotten into the Twitter question shame on me what are we got. Well leads and good to the next segment that the final segment of the show coming up about twenty minutes or so. You know occupied by the Cleveland Browns quarterback situation it's not good. The Sharon Keyser has been benched Kevin Hogan we'll get to start against the Texans. So with that being said the thing you hate her Twitter question is that who's your favorite browns quarterback. Over the last ten years. Cody Kessler. Brandon Sweden. Colt McCoy. Or one of the other sixteen. Nineteen quarterbacks. Since 2008. For the Cleveland Browns again we'll dive into that a little bit deeper and in then the next segment but. How old. You talk about curses. The browns so much that I'd rather own way when it comes to pick an accord known. Now Al Gore to be even beyond that I mean that's what's represented of representative of their. Inconsistency. But just stated how bad the browns are urine in year out. I mean you. And I mean you almost have to you've got to go back really to Marty Schottenheimer. To have consistent. Relevance. From the Cleveland Browns now what you think about that. I mean that's a long. Time that's three Kansas City Chiefs. That's Brian's site. Yeah that's what are you gotta go back earnest minor. Yes. Although my goodness I don't know if you ever threw a pass but you get the idea that's how far you got a few got to go to he made a fumble he did drop on you know. He did drop one that that they're still talking about. And so those are within you know there's a pretty good Twitter poll. And put her yesterday's turnout by the way. You can put you at one it was a pretty even right on that was the free throws yesterday. Maria Dennis Rodman was that you asked. I had been won it yeah I Rodman want to I had actually snuck one in there between last night on yesterday's show on this one. In this since. Actually stuff 41 minutes left to vote on this one so let's scroll down on my tan a bit which injury has doomed or will doom fifteen the most. David Johnson. Ryan cannon hill JJ watt or Andrew Luck. They're at change in this new war and vote on that and so far Andrew Luck at it could one day Andrew Luck is that edging out JJ a lot of the moment. David Johnson with 20% of the vote Ryan cannon with only five. But down luck at least is practicing now. I think he's officially out again this week. Did you want obviously on the shelf he's in mistresses season. I'm so there's problem for you vote on. One. Actually both football related. So guess. My diet I just can't. This managerial. Role hot seat paying him right Major League Baseball I can't get some change can't president then I guess. You know it's changed trick it up Marty Schottenheimer I think it was him that set it in this this kind of fits for. Major League Baseball managers to after about ten years. Even with sustained it's success. Your players retired here and they've heard everything you've got to say. Is that fair to us young and with. All managers you know I think it is say I think I think it is I think that it I think with baseball managers it becomes even more. In this is why a guy like Joseph Girardi. In the gets really high marks really high marks because these withstood the test of time. And and Bruce poaching has done the same thing night in San Francisco. I I think that. It doesn't make you look up a worst manager or head coach. But yes it to it in inning in a very simplified fashion it's the stud whatever whatever work initially. Doesn't work quite as much done me any stoop putter doesn't make you worse manager oral worse tactician. It's just that the familiarity. Of the message. Becomes kind of redundant and if you've heard it. Once you've heard it a thousand times so how much do you listen to it anymore I don't think it's it is I don't even think it's a disrespectful thing. From teams as much it is as it is human made human nature you know I mean. Now that's again I think so and Marty Schottenheimer was that way and football coaches are different because they they're raw raw. They are. Let's run out of the tunnel their hair on fire baseball's not that way. Not delivering the message. And getting the team to play the way you want them to play that's that's the same in any sport baseball football or anything else and I had just it's it's it's stuck. But Joseph Girardi and see that you have it does change but but think about the frequency. With which you deliver the message in baseball that's what changes it. Mom. I you do it a hundred you're doing it a 162 times. And a month before the season starts in February in March then you're doing it if he if you're fortunate enough. You're doing it for another few weeks or another month. In October. The varying the message. And to the point where guys get it. I think is it is an incredible challenge when you're doing it virtually every single day. On my. I don't know. I but it has changed baseball's. Expectations. Of managerial expectations. I think it changed and I am not sure when it did. But I think it's a pretty. A pretty. Recent thing. When you're talking about the kinds of pressures Enron guys like fare any and you know what. Almost to a man were talking about places that have deep pockets. And that's deep expectations. Right yup some places may not have those. And so you get a little bit of a longer line the kind of he had to play west. Before you end up hanging yourself which an inevitable to all these guys and they're doing because for whatever reason they can't win it or they can't win the big one or they can't. Get to. A championship series or can't get to the World Series but that's what we're seeing now. Then listen by the way Terry Francona out they had I'll be happy to take them back. But give them back to me I'll take him right now sight unseen on the outside on scene did you get my Dennis what do you think. Well I tell you what. First question I have for you to have you ever seen a ball game. That so many. Breaking pitches for a grown by all pitchers. In one game. Yeah that's pretty much all clued her in and now that he would do. Cutters sliders. Every pitchers that threw. I mean. Curveball and slider was the name of the game last night. And you talking about higher going to be fired my big question do year. Isn't there another manager. That you can Banco. That spent his entire career with an organization. Like look sorted it is or another what. We'll sort it was with the Dodgers for golly fifteen years then maybe you won't Walter Alston before that. Alston and and LaSorda were the two guys that when you think about. You know it Denis how good album and are now with Connie Mack. Please stay at the Philadelphia is the all time. Willow. Look harder Eden politely admire her yeah straight bowl win and yes yes. You know he didn't and you expel him if he. Yes pretty nice to move over their bit every every bit yeah you Israel and a Boca and wanna make plans like that change and now. Do you don't know if you call them today. That is remains to be subpoenaed I do not know brought its. Can student radio buddy got a find out about over the rest of us. Yeah he might have something to say is pretty and console and a lot of times I'm I'm sure of that but. As over the top that he is he also eventually comes back down to earth. And her you know he was trying to rationalize and and come to. Me. Why this happened kind of think this season due. Not only is he a huge fan he's is that kind of a deep thinkers and Saber metrics guy and he's smaller and questioning are is to know about the Indians but. I get a might be were two men if you if you wouldn't I'm sure that Bob will provide a soft shoulder for him to lie on. Neighbors don't hit him he was doing in the process last night on on Twitter and whether you actually does that when they're set next to each other at 4 o'clock de government beef. Could be some egging on because he knows the switches DePaul could be could be. That's note thank nothing illegal getting back to the managers and expectation I think you I think you hit on something that. The managers that they leash of a big league manager. Is directly proportional to the payroll. If we totally if we had a ton of money on our team and you can't get us to the promised Klein wolf land will find somebody that well. I think that they had of course everything to do with that that made it really crystallized for me right there. If if you're the Dodgers or the Red Sox or the Yankees. Or somebody with an ungodly payroll. And you get to the playoffs but kind of fizzle out and and you know Max out there like. The nationals have done in the past and Dusty Baker. Has done in the past with different teams with Cincinnati. Or with the cubs and now with the nationals. If you don't get us over the hump we hit the bricks. Jaffna has to do I think. There's something to be said about the I really do. I think it's pretty simple and and I think that your patients. Is directly tied to your expectations. And when you're spending the kind of money that some of these teams spend. Then you know the natural expectation is that you get payoff for what you're spending so. In Ireland and it's. And then you always go back to its a hell bloody shoot if fired the managers and it is 25 player Nelson and a little inside the players almost cliche right up there and then their almost. No matter where cliched rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic whenever you fire the bench because total for the third base coach or. To some degree pitching coach I mean. That's those are the fall guys yeah absolutely yeah. Those are the fall guys who who ends up all right in and there are some there are some pretty good candidates. I think Joseph Girardi runs his own ship in New York with all due respect to Brian Cashman. And Aaron now who demeanor how do you make that moves. Right now with Joseph Girardi I mean he's he's into an American League Championship Series and may end up being in any. In a World Series but if you believe that he was tenuous the mean which one of the apparel already done in Boston. What about the rest of these guys think de Bakker he's a lucky on the on the war and I think he's shaky. Tight Tiki Tiki and especially. Especially. If he was. Speaking out of turn on the whole Stephen Strasburg and we don't even know that yet. He had Rizzo obviously were not on a I don't know Sheen I mean that it that it doesn't appear that they were on the same page. Right the world but at the very least they might not have been on the same page clearly. We know you talk about may be and. What have you done for me lately in the playoffs dusty Baker's a poster child for he the last time. A baker managed team won a game to close out a post season ground. Was 2003. When Kerry Wood Lyle was pitching form. He has sent an Austin MLB record for managers nine consecutive. Round closeout games. 2003. Cubs Marlins 2012. Reds giants. 2003. NL wild card last year being sworn five against the Dodgers. So if what we've been saying this segment is true. When it comes to payroll expectations and the like. And if Dusty Baker doesn't win tonight. He made. Me hit me in the market forget about two big boxes Biden next week. But it takes Terry Francona and ask you a question. Does the Indians bailing have more to do with Terry Francona. Because the set up was perfect. I'd tell me how the Indians. Didn't set it up. And Terry Francona didn't set it up the way to he wanted to do it. Well any he had quarter a year yet according clover at two and in five with the rest. So what what lies at the court heard all this they need you touched on secondary can't fire the players and I'm not insinuating that it's the manager's fault. And she badly mismanaged the actual game and don't know how to handle pitching staff and pinch hit at the wrong time that you don't nuts and bolts moves we're not talking about that. We're talking about this the manager be in the fall guy. So my answer would be no it's not Terry Francona didn't fault but that's where the call that's the thing that's whose door gets laid upon. It would have to be you know he'd have to give back to playoffs next year and lose again next year I think before you start hearing his name his. I am maybe he's worn out his welcome Cleveland because they still have this World Series thing to get over. You know and and may have enough for their core players are young enough where I don't feel like the window's closing necessarily. You know it's not maybe now or never like there are going home today thank you know we blew it we might never be back here again. But if they don't get back there again and don't give back the World Series. He's he's in the same boat with all these other big market managers. Well there's a different narrative now in the aftermath of their failures this year. And then there are very simply and it's 102 wins 22 in a row inability to close despite being up three. Two nothing. In a series that they should have won. There is the narrative is different. If the narrative isn't. While the Indians are in great shape they're the 21 of the teams to beat. In the American League coming off of a World Series in which by the way they were also up three games to one pill nobody mentions that. If you get nobody mentions that if you close this series out and win in Gary getting ready to play. Now with Houston who who it gets mentioned because. You failed after being up two games to none on the Yankees after you didn't 31 up on the cups. So the narrative for for Terry Francona. Is different. Going into next season he has to be the manager of the Cleveland Indians he will be the manager of the Cleveland Indians but you know what gets a little bit more volume now change. Is the way that he left in Boston. Which I always thought was a bunch of crap but you know what beer gate. You know beer in the clubhouse. Push back all of that's up there were enough signs. That the lunatics were running the asylum. At the end of Terry Francona his tenure in Boston. And I hated it. They also were I hate little ways with managers sometimes managers to get tired of being in there. It I think get our Francona was tired of dealing with a crap in Boston. And George Carlin who probably have a little New York fatigue it's hard to manage in new York and so even if he wins there he might not wanna stick around so there's that dynamic to it. There could be on points to ponder as we continue Portland finished with you on this edition of Thursday needs sports daylight. Week six of the National Football League. Course kicking off tonight. We'll have more on that and maybe a little football conversation close. Interesting week in college football as we head towards tomorrow's picks. On your State Farm Insurance picks filed the week. Last segment straight.