Chiefs Pre-Season Opener: A Peek Into The Future.

The Drive
Friday, August 11th

A discourse on the Chiefs pre-season opener against the 49ers and if this will be a peek into the future with Patrick Mahomes.


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I don't know why am I. The drive with a bow and Jeff Daly 691240. Love there. JF thing. Rush's version. Summertime blues everybody's for everybody the summertime movies is roughly three of them. And it's rough week thanks for. Do again to Earl forgiven some music big announcement today next week heart. Takes center stage here on the show female version of rash heart what it meant a lot and it just so are similar to me. I had lots of things to say about Hartnell will wait until next week together. Also another announcement we have Wayne Bryan from music theater which atop he will join us at 445 of course. Century two's hot debate right now. In Wichita and why is the director of music theater Wichita which has a show beginning tonight. That's entry to news these other final show of the season so wind Brian. Coming up at 445 here on the show 8691240. If you'd like to get with those Swede would welcome your calls. PGA championship underway in a rain delay right now. The guy went. 6767. And currently is and in leading the term net once you have that information forming. Because my computer's very slow but. Here on my computer's not much better how is your computer now are you gonna are you gonna buy a new one mobile right now he's in your daughter's. Hello little what is that called out to go back to school and if anyone from Wilbur happens to be listening wink wink. And get a new power cord that's all I need brilliant new power cord velocity is go to best buying get back you know because we do we can't. Can and a would you mind telling you why. 3999. Have we can't we can't come on. Really now you want off you want Wilbur yeah middle school. Out of the USD 259 and money that I. Spend taxes on right you want them to provide you power cord out right they'll go. The sea vessels what's wrong this is the millennial as joyous thing science over Wilbur would be more than happy to see how that if if I know our audience you'd just upset them that's all right. Relay chair that there are upset that they can be upset I have no control over that. But how would you feel about a guy around radios then pay taxpayers. That B I'm empower the same way I'd feel if someone says have posted no packages get those at the office same way. So you take office supplies out now out of the can that'll need any but if you did would you. I can't it's hard to imagine ever needing like staples that is Ike hands the legal pads. Go by thank you. I don't believe you firth left I didn't you've seen all the pins that I have but he they got just a crude goes over the years. Kevin K is there leads the PGA. At eight under. Another 67 the day to day Hideki mats Leon up at six. Not a bunch of people Jason Day at five under he's through ten holes today and a bunch of people of foreign three and 2000. It looks like a good term and although right now some rain has. As the infiltrated. In Charlotte, North Carolina quail hollow with a turn on its being quiet the final major of the year in golf Gary Woodland by the way from Topeka. Started well today but ended that these plus two through eleven and has dropped a one under par for the tournament. You can pay attention. Look at it right here on the screen but I got a life. And I'd rather not plan right now they're there and they're under a rain delay otherwise that not particularly. Looks like Jordan speeds don't have to move them. Did it dawn to survive. And make the cut Rory McIlroy days 72 today another plus one us these two over for the tournament. And Phil Mickelson missiles the cutting down PGA championship. For the first time in 22 years. Eleven over for film this is a tough course must be appliance if it's Darren fill up that way must be fairly difficult. Thank you chiefs 49ers tonight any any interest. You gotta wanna see Patrick my homes. That's enough to draw me to the game. To check it out to see you look this guy might be able to do. My newest columnist up with a KFH radio dot com and it deals with Patrick Holmes and I hope chiefs fans. Act and keep put. Under control if this guy just lights it up on the pre season with the understanding that you've got your starter. For now we Alex Smith is gonna be their quarterback that's always on the roster he's on the roster to be the starter they didn't want to be the start they would have found. Are a mobile homes is really. Really right there I mean that. She's planned this well those days as a draft and they're excited about a quarterback and in ever. About the chiefs have not developed quarterbacks they've never drafted and developed in their history ever. That's what I did I had don't have. You can't point to one guy he's we got him. We picked this Len Dawson was and he like outside the organization here locker he started with them in the end Dallas. I may go against get out hunt. To skip the what are you nothing but a fact checker here that's what I am that's all you're gonna do it's not really just check you don't they offer any facts or opinions is just checked my played for Pittsburg. And for Cleveland and then he went to Dallas and then there you go. This homestand now I've been here Len Dawson mile away tonight. I'm can assets. Along with Mitch told us. The chiefs of switched their radio signal here too. Can't SS our sister station and you can hear the chiefs broadcasts there you can have the royals broadcast here on KFH were pretty excited about. The chiefs being over here and account. And of course and they drafted Todd black lives does that count. It really panned out all that if there was some excitement about Todd black hoods. But it didn't work out exciting quarterbacks Trent green was an exciting quarterback when you put him with. Dick Vermeil. I don't think Alex Smith was never that exciting obviously Joseph Montana. Briefly. Was exciting and now Patrick Malone Soledad it's not a long list. The quarter pole today sponsored by sin deal HR oh you have to follow us to get to the totem pole at Bob lutes. Now 108 votes cast on this question what kind of career. Will Patrick my home tablet to chiefs'. 43% say he'll be average at best 49%. Say he'll be great. Only 8% think he'll be a bust so you have nearly half the respondents to this poll only don't know how many of them. Or chiefs fans but this indicates a high expectations. But Kansas City fans have for Patrick my home as they said they should have had expected ratings will be high tonight for this game. Amongst chiefs fans because. This is a guy that interest intrigues. Everybody. No doubt. Tied to. 8691240. We'll talk more about this without a harsher coming up in the second hour of the show today. Where are you with the Marlins Derek Jeter. And his group led by Bruce Sherman New York businessman by the Marlins for one point two billion dollars. Against Thomas Derek Jeter third on ominous today. A hundred million point five million need so less than 21 look right at 2%. Yet Derek Jeter is gonna give be given the responsibility to essentially run the Marlon. No they go that's. I would do it but he hired Derek Jeter. Maybe now that I said it out loud out of mouth I would necessarily has he done that makes you think that was my point hired Derek Jeter. To run an organism is really good at Smart baseball wants to be Smart NEA's get it marketing himself so. That's a decent. Foundation for running a baseball team I suppose. Running that that qualifies you forgot your latest business which is marketing then they may be. If he's doing that the you know player procurement and building a roster that I I don't know I guess. Derek Jeter would be does did you. Tab and have a rich friend that is bringing them along for the ride and given him a great now listen I love Derek Jeter but. Live this seems the Marlins are us but of a strange franchise to say the leafs. I don't I don't know how I feel about this it seem like a rich guy wants to toy. And he has a cool friend that he wants to visit run run all sports ownership may I can say is responsible ownership is pretty essential. To have an really good franchise. Adults showed he had another example where rich rich guy brings along. Cuddly little former player to run the operation was Michael Joyce C then principal owner of whatever team has a non sure I want. How's that worked out and not horribly. The only horribly he hasn't embarrassed himself it's worked out pretty horribly hornets are fine they are a non factor in the and a horrible. There's a there every team almost as a non factor in the MBA. It's hard for just about any team out there ought to get to the playoffs. And they had to do they get bounced the early well that's good that you can say that for just about every team. Who does have both teams in the NBA have runs. I mean Charlotte's never had a run. Well they've only been around for like 25 years without a row. Feel free to have a run that's on the docket ever would have the hawks had a run. Lots of run the magic I guess they were good my magic has been in the final what does the Bucs had a run the Bucs had a run win. They want it in 197746. Years ago they had around this is my point. What does Sacramento had a around Sacramento had a great run in the 98 X is really never had any has had all kinds of runs. It but Jeff Phoenix is met in the finals they've been viable they've been big in the finals in 93. This isn't that recent that's at quarter century ago has had good teams. You you can't you cannot find a more nondescript. NBA franchise. Then Charlotte I think god just named several. You tie I was good with Stockton Malone would never won anything. And it's been forever since they've if you're you're gonna throw Utah but the evidence that you're throwing huge yardstick out hourly and day more often than not don't win. It's only a select few and those themes easily happen a feel for my friend Jalen Rose to be run by Pat Riley and Gregg Popovich. Phil Jackson. These cyber guys. Well it was it was seem to me that says you'd have a hard time convincing anyone. That's Charlotte of all teams. They were 48 and 34 and 201516. Which who is one of their best of may be their best finish. I mean they just have not been there they were they were 21 games over in 9798. They did have a good team in 9697. When Dave Collins the mall people as a coach they want 54 don't want AA. That here but what's our best day loss in the Eastern Conference first round. They got to the Eastern Conference semis in 98. 2001. And 2002. They've been to the playoffs three times since. 020. Then I get the my point was. That more teams in the NBA than not are largely irrelevant and have been for day Michael Jordan's been an of failure is an all failure. It has not worked for Michael drone I don't think I agree with that is Portland been ged. Outside of the early I mean we have better those are two separate yes Portland has had runs. The the but there irrelevant Portland is Portland could fall out of the MBA tomorrow and Davey it'll fired point oh you're a different matter don't you started to pick. NBA franchises. That nobody. Is cognizant of at all you start was shot I think about how adding he could go fifteen deep and analysts felt. I'd start with Charlotte easily not even be close. OK but most of it most NBA teams are not they don't matter but Charlotte matters less than they did another it's a matter here's land hey lion. And the current decline that talk about homey look what I think it. Yet the attic radar and the other out because guys beat that a wheel I think there's two saying that when he looked are made in developing it. My home with what they are home is he talking about. Create depth ever Jeff wants to make fun of the idea simply correct yeah that's a definite. OK in my home but the first thing it looked up all like you all the great that at all like you like brie. All the guys that the football IQ in the back audit. Kaine he'd be a vocal leader can you tell someone you know like. You know Tyreke nobody's running the wrong are not the plate eat could be order. I'm not a pack a leader who can beacon how leader that he's not right by Alison we can do all those signs that landed a big cut. Beat bank bad yeah see being attacked the pact with you know that not very but they're deep bank that evident that I'll. You know maybe not credible leader that he was. No I think Patrick my homes I mean I've had analysts on. I don't know about his leadership skills. I assume they're going to be fine Texas Tech was not a good football team last year but he was a great quarterback for Texas Tech. This is certain yet. Thanks in and any other thing and it is our ability knew he did that injury problem I expect it to. They haven't paid that that was early on in his career I. I listen I I think Patrick my Holmes is the most exciting player to hit Kansas City in many many years. And I expect him to. BA. Top flight quarterback eventually. And I would look for him to have to be the starter in 2019. Do you have any of that team probably I think Alex Smith has two more years and he may but the second won't be for the tees up I think LA they're gone and homes after this year. Well it depends because they're not we'll have a really good year under Alec Taylor in the Super Bowl bet I'll bit and I reserve the right detains about or get to it. But other than I think not. I did adding they can get to the I let championship game and still so let's take a break we'll come back and talk to Wayne Bryan. The director of music theater Wichita. About his thoughts on sentry tuna. The controversy that surrounds that building and at an iconic building and what's tough for sure when Brian up next on the drive.